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Sunday, December 2, 2012

IT'S Finally Arrived - December 2012 - Countdown Clock Tightens

Good Morning. The possible `tensions' of `expectation' for some part of humanity (who are expecting some end time scenario) - may have provoked a springlike action of phenomena in the Earth's skies in November - an actualized set that has pushed the UDCC `Countdown' Clock to it's latest setting since the `realistic reset' a few months ago. (See bottom of article for new time). We even had mention, supposedly, in the last few days of NASA (really?) saying something about the potential fear of 12-21-12 to easy to influence teenagers and the suicidal. (An official reason as to why the MSM will NOT play up any spectacular sky events even if they do occur?). 

Now, with that introduction aside - I bring you the analysis of November of the `Disclosure Clock' setting:
The Phenomena Itself - 90 (compared to three month average of about 60) The most notable change was in the reporting of UFO's in the shape of Tubes - much like what was seen in October in Kentucky - now known at UDCC as the Virgie `Scroll' UFO. `Scroll' being the form seen by the original uploader of the video VIDEO and pictures to the world. You see, the person had a strong religion/UFO belief and voila - you get scrolls into the sky - possibly inspiring other phenomena of a similar nature that UDCC reported upon at least several times in November. Canada Tub2nd October Tube Reported In NovemberThe Virgie Tube Update. - Indeed, November also produced a clear daytime phenomena in New Orleans that was also seen IMO in Ballground Georgia New Orleans Daytime Object - remarkable stuff IMO.

The MS Media - 60 (compared to three month average of 16, and up from a 5 in October). - With the probable cause being the November Ratings sweeps - several very improbable UFO cases made it to the silver TV screen in the month of notarity - most notably - The DENVER UFO footage by the TV station (also replayed by CNN) after the phenomena was brought to their attention by an anonymous old codger. And, a Texas TV station ran a story showing objects in our nighttime skies that are seen with InfraRed cameras. Obviously, the spectra of `confirmation' by the TV station and the `confirmation' that `technology' allows us to see what we can't - provided additional reasons to believe the medias new approach to the unknown perhaps (no longer aliens in crafts or our common skies - those would be Drones - no, we've shifted to semi-material objects that travel 10K MPH and are invisible to the eye and objects simply not visible in our spectrum.).

Governments - 6 (up from 1) - IF the NASA statement is true about 12-21-12, it could be a signal to the MSM to ease up this month. It was also curious to find the US State Department `googling' UFO Disclosure and ending up here. (BTW, the official US position about UFO's can be found in the sidebar - the official position was released in 2011 to the great disappointment of those that believed in UFO Disclosure or that somehow President Obama was any different than his previous compatriots.) We also continue to have a tickle of strange pictures from the Mars surface with the Curiosity craft.

Internet/Other - 55 (three month average about 62) - Finally, the `UFO Wars' crappola/disinformation is lessening IMO. The endtimer 2012 sites that are still operating are few and far between (have they already ascended? LOL.) and are probably worried that the big day will be a disappointment - especially if they are depending on the MSM for a boost in these final weeks.  Additionally and perhaps a bit surprisingly, our politicians with the `fiscal cliff' have built in a new `end time' in conjunction with the years date and ending - so, was it 12-31-12 after all?
Overall analysis - The Tube/Scroll - phenomena is strange to say the least. These are seemingly beyond temporal phenomena and almost suggest even a possible hologram perception IMO. It could even be Fortean. And, it certainly could be HOAXES too. The `MSM expansion' of UFO's to now include the `unseen' - but `with technology proof' - is very interesting also but also removes the MSM from challenging the `Government Position' on UFO's - IMO. 

Finally, perhaps a few of you would like to know how I shake out on the 12-21-12 saga............. the 22nd will occur.
So, what does all the above, all related to November,  do to the new more highly variable  UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock in December 2012? It moves the emotionally charged December 2012 UFO Clock to 10:00 PM, with possible updates during the month.
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