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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Crazier Claim?

Oh, I've got one for you today Clockers. What starts out as a highly unlikely UFO crash with supposedly many witnesses off the coast of Japan - turns into a tutorial about the Alien Races on Earth. And, strangely, the SECOND source of this report - the Pakistan Defense website - seems to be highly credible (bringing to mind why they let a `Before It's News' (probably fictional) `source' be on their website). Is this Dis-Information Wars? Perhaps to drive a few `Americans' off the deep end on 12-21-12? Do you view Pakistan as a friendly country to the USA?

Anyway, now to the very evolution of this Before It's News `story'; it was `picked up' by a person who then goes onto comment extensively in the `comment forum' below this UFO Crash Off Japan Coast story on the Pakistan website. You really need to read this story, lots of unattributed grand statements AND the story even includes a picture of the UFO submerged below the ocean: - as you can see below:
This is the original size of photo
But, as a man called Harvey used to say - now, for the REST of the story. The `source' of the `news' to the Pakistan Defense Website - ISRO2222 - so,,,,,,, is ro ready?
ISRO2222'S statement yesterday:
i have no info on it as if now..... Goverment of japan already declared last year that aliens took over large section of sea.... They told that many ships who tried to go near the under sea base the ships dissapeard. Suddenly american goverment tried to calm japan and the UFO talks been put under the carpets.... Right now am gathering info. It could be delibreate or it could be a UFO been shot by undersea sea base Greys.... The tsunami was created by The Greys as a test for future (near future. Could be 2015).... i have so many important info on greys, annunakis, reptilians with evidence that might shock you all.... Greys are upto something huge.... i want to put info here but am worried as the UFO thread been watched (everything on net been watched).... i wish my team help me put info here as they are directly under pleiadian contact while am not.... i met arcturians and lord shiva. My wish is to meet pleiadians and they will meet me at right time when they want.... i will bring all info on UFO down but please do check how japan will be silenced by America yet again.... Something huge going to happen. Be it good or be it worse.... Humans wont be the same again. Give me bit time to collect all info. Pleiadians pass the info onto my team and they pass it onto me.... It takes bit time but i will bring all info on it....
(red is udcc emphasis)
As I said, PLEASE make sure to go to the link for a good read/laugh/scare - and make sure to dig through the 70 or so comments as ISRO gives at least a couple more tutorials on the Interstellar Scene that is happening (of course) behind the scenes.
Just a quick link to where UDCC turned up in a Dutch Language Forum - speak Dutch?
Oh, evidently, yet another retired armed forces guy has spoken up about the Roswell incident. It's been researched by Bragalia and I respect that guy. I'll read through the detailed reporting he's done soon and bring you the link with a comment.
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IF you read ANY Carlos Castaneda then you must discover the works of Shaman Lujan Matus. I interviewed him through my blogs and this is the result.


  1. The end on the 21st! When where?
    What part of the world will announce the end in? Has any one considered that there are multiple time zones?
    New Zealand is + 12 hours and Honolulu is -11 hours while Greenwich is 0 Hrs. Some people are just not going to be prepared. :)

    I'll just have count on there being a 22nd and a 23rd.... Bring on the Christmas turkey.

    Seasons greetings to all.

  2. SOL,

    Indeed. Much like the dated predictions in the past. (How about the leap days on Leap years, were they counted?)

    Thanks for your interactions in 12 - I also expect that the same will occur in 13.

    best back at you,


  3. The picture of the alleged UFO in japan seems to be like one of those camera 'defects'.. dont know how to word it.

    you covered it some time ago here, where google maps appered to have a pink ufo on its skies, and it was concluded to be an unwanted light effect from the camera.

    also for SOL: i think the general end time people are considering grenwich time.. and the talk it that itll happen on noon (or maybe 9pm, 21:12.. lol!) so worst comes to worst at least New Zealand will have a 22nd.. haha

  4. EduardoM - Indeed, the Lens Flair. I remembered it too. That said, we can't disregard all similar shots. That said, we have to (clears throat) remember that this pictures saucer UFO was radioactive or something.



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