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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Current September Time is 9:00 P.M - Due To `The Roswell Proof' Release

Hello, welcome back to The UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - the current September time is 9:00 P.M. - a move of the clock of 12 hours from last month, and the first time since the governments official statement about the Stephenville Texas UFO incidents in early 2008 that the `clock time' has been in the P.M category (except for the readers time setting earlier this year at 2:15 P.M.). It's no small move and not one that I make lightly; but, it seems as if the very criteria this website has been set up on has been met; and, that is - the government `has now been forthcoming' on the events surrounding the Roswell Incident in 1947.

Now, as you would expect with `the government' - they do this in only the most roundabout and obscure manner - that leaves it up to real investigative work to `solve'. And, in this case - this is that very investigative work - and, when I posted this link at - this was my short blurb "As you would expect - the story - just this month - has ONLY been an internet story. That said, how long will the MSM (mainstream media) let this sit - my bet is - NOT long.This is very very very close to proof the Roswell incident WAS aliens."

Officially, what I'd say is that what it `proves' is that Anthony Bragalia has `proven' is that a non-Earthly `craft' has crashed on Earth - `aliens' have not been proven - yet - IMO. Now, the reason for the disclosure clock moving is that Mr. Bragalia only proves this via the `government's own FOIA release'. Now, I'll let you read his proof and details yourself - but - suffice it to say - IMO - it has been proven that an alien craft did crash in New Mexico in 1947 and that material from that craft was very important to our government.

Interestingly, Mr. Bragalia's claims about his investigation have been met by some skepticism from within the respected UFO blogger community - for example - Mac Tonnies reaction is here - and, perhaps I am splitting hairs to say that Mr. Tonnies feels different than me - because he is saying in the above post that `perhaps' alien spacecraft has been proven - but not aliens visitation. I guess it's that I'd go beyond his `perhaps' statement.

Regardless, what Mr. Bragalia has uncovered - via the government - is `virtual proof' for anyone who can draw a straight line and understand the ontology that Bragalia presents. (With very slight reliance IMO on `collaboration' via `stories' of others.) I'd say the proof is indeed there - and - now - begs for an honest examination by the MSM (mainstream media). I find it hard to believe that Larry King can be far off on interviewing Mr. Bragalia.

But, at that point, after the story gains public awareness - I still highly doubt that the `government' is going to trot out ANYONE at all - to offer confirmation `proof'. After all, if the craft was unmanned (and we could assume that alien crafts certainly could be run via command systems) - `the government' really doesn't KNOW the origin perhaps (which could even be Earthly and time/dimensional in nature). And, as I have discussed in my blog The Heavy Stuff here - "Gallons Of Disclosure Everywhere and Not A Sip Of Confirmation To Drink" - -- even `sightings of aliens' is NOT PROOF (you can read my blog to find out why).

I have also moved the `clock' to reflect better on the - evidently enormous - amount of UFO information that has `already' been released by the U.S. Government as shown by some great detective work by Micah Hanks here It seems that lots has been dribbled out by even our government that simply hasn't been put into one place before. Leave it to the MSM to make bloggers put the whole story together.

Finally, I expect that if/when Bragalia's information finally makes the MSM (November sweeps perhaps?) that it will NOT hit the media like a rock - but - like a pillow. By that I mean, I think that Bragalia's information will go onto the talk circuit first via nighttime exposure (Larry King, Fox News) - before it will actually be `news' in the daytime rotation. I expect Bragalia will have fewer than a dozen MSM interviews a year from now. The media is simply going to allow the citizens to `make up their own minds' - and - will also NOT offer it as `proof' of `aliens visiting Earth'.

Lastly, a post I ran here just 11 days ago - about a plane abduction of UFO's - had been confessed to on a UFO Forum 16 days ago (Aug. 15th) which had less than a 1,000 page views. I have just become aware the video was an admitted fake one - I'm kinda proud to have inferred that it was beyond the pail before finding out for sure. The security camera man-abduction remains unknown.

More Background on aspects of this post:

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  1. Is that Mac Tonnies link the one that you wanted? He seems to be responding to a Kevin Randle piece that didn't seem to have anything to do with Bragalia's recent posts, at least not explicitly.
    Or are you saying that Bragalia's research overlaps/confirms the Randle & Co's work, but that Tonnies is simply saying that a craft does not necessarily imply occupants?

  2. Jeff,

    It is the post.

    In all honesty, I was under the impression that when he posts on Kevin's blog that he indeed is part of the RR Group. I may be wrong.

    Next, I believe that that inded is what Tonnies is suggesting and that is approx. my position too.

    You may not have read my ONE and only post where I described my UFO experience -- and for me in 1991 - that craft was the perfect 1960's image UFO -- But, all I can conclude from that is that craft do exist similar to what we've all been told -- I have NO idea what kind of entity, including humans or unmanned, may bave been guiding the craft.

    Thanks for your comments always.

    Rick Phillips

  3. ...mexican orb release was outstanding...have you seen this?


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