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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12, Once A Century - Perhaps Today?

BTW Clockers, YESTERDAY was ALSO only ONCE a century (12-11-12) - LOL. Anyway, I hope your day of 12 goes well today - ready to look into the UDCC bin of the anomalous one more time before 13? Thought so.
So, would the aliens choose a memorable date for their coming out party? Today would be a good one - perhaps we should be looking a bit harder today? Looking for that impossible Gorilla perhaps? (See recent posts for insideness of that) Oh, I'll get this out of the way early today - thanks to the individuals who purchased my November and December best seller yesterday called `Going To The Light At Death - The New Theories' - appreciated!
Going To The Light At Death - The New Theories (The Heavy Stuff) - Priced At 1.49 - Give an E-Book For Christmas Today. You might also enjoy my E-Book with the title Beyond The Great Beyond too. BTGB was also a featured book on FREEBOOKSY.COM - quality stuff.
So, let's take a look at what's available on the latest 20 reports at MUFON - well, here's a strange picture taken in 2010 in Texas of just how strange the Chemtrail phenomena can be at times - I've covered this before on UDCC with MY OWN pictures - I call it the Chemtrail Sky Shadows Phenomena - and here is the Chemtrail Event Described. Just how nefarious are Chemtrails?................... As Fortean as the `planes' that spray them is the best guess.
Or, from the same MUFON reports - do you enjoy a good detailed UFO craft description? This one is from an experience of multiple friends in Missouri on Dec. 1st - yet another Brilliantly Lit, Low Hovering, Translucent - SOMETHING - makes for a real good read. Oh, NOTHING has been reported yet on the 12th - a bit strange to be honest.
Speaking of UFO reports - here's a guy on YouTube that has TONS of `UFO such' videos - you could be busy for hours I bet. One problem, it appears that he has fallen mostly for what I call `Fake' UFO videos of the `Gathering Sites' - Decide For Yourself (hey, if you find something, use the comment section today). Anyway, IF you want UFO videos today - go here.
Oh, speaking of probable malarkey, I will now quote from one of the 2012 Transcendence Websites why 12-12 is important to them, as was 11-11 and evidently 10-10 -------------- Oh, BTW, the 10-10 and 11-11 were BOTH for the year 12. Anyway, consider (clears throat) the below:
 Greetings Love beings, we are one day away from a Huge Portal of the 10~10. This Portal is going to Bring a Whammy of Energies with a Multi~Dimensional Series of Happenings, to set us on a Clear path towards our Galactic Alignment. This will also open up the final cleansing of all denser energies on this Planet. We are in for an Interesting ride till the remainder of the Year, when it will become even more exciting.
Quoted from Irma Kaye "The Keepers tell us that the next Stargates will be about: 10:10 – Consciousness, 11:11 – Transcendence, 12:12 – Realization.
10:10 Stargate Message: As with all Stargate periods, a window is open for you to step through to higher frequencies, potentials and levels of consciousness. This is an opportunity to drop karmas, self-blame and step into greater levels of the heart’s Love-Wisdom. You are on a steady course now in the next two months in preparation for the powerful influx of cosmic energy due to arrive in the 12:12 – 12:21 period. Regarding that, there is no reason to fear as your transformative processes are always guided and directed by your Higher Self and Source. Shanti. – The Keepers, 10.9.12" End of quote
Yes, it was written on 10-9, you are already two/thirds of the way there........ Yeah, some folks are gonna be MIGHTY disappointed in just a few more days.
How about a 300-1 positive to negative ratio of opinion on just where the Robot Gig is and is going as of 12-12-12, over a million views of this video of 4:20 in length:
link -
So, I updated my `Science' Blog - great stories like - How Housecats KILL (the research that comes from putting video cams on cats) in which it is found out that 1/3 of housecats kill and that 12% of the kill is BIRDS. Find out the other kills and the proportions. .................. Oh, and I updated my Reddit News Blog Too.
I'm still uncovering GREAT links in the bin, some very intense ones - make sure to be here tomorrow and as we finish 0'12. Can you share this to your Facebook page? Thanks.
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