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Monday, April 30, 2012

Robert Bingham - UFO Summoner?

As Clockers know, UDCC is about the only `UFO' website that consistently looks into the Orb caller phenomena. Indeed, on a regular basis, UDCC talks about the FACT that the MSM stays as far away from this Orb Caller phenomena as possible. IMO, that is because the Orb Callers represent something the MSM has no intention of EVER covering - as they are in the hand of the Corporate Interests nearly 100% (remember, the corporations, according to the Supreme Court, are now Corporate Citizens). (My inside MSM sources claim that all Orbs are dust bits and focal lens length anomalies.)

You see, Orb callers and videographers are dangerous to the very power structure we live within. IF ordinary people are able to `perform miracles' that science doesn't understand as of yet - it hardly gives us confindence in our Government to `protect us'. And, IF ordinary people are able to perform miracles - all those houses of Worship worldwide are suddenly LESS important. A threat to the very power structure is what Orb Callers are. That is why they get no attention or are debunked.

Up till now, folks have only been able to `produce' atmospheric anomalous phenomena that is roughly in the Orb Plasma theater - NOT producing `solid structures'. But, then, a day or two ago - I became aware of a NEW `Orb Caller' name - one that if one is to believe the hype - produces UFOs upon demand; and, some of these `objects' ARE MORE WORRISOME than some plasma ball floating around that MAY be spiritual in some manner. His name is Robert Bingham, seems like a simple spiritual man, and he's in California. 

First up, the video I first ran across - with the title of - UFO Sightings UFOs or Angels? Massive Sighting Man Summons - it has about 5k views on a `Gathering Site' with suspicious material all around. Uploaded this month with NO attribution. About a 5/1 positive ratio of pos/neg votes. Is this what UFO Disclosure has become?

link -
The comments below this video are classic:I've always known i had a guardian angel, she talks to me and gives me good ideas. Lately i have learned that the help is actually from the PLEIADIANS, who are 5th dimentional Extraterrestrials who are around earth in spaceships. They will make their presence known in the months ahead. Keep your eyes on the skys and say hello. PEACE, & Love.
    • This channel is famous for bullshit! Do it under scientific study conditions and in a random location u are taken to and then I will sit up and listen to what u claim.

    link - - about 9k views and about a 2/1 pos/neg ratio of voting.
    Description with video:

    UFO Sightings The Man Who Summons UFOs World Exclusive! Multiple Eyewitnesses! Robert Bingham claims he can summon UFOs telepathically! On April 17 2012 at the Park Plaza Hotel California Robert Bingham along with many eyewitnesses achieves the impossible! Subscribe for part two of this Incredible Event!
    So, Robert `believes' he has found a method to contact `angels' - as opposed to inducing some phenomena that responds to intentionality's - regardless of methodology/belief. And, while Robert can make these `things' appear in the sky in a distance - folks like Dean Clark were/is able to bring the phenomena even closer for a first hand look. What MUFON calls a `spiritual' event.
    So, the cat is out of the bag folks. `Aliens' in space craft may indeed exist within the time-cone; but, `aliens' (angels, fairies, genies in a bottle) can also be called `from beyond' to be within the time-cone. To be observed. To bring wonder to our world beyond what mankind can control. Beyond what the corporate interests can control. Something that the powers that be (TPTB) are NOT comfortable with - and ideas beyond what you are going to hear on TV.

    I expect I will be following this `story' a bit closer - perhaps we can dig deeper - before the MSM discredits it for their own purposes.
    Thanks for your visit today. IF you think this post should be shared on Facebook (do your friends know about Orb callers?) all you have to do is use the share button below `f' on the panel of letters. Thanks for your readership. Oh, btw, it appears that Openureyes10's video has passed 54K views, 1000 times greater than when first played on UDCC.
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  1. Have you got any links to do with Dean Clark? I can't find any youtubes to do with him.

  2. MUZ - They can be found on this channel early on as UFO's on Demand.

    There are about 8 Dean Clark vids out of 30 or so.



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