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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Balls Of Light Perform In Canadian Skies

Stouffville Ontario to be exact - during Victoria Day weekend in May. And, perform is almost the only word I have for this video as these two Orb Balls Of Light (BOL's - fancy term used by some as overall term for phenomena) move in tandum quite quickly in the quirky sky. Quirky in that the SAME thing happened evidently a few minutes before (of which this videographer did not take a video) and then repeated itself in this display which was captured. And, a bit quirky in that the DATE on the camera recorded a `future' date to the actual upload.

Let that twist around in your head a bit.

It's also of interest how many haters this one brought out in the multi-hundreds of comments about his video, viewed over 140K times in two months or so, and with about a 9/1 Positive/Negative ratio of opinion. IMO, these are NOT sky lanterns despite the flickering - IMO, they simply move too fast for that.

link -
Oh, the above is also part of this article that talks about Canada's record 986 UFO reports in 2011 NONE of which involved an alien is makes sure to also report. 11% tagged as unknowns. 11 minutes the average sighting duration.

Oh, the above article sited as it's source a CBS Report page which had the below picture next to the article with the ACTUAL data resource Goggle Document (now a part of the UDCC sidebar too) Canada 2011 UFO Reports. Lots of interesting reads within this report document.
An alien doll hangs out a car window in downtown Roswell, N.M. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics UFO Number One?

As inquisitive members of our society, I would not be surprised if you have already ferreted out the London Opening Ceremony UFO video that is below or something similar. As you know, UDCC `predicted' the UFO as we did the Inauguration UFO on Obama's big day in 2008 (see sidebar for details). Evidently, Nike Pope joined the bandwagon and even predicted this London UFO before the games (UDCC was unaware he had jumped into the fray when we made our newest prediction).

Please understand that this is almost becoming comical as in more and more large human settings these `events' seem to be making appearances. Orb events. -------------- Now, all that said, a couple points - IF it was true and this thing was this obvious - the NETWORK would have seen it - some Network (that is NOT to say they would have the director of the show cut to the UFO). And, there would be TONS of videos from the viewing areas alone of the citizens. 

I haven't heard such claims. 

What I have read at YouTube is that this was a blimp or balloon up for great camera shots. Clockers decide. Almost exactly 50K views and about a 10/1 positive/negative ratio of opinion.

link -
So, to UDCC of interest is IF it was anomalous - could it have been decided to NOT cover it? Food for thought IF it happens again at the closing ceremony. 
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quiet Can Make You Hallucinate

So, evidently - they've found out by building the world's quietest room - that nobody can remain within the walls for more than 45 minutes (the record). Seems that when humans are exposed to a NO sound environment - the brain begins to react in strange manners. Let's see, the ABSOLUTE SILENCE that is often reported with UFO events and with high strangeness in general - does one and one make two?

I found the story Here for Clockers at - but, it references This Link with much the same material. To me, it's of interest that LIGHT reveals itself off of local objects immediately for our consciousness - but SOUND at even slightly greater distances such as the whistle of a train or the drums of a high school band - are actually NON-Nows that have popped into our now in a sense. Pre-determined embedded sound events of which we can't change.

Are some hallucinations the result of removing sound from the now?
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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Orleans TV Station Covers French Quarter UFO Sighting

That is if you consider a dismissive attitude by the reporter - coverage (make sure to watch to end to see attitude fully displayed) - perhaps a few of the stations watchers can find better coverage of things on other channels where the public is not treated in a dismissive manner.

That said, what is seen is NOT MUCH when it comes to ORBS that are routinely ignored by the so called MSM anyway. I bring you the station link in addition to the only embeddable link from a gathering site. about a 12/1 positive/negative ratio of opinion in about 10K gathering site views. The sighting and newscast was earlier this week - and was covered by ABC26 Here - New Orleans French Quarter UFO.

link -

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How about a Ken Pfeifer shared MUFON report and picture to end today's offering - a June encounter with another Triangle Craft in Texas:


Triangle-shaped craft observed just to the south of Gatesville, Texas. On June 6, 2012, at approximately 0525 hours and while traveling northbound on Highway 116 just north of the city of Pidcoke, I had a UFO sighting. I had observed the object as I entered the south side of Pidcoke a few minutes earlier. At that point, I thought it was just an airplane. All I could see was a white light to the left side of the highway. I noticed the object move to the right side of the highway. As I barely passed the north side of Pidcoke, I saw the object much more clearly. It moved back to the left side of the highway in a zig-zag motion. At this time, I realized this was not an airplane. It was a triangle-shaped craft with three very bright white lights underneath the craft. The lights were so bright, that I could clearly make out the triangle shape of the craft. The craft was either moving very slow or virtually stationary in the air. It was flying at a relatively low elevation. The craft also had some sort of beam or scanning light in the front of it that was moving back and forth in a horizontal motion at about a 45 degree angle from the craft. As I passed the craft, I looked back and it disappeared. Pidcoke is a small town in between Copperas Cove and Gatesville. I did manage a quick photo of the object with a cell phone.


photo usage courtesy of Ken Pfeifer
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Massachusetts Person Photographs FOUR ORB `KITE' UFO

So, I browsed the 20 Latest MUFON Reports for readers today and found a variety of `pictures' of U.F.O.'s - including what could be `interpreted' as a daytime semi-cloaked `four orb' UFO (one of the classic `I didn't see it at the time' photos) - which could also as easily be a reflection or camera malfunction.

Indeed, as is often the case in `UFOlogy' - the picture I bring to you also could have the same description (camera malfunction and reflection) - but, the July 24th sighting of the 4 Orb Kite UFO are not a dime a dozen and are the logical extension of the `Triangle 3 Orb' crafts that are reported much more frequently. Anyway, here's the photo:
What follows is the actual report left at MUFON:
Two friends and I were traveling from Brimfield to Palmer and out of nowhere a kite shaped object with lights distinguishing the points moves horizontally across the sky and over the canopy of the trees to the right of the highway. Within a second the object was flying in the same direction as we were traveling and had obviously gained intense momentum as it was now a few miles ahead of us.
I thought the object was a plane that was going to crash at first but the way it was moving was odd especially with no sound and its apparent size, seeing it further down the highway (but in the sky) was surprising.
The object moved very rapidly out of sight while ascending.

Bit's of wonder from 4 white dots upon a black background.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drone UFOs Materialize In Witness' Bedroom

Good Morning Clockers - and welcome to all newbies - thanks for having an interest in the unknown phenomena of our collective reality. As you can see from today's headline, we are walking on the edge of described reality perceptions today. Not only that, the description of the event is even BETTER than the headline. This is one you will not want to miss as it includes even TWO Triangle Crafts Hovering Over The Persons House. And, my honest opinion is that this is just a bit too much without MUCH more in the way of `proof' or other witness collaboration. The report was on MUFON and carried by Phantom and Monsters website. You have to read this report as it might just be the beginning of who knows what.
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Book Description

 July 23, 2012
I was an avid reader of the Carlos Castaneda series of books which featured the esoteric knowledge of an Indian Sorcerer called Don Juan Matus. Don Juan was a bigger than life character who had abilities not associated with mere humans in their normal consensus. Indeed, so big as to have had books `proving’ that Don Juan was no more than an interesting book character - upon which legends of his realness would be born.

You see, some of the `new ideas’ talked about by Carlos Castaneda when he was passing along the knowledge of the Indian Sorcerer, such as controlling ones dreams via certain dream techniques, was indeed being experienced first hand by a portion of Castaneda’s readership. It hardly mattered to readers if Don Juan was real or not – some of the `knowledge’ – his knowledge, worked.

Indeed, after the passing of Don Juan from the books – the mantle of Guru fell upon Carlos Castaneda – who promptly created an on-going legacy of mysteriousness. Seemingly following closely some of his own advice – I mean – Don Juan’s advice, - such as erasing personal history and leaving a small footprint. Indeed, after Castaneda’s death and the end of his books, fans desperately wanted to have more of that unique knowledge seemingly contained within those books.

Perhaps wanting the knowledge so much so as to trigger connections to Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, that to most of the population would certainly appear to be `near ridiculous’. One man wrote a book claiming to have BEEN Carlos Castaneda (getting his thoughts in his mind and writing them down into book form) – and, another man, well, a Shaman by the current name of Lujan Matus – who has written several books based on the knowledge he personally receives from Don Juan within his own dreams.

What’s most surprising is that in the case of Lujan Matus – he is seemingly writing with clarity about non-ordinary realities in only the manner that Don Juan seemed to previously describe them. Specifically, with his focus on building a parallel perception from gathering power via certain methods of behavior in the body, the mind and the spirit.
Does the knowledge of Don Juan exist in a reality state in which he can still actively dispense his forms of thought? Could such a `state’ exist, – a `state’ of space with knowledge, that has been attributed to this `character called Don Juan’, – that it indeed is actually `active’? Is it really impossible? Might it depend on the character of who is seeking such information? Someone such as a Shaman perhaps?

So, I picked up the first book by Lujan Matus and read it – later writing this short review:
LOVED it – one of the best books I’ve read in the last 10 years. A powerful book with powerful words that probe with insights into the human condition of awareness and actions. Lujan maintains that much of his wisdom for the book comes from visits with the Indian Sorcerer of the books of Carlos Castaneda named Don Juan Matus. Lujan takes these DREAM encounters and brings back the kernels of wisdom that do indeed seem to have ties with ancient knowledge. Much of this book is involved with perfecting actions to gain potential power of awareness – and to break ties with standard awareness.

Then, in 2010 I decided to write a `sum up’ of what remained of the whole legacy of Carlos Castaneda, and in turn Don Juan. When I wrote the legacy I included the Shaman Lujan Matus, which later prompted him to reach out to me, and a relationship was born of sorts. Lujan allowed me to interview him for my blog The Heavy Stuff and for my blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock. Indeed, in my first interview with Lujan, he made news by telling my readership of an exact date for an alien escalation of contact. This then resulted in additional questions to Lujan, and more importantly, his `answers’. Answers, to the special consensus of perception he seems to have access to – describing to others and raising their own consciousness too.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

UFO Orb Captured Checking Out Chemtrail

As Clockers know (Clockers are regular users of UDCC) - we closely follow the Orb/Chemtrail phenomena - and like many anomalous phenomena - they often occur together. (Well, often is an overstatement - but, I myself have seen the Orb phenomena near a Chemtrail before.

The video below is from a man dedicated to both (he seems to have stopped recently) - this video has 588 views since March and a 16/1 ratio of positive to negative opinion. I find it to be VERY credible.

link -
If you are one of those people who have your head firmly up your 
?utt about Orbs - it's time to wake up to the biggest anomaly that the MSM doesn't want to talk about.
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Everyone should read this book! June 23, 2005
'The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception; The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matus' is a stunningly original work, the first, and hopefully not the last, novel from this mystic pioneer.
Upon reading the book I became transfixed by the language, drawn into its dream-like web and held there. The novel describes the authors travels and encounters in parallel states of awareness and dreams, and the lessons presented to him by a group of seers, who reveal themselves one by one, cloaked in mystery and to be possessing great power. From the very start, the reader becomes aware that this is no ordinary book, the authors energy literally springs off the page, commanding your attention. Anyone seriously interested in self development, personal empowerment, the nature and navigation of dream states or any other kind of existential enquiry seriously owes it to themselves to read this book. In the fascinating genre of shamanism/sorcery, 'The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception' is an extraordinarily exciting book, going beyond, in terms of depth and directness, the works of Carlos Castaneda and his contemporaries Florinda Donner and Taisha Abelar.
The first chapter, 'Shamanic Dreaming', describes the author's initiation into the dream maker's realm, where he is cast through a whirlwind of scenes and dream states. We are introduced to Somai and Lucien, seers possessing great power and knowledge. The author is then given his name, as a gift of power; "Your inner child has absorbed the old nagual Lujan's luminosity and has been qualified, and through this qualification you have also inherited his name."
The second chapter, 'Threads of Intention', deals with the trappings of mankind, both internally and socially. Lujan's seer companions attempt to help him to extricate himself from the encumbering forces of socialization through understanding. The dialogue covers rarely dealt with subjects that we are all subliminally aware of, such as the inter-connective corruption that exists within us and the power of words......
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do NASA Photos Suggest Evidences of Life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus?

As some Clockers may remember, a citizen sleuth was featured in a link here within the last two years, who was using radioactive isotopes from Within Anthills to prove that Roswell was a real alien event. It made for a real interesting read and certainly something that should have been more than internet fodder. But, when you have a worthless mainstream media, what does one expect, right?

And, this morning in my search for good content for Clockers to read on their Sunday day of leisure - I came across BOODLES of stuff - both recent and a bit older. Indeed, I will bring you some of the other links to you for your consumption. But, I found nothing with as much of a detailed analysis, using official government info (NASA Pictures), to provide citizen sleuth like findings such as this Amazing Blog Posting

The post suggests that NASA has altered some photos of a small moon of Saturn of only 300 miles in diameter - that may have biological life in the vacuum of space atmosphere surrounding it. Life with a bio-luminescence like in our deep oceans. That SWARMS to feeding sources? Something that looks like the below picture - just one of a DOZEN that the guy uses to prove his conjectural ideas.

So, I ask you Clockers - do you have the time to dig enough and educate yourself in a manner like this man (comfortable with all the science he uses to accuse NASA of photo manipulation) to be able to feel comfortable with this theory? Will NASA go to any length to please the powers that be and who control the purse strings to keep the idea of life other than on Earth a SECRET?
Is this simply NOT glamorous enough of a LIFE finding? 

And, once we'd open up the vacuum of space for life - the slippery slope is only one way for sure.
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BTW, little on/in  the latest MUFON reports today of interest  - BUT - I do have very interesting material I've received from Ken Pfeifer of an old case with military pilot photos - expect that soon. It's in the bin. IF you are new to UDCC please bookmark and return soon -!


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Robert Bingham Phenomena Of 2012

About the only thing `wrong' with Robert Bingham is this (his) `association' with the Third Phase Of The Moon YouTube channel. IF you are not familiar with Robert Bingham, UDCC first covered him In April and his apparent ability to put Orbs into the sky during the daytime. In the below video, it is an update of sorts with embedded video of what supposedly happened on May 19th with a Robert Bingham `calling'. (He thinks he is calling Angels.)

The video was an issued challenge to watch the next RB calling session that was slated for June 3rd: About 16K views since May and only a 2/1 pos/neg ratio (Third Phase has some real haters of TP).

link -
So, the stage was set - come one come all to the Plaza on June 3rd to see UFO's called -- I mean Angels. (Which are really Orbs.) So, what do you think happened? Certainly this was enough lead time for the MSM to show up - don't you think? OR - ARE THEY SCARED OF COVERING UFO CALLERS?
Ready for a LIVE tease with witnesses and Robert Bingham on June 3rd? About 8K views and still the 2/1 ratio of opinion.

link -
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Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2008 Stephenville UFO Events (The Heavy Stuff) (The UFO Disclosure Showdown)

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Nuclear Bomb - Entity Connection

I am hardly the first blogger to say that I think that the original nuclear explosions may have somehow triggered the seeming explosion of `alien involvement'. As if something about the explosion itself is like a marker that gets investigated (by a higher authority). And, one of my semi-original ideas about that explosion, is that it literally `moved' the Earth enough to trigger extremely sensitive instruments placed within and throughout the universe, that are `looking' for such activity as a signal of intelligence. (Or stupidity it could be argued.)

But, then recently, I had a newer thought.

What if when the USA bombed Japan's Hiroshima and the effect that `in an instant' more humans died than ever before - that THOSE LIVES (or deaths) was what was THE TRIGGER? Meaning, suddenly, `the afterlife' - or - our collective NON-Now - was literally FLOODED with humanity's consciousness. AND it was THAT human consciousness unique forces within that instant - that triggered a call `to the aliens'.

Certainly, the instantaneous of the event and the linkage with instantaneous and significant human consciousness - cannot be ruled out IMO.

Your thoughts?
My thanks to for having me as a guest last night - my apologies if like a buddy of mine you tuned in at 10:15 as I was on from 9:15 Eastern to 10:15 - I was as shocked as anyone when the call came into my phone. The link to the show is already in the sidebar - it was a good discussion.
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The above is an actual picture of a UFO.
Not done yet? How about a LONG read about a long time story that has been told by William Shatner? A F'ing Classic.
Yet another interesting read is UFO's and China - hey, it's the weekend - you have time for this stuff.
Clockers know that I was on the lookout for good UFO videos from the night of July 4th and found none. Well, I've still found none but I did find the EXACT type of report that has become common on July 4th in this Forum - (which has a 2010 video not worth your time) - very interesting comments.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catholic.Org - Asks - Contact with Extraterrestrial Life Imminent? What about God?

Yes, my appearance on tomorrow night will indeed occur about 10:15 Eastern Time - I hope you check it out please, I may need USE This Link To Read About And Go To The Show support. LOL. The discussion turns to Satan or lack thereof the second hour. I'd love to have some of my readers call-in.
So, back to today's headline - I find this overview on Catholic.Org about aliens and what that means to those professing belief in God. It's a classic narrow defensive viewpoint that takes the Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clark, Stephen Hawking and Morman approach to the God and Life other than Earth positioning's. UFO's are seemingly impossible and of course, the Catholic Church is sited for being ahead of the other Christian religions due to it's 2009 Vatican statements. It's a high school read for a graduate level course.
Thanks again for the purchase from my Kindle Author Page of UFO's, And More yesterday - much appreciated. Please check out my 7 Kindle titles today.
And, I thought I was gonna feature the video below (as it is featured elsewhere) until I checked the poster of the video. RED flags galore, including a recent Project Camelot `like', no tracing of the stats, and it all happened for the alien sounding YT name just a bit too quickly since his huge interest increase for me. Nonetheless, let's take a look at this probable FAKE so we can get an idea of what they can do - this is not to be confused with seemingly legit Circle UFO's which have been featured before on UDCC - Has about 900 views in just a day with the `Morphing' keyword - about a 3/1 positive to negative ratio of opinion. Oh, the uploader makes no mention that this is a fake - (nor act like anything strange is going on when filming the anomalous event). Sad.

link -
Now, I found the above video at this story on Gather - which was written by someone named Tom Rose who is selling the Kindle UFO book below:

And, yes, the Mayan Calender figures prominently. Sheeeessshhhh.
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Finally for today - seems the last TWO folks who joined the Leaders and Followers of UDCC EACH have UFO Disclosure websites and are connected to Greer and the Exo-politics movement and a particular movie they are raising money to produce and distribute - you can find those websites Here who shamelessly has the audacity to use MY websites name to filter off traffic to his blog and Here is the head honcho himself.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today's MUFON Report Yields Potential Blockbuster Triangle UFO Sighting Reported By Policeman

This report on MUFON is only a couple hours old and has just been posted. Evidently the sighting was in the year 2000 and involved up to three policemen from different towns outside of the Saint Louis Missouri area. (Complete with maps.) This is one of the best finds on MUFON I've run across in sometime. I'll start with the report:

FILED BY ASD for the witness, who wishes to remain anonymous:

The witness, who was an Assistant Fire Chief at the time, was prompted to contact MUFON after seeing a TV program on the Illinois sightings in theyhear 2000. He stated that he was returning from a house fire in St. Clair, Missouri at approximately 3:00 AM and was on I-44 Highway approaching Union, Missouri when he heard law enforcement on the county police band radio discussing an unidentified object. The dispatcher said “Oh its this Roswell stuff again.” and that police were chasing the object.

As the witness approached 50 hwy and 47 hwy he saw a large triangular craft with lights pointing down over the Wal-Mart that was traveling at approximately 25-30 MPH. The witness said that the very bright lights on the object pointed downward, but did not light up the ground, seeming to stop approximately 100 feet up. The craft was approximately 500 above the ground.

The witness joined up with an officer from Union, Missouri and an officer from the County, and the three of them followed the object in their separate cars for approximately one hour as the object headed towards Washington, Missouri, north of the original position. The object was always in front of them or above them. At one point, the county officer attempted to tilt his dash cam up in order to get pictures, but it would not move into the needed position.

None of the men had a camera with them. The object stopped and hovered several times and moved very slowly. They were unable to use the radio for communication while the craft was above them. After an hour, the officers needed to turn back to get back to other calls, so this witness left as well. By this time, the object had moved into an area SE of Washington, MO over farmland where there were no roads, and it was impossible to follow.

The witness surmises that the object from Illinois continued into Missouri and officers picked up its trail after it crossed the state line. 

And now, I will show one of those ONE OF A KIND pictures that comes with the report of the Jan 4th 2000 UFO event.
I will also provide some additional links from the case Copy Of Above Picture - A Map of where these sightings took place. - And, a word document nearly the same as the report but not quite - Word Document.
Remember the UK `UFO Disclosure' document release had statements that THREE ORB balls can project ANY image between them. Or, is this simply the powers that be having a bit of fun on an outing?
As Erich Kuersten says - How Much More Disclosure Do You Need? - good deeper stuff as usual.
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Instant Missing Time - A Close Encounter Event In 1999

It's a MUFON report from Ken Pfeifer who has shared this with UDCC and a network of other UFO websites.

Myself and a friend where driving on a state road, we were on our way to go cut firewood after getting off work. We saw a dull silver cigar shaped craft appear in front of us about 200 feet away from us in the sky descending in a straight path about 45 degree angle downward towards us at a very slow rate of speed. We both asked each other at the same time ,do you see that? As it got closer I slowed almost to a stop thinking it would hit us, I swerved towards right hand side of the road hoping to avoid contact but just before it got to us it disappeared. We were no more than 20 feet away at that point. The sighting seemed to last about 15 seconds. We saw no visable means of flight, no wings, no windows, no doors, no welds, no rivets, it was dull and almost a well used silver metal, looked like mercury. We both thought it would hit us or the ground in front of us, but it just simply seemed to vanish before our eyes. The craft was about 60 feet in length and 12 to 15 feet thick. It was a clear day about 4:30 in the afternoon. We both sat there for a few seconds in stunned silence. After arriving at our destination, about 1 mile away we relized it had taken 14 minutes longer to get there than it should have taken. My friend wanted to ask around at farm houses in the area if anyone else had seen the object, but I was a buisness owner in the area and was afraid that may not be the best idea. I do not know what we saw that day, but we were not drinking and were both clear headed at the time. To this day, I have never told anyone but my wife about the incident.  

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS     .....     Thanks to MUFON CMS system.        

Instant Hypnosis? Time disjointment? Where was their body?
A big thanks to the person on Saturday who bought a Webcam and THREE headphones like the ones you see below from this blog:

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Book Description

 May 8, 2012
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IF this was a human built craft, was it us, them, or some rouge groups of nefarious humans with ties to no government? IF this was an alien built craft, was this an opening protocol? What alien intentions would be involved in sitting over one of the busiest airports in the world?
UFO blogger Rick Phillips brings the O'Hare UFO Airport Incident to life once again with these posts and analysis made when the story was hot. Much can be learned about how the mainstream media reacted to the first BIG UFO story of the new millennium - and how they would act differently afterwards.
Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000s - The 2006 O'Hare UFO Airport Incident (The Heavy Stuff)
2012 UFO Videos And 2012 UFO Photos


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