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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fake Planes Are Making Me Crazy - Or - Answering Ella

We will take a bit of a different path today, in that I'm going to respond to pieces of a comment here on UDCC, of what I'm sure many would consider a nutty person and a general representation of the `conspiracy folks'. You see, it was earlier this month that I promoted a post by Ella (naked of content profile when I checked) to the front page of UDCC with various wild ideas. Since then, a small exchange has occurred in the comments section between us; and, while I will not bring Ella's latest to the front page - I will bring bits and respond.

Oh, BTW, today's headline came from checking my Google Analytics for yesterday and the search terms that sent folks to UDCC - you find that below:

"fake planes are driving me crazy' - 2
Back to Ella's concerns of a world run by the conspiracy folks. 

First, I'd like to say that I appreciate Ella's ability to be articulate and concise and polite. I may not be quite as much of any of those attributes in my `rebuttal'. Oh well.

Again to re-cap the Ella saga - Ella came forward to UDCC after I featured a Video which seemingly showed a `fake orb plane' spewing chemtrails. Almost immediately, MUZ  and another person, provide alternative views of what I thought I was perceiving in the video - of which I acknowledged that both could be right - while still maintaining the possibility - at least in my perception - that it could have been a fake orb plane. (Of which this is NOT the only video showing such content or illusions on the internet.)

Anyway, Ella came forward to UDCC indicating that THEY were the original person who told the video poster what they were seeing. ---------- Are you still with me? ------------- Ok, then, Ella went into one of UDCC's strangest letters/comments which I used as a daily post due to it's `outthereness'. Very out-there-ness. Like alien induction type program outthereness.

Okay, from there, Ella outlined even more of the typical alternative-conspiracy mode of thought from everything from beings from Sirius to ...... well, fake planes and the WHOLE 9/11 conspiracy to the MAX. Hook line and sinker. 

And really, to a large degree beyond what should be the scope of a UFO Disclosure blog - if it wasn't for the fact of BS info from our government about UFO's. You know, Phil Larson's 2011 `alien disclosure and government UFO info' statement to the public as a representation of the government position about UFOs and Aliens.


So, the first thing that Ella tackles are the fake chemtrail planes:
1. There are no real chemtrail planes. I have been filming them for three years, and I've analyzed thousands of videos, frame by frame. There are no videos of one taking off, or landing, yet they are in every city and town in the world, everyday. They are ALL fake planes. 

On this one Ella, you didn't have to travel very far because on this page Colin Bennett suggests and proves the same thing IMO. The `Chemtrail Mystery' is indeed strange to Fortean. Oh, IF they are Fortean (a term I suggest you become familiar with) - no conspiracy is needed nor explanation of visual percerption. I personally think that Fortean is more of an answer to high strangeness perceptions than nearly anyone on the internet and certainly more than the standard UFO blogger. ----------------- Also, why would you think you would see one taking off or landing unless you live near an airport? Also, we have tons of them here in the Atlanta area (with the great cover of being near the world's busiest airport) - and I agree, you never see them near the horizon as if in taking off - they are always well up in the sky. .............. Again, the Colin Bennett link on this page is the best you will find about this phenomena and is largely responsible for my own positionings too. Again, Ella, it COULD be a Fortean perception phenomena.

2. The planes that "hit" the WTC were black planes. They were not commercial jets. They were transparent. In the videos, you can see the building through the plane. Real planes cannot go through steel beams. Planes are aluminum, and the buildings were clad with steel. No plane crashed in Shanksville, PA. There was no wreckage, and the mark on the ground was there on Google Maps at least 10 years prior to 9/11. A witness said a silent plane went over her head, and it grazed the trees, but it did not make the leaves move. There were no bodies, and they said the plane went into a hole, but no rescue mission was done. They said the plane went into mine, but they didn't excavate the mine to find the bodies. No plane hit the Pentagon. The footage shows a green plasma glob hitting the building, and the hole was not big enough for a plane to enter. There was no wreckage, and no bodies from the people on the plane. The only footage available clearly shows a plasma glob slamming into the building. 

Why not just say they were Genies out of a bottle? The WTC planes were tracked to their conclusion. My understanding is that the `transperancy' seen in some video reviews is a matter of the technology of video at the time and frames over each other. To me, it could be as strange as some folks projecting perceptions onto their own video much in the manner of the late and somewhat questionable Ted Serios. ............ Unless my perception was different from yours, they didn't go thru the buildings and they weren't black................ My personal belief in Shanksville is that they may have well been shot down by our planes - hence the lack of investigation. Most unusual of all, agreed, was the Pentagon's situation and some eye-witness accounts. I have never seen this green plasma glob you mention and I assure you I've looked very into the 9-11 situation. Indeed, I also assume the government may have had interests not tied to normal politics involved with the situation. I know from having a relative involved with civil service that I myself heard the words HOMELAND Security about two weeks before the incident and thought how strange the words sounded.

IF you want to know what really motivated me about 9-11 you may want to read my book about the BIGGEST 9-11 ANOMALY - indeed, this doesn't rely on black, transparent planes or plasma globs - but involves a seriers of linked computers on 9-11 that were generating random number sequences and who began to be the most UNRANDOM they had been up until that day. Can you say Global Consciousness?

So, Ella, before you go looking for the most extreme conspiracy to fit some grand design - pure wonder can be found in random number generators. Wonder that may indeed point to a much bigger picture. Read the book for more info. I will also address at least one of your other concerns in the comments later today.

Oh, you didn't seem much interested in talking about the Sirius beings after I told you that the star system being only 300 million years old wouldn't have planets with surfaces yet; ahhh just chuck that conspiracy out - perhaps it was the beings from Orion.
My thanks once again to the folks purchasing my UFO Kindle books yesterday: (Remember, if you don't have a KINDLE, you can download a FREE version onto your laptop.)

Should be in the Top 100 for UFOs this afternoon.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Brain And Computer Intergration

One of the occasional and very `advanced'  ideas of how UFOs `run', is that they are controlled by a `pilots' thoughts (or is that mediocre Sci-Fi?). And, using that as a segway, dig the article Below with the same title as today's post: (NYT's article)

Two people who are virtually paralyzed from the neck down have learned to manipulate a robotic arm with just their thoughts, using it to reach out and grab objects. One of them, a woman, was able to retrieve a bottle containing coffee and drink it from a straw — the first time she had served herself since her stroke 15 years earlier, scientists reported on Wednesday….
Then, dig this analysis: ---------- found Here (one of my favorite websites BTW)
I think there is a non-trivial probability that future computer interface using only our minds will be popular (I don’t think whether it will be possible is much of a question anymore). I’m not sure this will replace current inputs entirely, as the telephone did to morse code, or just compliment them, as the mouse did to the keyboard. In either case I think it adoption of such technology will go hand-in-hand with the continuing integration of brans and computers. Psychologically, I think controlling computers with your mind will make computer memories feel much more like actual memories, and will blur the line between the two further.  After all, having no manual inputs means the entire process will occur internally
I think that yesterday's 4 book sales were my new record - some came from Clockers and that is appreciated. My new hottest book is below: (Kindle Edition 1.49) Please read a sample:
 here's the books description below

Welcome to the first in what will be a series of books derived from previous posts on the blog called `The Heavy Stuff’. All posts on The Heavy Stuff are written by esoteric blogger – author – lecturer, original thinker and Phenomenologist H. R. Phillips. Indeed, many posts within the blog The Heavy Stuff are written based on what Phillips calls the Phillips Phenomenology; a system of original thought `about spaces’ similar to great thinkers such as Edmund Husserl and Sartre.

Book one in this `best of’ series, is the information that Phillips came across on the internet concerning random number generators that forced him to create the blog The Heavy Stuff. Phillips did so - so that he could share what he believes to be his unique insights into some mysteries of the random data collected on September 11th, 2001 via linked computers at Princeton University. `Random’ information data that has become the crux of what is considered to be possible proof of a Global Consciousness called the Noosphere – an ongoing research project to see if random number generators worldwide may be influenced by human events and emotion.

The Noosphere of global consciousness is a bold idea which uses `irregularities’ in randomness of data overlayed to the timing of great human events. The idea that if `randomness’ can be affected, perhaps the world consciousness is indeed responding to human consciousness. But, other aspects of the irregularities of the random number generators on that day suggest an even deeper explanation. An explanation so deep, that it is involved with human intentionality’s and expectations. With a mystery that may be solved by thinking in terms of Phenomenology itself – the Phillips Phenomenology.
Please click the book cover to read more
I usually don't push the BS (or is that all that is done?) but, it had a couple posts this month perhaps worthy of checking out - Like Heat Rays Killing Cows, with no mention in the original story about aliens ------ and, The Last Card Is The Alien Invasion Card. Be forewarned some material at The BS may be considered adult.
Thanks for your visit today - enjoy the weekend and please return for more content. Dig into the 500 plus posts if you have the time.
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Book Description

 June 12, 2012
Esoteric writer H. R. Phillips brings to readers the first book made up exclusively of posts from his blog The Heavy Stuff. This book focuses on one of Phillips' most original ideas about two new ways of thinking about what the LIGHT is - which is being seen and recalled by patients who have near death experiences.

BOTH ideas are compelling and strike at the very heart of human consciousness and phenomenology in the so-called `death state'. And, perhaps most importantly, NEITHER idea is religious; - but both ideas offer possible outcomes of what happens to our `death space'. Describing exactly what the LIGHT is that is being seen - and it turns out that one of the ideas - describes the ultimate life giver on Earth itself.

But, with the religious element removed, - and some possible `freewill' remaining while seeing the LIGHT for the first time - it brings up the ultimate question one may face within our limited time within existence itself - `Should I Go To The Light'? ------------- The answer is important because you may have some options. Some options that would continue your existence.

This is a book you will want for your E Library and will share with others.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

National Geographic Funds National Poll Asking About Angry Aliens

Oh, you have got to hand it to our beyond worthless mainstream media. Really. If somehow you have been able to avoid hearing the latest `survey' about UFO's the last 24 hour newscycle - UDCC has the all so impressive results (NOT). Let's see, where to begin....................

So, as a cable network, you see an opportunity for ratings worth selling to the public - if you can do a show about `UFOs'. To promote the NEW series about to begin - you fund, with biased questions, and with NO analysis provided, a FUN survey about aliens that EVEN includes answers such as Spider Man, Batman, or The Hulk = who would be better to deal with `angry aliens'. (The Hulk wins).

And, you make sure that you ask what YOU would do if they came TO YOU (I assume to your house) and whether you would befriend them or kill them (other choices too) (befriending wins) - you know, REAL realistic questions you would be taking seriously. That would be AFTER you answer about Men In Black being Government Agents? (55%) Oh, please. And, of course, not a solitary serious example of MIB or that they may be aliens. Or Fortean. Incredible.

Oh sure, you throw in the expected questions - `has the government kept info about UFOs from the public' (79%) - YET, DON'T SAY ONE WORD ABOUT THE OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT POSITION GIVEN LAST YEAR. Hey, what do you expect from an informed free press, right?

You need a final kicker about how low National Geographic has dipped in search of selling TIDE detergent? The best question was whether Romney or Obama would handle an alien invasion better - the answer was found in the ANAGRAM of the two words Obama-Romney.

Maybe A Moron.      <------(The Anagram Answer)

The EXACT TARGET AUDIENCE that the NG show is looking to attract. 

Morons who buy Tide.
Oh, the above USA Today article INCLUDED a picture of a plastic alien at an Area 51 exhibit and a funky graphic that showed 1/3 believed in `UFOs' and 1/2 Didn't Believe in UFOs - yep, no definition at all about what UFOs would be. Serious front page journalism (most likely with an ad for the show embedded in the life section).
And I guess that answers the question as to who would be interested in a UFO show from National Geographic - Maybe a Moron. Oh, BTW, studies have show that people who `believe' in the paranormal tend to NOT believe in EITHER of the two parties and tend to be non-political ------------- you see, folks who `believe' in UFOs/ParaNormal tend NOT to believe in the NORM - like the beyond worthless politics in America or the beyond worthless media. Enjoy The Show. (oh, the source of the data, the actual results of the questions, is unavailable anywhere on the web)
More proof of  Evil UFO Bloggers - check the links closely for the meaning.
The Best of UDCC in 2012 can be found on my Squidoo page called 2012 UFO Videos.
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Book Description

 June 25, 2012
Welcome to the first in what will be a series of books derived from previous posts on the blog called `The Heavy Stuff’. All posts on The Heavy Stuff are written by esoteric blogger – author – lecturer, original thinker and Phenomenologist H. R. Phillips. Indeed, many posts within the blog The Heavy Stuff are written based on what Phillips calls the Phillips Phenomenology; a system of original thought `about spaces’ similar to great thinkers such as Edmund Husserl and Sartre.

Book one in this `best of’ series, is the information that Phillips came across on the internet concerning random number generators that forced him to create the blog The Heavy Stuff. Phillips did so - so that he could share what he believes to be his unique insights into some mysteries of the random data collected on September 11th, 2001 via linked computers at Princeton University. `Random’ information data that has become the crux of what is considered to be possible proof of a Global Consciousness called the Noosphere – an ongoing research project to see if random number generators worldwide may be influenced by human events and emotion.

The Noosphere of global consciousness is a bold idea which uses `irregularities’ in randomness of data overlayed to the timing of great human events. The idea that if `randomness’ can be affected, perhaps the world consciousness is indeed responding to human consciousness. But, other aspects of the irregularities of the random number generators on that day suggest an even deeper explanation. An explanation so deep, that it is involved with human intentionality’s and expectations. With a mystery that may be solved by thinking in terms of Phenomenology itself – the Phillips Phenomenology.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Noosphere Terror Link Of 9-11-2001 - Or - Why I Began Blogging

Today I introduce my 5th Kindle E-Book - `The Noosphere 9-11-2001 Anomaly' - and I hope that you will check out a sample of it by clicking the picture of the book below today's post. The price is under 1.50 for some of the heaviest reading you are likely to encounter for quite some time.

IF you are not familiar with the term Noosphere - think the idea of global consciousness and finding patterns of the phenomena in random number sets generated worldwide by linked computers. This on-going experiment has been going on at Princeton University for decades (the data is fed back to the university in packets that are analyzed for irregularities in randomness - some of which are, of course - to be expected). Indeed, it is the extreme non random data that sticks out because it often is associated with `human events' that evoke emotions in humans and connectedness.

Anyway, the data sets that came into Princeton on 9-11 were unlike any data collected before - and seemingly are strong evidence of a more Global Consciousness - literally an Earth consciousness perhaps. Or, is there yet another explanation - something phenomenological perhaps?

Because what would explain the non-randomness showing up BEFORE the towers were hit? Indeed, BEGINNING the non random data  when the first terrorists cleared security hours before! What ideas about determinism and freewill does such data suggest?

Well, it was enough for me to begin my blog called The Heavy Stuff in late 2006, with THREE posts dedicated to talking out the ideas involved with the non random data of that historic day. Three posts, now removed and put into E-Book form, but now with even clearer reading and analysis (and removed typos too). SO, if this is all NEW to you, I invite you to please support independent bloggers and independent thinkers by clicking the picture below to sample the book. Oh, btw and fyi - the book will be FREE for ONE DAY ONLY - tomorrow, June 27th.

(don't have a kindle? you can download a free version for your pc - really)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Amazing Daytime Photos Of Object In Alabama Skies

Today's tantalizing tidbit of tangy UFO pictures sauce is brought to UDCC with the permission of Ken Pfeifer of MUFON. The event in these pictures was last Thursday and the photo was of the SECOND of these objects apparently following each other. Drones - Probes? Alien monitoring?

Here's the direct link to Ken's Webpage with the MUFON report of the incident and pictures -
OR, is it really nothing more than the `structured Orbs' that UDCC has been seeing more of on the internet this year?
And, another citizen goes from Dis-believer to Believer as UDCC finds those citizen reports.
hattip - 
UDCC keeps you linked to UFO blogs - new ones too - such as this effort by a teenager with what sounds to be a UK accent. Turns out he has been capturing Orbs on video and has a couple on his website. Oh, let's give him a click as fewer than 120 folks have seen his efforts so far New UFO Blogger.
Speaking of Drones and UFO blogging - Regan Lee has another winner of a post about the slippery slope of thinking Drones instead of UFOs.
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Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2008 Stephenville UFO Events (The Heavy Stuff)

Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2006 O'Hare UFO Airport Incident (The Heavy Stuff)


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Michigan Sky! Sounded Like One Long Hum Or Note!

I've got any number of Sky Noise Phenomena videos in the bin - this one is in Michigan where booms and this humming continue. About 2,300 views since April 3rd and a 4/1 pos/neg ratio of opinion. It's subtle folks - make sure you are listening too:

link -
I was giving my monthly visit to Clifford Pickover's Reality Carnival and was blown away as usual. Here's a few of the choice pickings of late - Such as this outpouring of Birds From An Eye. Trippy stuff.
The UFO book purchases of my Kindle books again yesterday was much appreciated. Today is the last free day for this book - Phenomenology Of Actualization - over 50 of you in America have downloaded it already.
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Ken Pfeifer has sent me another UFO picture that I expect to use tomorrow. See you then. Take a look around in the archive before you leave and please support our UDCC sponsors - such as the ones below:

Friday, June 22, 2012

NASA Googles `Huntsville Hover Jet' - Ends Up At UDCC

And, of course they would end up here as UDCC is nearly the only website reporting this `hanging jetliner' phenomena - including a report from Huntsville within the last couple of years.

Domain ? (U.S. Government)
IP Address(removed IP by UDCC) .#(National Aeronautics and Space Association)
ISPNational Aeronautics and Space Association
Continent : North America
Country : United States  (Facts)
State : Alabama
City : Huntsville
Lat/Long : 34.7018, -86.6108 (Map)
Distance : 171 miles
LanguageEnglish (U.S.)
Operating SystemMicrosoft WinXP
BrowserInternet Explorer 7.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; GTB7.2; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729)
Javascriptversion 1.3
Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits
Time of VisitJun 22 2012 4:32:36 pm
Last Page ViewJun 22 2012 4:32:36 pm
Visit Length0 seconds
Page Views1
Referring URL
Search Wordshuntsville hover jet
Visit Entry Pagehttp://ufodisclosure...r-reported-near.html
Visit Exit Pagehttp://ufodisclosure...r-reported-near.html
Out Click
Time ZoneUTC-6:00
Visitor's TimeJun 22 2012 3:32:36 pm
Visit Number371,929
Perhaps a more accurate Google would have been `cloaking hanging jet' - as obviously these things are dipping into and out of perception in some manner. IF you use the hanging jet keyword below you will find other posts by UDCC on this topic.
Meanwhile....... Erich Kuersten returns with ..... 

The Zealots of Doubt, or why skeptics are the new cranks

Many insights as usual from EK - Skeptics - Debunked
UDCC readers are BIG fans of science reads - so, make sure to catch my latest update on my `science' blog which is about the oldest reborn plant ever - with picture - a plant 32,000 Years Old - find out where they found this tissue.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Planning Your 2012 Doomsday Vacation?

Good morning Clockers and Newbies to UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) and the UFOlogy of 2012. Today I'm digging into the bin of UFO links that slip thru so to speak - I hope you enjoy them. First up, Ray's X blog asking about your December vacation plans this year. Doomsday Vacation. UDCC still plans to appeal to PG at some point.
Looking for some UFO talk on the airwaves? National UFO Show. Oh, speaking of UFO talk on the airwaves - I have been invited to be a guest on the blog talk radio show on July 12th at about 10:15 PM east coast time. I will also be appearing on Beyond the Edge Radio late in July.
Still HOT on the FREE Kindle charts is my EBOOK on the The Phenomenology Of Actualization - top 30 as of today in the Philosophy genre. Free until Sunday.
Here's proof that throwing 500 UFO names and websites onto ONE blog and stuffing it with keywords - doesn't get one Much Internet Traffic - no, they don't have UDCC or my name yet.
Got an EBook by a guy here that describes the 9 Alien Species and somehow this book sells.
How about digging into some of the high strangeness associated with the Hat Man Phenomena/Perception. The rare About.Com link on UDCC. Good read.
Will you be the 17th person to buy (since May) my 99 Cent Value UFO Book About The 2006 Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Incident? Often ranked in the Top 100 for UFOs on Amazon. Was the Chicago Incident a UFO Disclosure?
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unknown Sky Object Photographed In New Jersey

Once again, a structured illuminated object has been photographed in the sky and observed doing impossible movements. The event was earlier this month, and comes from a MUFON report supplied by Ken Pfeifer, who has inside access to MUFON reports and photos that you see here often on UDCC.

As you can see from the picture - it has some similarities to pictures of UFOs we have been finding all year - as you can see at this link I've created with the best UFO pictures of 2012.
Here's the MUFON report and picture shared by Pfeifer:


I live about 10 miles outside the Fort Drum military base.  I was outside on my front porch on June 4th 2012 at 10:31 pm and I noticed a light appear low in the sky to my left. The object started moving rather slowly horizontally across the sky from left to right coming from the opposite direction of the military base.  I've seen many military jets and helicopters but I instantly knew this was different than anything I have ever seen.  It was meandering up and down as it went, after about a minute of this motion it disappeared and reappeared within a second or two at a much higher altitude.  It repeated this process 4-5 times getting higher and higher until it disappeared all together.  There was absalutely no noise and after looking closer at the photo I took with my cellphone, it appears to have 4 sides and a dark center.The clouds appear to be illuminated by the object in a rather large area.

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS  ........   Thanks to MUFON CMS system.

For only having 13 posts and NONE since 2010 - this UFO blog is worthy of your Read. Some real blogging here.
Another UFO blog for you to encounter - this one is pushing the 4400 - you know, the 4,400 who vanished and returned to Earth days to decades later and didn't age a day. Right.

Finally, I am now featuring my first book for FREE for the next five days - Until Saturday night at 11:59 PM - It's called Phenomenology Of Actualization - it's not for lightweights. It will provide an insight as to how I look at perceptions and more. Again, please download the free sample today thru Saturday.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

New Rumors Of Obama Disclosure From Same Old Gang

I'm not going to mention the man by name, as evidently he is one of those that believe that Obama would be helped in his Presidential run by announcing Life On Mars or something like that - yeah, right. Oh, he even has a time for it - disclosure would be in August. Those pesky UFO Disclosure people, don't they know the government gave the answer to the UFO question last year? (see sidebar for more)
Ken Pfeifer continues to provide MUFON report insights for all of us who prefer the citizen angle on UFO perceptions. Here's another of his reports for UDCC readers: (I don't use the renderings.)

January 11, 1966 started like any other mid-winter day in the small suburban town of Wanaque, NJ. The air was clear and cold, kids were enjoying the holiday vacation from school, and residents of the Passaic County borough went about their usual daily routines. Little did they know that before the day was over something would happen, something fantastic and unexplainable, that would change the lives of many of the townsfolk forever. It all started in the early evening of that Tuesday night. It was about 6:30pm, and the winter sun was already long gone over the western horizon, past the great Wanaque reservoir, and behind the darkened Ramapo mountain range. Wanaque Patrolman Joseph Cisco was in his cruiser when a call from the Pompton Lakes dispatcher came over his police radio. It was a report of a "glowing light, possibly a fire." Then as if right out of a sci-fi movie Cisco heard the words: "People in Oakland, Ringwood, Paterson, Totowa, and Butler claim there’s a flying saucer over the Wanaque."

"I pulled into the sandpit, an open area to get my bearings," Cisco recalls. "There was a light that looked bigger than any of the stars, about the size of a softball or volleyball. It was a pulsating, white, stationary light changing to red. It stayed in the air; there was no noise. I was trying to figure out what it was."

Wanaque Mayor Harry T. Wolfe, Councilmen Warren Hagstrom and Arthur Barton, and the Mayor’s 14-year-old son Billy were on their way to oversee the burning of the borough’s Christmas trees, when they heard the reports that something "very white, very bright, and much bigger than a star" was hovering over the Wanaque Reservoir. They decided to pull into a sandpit near the Raymond Dam at the headworks to meet Officer Cisco and get a better look at the ‘thing.’ The Mayor’s son Billy spotted the object at once, flying low and gliding "oddly" over the vast frozen lake "like a huge star." "But it didn’t flicker," Billy told reporters the next day. "It was just a continuous light that changed from white to red to green and back to white."

"The phenomenon was terribly strange." Mayor Wolfe would later recall. He described the shape of the unidentified object as oval, and estimated it to be between two and nine feet in diameter.

The next thing that officer Cisco remembers is his patrol car’s radio "going bananas," as calls from all over a 20-mile radius flooded into the police headquarters. Cisco radioed Officer George Dykman, who was on patrol nearby. Just as Dykman received Cisco’s message, two teenagers came running up to his patrol car frantically pointing at the sky and shouting "Look, look!"

At that moment Wanaque Civil Defense Director Bentley Spencer drove up with CD member Richard Vrooman. "The Police radios are all jammed up!" Spencer said excitedly. Dykman and Spencer gaped at the sky along with Michael Sloat, 16, and Peter Melegrae, 15. "What the heck is it?" Dykman wondered out loud. "Never seen anything like it in my life."

Back at the sandpit Joseph Cisco’s radio crackled as another unbelievable message came across the airwaves: "Something’s burning a hole in the ice! Something with a bright light on it, going up and down!" Then another transmission fought its way through the din: "Oh boy! Something just landed in front of the dam!"

Spencer and reservoir employee Fred Steines raced to the top of the 1,500-foot long Raymond Dam where they described seeing "a bolt of light shoot down, as if attracted to the a beam emitted from a porthole."

Patrolman Cisco, Mayor Wolfe and Town Councilmen Hagstrom and Barton climbed to the top of the dam to get a better look.
"There was something up there that was awful bright." Hagstrom recalls. "We don’t know what it was. We thought it was a helicopter, but we didn’t hear a motor. It looked like a helicopter with big landing lights on. We got goose bumps all over when we saw where the hole was."

According to John Shuttle, another Councilman who witnessed the UFO, there was no doubt about it: "It was there." He said. "I saw it, a brilliant white object, two to three feet across, and its color - no, not color, shade - it kept changing."
JANUARY 12, 1966 [The next day ]One day after the initial sightings of the UFO, Patrolman Jack Wardlaw reported seeing a "bright white disk" floating in the vicinity of his home in the Stonetown section of Wanaque, just west of the reservoir. "It seemed like only a block away, above Lilly Mountain, maybe 1,000 feet up," Wardlaw said. "Don’t ask me what it was. But I do know it wasn’t any helicopter, plane, or comet. It shot laterally right and left. It stopped. It moved up straight. And then it moved down and disappeared in the direction of Ringwood to the north." Wardlaw described the object as "definitely disc-shaped and at certain angles, egg-shaped."

Sgt. David Sisco said that he was on patrol at about 6:30 that evening when the UFO noiselessly hovered into view. "It glided, then streaked faster than a jet, " he told reporters, "and when it rose, it went straight up." Reservoir guard and former Wanaque policeman Charles Theodora and Sisco went to the top of the dam to take a look at the bright light. "We looked across the water and saw a cylinder shaped object," Theodora remembers. "It was moving back and forth like a rocking chair motion. We were astonished." A few minutes later the object shot straight up into the night sky, until it was indistinguishable from the other stars. Theodora said that he didn’t hear a sound while the light show was going on. "I didn’t believe in UFO’s, I thought they were a lot of bull. And then I saw it. It was a breathtaking sight; something I’ll never forget." After the January 1966 sightings, radar was installed atop the reservoir dam.   NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS ...........  Special thanks to

Quite a tale - more Pfeifer reports in the bin - so check back soon.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is It Too Early To Predict `UFOs' Above The London Olympics?

Naw. So, let UDCC be the first to predict the MSM will report at LEAST one instance of `UFOs' in the skies above the London Olympics. The event could be small or large scale - daytime or nighttime. The event could be at the opening OR closing ceremonies, OR, at just an ordinary competition.

But, the event will be noticeable enough to prompt either immediate or day after MSM coverage. Additionally, UDCC predicts if the event is a daytime event - that it will more resemble the NYC event of Oct. 13th, 2010 - multiple `lights' (are they balloons) WAY up in the sky staying for perhaps hours. Whereas, UDCC predicts that if the event is a nighttime event - that it will be a temporary `traveling ORB light' (could that have been a drone?) that will be the awe inspiring display. 

Then, I will post about how UDCC predicted the UFO Display, and you - Clockers - will have been the first to know. Speculation will abound - for 3 news cycles - if this is Alien or UFO Disclosure.

Heck, it could even ignite a 2012 Frenzy.
I want to thank the Clockers and Newbies who participated in the 3 day free download of my new EBook about the 2008 Stephenville UFO Events. OVER 300 of you, including Europeans, participated - which was more than the 5 day FREE period last week for the 2006 O'Hare UFO Incident. My thanks again. 

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simultaneous BLUE Sky Prisms Appear In Armenian sky

I believe the standard MSM approach to these are to say they are a failed Russian missile launch - right? The story link indicates that a newspaper (website person?) took the pictures of the one phenomena and then noticed the other one/two when enlarging the photo. 

So, would a failed missile launch make some sort of similar mirror images in the sky? Or, would some phenomena of the atmosphere be a lens to make these beautiful Earth images? - Or, the proverbial NWO or messengers from beyond?

Forming your own opinions is fine too. LOL.

Here's the link with a few more details and an additional picture or two - Blue Light Cone Phenomena
Did a recent update of my `news blog' based on Reddit Headlines. If you are not familiar with Reddit - this is an easy way to dip your toe in for the first time - Morning Reddit Headlines - News Your Hometown Paper Somehow Missed.
I've taken ONLY the great UFO videos of 2012 that have appeared on UDCC and put them onto a page on I also have the very best UFO pictures of 2012 there too. In addition to much more to see and read as I have the best `articles and posts' that I've written. Yet, you can `do' the page in half an hour. So, IF you are new to UDCC - this is an easy way to catch up on `UFOlogy' in 2012.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

The June ORB Invasion Continues - Multiple Pictures

In 2012 the Orbs seem to be displaying `more structure' and variations. Assuming the Orbs to NOT be `crafts' but instead some sort of `probe', sky creature, or anomalous phenomena from outside of the time-cone - the variations would seem to be endless. Are we seeing some sort of displays meant to be a disclosure?

Here's more from the recent MUFON database as obtained by Ken Pfeifer and distributed to a set of websites including UDCC.


I went on the MUFON-NC website Saturday afternoon and read about recent sightings in NC. Being familiar with Belmont, I was intrigued by a recent report. So, I invited a friend, Nancy Queen, to go to a boat docking area Saturday night and stake out the area. This location is about a mile south of the Allen Stream Plant in Belmont, NC. We arrived at the site about 7:30pm and took a few pictures. When it started getting dark, I mounted my camera on a tripod and waited to see if anything got our attention. As we stood on the cement slab attached to the boat docking area, I caught sight of a flying object coming towards us. The object was glowing orange. I called out to Nancy as two more aircraft came over the treeline orange lights aglow. The first aircraft stayed in front of the other two aircraft which were flying side by side quite close to each other. As my camera was pointing in their direction, I started snapping pictures. Although the aircraft seemed to be moving much slower than the jets we had seen earlier in the evening, I had no idea it took two minutes for them to pass over our heads, heading south to north toward the Allen Stream Plant. (Please note that the first picture was taken at 9:25pm and the last picture at 9:27pm.) The reason I am accurate about the directions is because I took my compass with me and had already checked to ascertain north and south. My camera was attached to a tripod and there was no movement on my part. There was no noise as the aircraft flew by us. Amazingly, there were several boats being placed on their trailers during this time frame but nobody but Nancy and I noticed the aircraft. And, we were making quite a todo about them. What struck me about the three flying objects was the single orange glow each projected. I couldn't make out any features on the aircraft as the light was blinding. Nancy managed to get some pictures with her camera as well as me. 

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS     .....     Thanks to MUFON CMS system.  

Then, just three days later this occurs in New York State:


My wife Jen was feeding our newborn son at 4:00 am when she notice a light out in the distance over the street lights. It was a glowing light orange that looked to be hovering or moving very slowly. Moving up and down for about 5-10 minutes. She then woke me up and I saw the same movements. We went downstairs and out to our patio and saw it moving very slow towards us at what seemed like 300-500 feet in the dark sky. I ran in to grab the camera as it started to pass over us. That is the photo I got, not the best due to no flash. I could see details of the object when the lights flashed. It looked like a steath shape, but was lighter in grey. It did look like something our military could be testing. Just seemed strange at 4:00 way was it a commercial plane. The sound was so minimal, humming. I have heard military jets and they are very loud and rumble...this was not the case. Had multiple lights flashing the whole time. Finally flew over our house and headed west towards Syracuse, NY. The photo is not the best and hopefully you can make more out of it.
The story of the Orb phenomena continues to unfold in 2012.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Going To The Light At Death - Two New Theories

As Clockers know - I have been producing E-Books on Kindle from some of my best material on two of my blogs this year. Yesterday I released my fourth book and the second this month called `Going To The Light At Death' - The New Theories.

The `book' is a combination of three posts from my blog called The Heavy Stuff; and yes, I DO offer TWO new explanations for the LIGHT often reported by folks in NDE's. The one idea I feel personally is one of my best insights of my life - really.

The book is priced at 99 cents for now, and perhaps indefinitely, as I want these ideas to be as widespread as possible; to be available to the offered up explanations for the light suggested by religions and the mainstream media. It was a labor of love putting this book together and I bet you will enjoy it.

Please click the picture above and check out the sample - before you purchase it - much appreciated.

What do you say we finish up today with yet another MUFON report provided by Ken Pfeifer to UDCC. And, yes, another daytime multiple UFO situation in Arizona just last month.


I was watching over my kids playing in a kiddie pool in our back yard. I was sitting on the steps of one of our guest cottages. This must have been at about 1230-1240 PM. My eyes were drawn to the sky by a column of dust left by a dust devil.  This was probably only about a block away. In it, rather through it, I noticed an object that I first figured to be a distant aircraft. Something about it kept my attention. At first it didn’t seem to move, which was odd for an object in the sky during the brightest part of the day. Then it seems it was moving very slowly in an east-by-southeast direction. It was too high up, and away from any known objects to get any real perspective. I would say that this object could have been as far away as over Tucson or Phoenix and as high up as possibly orbital. Soon, it moved slowly toward the south. At some point my wife came out onto our back deck and asked what I was looking at. She must have sensed that I was watching something strange. At some point one of us noticed there was another smaller object nearby.  I can’t remember if I had noticed this before she came out or not. She grabbed her camera from inside the house, a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with EF-S 55-250 mm telescopic zoom lens. She began taking photos. We ended up with 49 pictures captured at (on average) 6 MB each. While taking pictures we could see up to 13 of the smaller objects. They appeared to be moving and my wife and I think that at least two of them moved up to the bigger object then moved away at a different direction. This cluster was generally 45 degrees above horizon,  300 degrees magnetic azimuth from Tombstone.  Sometime shortly before 12:44 PM I went just inside the back door to post on FaceBook via our dining room PC that we were watching UFOs. At 12:50 I posted that we lost sight of them. They had moved slightly northward and then just dissipated. I know it’s debatable whether stars can be seen during the day but we checked Google Sky shortly afterward and did find that Uranus was in that area of the sky at the time of our sighting. But it’s debatable whether Uranus can be seen in the best of conditions at night.   I have been with the military for 26+ years, much of it as an Intelligence analyst. I have traveled the world. I have watched the sky, aircraft and celestial bodies for all my years. I have flown extensively. I am a bit of an aviation enthusiast. I tell you all this because I have never seen anything like this before and it just didn’t fit. The only thing I can propose to explain it is that it was an unusual effect of the annular solar eclipse that was to happen a few hours later. Maybe the moon was already casting a shadow (that was unseen to us) on the outer part of the atmosphere in the direction that we were looking and this somehow allowed us to see stars in that direction during the day. Maybe it even magnified them. The movement could be attributed to atmospherics and one star becoming visible while one was disappearing from view. 


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