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Monday, April 30, 2012

Robert Bingham - UFO Summoner?

As Clockers know, UDCC is about the only `UFO' website that consistently looks into the Orb caller phenomena. Indeed, on a regular basis, UDCC talks about the FACT that the MSM stays as far away from this Orb Caller phenomena as possible. IMO, that is because the Orb Callers represent something the MSM has no intention of EVER covering - as they are in the hand of the Corporate Interests nearly 100% (remember, the corporations, according to the Supreme Court, are now Corporate Citizens). (My inside MSM sources claim that all Orbs are dust bits and focal lens length anomalies.)

You see, Orb callers and videographers are dangerous to the very power structure we live within. IF ordinary people are able to `perform miracles' that science doesn't understand as of yet - it hardly gives us confindence in our Government to `protect us'. And, IF ordinary people are able to perform miracles - all those houses of Worship worldwide are suddenly LESS important. A threat to the very power structure is what Orb Callers are. That is why they get no attention or are debunked.

Up till now, folks have only been able to `produce' atmospheric anomalous phenomena that is roughly in the Orb Plasma theater - NOT producing `solid structures'. But, then, a day or two ago - I became aware of a NEW `Orb Caller' name - one that if one is to believe the hype - produces UFOs upon demand; and, some of these `objects' ARE MORE WORRISOME than some plasma ball floating around that MAY be spiritual in some manner. His name is Robert Bingham, seems like a simple spiritual man, and he's in California. 

First up, the video I first ran across - with the title of - UFO Sightings UFOs or Angels? Massive Sighting Man Summons - it has about 5k views on a `Gathering Site' with suspicious material all around. Uploaded this month with NO attribution. About a 5/1 positive ratio of pos/neg votes. Is this what UFO Disclosure has become?

link -
The comments below this video are classic:I've always known i had a guardian angel, she talks to me and gives me good ideas. Lately i have learned that the help is actually from the PLEIADIANS, who are 5th dimentional Extraterrestrials who are around earth in spaceships. They will make their presence known in the months ahead. Keep your eyes on the skys and say hello. PEACE, & Love.
    • This channel is famous for bullshit! Do it under scientific study conditions and in a random location u are taken to and then I will sit up and listen to what u claim.

    link - - about 9k views and about a 2/1 pos/neg ratio of voting.
    Description with video:

    UFO Sightings The Man Who Summons UFOs World Exclusive! Multiple Eyewitnesses! Robert Bingham claims he can summon UFOs telepathically! On April 17 2012 at the Park Plaza Hotel California Robert Bingham along with many eyewitnesses achieves the impossible! Subscribe for part two of this Incredible Event!
    So, Robert `believes' he has found a method to contact `angels' - as opposed to inducing some phenomena that responds to intentionality's - regardless of methodology/belief. And, while Robert can make these `things' appear in the sky in a distance - folks like Dean Clark were/is able to bring the phenomena even closer for a first hand look. What MUFON calls a `spiritual' event.
    So, the cat is out of the bag folks. `Aliens' in space craft may indeed exist within the time-cone; but, `aliens' (angels, fairies, genies in a bottle) can also be called `from beyond' to be within the time-cone. To be observed. To bring wonder to our world beyond what mankind can control. Beyond what the corporate interests can control. Something that the powers that be (TPTB) are NOT comfortable with - and ideas beyond what you are going to hear on TV.

    I expect I will be following this `story' a bit closer - perhaps we can dig deeper - before the MSM discredits it for their own purposes.
    Thanks for your visit today. IF you think this post should be shared on Facebook (do your friends know about Orb callers?) all you have to do is use the share button below `f' on the panel of letters. Thanks for your readership. Oh, btw, it appears that Openureyes10's video has passed 54K views, 1000 times greater than when first played on UDCC.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

April's Incredible Long Lasting Sky Roar Video

Yesterday, UDCC brought to readers and listeners, the strange Sky Noise Phenomena of earlier in April from the Chicago area. Today, UDCC features the most similar video of SNP to the `original' Florida Roar of March 2011, which seemed to usher in this new phenomena. This is not some 20 second clip of three or four strange noises - this is an on-going roar in the sky recorded over 12 minutes (uploader says it went on for 30 minutes). It's loud, much like the Florida Video. 17K views, 7/1 pos/neg ratio of opinion.

link -
Or, how about this one of a similar lower volume in Athens Greece from April 6th? 2012 Sky Noise Phenomena. 10K views, about a 6/1 pos/neg ratio of opinion. ------------------- Which leads to the slippery slope of This Sky Sound In NYC.
The Beat Goes On

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Stephenville Incident Off Radar Of MSM

A bit over a week ago, Billy Cox covered a follow up story of the radar data that had been obtained in the Stephenville Texas UFO incident of Jan. 8th, 2008. I


Oh, btw, you'll LOVE this obscure `Sky Noise Phenomena' video I have found - and once again, recorded THIS month. From the Chicago area - AS STRANGE as ANY YET! Less than 140 views and with this as the descripton:
Wauconda, IL - heard april 4th 2012. About 40 miles north of Chicago. My mom and cousin recorded this video and sent it to me. I youtubed this and found similar videos all around the world... I swear on my life this is not fake or bull shit, my mom is horrible with technology and my cousin has the same video recorded from his phone. This sound is so similar to all them heard around the world... somethings out there... Or someone give me a better explanation please. call me a liar but this shit is real no bullshit we didnt fake this. We have better things to do with our time than make bullshit youtube hoaxes

link -
What's your comment on the above vid? Is UDCC the ONLY website still looking for REAL SNP (Sky Noise Phenomena) videos? How can this stuff be ignored? Is it simply because 
sometimes it is SO Transient? 
Damn good links so far today, right?
Speaking or hearing alien noise - how about the endless background `noise' of `alien implants'? Well, here's an article, -  of a scientific look at a few of such implants - and IF believed would suggest at the very least nefarious activities IMO. And, if taken to the extremes of these findings - Suggest we are dealing with something - NOT from our solar system. Conspiracy type stuff too edgy for the MSM for sure.
Speaking of a science approach - as regular readers know, I have several blogs and updated, just minutes ago, my `science' blog that really gets into Neanderthal's. Today's post is about Eagle Talons and `arrangements' by early mankind of such feathers.
Did YOU know that you can share this post on your Facebook page with ONE click below? Just find the `f' and give it a click for easy adding - I bet some of your friends haven't even heard about the Sky Noise Phenomena. Oh, and continued thanks to the person using Amazon via UDCC to make their purchases of the Glee episodes - you rock. And, in blogging news, UDCC has been dropped by the Trans Union Credit google affiliate and has been approved for Hotel Pricer as you can see in the sidebar - a new service you may want to check out. Thanks.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"A Few Thousand Other Greys"

The above sentence is the last sentence of the video below. Yet another `whistle-blower' about the presence of `alien Greys' known by our government. Could there really be THOUSANDS of Greys? Who are building UFOs? And, even IF there are - is that really so many? IMO, these landbased Greys are hardly a threat to the world if they exist, and this scenario fits in nicely with the `aliens are here to help' ideas/positioning of part of the Exo-politics crowd. OVER 2 million views and about a 6/1 pos/neg ratio of opinion.

link -
It's always of interest to see what Wikipedia has to say, right? Grey Aliens. And, you have to see what the `survey' reported for what % of people in different countries report Grey Aliens - trippy and not similar. 
I also updated my Strange UFO Video blog today too - a real strange UFO video from a Police Video from 2004 that involved `dropping Orbs or plasma' from some sky high source. Clockers will enjoy this --- Long Beach UFO Shot From Police Camera.
I am still dealing with the hack job of Saturday on my E-mail account. It is directing my comments from this blog into spam and not allowing them to appear on the comments section - I have two E-mails from comments that I'd like to share of the last few days:
Sonny has left a new comment on your post "I've Been Hacked": 

I didn't email you about the Philippines fundraiser, because it automatically went to spam. According to the Gmail program, "Many people marked similar messages as spam."

I'm extremely skeptical lately, so I suspected maybe your Kindle book was produced by the same scammer lifting a post off The Heavy Stuff and putting it up on Amazon as H. R. Phillips, which matches the name of a female novelist already on Amazon.

My conclusions are:

1) Change your email passwords to include letters, digits, and extra characters. (I just did that for my Google account that was on The Heavy Stuff mailing list.)

2) Amazon should have better facilities for shoppers to verify the identity of authors and sellers, instead of just giving a name that may match the names of other authors and listing the book as for sale by Amazon Digital Services.

3) Not that I'm going to buy anything from Amazon anyway, since I never enter my credit card number into my computer or log on to my bank's website, which is basic security that everyone should follow. To buy something online a person should have a second bank account with limited funds, at another bank, specifically for online purchases. 
Sonny, first thanks for even caring. Glad it went to spam as it should have. And, as you know, being skeptical is SMART - that said, the BOOK IS MINE and with Phillips, nearly all combinations of my name have other authors, including Rick Phillips and my real name. I have changed my passwords - and will probably use the original e for much less. Thanks for being a user of The Heavy Stuff.
I also got this self serving link - that is of interest too.
FakeAliens has left a new comment on your post "IF It's Too Good To Be True......":

I have heard good things about this blog and hope you spread truth!! Please check out this video and share it with your readers, it is important, it is about the upcoming false flag alien attack that is being planned.

Fake Aliens
IF you are ready to put your feet up and absorb - the above link is for you. MUCH about the supposed coming False Flag event involving aliens. Okkkkkkaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy.
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Oh, here's the REAL link to my New 99 Cent Kindle Book.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do It Yourself UFO - The Clark Effect

So, in this 2009 `UFO' called video - the man who is producing the Dean Clark UFO pictures - uses the `Dean Clark Effect' to produce UFO footage of his own (evidently). Somehow, it's all a bit less than convincing for me except for the one bright Orb and what appears to be an Orb cluster at the end of the video presentation. Easy enough to watch with the Alan Parsons Project keeping beat in the background. Spacey Man. Groovy too. All of 176 views in just under 3 years on YT.

link -
The above video would imply that `Orb Calling' is nothing more than having good photo equipment. H..mmm.
Finally for today - a long one. As Clockers know, UDCC has a special relationship with Ken Pfeifer of the MUFON Star Team from N.J. ----- and here he provides an interview about UFOs and more. It's always good to know backgrounds of the good guys: Ken Pfeifer Interview - April 2012 so, put your feet up for a good listen.
Thanks for your visit today - tell a friend about UDCC - thanks. Please look around the sidebar today or further down the page for lots of content about UFOs. IF you want to see the page that has been saving the best of the best of 2012 on UDCC - 2012 UFO Videos And Pictures.
The Phenomenology Of Actualization read a sample and be blown away.

Monday, April 23, 2012

IF It's Too Good To Be True......

First, another TGTBT 2012 daytime UFO video, - uploaded and probably shot in Feb. 2012 - on a `Gathering Site' that is selling 3 2012 books, NO attribution, another Mexico City showing - 34K views and about a 3/1 pos/neg ratio. Is this Disclosure?

link -
You know folks, it would be easy to dismiss the above video - and until something similar began to happen elsewhere, one has reason to be suspicious. But, that said, look at this thing - freeze frame it at times - this is truly STRANGE and worthy of your click for sure. (at the 43 second mark it literally looks birdlike for a frame). Is this nothing more than a bag of LED's floating in the breeze in some sort of opaque flexible bag? Or, what the `structured orbs' that we have been seeing more of in night shots - is this what they look like during the day?
Continuing the look at UFO's on Demand (7) of D.Clark pictures - one gets more of what is behind the `TopSecretStuff' YouTube channel IMO - probably responsible for taking DC's pictures and making them into this series. Tons of production value here, Examiner tied, 127 views since 2009 1/1 pos/neg
UFO's on Demand 7. IMO, not a lot of new material here.
I'd love to know if DC is still calling them.
The Feather Orb has passed the 44K mark. I will probably have a new E later today for Clockers and others to reach me. Two deep scans including Microsoft have failed to reach the embedded culprit. Please consider sharing today's Mexico City Video on your Facebook page by clicking below on the share button banner. Thanks.
THE TGTBT 2012 World Too Good to Be True: The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff
Too Good to Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends
 Too Good to Be True: Finding Hope in a World of Hype

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Men In Black? Or Ludicrous Foes?

I wanted to share one of the only or few Men In Black videos that I've ever seen (other than in the theater) that is now making it's way around the `ParaNormal' circuit. And, while everything about the presentation of the video suggests a easily executed scam - Clockers can make up their own minds.

link -
The above video was uploaded on April 18th and is in a `Gathering Site' - has about 12/1 pos/neg ratio of opinion. Are MIB temporary archetype beings? Here's some other views about the above video About.Com says Fake --- interestingly, you can dig MUCH deeper into the Original Case here from 2008 --- indeed on the EXACT Date The Blossom Goodchild Had Predicted Alien Crafts Over Alabama - Oct. 14th, 2008. Yes, as the economy was on the brink of failure. Note in the report that this same type of craft has been seen at other times in the same area. (In New York at the Niagara Falls). Was Goodchild only wrong as far as the location? Oh, and, aren't the MIB showing up a bit late? Was it UFO Disclosure or IS it Ludicrous Foes? (IF you dig into UDCC via the sidebar archive you can see posts about 10/14/2008 specifically.)
Next up - UFO Caller Dean Clark - UFO's On Demand 8 - might be a bit of imagination in these compared to other DC offerings. IMO. Shows the slippery slope of imagination perhaps. Only 145 views since 2009. Was DC losing his abilities by then? And, why is it Pictures and not video - just askin?
Quick Update - My AOL account main screenname is still in disarray and I can't get new Emails it seems (the few I've gotten dumped into old mail for an hour or two yesterday morning). I may establish a new E. I still have lost every Email from my new folder and sent folder but, for now, a select amount of my old mails have returned, mysteriously (?) - so I may be able to recover some email addresses - too daunting to try yet. I also appreciate those that did reach out or comment on yesterday's post. I will say the complete vanishing of every email I've ever had any association with - HOURS after the spam episode - (was the spam a cover?) - makes the `nefarious' side of this episode more likely IMO. 
And, a big thanks to the person who bought a pair of binoculars off this blog two days ago - awesome pair and I indeed have a pair just like them. Whoever bought the Lujan Matus book certainly has more insights today too - thanks.
These fine products below were purchased by Clockers on Friday.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've Been Hacked

Very early this A.M. my regular AOL e-mail account was hacked. First, an e-mail was sent out that suggested I had been mugged out of the country and needed 1,800.00 to be able to return home. Anyone who I have ever corresponded with - using that Email got the Email most likely. Yeah, a big hassle.

But wait - there's more. About 4-6 hours later all my Emails - EVER - vanish. Including all my email address and contacts - gone. As if someone wanted to go thru my private e-mails, I assume. To eliminate my reaching out to certain folks unless I knew the E by heart.

Has UDCC's PUSH about the ability of some individuals to `produce' anomalous phenomena (which then provides a video proof) - begun to rub TPTB the wrong way? Could it be dangerous to continue to expose this ignored MSM phenomena? Might silencing the source be next?

IS UDCC onto the truth about UFOs?

Friday, April 20, 2012

2009 Dean Clark UFO Video

Why settle for pictures when you can glimpse the real thing `live on video' - right? Here's a rare video from DC of Kentucky, uploaded in 2009 - Under 600 views. Similar to many other `multiple-orbs with structure' that UDCC has featured in the past. Worth your less than 1/2 minute view:

link -
Continuing UDCC's effort to bring a full range of UFO material to readers, including the `near famous' - here's the `timeline' that Stan Romanek says has happened to him concerning his involvement with `aliens'. It is somewhat impressive. Stan was the man who claimed he photographed an alien peeking in his window (now conveniently NOT part of the timeline?) - and then linked up with some goofy UFO ballot thing in Colorado. He also has received `equations' in his sleep that some have said are non-sense. Anyway - Here's Romanek's interesting timeline of UFO events many with claimed witnesses. That said, he opens the page above with mixing the estimates of scientists of Earth like planets in the universe - with numbers about OUR MILKY WAY. Two entirely different things. He makes it seem like 75% of all suns in the MW have Earth planets. ------------ All that said, you have to digest Romanek to say you have sampled the full meal.
Finally for today - a BIG thanks to the person who continues to buy their Glee episodes off of UDCC via Amazon - you are awesome indeed. Make sure to check out these offerings below: IF you need more UFO - here's the BEST of 2012 So Far.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sacred Geometry - `UFO's' ON DEMAND - The `Caller' Phenomena

Only a few Clockers probably remember my coverage of Dean Clark in the 2008-2009 time-frame (although I have referred to him with some regularity). DC was/is a Kentucky Orb caller who has been invested by MUFON and was determined to be producing some sort of atmospheric spiritual phenomena. Indeed, eventually in 2008 it resulted in one of the most amazing blog posts ever about Orb Calling - With Dozens Of Pictures Of Anomalous Sky Phenomena - that was basically `on demand' via a methodology that DC used of a religious nature. (Think Prayer Times Two - A Real Belief).

Indeed, check out these beyond amazing film captures:
And, at the above links - one can also see some of the more typical Orb shapes such as Octagons and such. Indeed, today's post was inspired by someone finding UDCC when searching for Dean Clark videos on YouTube. So, I decided that perhaps that was a good idea as I didn't remember any videos attached with Dean (but I could have forgot). And, lo and behold, I found a few of note. Such as this called UFOs on Demand 6. (Yes, there are others.) 
It's uploaded on the YouTube account `TopSecretStuff' and is from 2009 with just over a 1000 views. It's set to music and has a 3/0 pos-neg rating. IF you are very cool you will watch it to the very very end. 
Oh, this is the description by the uploader:
A video collection of images that reach beyond UFOs and into the next
crop circle type messages given to the human race on camera

link -
One thing that always interested me as having possible `paranormal' connections is Geometric Shapes as they might represent Math Truths. So, if someone with consciousness was `requesting a show of `truth' ' - one might get some sort of Phenomenological representation such as what we see. It also would be a way for `aliens' - entities really - to `show' as something that represents a truth too. IMO. How's that for a connection?
Oh, BTW, this was the ONLY comment below this video:

friends let me make one thing clear not only do i know dean clark but on several occasions i have personlly witnesses the events you have seen i have seen these and much much more than you can imagine i have had dean at my home in kentucky ion my property and sttod among what you see"""
thank you dean my dear friend im a believer"""

Consider this Part One.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EBE Film Festival Awards

Bloggers get e-mails from readers and people of like interest with some frequency if you have a quote `popular' blog (btw, UDCC is currently well inside the top million websites in America according to this Alexa.Com Statistic). Real bloggers don't mind at all. Then, occasionally, lines get pushed or crossed when the purpose is to push merchandise that is targeted at one's readership or at the least oneself. And, today's UDCC headline was in the subject line of an e-mail I got today from one Ron James - a person not above my threshold of awareness.

Now I guess I was targeted as part of the elite club that even knows the EBE term well enough in my top of mind - to not immediately toss the E-mail into my spam folder. Now it's possible that many if not most of my UDCC readers do know the term too, due to their science interest, and open minded interest in the UFO phenomena, by being on these pages to begin with. 

So, I knew it was about `extraterrestrial' biological entities - who, evidently, were now of the status of `Film Festival' awards. Hmm. Too bad I am not a big fan of such; except intellectually. But, nonetheless, I was intrigued - just imagine, there must be dozens of filmmakers competing for such a prestigious award. Right? -------------- Heck was this going to be a special invitation from the mysterious Ron James to ME - a popular UFO blogger?

Upon opening the email this is what I found:


Dear UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock,
The biggest collection of films ever produced documenting the disclosure movement is the "The Disclosure Dialoges". This Amazing 5 DVD Set features the documentary "It Could Happen Tomorrow". This film recently won People's Choice and Best Film at the 2012 EBE Film Festival.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to sell this film on your website or to host a banner linking to a special page just for you. Another way you can earn money and help spread the information, is to send an email blast to your mail list telling them about the film and offering them a special price.
You will earn 20%-40% for each sale you help generate. If you are interested, let us know and we will determine the best sales scenario for you and supply you with links, artwork and information so that you may begin right away.

To learn more about the film you can go here

At the link we find lists like these of folks on the Five DVD's:
Own the film that premiered at MUFON 2011 L.A. and started a buzz throughout the field!

If there is a smoking gun... It's in here.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Danny Sheehan
Nick Pope
Richard Dolan
Stephen Basset
Paul Davids
Paola Harris
George Noory
Ronald Reagan
George Knapp
Linda Moulton Howe
Paul Stonehill
Peter Robbins
Stan Romanek
Ron James
Christopher O’Brien
Gary Heseltine
and many more
Yeah, it's largely the same group of folks that declared Obama will disclose every other week back in 2009, mixed in with more `legitimate folks' like US Presidents and such. (Mixed in with the man with phony alien equations - Romanek. Then again, remembering from dreams can be tricky.) I can imagine their disappointment in B.O. when he did the exact opposite last fall via the Phil Larson statement. Might have a tendency to dry up sales a bit. As `Disclosure' via the government about EBE's has never been more off the table IMO. Perhaps Ron James should dig into the UDCC sidebar?
Anyway, from this above page you can access some of the others pushing the `Disclosure' agenda that evidently still is able to support about a handful of `traveling speakers' to `conferences' they all attend. Bless them.
However, despite the name of UDCC - I am much less inclined to travel down the `ideas' of the UFO Disclosure crowd. For one, IMO, almost any `government' scenario of `disclosure' would have significantly LESS impact on society than what is envisioned by the disclosure crowd. I've covered my thoughts any number of times before - Could UFO Disclosure Be Done With Limited Impact - this was the first time.

Second, while I believe some technology could indeed be from `alien technology' (note the word could) and that some technology is probably suppressed by big corporate interests - I also believe that the same suppression would be while the same corporate interests invested millions/billions/trillions (take your pick) in the suppressed technology so that they will be able to corner the market when it is viable. 

Folks, everything will be peachy and things will be rosy when they can make money on the sunshine.

So, to me, the primary focus of those deeply invested in the `UFO Disclosure' scene - misses the point on two of their main points. All while touting that to a more than willing to buy that viewpoint public. 

Frankly, I find folks who read UDCC a lot more skeptic than that of anyone who professes to have ANY answers.

So, yes, IF (which is unlikely by the government without some watershed event) the government would have chosen a DIFFERENT strategy last fall - IF they would have said (quoting from my above link):
So, ultimately, the Government can `say' - here's the data. You are welcome to study it. Whatever the data represents - it is a rare occurrence. Some of the events are so strange as to suggest causes with physics that humans do not understand. No final determination can be made as to the overall phenomena - make up your own mind.

I can even imagine President Obama taking the time for some softball questions by our ever so investigative media -- `what do you think sir' - to which our President will say something like this "well, I've read the report and it does have some interesting testimony and many strange, almost surreal, occurrences - of which I don't know what to make of" "parts of it - do have a security aspect and our military has had an interest in such reports -- but -- I have 100% knowledge that we can defend our airspace - there is NO reason for concern and never, evidently, has been" "And, while a very very limited number of reports over the decades - seem to suggest entities not of human origin - I will leave it to others and the American people what to ultimately believe - because as you know, the mind can play strange tricks" "And, after reviewing this data and talking with our military - I can assure you we are not under any threat. That said, I have instructed MR. _________ to form a taskforce - to review any threats of unknown origin and to yearly provide a look from a security angle about phenomena"

Something like the above could have been said by Obama himself in 2011 and guess what - nothing would have happened except for a 48 hour story.

I guess the other revelations in the 5 DVD set is that the government is less than truthful about ---- everything. IMO. And, for 29 bucks - I take no cut - you can be enlightened and for a special 49 dollar package can gain even more bonus DVD's. Heck you'll be able to set up your own theater to enlighten your friends to all this suppressed info. (I thought google was free?)
And, not a word about ORBS. Or Bigelow.

Amazon Ringers from 2.99 below
The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure
Includes some from the above list too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sky Noise Phenomena Continues Into April

Here's yet another possible variation of the SNP (Sky Noise Phenomena) that largely began about a year ago. This one is claimed to have occurred for up to a half hour and is claimed to have sounded more echo(y). It's strange. The poster does NOT appear to be a hoaxer or obsessed with the SNP. The video has all of 79 views and was posted April 4th - has 2/0 pos/neg votes.

link -
UDCC continues to dig for original content for Clockers. 
One of the more outrageous niches of UFOlogy is herd mutilation. Some folks are convinced that it is `alien oriented' and others are even convinced it is `evil' itself. So, how about an opinion that combines both Evil Aliens.
Before you dismiss the above - have you heard about the super secret Collins Elite? NO? Well, Nick Redfern claims such a group, a part of our government, - thinks that evil aliens may be a part of the worlds Final Events. Or - is that all disinfo?

Finally for today - The Feather Orb video has been stabilized - so, you can now watch it alone and in high quality. 39K have seen the original - a few hundred have seen this - Feather Orb Of San Antonio - Enhanced
Did you enjoy all that? Please share this post on your Facebook page with a click of the `f' `share button' below this post. Thanks. And, again - here's a link to my first E-book - giving Clockers more insights into my thinking about the anomalous The Phenomenology Of Actualization - thanks for checking it out.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday MUFON Madness - New Jersey RING UFO Pictures

Let's go straight to the mailbag today to see what Ken Pfeifer has sent UDCC from the MUFON Files for UDCC readers to absorb into their reality view.
First up - Jan. 24th, 2012 - Location Texas:

 1-24-12 OZONA TEXAS 

I had just clocked in for work, so I know it was 5:30 am.  I'm always there before sunrise.  I stepped out of the meeting room, where the time clock is and I don't know why I looked up but  there it was moving less than 5 miles an hour in an easterly direction. It was completely silent, and it was as big as a football field. I could tell how big it was because it was a clear morning and the stars were shining and as I looked up I couldn't see the stars, I could only see them further over past the outline of this triangle shaped ship. It was only about 500 feet above me as I watched it in awe as it moved slowly east, then in an instant it streaked across the sky so fast that I couldn't hardly follow it with my eyes. Afterwords I felt like I had worked a whole day, my adrenaline must have been pumping hard while I was looking at this thing. It only lasted a few seconds but seemed like longer it was like everything was in slow motion while I was walking and looking up and then all of a sudden it just picked up speed and streaked away towards the north east. 

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Next up - A sighting from just last week in N.J.


About 4:30 pm  I was sitting on the west side of my building . The sun was in the western sky . From the north western sky I noticed a flickering object about the size of a large star . It seemed to be reflecting the sun as it slowly moved towards the east and towards me.  It was moving very slowly and made no noticeable change in speed or direction and no noise at all.  I had my canon 20 d with telephoto lens with me and proceeded to take as many shots as I could after wasting about 7 shots with an incorrect camera setting.  The object eventually drifted over my building and towards NYC.  When I uploaded the photos, it was then that I realized the shape of the object . Like a slowly tumbling doughnut with a sort of metallic quality to it.  Considering its distance, I estimate its size to be about the size of a piper cub . However I cannot be sure.  The temperature was about 60 degrees with no noticeable wind that I can remember .  The sighting lasted about 15 minutes.
Special thanks to Doug Auld, witness and photographer. 
Now, check out these amazing pictures :
And, now, some more APRIL Madness from Maryland, yes, another HOVERING cylinder:


I was driving west on hwy 32 coming from Fort Meade, MD, moving at approximately 60 mph. Somewhere near the vicinity of the exit to 295, I just happened to glance up toward the sky looking southwest. I noticed a shiny/ reflective cylindrical object hovering in the sky. My first thought was that it must have been a passenger airliner, but I noticed that it was not moving in a linear fashion, but hovering! I kept glancing at the object to ensure that I was indeed witnessing a hovering object. I began to scan the skies for other flying objects and spotted what was clearly a passenger airliner moving from north to south, and appeared to be further away, in terms of direct line of sight, than the UFO. Although the plane appeared farther away, I could clearly distinguish it as an airplane, moving in a linear fashion, whereas I was unable to positively identify the hovering object. I glanced back toward the UFO and it was indeed stationary and not moving, and I could not identify wing, rotars or anything that would indicate that it was of earthly origin. I passed a row of tall trees on the south side of the highway, which obstructed my view, and I briefly lost visual contact with the UFO. When I finally cleared the row of trees, which no more than 10 seconds (approx.) elapsed, I looked back in the direction of the UFO only to discover that it had completely vanished. I kept glancing back toward the direction where the UFO was initially spotted, but I was unable to regain visual contact.  

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Will that hold you to tomorrow Clockers?
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

`UFO' Conspiracy's - Area 51, Majestic12, And Real Aliens

As Clockers KNOW, UDCC almost never goes into what is an obsession at other `UFO' websites - the conspiracy side of things with the ever trotted out `history' of `old' and possible forged documents, videos and testimony. Why? Because Clockers can dig into all of that themselves if they wish to try to separate the wheat from the chaff. I'm satisfied knowing that disinfo is mixed with the truth and that IMO, the `history' shows VERY limited real contact with alien beings. 

In other words, IMO, the `aliens in ships' - those often FEARED or assumed to be hugely advanced compared to `humankind' - may NOT be the ones that are `truly' the `advanced entities' that `governments' are `worried' about. Indeed, IMO, the ones obviously MUCH more `advanced' - entities much more advanced - would NOT be STUCK in the time-cone. The `advanced' entities emerge IMO from a `different space', and have potentially much more influence/interactions/intentionalities involved with human consciousness and perceptual fields.

So, indeed, there may be some `conspiracy' about the `real aliens in spaceships' - that we build part of our military to defend against perhaps (giving the benefit of the doubt) - which siphons endless billions over the years from even the above board budget. IMO. And, indeed, who wouldn't want to keep quiet about THAT!

For unless some entire civilization is looking for a new home and is in 10's of 1000's of `ships' - the entire `population' of `aliens in ships near Earth' - IMO - at least `without cloaking ability', is very limited. We are not about to be overrun in our streets with a new species to contend with. 

Just based on the evidence. The BILLION plus folks carrying around video abilities now almost NEVER catch the old idea of `classic ships saucers'. Even the few huge V shaped craft cannot be ruled out as being human made. OR, a few `anti-gravity' crafts that also could be man-made IMO. Whoopdie Dooo. 
But, cloaked craft - OR - craft or entities that `slip in and out of our time-cone' are a different matter entirely IMO. These anomalous phenomena events seem more related to humans and perceptions; including even `perceptions of time' (such as missing time outcomes of encounters). It is THESE phenomena, IMO, that would be of more concern to a world `power structure'. On many levels. Especially if some of these phenomena become too attached to some individuals or perhaps EVEN GROUPS of individuals.
Okay, back to today's video - the `aliens are real' government cover up conspiracy - popular idea and probably correct, IMO. However, it simply is a matter of judging what is of real importance, and what is really being covered up; - a few real aliens in crafts moving about the solar system well below the speed of light; OR, REAL aliens able to produce `wonder events` to individuals `proving' the Miraculous. Which is really more `dangerous' to the status quo?

So, here we go - over 2 million views - about a 4/1 positive/negative opinion.

link -
I may be a pushover - but that looks like an alien being to me. One that indeed might be able to drive a saucer. So, should I be frightened? ---- Really folks, what is scarier, - that a handful of `aliens in ships' are in our atmosphere or solar system........ OR...... UNLIMITED entities ready to invade our perceptual reality?

Is/Could all the `Area 51, Majestic 12' endless rattling on some webpages be nothing more than a huge distraction? Disinformation. That EVEN IF TRUE, is only of consequence to the power elite of the world? That is a `thing' that the powers that be `can contain'? (And, is some justification for the `strong military'?) And, obviously, shouldn't the military WANT the `human enemies' we have to think that we have `captured alien technology'?
That's how messy it is. The `history buffs' of UFOlogy. With smoke filled mirrors in the fun house. Ludicrous Foes.
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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition




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