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Sunday, June 10, 2012

PSSSSTT..... THIS Is What Is Going On - The `Targeted Individuals' Program With `Aliens'

I've gotten tons of very far out e-mails over the years at UDCC, and a few even make it to Headline Stories - like this one. Indeed, if I didn't promote this to today's lead, (and few get promoted) it would be buried like others in our comments archive of over 800 comments - many enlightening comments too. Perhaps enlightening is too strong of a word. LOL.

I first present the comment in its entirety:
ella has left a new comment on your post

I'm the one who told him that the planes were fake, actually, on August 3, 2011. I have the emails. I realized it in June, 2011. He and I are somewhat like alien abductees, but it's a different program, called "Targeted Individuals". Talk about nutcases, listen to the "Talkshoe" shows that go on all night, every night, where Targeted Individuals discuss what is going on with them. They aren't naturally mentally unstable, but the bizarre things that happen in Occult torture programs make them sound completely crazy. 
Here's what is going on: 
The planes are NOT real planes, and they are not on any flight path. Look at flight paths across cities. They are not in a grid pattern, and the planes are not on the radar, or on Planefinder, normally. If they do show up on Planefinder, they will pop up, and either the take-off, or the destination, will be a question mark...."?", and then after a couple of minutes, it will go off of Planefinder. Real airplanes follow flight paths in the sky. They are like roads, and big planes can't just go willy nilly all over the sky, wherever they want. 
They are not real airplanes. There are no videos of them taking off, or landing, because they do not take off, or land, anywhere! They are ORBS that project images of aircraft. They are shapeshifters. It has been going on for a long time. They are the eye in the is in a lot of music from the 80's. Pink Floyd album cover...the triangle with the beam going to it, and the rainbow coming out the other side....that is it. It's a hologram. 
The "Occult" knows about it. The "planes" are "demons". They are what did 9/11. Those planes were the same as chemtrail planes. They were fake planes. There were entities all over the WTC, but people don't know what they look like. They are two dots of light, or an orb. That wasn't all paper exploding out of the WTC! Those were orbs. There were fake helicopters, fake planes, fake boats, and fake birds all over those videos. The real ones may have been turned to dust. There were three planes calling in distress signals from the Atlantic Ocean on the morning of 9/11. The WTC was built to be taken down on 9/11! The architect said that "voices" told him how to build the buildings, just like "voices" told Nicola Tesla how to create the Tesla coil, and free energy. 
The Chemtrail Planes are the same as "Foo Fighers" in WWII. Hitler was in the Occult! The NAZI scientists/Occultists came to the United States, and they created NASA. 
The entities that are the Chemtrail Planes are Inter-dimensional plasma-based life forms. They are Demons/Alien/Devils. They are the same entity that built the pyramids, all over the world, and Solomon's temple. They are the same entity that the Dogon tribe describes, and they say they are from the Sirius Star System. They are intelligent plasma based life-forms; the Djinn. Watch the movie "The Objective", that's what they are. They are the WMD that G. Bush talked about S. Hussein having. They are in control of the world. They are also "Anonymous", or "Legion". There is a leadership, and it is in the Ether (net). They are on the other side of your computer screen. :D 
The WTC was two columns, or Is Is. Sirius. It was a sacrifice, and the celebration to bring in the NWO, where they will be the law. They are the law now...they control the police. The police work for them. They are the Devil, and I won't say who else they are. They have been here before, performing miracles. They can also make storms, earthquakes, volcanoes erupt, and they are "Mothman", and they did "Fukushima", and most importantly, their base is the Moon. That's why they are called Demons. De Moon.

Tootles! Oh, my Youtube is ella5024


You'll want to make sure to send this story today to a friend on Facebook right? Anyway, where do I begin to comment on the above E-Mail.

First, the video in question (where the comment is based) is certainly open to interpretation - as MUZ pointed out when UDCC posted it. That said, the Chemtrail planes are indeed nefarious IMO - without question, and a lot of what Ella says above is very interesting when compared with another link I have on this page by Colin Bennett about Chemtrails and Chemtrail Planes BEING FORTEAN. (One of the very heaviest ideas I've ever encountered.) That said, I lean Orb/Alien  before I lean Fortean IF push comes to shove.

And, indeed, UDCC's position above is OUT THERE to most folks if not nearly all - but, UDCC also thinks it is at least possible to likely that some of the Chemtrail activity is NOT Orb or Alien. And, yes, because of pure analysis of options it is POSSIBLE that ALL the activity is human based. But, I personally doubt that it is all human. (What kind of blog are you reading right? LOL.) 

But, back to Ella's well articulated letter - I guess I've covered the Chemtrail aspect - so onward. 

Obviously, `Targeted Individuals', Occult Torture Programs, planes are demons, fake helicopters, boats and birds, Nazi scientists created NASA - would take a bit more so-called proof to be ponied up before I'd believe any of it. LOL.

That said, Foo Fighters may have been Orbs. Orbs may be plasma based `inter-dimensional' entities (I'd prefer to think of them as sub space entities and are part of our phenomenology.) However, nearly EVERYTHING else mentioned in the letter, and in the immediately above paragraph, are the result IMO of sliding down the slippery slope with no brakes. A mix of fantasy and possible reality markers.
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Now, make sure to use the share buttons below to share this to your Facebook account - your friends have to see the letter, right?. Appreciated.

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  1. `It is all true, and what is most amazing, my findings are word for word , "exactly" what this article says, most amazing.

    I did a video, and can be reached through it. I would like to contact the author of the original letter, or show her my video. Thanks:

  2. Hi Nosheol,

    First, I'd like to welcome you and your comment and I assume you read my comment to ella in the above post. As I noted, my own points of view about Orbs are `out there' to nearly everyone - but, I do feel that most of what ella (and therefore yourself since you agree exactly) talks about is very slippery slope and without markings to our reality.

    I watched about 10 minutes of the video link you suggest (of the 30 minutes) - I would have listened to more had I felt there was something there.

    I do appreciate that you have put together diverse ideas to form your positioning on the endtimes as you see them. I hope that you read more of my material as I would hope my own logic as a market analyst also will make sense within your perceptions.

    Indeed, my one word for you to investigate is Phenomenology. Dig into Husserl a bit or Sartre.



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