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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daytime Acworth Georgia Blob Returns Over Ballground Georgia - Clear MUFON Report Video

You want weird? I've got weird for you in today's latest MUFON reports. I've also have to relate this weird fact - my wife and I went up (North about 20 miles) to Ballground on Saturday - 4 days after this event and for the first time in at least 4 years.

And, the videos - yes VIDEOS - are very likely what we (my wife and I) saw and what UDCC reported about here on September 9th
Is this simply some sort of balloon set up with lights? Or, is it indeed anomalous? Take a close look with open jaw and mind on these. - But, first the report:
On October 23, 2012 at about 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, I was on my front porch along with my best friend. My two children were in the driveway at the time as well. My 8 year old daughter first saw a large black object a bit above the tree line accross the street and she pointed it out to us. It was slowing moving towards my house and we got a good look at it directly above the street in front of my house. It looked to be a dull, black color with a curved, wing like shape on either side. The wings did not move though. It looked to be a solid object with no noise. It slowly ascended NE. There were obvious lights blinking randomly on the front, sides, and back throughout our observation. We watched it slowly ascend until it seemed to be close to the height of where a commercial airplane could be. There were some faint clouds very high up in the sky and eventually this object ascended into them. Before it became unnoticable, it looked like a black spec. I have three short videos of this object that I videod with my cell phone. My daughters described this as a "spaceship" and my friend and I had never seen anything like this and felt it was a UFO.
Here's the WEIRD videos (drones? Prank?)
You did notice the lights on the `craft' near the end of the video, right?
Here's another view:
The lights and shape are more noticeable IMO in this video. What the H is this?
Last one: As It Drifts Away - still can see the lights and seems to tumble.
My thanks to the THREE people who joined Second Life this month via my blogs - appreciated. Almost TWO DOZEN of you have joined this year. I also send my thanks to those that have been visiting UDCC's page two - Book Vault Of The Anomalous - great reading as we head to 12-21-12.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hundreds Comment About UFO War?

Just like the sun rising earlier in the year and the other non-sense that predominated the `alternative' looneys (add to dictionary, lol) bin in 2011 - the endtimers and UFO War brigade hold that distinction today in our last 60 or so days of 2012.

To update those caught up in NOT following the rabbit into his hole - this link will provide the details of the FIVE countries involved in this `war' - with casualties. Oh, it involves 2 of the US's warships and dolphins may be ET's protecting the hidden gold in the Philippines - or sumthin like that. Oh, it gets worse.
So, if you want to spend who knows how long worried about interdimensional monsters that live also under our seas - or sumthin like that - read all about the UFO Wars In 2012 crappola disinformation that I've saved Clockers from up until now. (Well, I did make fun of all this once before I guess.) And, the HUNDREDS of comments will certainly entertain your mind. Oh, watch out for the slime.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bizarre Hysteria, And, All With `Proof'?

I'm a bit shaken at the bizarreness (add to dictionary, lol) of today's `Latest MUFON Reports, and shortly you will see why; as I have found THREE reports of these 20 UFO reports that clearly stand out from the norm I typically bring to Clockers. (Bizarre as that is.)
First, August 1994 - Las Vegas, Nevada and a very special rock:
I was abducted August 13, 1994 and I went back to the same spot and then went to where it hovered where a Indian escorted me to where the craft damaged the ground.
I filmed the area and then pointed the camera at the hole and I believe I was abducted right there.
I have this all on video along with my stor yyou will believe if you can analyze my video frame by frame you will believe.
I dont know what to do the oAliens took me as there friends and only wish to help.
I want to share my story but not to expose them.
They gave me a very special rock that seems to have been burnnt and petrified.
I believe they wish to come forward

Please help me I am very serious and have the film and rock and evidence to back my claim

Along with evidence in my hand.
Please get in touch with me.
Not to be outdone, comes this strange `official' type of report from Plano, Illinois:
On October 26, 2012 at 8:39pm this com center now reporting its third Alien contact this year. Two UFO entities sighted by our infra-red cameras spotted Northwest of Radio Station Tower 107.1 (Spy) (Larry Nelson Enterprises). Maneuvers performed were not of USA capabilities. Followed by FEMA type vehicles with markings that can only be read by infra-red cameras on Creek Road, Plano, Illinois. Which was then followed by a three second quadrant blackout. We have ascertained that power outage was that of cause by Alien contact because our air to air equipment recorded a major air electrical dump at that time. If it were of power line failure - our air equipment could not have recorded it. 

Report Issued By: PKIA On 10/26/12 at 09:26pm

But, today's MUFON topper can only be experienced. A teenager and her mom returning from the grocery store in Hartland Wisconsin - encounter......... Well, first you must read this account Teen Terrified By Encounter With `UFO'. It's a wild read - but, then you get the real bonus - YES, there is a video of this `UFO' - find that here - Helicopter Hysteria? Or, Prudent Fear? - the video plays easily with a click. 10 minutes of a very strange exchange between mother, daughter and a light in the sky.
And you thought that the 1930's War Of The World's couldn't happen in the 2000's? 

The above 5 books are only part of over 100 books found on the UDCC Bookpage. Thanks for checking it out.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Once Upon A TIME

The high strangeness stories multi decades old again bless the latest MUFON reports today - enjoy:
First up March 17th, 1974 - Lancaster, Ohio (I lived within 40 miles of this location on this date BTW)
,,,,I heard an irritating buzzing sound in my ear ,,,no bees were there ,and then I saw the UFO hovering around 10-12 ft. above me but over about 5 ft ,,,next to a wild apple tree ,,,I then tried to run from it ,but kept feeling like something was right behind me ,,,I blacked out in mid stride ,and the next thing I remember I was at the other end of the small woods ( 200 -300 yards away ) standing facing a small tree ,and someone started talking to me ,and told me not to look at them ,and as I started to answer back ,they told me not to talk ,,,Just to think what I wanted to say ,and they would be able to hear me ,,so I did ,and they answered to that ,,,,They were able to hear what I was thinking ,,,,I asked them to speak to me in the language that they use to communicate to each other ,and it sounded like a broken up bunch of garble with snaps ,and crackles in it ,,,in the conversation I had with them they asked me to look at them ,and I told them that I was afraid to look ,and they told me that they felt the same about us people ,and we both laughed ,and I heard other laughs too ,so I asked if there were others there with us ,and they said yes ,that there were two more of them there ,,,after that the conversation in which I never looked away from the tree ,,,they left ,and I heard a kind of whirring sound as they left ,,,,after they were gone I turned around ,and went home ,,,When I arrived home ,my mother advised me that I was 4 hours late getting home ,and where had I been ,because she wasnt able to get ahold of me at any of my friends homes ,and I said I had been abducted by aliens ,and we both laughed ,and I went on in the house thinking ,,,Mom ,,,if you only knew ,,,I really was abducted by aliens ,,,lol,.,,but I knew she wouldnt believe me ,so I never discussed it with her until YEARS later ,,,NOTE : There is ALOT more details to this true story ,but its late ,and I have a doctors appointment at the V.A. Hospital in the mourning ,,,Please contact me for more details ,,,tyvm ,,,

And, how about March 15th, 1971 in Surf City, New Jersey:
pre or post seashore season- unusually warm evening in Mar/Oct 1970?- Rode cycles to sea shore- Standing on sand dunes of Surf City, Long Beach Island, N.J. @20 yards from surf line- dark (@10:30-11:00 PM) upper cloud over, no stars etc.- tide in- desolate- I was one of four cyclists from city of Camden, N.J.- one of whoms parent owned a summer house(currently closed-up until season) one block from this beach- I made a comment about our apparent desolation!- to which one friend said while nodding to the North: "somebodys here?" Looking North @300-400 yards up the beach, we observed a greenish light appear near the waterline? it lasted for a second or more then went out . . . repeating again, and again, as though someone with a flashlight (military, green filter) was walking down the beach in our direction while staying out of the breaking waves water line? we thought! Until the light approached our relative position, near enough to see no one shineing a flashlight, just the geenish, circle of light! I quickly assumed, and said: "its probably a really large firefly" and left the group on the sand dunes, to see for myself! Timing my approach to the lights on/off sequence,(about 5 human strides per flash),I was able to peer into the next, moving south (circular, @3 feet in diameter, bright, greenish-yellow light) and observed nothing more than a brightly lit, visible moving waterline, sand, sea shell fragments, etc. Incredulously I marveled aloud while looking skyward for its source . . . a beam,a sound? "Can you guys see a beam?" "No" came an answer followed by "Get into the light!" "No!" I replied while following along (striding) for 2 or 3 more southward flashes before peeling off and going back to our sand dune perch. The soundless, beamless light was watched for as long as it could be seen, going down the beach, southward, seemingly staying just out of the Atlantic Ocean.
Today's weirdest picture? About an Oct. 14th `Moving Orange Cloud' in Denver Colorado:
Finally for today, there is this `Flat DNA' UFO picture taken in Canada last night - Sky Symbol UFO That Looks Like Flat DNA.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The October 8th Keene, Kentucky UFO Pictures - MUFON Report

More of the strangeness happening in Kentucky this month evidently. This event, reported yesterday in the latest MUFON reports, happened supposedly on October 8th. First, the report:
It started when my daughter called me saying she and her cousin had seen a UFO. She was very emotional about what she and her cousin had witnessed. I assumed that it was just a helicopter or airplane. I decided I would rush to where they were and prove them wrong, so I grabbed my camera and took off. I am not a believer of UFOs, so I wanted to prove to my daughter what she saw was explainable. However while driving I came around a sharp curve in the road close to where she was at and I saw a bright light in the sky hovering between two barns. I reached for my camera to turn it on but it would do nothing. Then object suddenly flew low over top of me in my car, I was trying to turn the camera on and look at the object at the same time. I could barley hear the sound of it. It sounded a little like a car running. The lights were very bright. It was about the size of my car, a Nissan Versa. When i got my iPhone out to use it the screen was scrambling. A short time later when I was able to use the phone, I called the father of my daughter and told him to come outside that I had just seen the UFO. So he got in the car with me and we started our search. When we found the object in the sky we followed it around several roads and kept as close as we could to it. We tried recording the object with my digital camera but we couldnt catch anything. The few pictures I took turned out strange and warped. I have attached the only two pictures that show anything. My brother and I have tried re-creating the pictures to make sure they were not from a shaky hand or or bumpy road but to no avail.

Any information you can tell me about these pictures or of what is in the pictures would be greatly appreciated.

And, here are the awesome pictures of this Sky Energy Object (Orb) submitted with this report:
So, a buzzing Orb that affected the camera and what turned up in photos. Certainly the second picture if of an object would seem to be beyond a light show. WTH is going on in Kentucky? Are these Dean Clark type objects?
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amazing `Repeat' Sky Energy Object In South Carolina - MUFON Report

This is nearly a wow. It happened on October 23rd - city/area not identified; the report first:
We have seen this object 3 times this week. It shows up around the same location. It is a very bright light to the eye. Through binoculars it is glowing green and pulsating. Photographs show colors of pink, purple, green and white. The photographs show different shapes and sizes. It moves in all different directions and hovers. Last night when I came inside and looked at it through the window, it moved around a lot more. When I am outside it does not move around as much. It scares my very much.

And then the amazing variety of pictures of this energy space - commonly called Orbs and UFO's - I'll bring you the best and links to the others. How about what UDCC calls the `Sky Symbols' UFO picture - much like what we've seen before in other occurrences:
Almost looks like a `UFO' don't you think?
---------------------------- (please see this original link and then hit the enlargement to better see a `being' `laying back' in my own imagination)
And, yes, there is video - South Carolina October 23rd Orb Video - MUFON Report - just a somewhat normal Orb video.
IF somehow the person who uploaded these pictures becomes aware of this post - feel free to contact me at UDCC - I'd love to ask you a few questions.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

`White Tube' UFO Seen Again In Kentucky?

It's a simple report in comparison to most - Oct. 22nd Sighting Of White Tube Structure In Kentucky - but, the report is eerily similar to this White Tube Structure Seen In Kentucky posted just days ago with great pictures of the object. Perhaps.
Continuing with the citizen reports at MUFON - this skateboard rocker waited a month to tell this Short Emotional UFO Story (smell test?) - or a Plate Shaped UFO with three lights and a buzzing noise near a home  in the greater Atlanta area yesterday - Or a Low Flying V Shaped Craft In Hurst Texas also yesterday.
Like yesterday, another UFO video from Russia earlier this year (tracked to original uploader) - 20K+ views, 13/1 positive to negative ratio of opinion. Uploader has a few but not a ton of other UFO videos. Orb area? ------------ All that said, the comments insist this is nothing but a light show.
link -
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Visual Impossibilities?

So, a couple days ago I'm sitting comfortably on my back porch looking at a small patch of sky above and slightly southeast of my home for about a half hour. In that hour I see at least one `impossible' perception within that small patch - and, of course, it involved Chemtrail planes. Enough said.
You would think that this is the World Weekly News as a source - but - it's not; here's a wild claim by a Bulgarian Space Research group that says `Aliens' Are Currently Answering 30 Questions scientists have posed to them. I thought the game was called 20 questions.
And, Nick Pope has shown up once again - this time as a person quoted when commenting on a video game that conducted a UFO survey of UK citizens that found More Believe In Space Aliens Than God. At least the words about being more popular than God did not enter the survey.
By now, I'd hope that Clockers would be aware of Gary McKinnon of the UK who finally was told he would not be extradited to the USA because of his computer break-in to government computers ------ where he found evidence of aliens. Specifically Pictures of Alien Craft And The Names Of Who Drove Them. (Does the government have fake files planted by chance?) (The names of who drove them? - WTH?)
Finally, I've traced an April UFO video from Russia to it's uploader source. About 5000 views and a 15/1 ratio of pos/neg opinion: It's pretty compelling in many ways - Clockers decide.

link -
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Strange Object In Sky At Jacksonville Air Show Yesterday

The MUFON Report Of The Jacksonville UFO had four embedded pictures - the best IMO of which is below:
two other photos of object
But, the MUFON reports have lots to mull over today - including this strange report(s) of summer sightings in Lawton Michigan:
Event 1. Driving west on u ave just off of US 131. August 23 at 4 pm daylight. Observed low flying atypical object at tree line height coming from NW. Thought it might hit trees as it crossed in front of me. Crossed my driving path. Very low. No sound. No windows. Dull metal.Long cigar shape. Blackish gray in color. Tail not like any of our jets-shaped like bottom half of a square. Where there would normally be a wing there may have been a bulge not sure but there was an open square cylindar shape at that location. No air liscense id letters or numbers. Flew very smoothly. No lights. It flew across right in front of my car and continued SE. Shortly after it crossed in front of me I felt a strong wind pushing my car from the side and heard a whistling noise and that was one of our jets flying like a bat out of you know were very very low over my car flying toward the other flying object. When I got home, I tried to make a cup of coffee. The coffee pot would not work at all that day. Next day and ever since it has worked. However, there was no effect on my cars ability to run.

Event 2. two weeks prior on my street in front of my home at about 8p.m.: I was driving on my street two houses from my home. I observed a very low flying orange ball. At first I thought it was the light on a plane flying over. I was concerned because it was right at tree line height. I thought it would hit them. I stopped the car engine, rolled down the sound from the object. I strained my eyes to see if I could see any thing attached to the ball of light. I could just make out a line coming off off the ball of light on either side as if to make a triangle. The light dipped lower into the trees traveled a short distance that I could not see it in then I saw it in the trees again and it went a little lower. The trees blocked me from seeing anything else.
And, how about this seemingly impossible report of another summer event - this time in 2011 in Norwalk Connecticut:
My father was driving into the entrance of the "Toys R Us" toy store to simply buy a gift for my younger brother when I suddenly noticed something fly up from the roof of the store! My first thought was that it was a frisbee but I had read numerous books on U.F.Os and this clearly seemed to be the classic shape of a flying saucer with a short dome on its top!I thought it was too good to be true, but I told my dad to park quickly.As soon as he had, I opened the door and jumped out just in time to see it fly slowly and silently over my head!it was lower than it was when I saw it from the car.Now it was about 25 feet from the ground and it still was descending!It was 23 feet from the ground and I thought it was going to land when it began its ascent.I was running right behind it and pointing excitedly when my older brother exclaimed that he too saw it. My parents and my younger brother never saw it though.I was still following it when a car drove in front of me and cut off my vision. I ran around the car as fast as I could ,but when it got out of my path I only saw it for a fraction of a second before it descended about three feet and disappeared behind a building.I stared at the place where it had flown for a few moments, then turned back to my family and asked if they had seen what I had.To my dismay only my brother had spotted it. I was very excited the rest of our visit and kept looking for anything unusual in the sky but I did not see anything like that for the rest of the day or any time after.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Alien Viewpoint

IMO, this month has seen in UDCC two posts of significance when it comes to `aliens'. One was the one that suggested that the bottom of the ocean has been mined in the distant past (or perhaps not so distant) and the other - yesterday's post that suggested objects - hard real objects - were moving around in our atmosphere decades ago. (The close up picture from the fighter jet of the 28 foot by 8 foot object at 13,000 feet.)

How are these `facts' supposed to be put into perspective in a nation which espouses the position that humans and aliens have never interacted (see sidebar for 2011 official position of the US Government)? -------------- Carefully is the `answer' IMO.

First, the object seen/photographed by the fighter jet over Italy does indicate that Earth and `our space objects' (such as Fighter Jets) may indeed be under surveillance by probes of probable artificial construction. To me, in a universe filled with space and intelligence - and as something living on the MOST interesting `planet' (space) within 100 Trillion Miles at the minimum -  I do not find it very improbable at all that intelligent probes have been sent out to collect data on planets with characteristics such as Earth.

Likewise, the `evidence' of the ocean floor markings over hundreds of miles, by what truly LOOKS LIKE a MINING MACHINE pattern - is almost beyond question IMO. Truly mindblowing and something we only recently as humans would have the technology to ferret out such data and pictures. This is NEW information that we need to assimilate in some fashion as to our understandings of what may have happened on the planets surface in the so called `distant past'. Indeed, is it really that improbable that our planet would be `used' in such a fashion when we really are a pretty unique spot within such a HUGE swath of space?

Indeed, speaking of `machines' isn't it likely that some distant `human based intelligence' would unleash a `self-correcting machine' into the universe to explore and thrive? A `machine' that knew it had to `mine' to rebuild itself on some scale? A machine that could grow beyond our wildest fantasies?

But, most folks aren't thinking `machines' when they are thinking about `aliens' - even if `machines' may well represent the vast majority of the `physical' side of `alien craft' that we perceive. No, `Earthlings' when they think of aliens are thinking of ontological physical beings - and the `evidence' for `them aliens' is quite limited - as is the `evidence' sited above for the `machine aliens'. (That said, evidence of both does exist and it is worth repeating that - evidence does exist.) Indeed, about the only `evidence' I've seen of `physical aliens' are the Area 51 alien video and the other very similar looking alien video released about a year ago. (Just before I was interviewed by L.A. Marzulli - who asked it as his first question.)

Indeed, let's take it as serious that those two videos are indeed some real physical non-Earthly creatures - that somehow have finally had videos come to the surface for probable unintended distribution to the world. What are we to make of what looks to be decades old film? Might it mean that such creatures are VERY LIMITED? (Then again, what % is it that we are LIKELY to `catch' in any fashion?) Does even two mean that they are numbered in the thousands?

Might a couple thousand `aliens' be what all the fuss is about; aliens that may live under our oceans or in other alien constructed areas in our local solar system or on our planet? Might these couple thousand aliens be indeed responsible for the `animal mutilations' (for whatever reason)? Or, for the EXTREMELY limited (IMO) real `alien abductions'? Or, for the also extremely limited physical `alien sightings'.

That is, EXCEPT for the `subjective aliens'. The individual `aliens' that `speak' into the minds of individual humans. The `aliens' that speak as a collective consciousness `from' one place or another on our Galactic Map - perhaps even appearing in some temporal fashion momentarily. (But have some non-material characteristics, including non-persistance.) Aliens NOT of our space imposing themselves into our time. Aliens that also may be able to abduct the space of a human - even if it is mental space. The aliens that are impossible to `prove'.

And, might the `subjective' aliens - be nearly universal? Possibly limitless? Perhaps everywhere and everywhen - and beckoned by the attention and  forces of consciousness - such as that possessed by humans? Humans that are the MOST INTERESTING space on the MOST INTERESTING planet within hundreds of Trillions of miles? Might these most subjective of aliens involved with humans perhaps be what Orbs are? The `form' of `subjective aliens'? The `potential space' of nearly unlimited subjective power?

Just a thought exercise - thanks for reading. Comments are welcome as always.
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Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2008 Stephenville UFO Events (The Heavy Stuff)
Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2006 O'Hare UFO Airport Incident (The Heavy Stuff)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 UFO Pictures From MUFON Files

Indeed, today I dig into my E-mails to bring out some carefully screened MUFON finds by Ken Pfeifer earlier in the year (the last few months). Ready?


I had a truly mind blowing experience while on vacation in Sydney at 2230 hours. I arrived at Erskineville station to catch a train home after meeting with a friend who lived locally. As I approached the station I noticed a light in the sky which I took to be a jet plane. I got to the station and noticed the lights again. They began acting strangely, such as flying in a formation at high speed from behind this tall building, shrinking and growing in size in the sky above Erskineville rail station. I put together a slideshow consisting of images I captured on the night and text describing my experience that warm January evening. You can access it here - I heard no sound from the objects whatsoever. Object changed size from a relatively small triangle formation consisting of three lights to a much larger one while retaining the original triangle shape it started out as. I witnessed the objects/lights on the concourse level of the rail station. It was relatively clear skies with few clouds dotted around.  I experienced confusion. Mostly shock and fright! I saw a guy wearing shorts, slippers and I believe a robe of some sort, not a bathrobe. He looked as if he had rushed out his house to look at something of interest, due to his appearance. I noticed him behind me to the right about 20 feet away. He was looking in the direction of the lights. I wondered at the time, if he was there to meet someone arriving on a train or just there to view the lights.  


And, here is a photo of the `structure': (Photo courtesy of Ken Pfeifer via MUFON reports)



Pilot Giancarlo Cecconi, in his G-91R fighter is attached to the 14 Group 2nd' Air Force Fighter Wing is returning to Treviso Air Base, Italy after having carried out a reconnaissance mission on June 18, 1979, at 11:30 AM. The Istrana radar center (TV), registers the presence of an intruder on its radar screens, and gives Cecconi directions to approach the unidentified craft that has penetrated a prohibited area. Having unused film in his aircraft cameras, the pilot activates them and approaches the UFO up to a distance of 70-80 meters and at speeds estimated at 300 knots (450-500 km. The airport ground staff follows the scene with binoculars. The Treviso Control Tower personnel call Cecconi to warn him that the object is discharging a strange "blue trail." He is in close pursuit at 7,000 feet altitude but does not know its wake. When the Pilot closes on the object it makes up and down movements a 1,000 feet at a time, climbing up to 13,000 feet. Cecconi makes seven to eight passes close to the object and each time takes gun camera film of the UFO resulting in a total of 82 frames depicting the intruder. The apparent UFO is stationary relative to the G-91, but the radar center confirms Cecconi it is moving, course and speed defined. The pilot tries to pass (and resume) just next door, but it does not succeed because the object "appears to operate" in order to get over him in the front angled or otherwise, without the side completely set before him.

The witness recalls a "gas tank" of matte black and the presence of a small white or clear "dome" located on the upper side, of the slightly flattened object. The "dome" is like a kind of shaping or fairing like those found on sports cars. While Cecconi is making yet another tack to get back to doing another round of photographs, Istrana radar calls to report the object suddenly disappeared from theirs and other radars. After a few seconds, the Treviso control tower confirms the UFO has visually disappeared.  A few minutes later, the plane lands and the films are removed and quickly developed. The pilot is very curious to see the pictures that came out well, including the white.""dome" The object is a cylindrical tank at least eight meters long (26 feet) with a maximum three in diameter suspended in the sky at thirteen thousand feet high."  The case is important because of the gun camera film, radar, and visual confirmation with several witnesses including a highly respected fighter pilot.

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS.ORG   ...........    Thanks to George Filer and his Filer Files.
And, here is that amazing photo capture: (Photo again courtesy of Ken Pfeifer)
You can also catch the very best of what 2012 has offered in my page at where I transfer the BEST of what UDCC does daily. It's a page dedicated to only the best Pictures And Videos of UFO's in 2012 - I update it about weekly - It's a great way to catch up on UFO's in 2012.
I updated my `science' blog the other day - interesting stuff about a Bigfoot study using a remote control balloon setup and even an Orb Video to enjoy. Lots to explore.
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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition




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