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Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Vertical Tube UFO In Canada

Sure looks similar to the energy pattern of the Virgie Kentucky UFO last month - don't you think Clockers? Yep, it's from the latest MUFON reports:
Here's the Short MUFON Report (somewhat illiterate?, second language?) - The man submitted five pictures of what appeared to be Orb energy in some but `The Tube' is seen below and appeared in just this picture this clearly: (Return of the `Scroll'?)
But, the latest reports had more oddness worth a read - such as this report by someone who is a pilot - who was riding LAST NIGHT on American Airlines Flight 1379 from Dallas to Tucson and noticed UFO's at about 20,000 Feet - it's a convincing report. Or, perhaps you prefer a recurring Orb that has been seen by this guy for A Year Now in South Carolina.
Totally, about 60 of you downloaded `Beyond The Great Beyond' for FREE over the previous two days off my Kindle Author Page - much appreciated. And, the month end wrap-up extends a thanks to the 7 of you who purchased my Kindle Books in November in the UK, and also the purchasers in Japan, Denmark and I believe Spain if I am remembering correctly. Oh, looks like I will be on NPR radio in Detroit and other markets in January - my portion of the edited interview is coming up next Tuesday.
The MythRepresentation Of UFOlogy

Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2006 O'Hare UFO Airport Incident (The Heavy Stuff)

Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2008 Stephenville UFO Events (The Heavy Stuff)

Shaman Lujan Matus Has Answers
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    check this one out.
    I came across it being that it is Dec 1st.

    21 days huh?
    well anyway, your website first introduced me to Lujan Matus, a man whose teachings have helped me, along with many here on earth , to prepare for the changes our collective has in store for us.

    My whole life I've know of the existence of these beings and these ships as I have seen them clearly with my own personal re_collective- view within my dreams.

    When I came across this post, I knew someone had witnessed something real. Their writing pattern and the signature to that persons emotions on that piece of paper were trying to convey a message the same way an ancient culture might have tried to depict what they saw via hieroglyphs , illustrations etc.

    You're website has been more than informative and you seem to be quite the filter for these types of stories..... I'm sure you could agree after so many of these, you grow to have a BS radar for whats a hoax and what isnt.

    I checked your site to see if you had posted this specific article being that it was reported via MUFON. anyway, please let me know what you think, thank you so much for what you do & I hope to share this very interesting time here on earth with you,

    much love and have a great December

    look forward to hearing from you.


  2. First, - thanks for taking the time to provide UDCC readers and I the link and your thoughts about my website. Much appreciated.

    Now to your content.

    I'd like to thank you for realizing that part of the idea of bloggers is to attempt to get it right as best they can, especially in nebulous areas like esoteric thought and the unknown such as the UFO phenomenon. And, I also appreciate greatly that Lujan Matus has helped your consciousness in some manner and that I brought that to you. (Wow.)

    The sorting of the `BS' is not an easy task and even I fail at times to dig deep enough even on the surface so to speak of some sky event. As you might be aware, one way I do sort the BS and encourage ALL UFO bloggers to do is to at least try to search to the source content.

    In doing so on YouTube - especially in the past year or so - I've found HUGE quantities of PURE Dis-Informational BS videos of `UFO''s nearly always too good to believe from what I call `gathering sites'. These GS are then being picked up by the biggies in UFO Websites that generally have a `historical' base to them and not an esoteric base to them.

    This is what is fed into the casual UFO video searchers mind. Nearly ALL of these videos have NO original uploader. ALL OF THEM.

    The reason why IMO - is that they are `manufactured ufo videos' - FAKE as the politicians we have in America - and THAT is really saying something.

    So, we have had a LOWERING of the quality of videos that are being pushed onto the public in a significant manner - oh, lots of these are pushed by Examiner folks too BTW. Mostly innocently as they are simply reusing what the BIG UFO sites use. THE FAKE VIDEOS of the last year and a half or so.

    Now, to your link.

    Great link for a look at the Triangle UFO phenomena - I recently also bookmarked and may find it before the day is out - a GREAT article that looks at the possibilites of the Triangle Phenomena.

    Unfortunately, in my scan of even that excellent review article - they didn't broach what the UK has said about Orbs OR - the pure esoteric side of perception (much like Lujan believes I think).

    Since you want to know what I think of the stereotypical hovering Triangle Craft over the treetops - I think it is a combination of a very very few REAL craft - and a huge percentage of Perception Structures of Temporal Phenomena. (These ideas are part of my own Phillips Phenomenology saga.)

    A position that is taken by very few others.

    Finally, concerning LM - my introduction to my book on LM contains my overall `feelings' about him. He is, for sure, of the ability to write incredible words through his wife M. that seem to provide deep insights into the psyche.

    Thanks so much for being a reader.



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