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Friday, October 15, 2010

The NYC `UFO Event' - The Day After, The Day After - A Gathering Of Information

It's been about 48 hours - the day after the day after.

I've been posting to this website since late 2007; a website started because of my interest in UFO's since a up close 1991 sighting by myself (link in sidebar). And, if you check my sidebar, you will note a particularly skeptical attitude to `the whole UFO thing' from the stated government points of view, to the psychics predicting this and that, to `proof' via Videos of observers - to the hopeless and hapless media coverage of the whole saga - especially their hands off approach to interviewing the one man who has seen most of the FAA UFO reports for the past decade or so - Robert Bigelow.

Indeed, if you look over my posts PRIOR to the 10-13 event in NYC, you will note that I greeted this latest prediction with a YAWN. And, so now - something occurred in the skies - over A major world city - on the day that it was predicted. Kinda reminds me of Prophet Yahweh's famous live TV shot occurrence.

But, like throwing the Prophet Y's name into all this - the day after the day after - the whole affair reeks with weirdness. And, UDCC will begin today by noting the `evidence' UDCC presented as a first response yesterday.

First up - UDCC presented this video as the first take - btw, this video went from under 400 views to 588,000 - UDCC was almost first on this:

which was allegedly shot at around 11:00 AM. (just wait, the timeline on this thing is real strange - this same video you will find below is stated to be 6 pm in the `revised' to make the balloon theory stronger - despite what the video itself says) - And, if you look at the video closely - it does look somewhat like balloon's (as one of the talkers on the video says) ----- but, they also look almost exactly like the `orbs' that appeared over Mexico City during that eclipse of the sun.

Now, America's MSM (mainstream media) -- has not really moved onto `orbs' - and still likes to stick with the more giggly `UFO' take. Or, as UDCC's second video showed -

As you can see in the video - the live reporter at 5:33 PM (confirmed with this link - wondered when getting the assignment if it was a joke - then got unto the scene and at :33 seconds into the video you can see a focus on ONE object in the sky - very much looking saucerish in shape - the TV `show' then edits in a man saying it may be `superwoman' (to carry on the joke I assume) - (location of 8th and 23rd for crowd) - then, the on-air personality is allowed to admit he sees more than ONE (two) - a lady points out that IT was `over there' earlier - next up - the swamp gas of the 2000's, (much like weather balloon's was the swamp gas of the 1980's) BALLOON'S -- if offered up - BUT, the SAME guy then says `BUT then again, balloon's don't stand still' --- then the admission of UFO calls to the 311 line by NYC officials - followed - as it can only be - by the FINAL GIGGLE -- a woman who says she is waiting for the mothership. --- Then, the FAA statement that Planes were NOT being affected (did anyone bother to ask if they were on RADAR?) - and finishes but admitting that some have been looking at these objects (remember balloon's float away) for 45 minutes in the sky.

Whew, I feel soiled from taking you thru that `presentation of facts' by the MSM. I mean, giggles, and more giggles; mixed with words like 311, FAA, Mothership. Yet, beginning and ending the segment with the word MYSTERY. Slimy in - Slimy out.

Finally, UDCC yesterday presented the supposed news story of the NYC airports being closed for a period of time -- (evidently after the TV report which reported no effect of the lights in the sky). And, the VANISHING of that story - or the connection to the `orb' balloon UFO events - can not be understated on the day after the day. (link at bottom). This was the only link that I could find that referred to the airports being shut (again with NO timeframe noted) -- this link also includes the what I will call the `bubbleballoon' picture - and a video. It also includes the actual predictions from the NORAD officers book. UNBELIEVABLY - THIS LINK THEN LINKS TO THE FIRST VIDEO SUPPOSEDLY SHOT AT 11AM AND SAYS THAT IT IS FROM 6PM HERE - - AND, NOW, WE HAVE A REFERENCE TO `YELLOW BALLOONS' - even though color is not mentioned by the video people - (and now fits the times square release of the non-timed given yellow balloons released to celebrate something) mentioned in

Now, I continue with more `evidence' of the weirdness IMO.

I guess I will start off with the balloon -- yepper, you can bet that in a metro area of many millions that balloons are released on purpose and accidentally in ANY given day - and indeed the media was able to pony up two such stories. This first one with about the balloon's included the delightful and heart warming twist of the white teacher being surrounded by her black students - you see a parent brought in about 40 balloons and to quote the article - : A parent was bringing about 40 iridescent pearl balloons to the school for language arts teacher Andrea Craparo when the wind spent a bunch away around 1 p.m. (UDCC emphasis)

"They looked big and they were all together, so it looked like one UFO," said fourth-grader Nia Foster, 9.
Awestruck gawkers began calling the NYPD and the FAA starting about an hour later when mysterious flying objects appeared over Manhattan.
Read more:

So, here, above - we obviously have balloons that were not part of the 11 AM filming, and probably NOT the `5:33 PM' TV report in which folks had been watching for 45 minutes either. You will also note in the above link that they also note at least one other yellow balloon release celebrating a Madrid and New York tourism thing (again conveniently with no time of release in the mention).

However, the above, DAY AFTER, article - does mention - Stanley Fulham and his prediction of the Oct. 13th event over major cities. Something NOT noted in the TV report above and as you will see NOT noted by the `on the street footage' as the event was going onward.

So, at this time - I decided to find out what I could about the retired NORAD officer who made the prediction - turns out he has four-five books based on how one counts with 2-3 of these books being about `UFO's' (to simplify to the maximum). And, to me it appears this prediction is simply an updating new edition of a book he originally wrote in 2003 and 2008. Interestingly, his non-UFO books include one with the theme and title `In Search of a Future : A Submission on the Migration of Native People - (are humans the next in submission wondering of our future) - connection?

I also note this from some review about the book:Be warned, I do not think this book is completely honest. The general overview appears correct, but there appears to be some serious disinformation thrown into the mix. It appears to be a very clever story with some truth, some half truth, and some disinformation, all mixed together. Unless you are discerning reader who is VERY well versed in fringe science, you won't be able to know what's real and what's not.

And, I'll leave it to my UDCC readers to figure out the truth about the NORAD officer (the book btw has UFO's in the skies over Earth as it's cover, as you can see below) -

Now, if the above isn't weird enough for you - hold onto your hats.

You see, in addition to the kids thinking their balloons were causing events to be seen in the sky PRIOR to the balloons getting loose - was this Prophet who is taking credit for an entirely DIFFERENT SET OF UFO'S/ORBS than what the media is claiming - and of course - ordinary things here will be construed to be miraculous (BTW, this guy has no crowds and seems oblivious to the actual UFO commotion noted above for the day) -- UDCC's point -- on any given day you MIGHT be able to find `unrelated' `disclosure ufo events' - evidently. Anyway - here's the video for your viewing (you may want to come back to this at the end as alot of it goes over about 5 interesting seconds of video).

Indeed, as you can see in the `called sign/ufo's' above religion video ---- which has NO crowds on the street -- the internet already has some interesting video of on the street reaction beyond the TV report - indeed, it turns out that the FINAL piece of INFO yesterday that UDCC had - the post in the comment section of UDCC blog -- turns out to be a VIDEO source on this story too as the poster is a producer (conveniently?) - too; hmmm.

Nevertheless, this is his video which he says he shot an hour after his sighting - or about 2:26 PM. - again, at the intersection of 23rd street and 8th ave - the same intersection that the TV crew is at over 3 hours later.

In this video above - at the :29 second mark the woman notes something `coming out' of the object in the sky (at 2:30 ish in the afternoon - possibly up to two hours later than the newscast? -) - at the 46 second mark he claims to provide proof of jets flying over the general area (I can't hear anything) - and what would it matter really. Also, this guys uploads does NOT show any interest in UFO's. However, he does provide proof so to speak of someone else - like he and the others at 1:36 seeing objects circling and emerging (and disappearing) from the sky object.

Now, here is a citizen report I found on Lon Stricklers site yesterday Phantom and Monsters - at a time when a TV crew was supposedly there - the citizen also reports how the object was first ONE object then 4 objects and then ONE again. - This report suggests `panadmonium' was on the verge (exaggerated IMO) - and at one point goes "there's dudes across the street with M-16's and shit"...."police drivin around" ....."I don't know if this is the last day of Earth"

Here's another MSM report at 5:58 PM which includes that the object was not on radar - and that the police require notification about balloon releases of which they had none -
It also has a video link that includes the classic words `little green men" and somehow uses the same woman begging for the Mothership too.

So, were things getting freaky? Or not? Did the police actually up their security?

Or, was this all really some sort of ORB display much more widespread than an event here and an event there? Already UDCC has this comment:
Chris said...

I saw something as well, But hears the funny thing, I saw this on Tuesday October 12th @ about 2:45pm.
Right before I was about to head into work I pulled my bike up on the curb and just happened to look up for some reason and saw 3 shimmering objects in a a V formation flying at the same altitude, watched for a about 3 min as they broke and re-formed there triangle formation. I had a point of reference as well, a jet liner flew underneath them, so they were pretty high up, i thought at first they were balloons, but I don't believe at this height I would have been able to see them they looked like mirrors, super bright and shimering almost, "maybe huge Mylar balloons who knows"... but then again balloons don't behave like these things did.
Did anyone else see this? October 12th 2010 at the corner of Atlantic and Court St, Cobble hill / Brooklyn Heights Area.
October 15, 2010 12:10 AM

UDCC also had another UFO blogger comment that he too saw two objects about 4:30 on Oct. 13th and then there is this: ORBS from a webcam on the city at 10:00 PM.

And, here is another TV report (that starts with nearly the full opening to the Twilight Zone) that speaks with two experts - when stating that the daytime UFO was still in the sky:(with all of 164 views when posted)

Here is a blog reporting the downplaying of the balloon theory as too many folks have said these objects were stationary -- do note how some of the videos almost seem to be edited to show balloons. IMO.

And, here is a picture of small little balloons being released on 10-13 at that Madrid event I mentioned above -
that I found in this discussion forum about this event - And, btw - here is a video of the actual balloons of which 12 escaped from that school event - do these look of the size that they would be seen 1,000's of feet in the air and remain there for hours?

Finally, I saved the BEST FOR LAST - the ultimate digging deeper into what is available via image in this Event - if you stick with this video - at one point in the `magnification' you will be able to IMAGINE THE ALIEN INSIDE THE CRAFT -- I'm not fooling on this day after the day after. I will provide more commentary tomorrow - stay tuned.

Lastly, if you are still a believer in Disclosure from the powers that be - in any timely manner - remember these examples provided by Bruce Duensing about the subject of disclosure -

It's getting towards 5:00 and I want to post this - see you tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for your efforts in gathering all the info.

    However, I find this evɘnt quite bizarre and the fact this ex NORAD bloke predicted that something like this would occur is all a little too coincidental to be a fluke IMO.

    I will continue to watch this space, as I don't believe we've seen the last of what transpired in NYC and I'm hopeful that this evɘnt was simply a trigger in setting off a string of like evɘnts that may eventually lead to "D" evɘnt!

    Whatever it was that buzzed NY got a lot of peoples attention and if they were genuine outsiders, I hope we got theirs. Yes, we are watching and waiting, so let's just hope they like the attention too and provide us with a display that leaves no doubt... I too am watching out for the mothership(s)! :)


  2. Meh, I dunno about this Stanley Fulham guy.

    I am convinced that those were definitely not balloons. It's almost offensive that the news media came up with an immediate tut-tut haha dismissal, complete with the whole story about how kids had a party for the teach and 40 bazillion balloons got loose and flew off to hover for hours over Manhattan...and then release and recover other little balloons.

    But just because I don't buy the BS the media put out doesn't mean this man is credible. I think an ex-NORAD guy is an awful slender reed to hang the disclosure hat on. You do know he's one of these guys who says that he's been in contact for years with the Godlike "Transcendors", alien super-beings who run the universe. And they picked him from 3 billion other humans to tell the secrets of existence to...because he such a happenin' dude, I guess.

    Unlike George "The Happy Simpleton" Noory, I believe in coincidences. And all this author did was get lucky and hit the jackpot, and he'll sell umpty-eleven more books.

    But ask yourself this: in the last 5 years has there been a single day on which there were absolutely no UFO sightings anywhere in the world? I don't think so.

    Besides, we're forgetting that Stanley predicted that on October 13, 2010, there would be a "massive display" of UFOs over "every principal city of the world"; and that the UFOs would finally openly communicate with all of us in what was to be the beginning of The Disclosure. That's a far, far cry from some silvery objects over NYC.

    Let's take it slow on this guy.

  3. I was predicting no this guy had no chance @ a 4th edition of this book. But this was too far out to count him out...

  4. Oh and yeah - good point on quantifying the # of people who may have had the collective insight to keep their heads pointed upward. When I woke the 13th I was bummed out @ the clouds here in LA, Ca. 10K still sounds like a lot of people, but it's probably how all this came about.. good post.


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