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Saturday, July 18, 2009

AnomalyMan's Best UFO Videos Of The Past Three Years - Part One

VIDEO #1 - Flying Egg Video

Hello, and welcome back to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC). As you can see from the title of today's posting -- it's time for some of the `best' AnomalyMan UFO Videos. AnomalyMan is the name that I used when I first signed up with in 2006 -- and I chose that name because I liked to read `fortean' type links and often used and for my pleasure reading. And, because I was bookmarking so many links from both sites - I started a page on Squidoo called -- a page I still run and hope you will visit sometime. It is on the `AnomalyMan Listing' that all of these videos were posted first.

Now, on AnomalyMan - I only post a few diverse links each day; and, of which in a month with 150 links - perhaps 5-20 will be `UFO' links. As you know, you can read 25 fresh UFO links a day on sites dedicated to UFO's - as they go with the good the bad and the ugly brought to the UFO community each day. I do surf those sites and enjoy them.

But, it's overwhelming really. So, I look and pick only select ones. Only the best ideas, videos, ect. that has UFO as a focus. Finally, the select few of those - make it to my AnomalyMan Archive page on Squidoo - this is the source of the videos I will be posting -- the best of the best (I will have that direct link later).

Anyway; on that page I `save' (post) only the best of what I encounter on the web in certain areas of my Fortean interests - one being UFO's - (a strong interest since my personal `seeing' a UFO in 1991 - I posted about it here a year ago Now, I review all of this just to give a sense of the various UFO video's that I'm going to link to over the next several posts to this blog. I will add some comments about each video also.

#1 Flying Egg Video -- First, this one has under 6,000 YouTube views - IMO, it certainly deserves more. With the caveat that ANYTHING can be faked on video - my comments will be based on `saying' the video is real. I vouch for none of the videos - just an honest judgement - which includes all my best guesses at the overall UFO phenomena. (This video was on the AnomalyMan Listing in July 2008.)

So, again, with all that out of the way -- I find this 30 second video interesting because of the shape of the UFO and the `actions' observed on video. We all have seen these `close up' type UFO videos that `end' with the craft `zipping off-scree' - as if we are being `teased' with the image of `the unknown' - which could be manifesting for many `unknown' reasons. I say all this because -- `did the UFO go `zipping' over the next county, or state or region, or continent -- NO. These events seem literally to `vanish' after the initial `sightings - video-ings' -- in over 99.9% of cases. To me, it points to some sort of temporal phenomena (obviously, the idea that the UFO becomes `invisible' is also a strong possibility) in all likelihood.

Another idea that comes to me is that these `orbs' up to and including much more solid phenomena as shown in the Egg UFO - may be `data collectors' in some sense -- for some unknown entities (`entities' that could include anything from nefarious human groups, to `real alien species', to `spiritual entities' (for lack of a better term) to finally - dimension entities. In other words, what humans `see' as a `temporary' UFO - may be the `physical side' of what is projected into our common space reality. These UFO's `show up' and `take our picture' (in a sense).

All that said, I give you a link to an almost exact Egg UFO Video from the 1950's

Video #2 -- Cow Abduction Caught On Video (use this if video doesn't work)

My comments on the cow abduction video - would be that it `fits' almost exactly how one could envision this event happening. That said, and perhaps for that very reason, I'd have to see more than one of these types of videos to `believe' it. If indeed however, as more and more phone cameras come into being with rural areas - this was a phenomena `videoed' on multiple occasions - it would be worthy of strong contemplation.

Do I personally believe in that Cattle Mutilation happens - yes - of course.

I believe, like I do about UFO's in general, that some are probably `human based' such as secret government or non-government groups - but also - including consciousness, and `spiritual' `spaces' - as possible explanations. And, of course, throw in a mix of possible real alien species in `crafts' too.

Video #3 - UFO `RING'

I had this `UFO Ring' on my AnomalyMan listing in July of 2008 - and - unlike the other two - this is of the `light in the sky' type of UFO. An unknown that could be something from an energy plasma - to a discharge from a UFO craft - to an advanced lasar system in the distance. Considering that at least one of the Stephenville Texas UFO's of 2008 was vaguely similar - that even remains a possibility too. Certainly, this video deserves more than 6,127 views.

All of the above videos are from this link - where much more can be found in the UFO Archive -- --- thanks for checking it out --- don't forget to look around this page more too.

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