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Monday, January 31, 2011



I believe we may have the confirmation the UDCC has been looking for on a `major' event -- a second video HAS surfaced (less than 1,500 views so far) of the SAME EVENT video that I ran with yesterday. OMG. Check this out - now, UNLESS they are a hoax team, THIS IS the type of NEAR PROOF that UDCC has been waiting for. Enjoy.

IF this isn't some movie promo OR sophisticated hoax - we HAVE moved to a new level. IMO.

I've written more of my opinions on this event here today -

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday UFO Videos - Photos - Links

Korea UFO picture:

Here's one from this week that stands out and stands out bold. One problem, the guy responds to the SECOND move of the UFO BEFORE it occurs (could this be a delay in the recording somehow?). Other than that - and the obvious lack of reports on the ground when it was hoving there - this is a winner video:

Here's a picture of what was admitted a FAKE ufo earlier this week - lamppost -
Weeks Important Link find -
Horrible source - interesting `news' - Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official says Extraterrestrials live among us -
Mr. Salla - again, horrible source - interesting `news' -
The 100 Year Starship Study - Pentagon, NASA Talking Interstellar Travel - -- this real sourced story may come as a disappointment to the Exopolitics folks who say we have colonies on Mars and have been to the stars DECADES ago.
Mothership on Google Earth - or - Nonsense?
orb photos via MUFON
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unidentified Object In Moscow Skies

A UDCC reader suggests this video - is anomalous - is Moscow - IMO does NOT meet criteria for next big event:

And, I'm sure you've heard the repeated rumor by now - supposedly from China - that Obama is going to announce alien disclosure. Hmm, that would be one helluva state of the union address alright.
One more link for today from TAL --- -- it's a great read about a MUFON investigator finding JUST what he was looking for - an alien being.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

United States `Chemtrail' Awareness SURGES In 2010

According to this Google Trends link - the search of the term `Chemtrails' is surging in 2010 and especially in the last few months. As clockers may know - I took this picture in Atlanta on Dec. 19th:
It was even worse than it looks, as this was all over the sky and was persistent for hours upon end. It was a challenge to not be distracted to those with some awareness. The `planes' were shameless --- often heading directly at each other.

And, again, to those with some awareness still remaining in their individual brains -- it was obvious that `whoever' was doing it -- couldn't have cared less about those observing.

One almost has to wonder if the powers that be - might monitor this graph - ease up a bit if it gets too high; perhaps.

I also graphed `Orbs' too but didn't really find the correlation I had half expected.
Oh, you can also see the HUGE increase in the search for the term `UFO Disclosure' - and the high anticipation perhaps caused by the Stanley Fulham `prediction'
--- and it remains at an elevated level.
Did you notice the new poll in the sidebar at the top of the page? Just giving this a week to get a sense of where UDCC readers are a week after the failed Moscow prediction by Mr. Fulham.
Challenges of Change, Book 1 collectors item.

Need To Know - The Ufo Disclosure Song

Disclosure : Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History

Ufo & ET: How Government Disclosure of the Truth Will Impact Humanity

UFOs Disclosure: The Official Report On Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs : The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

UDCC's Sunday UFO Videos

Yes, this could be the first positioned UFO (video) Sunday - as often I have extra UFO videos (and links) in the bin, so to speak. So, without further ado:
From a UK UFO special in Nov. 2010 - Strange Footage:


Why believe in UFOs? -
Thunderstorm UFOs?:

REAL UFO during the UFO BOY HOAX! MUST SEE - Fortean enough for you?:

The Balloon Boy of San Francisco

Some folks believe the whole kit and kaboodle about the New Age and 2012 - it's Sunday, you've got the time to do some exploring -

The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities

Close-up Daytime UFO video:

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, I check my stats (as you can too - they are public) and lo and behold I see quite a few more referrals than usual this morning. Upon checking what page is generating the hits, it was indeed yesterdays post about the Failure of the Stanley Fulham prediction of Moscow having a major UFO event in the first two weeks of this new year. Many more hits than usual were coming from The Debris Field (Leslie had put the post on-top of her daily listing shortly after midnight) and lo and behold, lots of hits from the Exopolitics folks (welcome to UDCC) -

When checking out I noticed UDCC's post in the sidebar on top and in CAPS the words DISINFORMATION. I about spit out my hot chocolate.

Evidently, I'm part of the Great Cabal.
I've looked under the carpet - no Cabal here.

Only real analysis - not fantasy stuff like making the pieces of the puzzle fit - like some unnamed people. Like the idea that we've somehow had THREE major UFO events recently? That are forever gradually training humans into some acceptance of the alien presence (or has the scientific human mind begun to accept other non religious ideas). ???????????

Here's the thing. It is indeed possible that more UFO crafts are in our skies - but are they alien or human operated - OR do they have ANY biological entity `driving them' at all? It is indeed possible that Chemtrails are nefarious in ways exceeding the population not being told what they are for - but are they REALLY to prevent mankind's consciousness expansion (? - looney?) - or - some weather modification program being done at a world level, Fortean, or both? Is it indeed possible to search YouTube (something I have been doing much of) and find `UFO' videos being posted in almost any location with a significant population - yes INDEED.

Especially when one has LOW standards of `proof'.

Frankly, I've clearly expressed my range of opinions about the UFO saga since late 2007 on this blog - just look at the sidebar. Indeed, my `work' here has been featured on the same Exopolitics sidebar in the past -- when I posted something favorable to their `cause'. But, I am honored they are reading UDCC, where real opinions, not tied to a `cause', are found.

Such as Exopolitics. Even if I think mankind should indeed have people thinking out every aspect of a possible contact by entities not of common consensus.

Ultimately, UDCC's opinion is just that - opinion. But, is the thoughtful opinion of an analyst who has written many opinions about many `product' categories. The UFO category is similar - attributes that have a frequency of occurring - as described by `users'/ participants. Then; dig deeper into reasons and the emotions behind those reasons. Balance opposing viewpoints with the truth they share. Stake out a positioning.

And, no, it won't be what you find on the Exopolitics Page.

What you will find is UDCC's view - and that is - don't be at all surprised if over some low news holiday (July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving) that the USA does some sort of UFO `soft' disclosure some year - perhaps even in the next few years. And, when it happens - if it happens - EXPECT a national reaction that is 90% less than you ever thought possible. Do not expect a President to say any more than I've printed in this blog on a couple of occasions. (Very minimal.)

Do NOT expect any `alien disclosure' to bring havoc to your life anymore than the already occurred `soft' disclosures in OTHER countries. YES, THAT LITTLE. And, NOT the Earth changing events that the Exopolitics folks expect to be set off. NO sir. IMO.

And, EVEN if the choice is not the governments to make - and indeed, the `aliens' take matters into their own hands -- for any of the multitude of reasons that the `new agers' envision could be occurring - ---- IMO -- a Forced Disclosure and the reactions would be totally dependent on a number of factors for HOW it was done. None of which need to be gone into in this post. Needless to say, I've covered my opinions before in my blog The Heavy Stuff. - but, in a nutshell, most probably a TWO week event for humanity that will be left ambiguous enough for plausible denial.

Just my opinion - all that anyone can offer - concerning the subject of UFOs in our skies.
------------------------------------------Finally, if you want to know what I really think - check out my Kindle Author Page with 9 books of a paranormal nature priced at 1.29  to 3.49. Some of the books are below:

The MythRepresentation Of UFOlogy 

Important UFO Sightings Of The 2000's  

Unspeakable - Chemtrails And Economic Collapse (Best of The Heavy Stuff)
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and over 100 other books 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stanley Fulham Transcenders - Another Failed Prediction

Hello Clockers. UDCC is slightly disappointed to inform you that the short awaited prediction of a UFO event in Moscow, to continue the escalation of human contact via the aliens - according to the Interstellar Transcenders - to prepare us all for an intervention in our skies to remove pollutants - has seemingly FAILED to materialize.

Yes, I know, the sad but true Exopolitics folks - led by Mr. Webre - have said the opposite. (not even worthy of a link) Indeed, they base it on videos by the same Russian that UDCC featured on Jan. 5th - a guy that is obsessed with submitting similar nondescript UFO videos to YouTube. Oh, and for the Exopolitics folks, this is the THIRD LEG of correct predictions ---- (clears throat) - yeah right.

Remember that big UFO event on NOV. 24th? (Yeah, completely dissed here at UDCC.) That was the second part of the proof of aliens. Now we are awaiting whatever minor event in London that is played up by the near pathetic Exopolitics believers.

However, if you remember the `correct' Transcender prediction of Oct. 13th over a major city - even that was a redaction (postdiction) by Mr. Fulham as it was supposedly going to be over many major cities. And, not just NYC. So, with Stanley Fulham now dead, perhaps we humans simply didn't get the revised `schedule of appearances'. (?)

About the only way to `save' the whole `Transcenders' motif at this point would be for the next major UFO event in the world, regardless of exact timing, indeed occur in Moscow. UDCC will hardly quibble if the next big UFO thing is TV reports from Moscow next month or whenever the next BIG event occurs.

But, the FAILURE of the event to occur as predicted, should make one look at the other more prosaic explanations and anomalous explanations of the Oct. 13th UFO event in NYC. Could balloons hover in the sky from the early morning into the mid-afternoon (from the known two release points)? - Could the `evening' TV UFO have been Jupiter?

AND, on the anomalous side - the paranormal side - was the human  emotion that was being released that day, from the rescue of the Chilean Miners, 33 Men: Inside the Miraculous Survival and Dramatic Rescue of the Chilean Miners ssooooooo stupendous as to LITERALLY cause `signs in the sky'? Could human emotion express in such a manner?

Or, are we humans indeed being toyed with? Or, perhaps we are `not ready' for a `second event'?

I look forward to your comments.
Other UFO Disclosure links: - that New Zealand UFO soft disclosure has brought forth these interesting words of analysis:
Look at the evidence. Other countries get alien abductions by the truckload. But in the more than half a century of contact recorded in the Defence Force X-files, not a single alien has bothered to have any meaningful interaction with us.

Aliens do not want to introduce us to their leader, take us to new civilisations, grill us on the details of our daily lives, or entrust us with grave warnings about the future. They have never given us a ride in their spaceship. They can't even be arsed to mutilate our cattle.
Most gallingly of all, aliens don't want to have sex with us. They show no interest in ravishing us with their giant tentacles, and keep their probes firmly in the pockets of their metallic space suits when we're around. Face the facts, New Zealanders: aliens are just not that into us.
Unexplained New Zealand: Ghosts, UFOs & Mysterious Creatures

WOW. Report Concerning an Unidentified Flying Object Communicated by Thomas Jefferson - you will love this short read -
1999 French UFO Study -
More UFO stuff by me here -
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Cosmic Drama Queen

Yes, it is the 14th - late morning to boot - and in Moscow I'm sure the evening sky is upon them as the final hours of the Stanley Fulham prediction ticks-off. Well, with one caveot, as is nearly always the case - the wording of the `prediction' could extend that deadline till the end of this weekend in Moscow.

Interestingly, while searching YouTube for Jan.13th events, I ran across this video shot on the DAY of the initial Oct. 13th NYC UFO event - by CosmicDramaQueen. In many ways she reflects the general view of UDCC - but, not in all ways. It is also evident the the sightings in NYC were not on her radar when she made this upload.

Anyway, I think you will enjoy it.

It's been awhile since UDCC brought up `Fastwalkers' -- which used to be said to be - at least if my memory is right - just a few a year - a dozen or so -- now, this video implies many times that figure.

Fastwalker: A Novel
UDCC brings you `Disclosure links' - Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists -
Micah Hanks website - Has WikiLeaks Finally Released UFO Information? Well, Sort Of -
What are UFOs? -- An opinion and then 42 other opinions - (thanks to Muz you get the correct link)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 And NO Disclosure?

For those thinking the aliens or the government would pick a rememberable date for introducing the concept of `we are not alone' to the public - the hours are running out. Just as they are running out on the Stanley Fulham Moscow UFO event.

The countdown clock is running.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exopolitics Pathetic Nov. 24th UFO Disclosure

It's true - UDCC is not one of Exopolitics favorite websites - oh well. It is also true that one would think that a website with the name of UDCC would INDEED be a favorite of such a `movement' (and I can think of more than one type of `movement' - that IMO Exopolitics represents). Some of their folks have even commented within these pages and I like to give a smidgen of respect for some of the so-called leaders book smarts and degrees from such and such university or institute.

However, (you knew that was coming, right?) - something happened two calendar months ago that I've simply let sit in my `post' box for UDCC. You see, the Exopolitics folks - in this case lead by Mr. Alfred Lambremont Webre - who is worth a Wiki also - have claimed that events in NYC on Nov. 24th prove Disclosure is near. Oh, you missed that?

Anyway, Mr. Webre, in what I have noted before about the `Exopolitics' folks -- seems to have `latched onto' the NYC Oct. 13th UFO Event and its Predictor Mr. Fulham (whom shared the same interests in `channeling galactic information').

Anyway, in the series of convoluted links I am going to provide, I will attempt to trace the logic of the PREDICTED NOVEMBER 24TH UFO EVENT OVER NYC --- yes, the one you never heard ONE word about prior to supposedly `occuring' -- (UDCC readers will love the `proof'). So, if you are still with me, let me try to give my backhanded review of the important event (NOT) that you missed.

As near as I can tell - Mr. Webre's `proof' first appeared in this `Examiner' article (yes the Examiner was the publication that printed the internet hoax a week or two ago by one of these Exopolitics folks of 3 Objects Heading For Earth In Dec. 2012 and sighting a SETI employee as a source) of his own origin - ON DEC. FOURTH - here is that link - (yes, I apologize for linking to an article on a site with THREE F-ing pop-ups and pop-unders - quality thru and thru). Part of the above article was given a larger audience here -

In this link, which I will cover much more, Webre cites this link as his sourcing for the November 24th prediction - - this link has 3 (three) supposed NYC UFO videos of Nov. 24th - some silly radar screen shots - and 2 other videos  with the date of Nov. 24th. ------------------ ONE problem, IMO, the three NYC screen captures of someones security cam or such - hardly proves ANYTHING. Indeed, why would `lights' appear over and over from the distance and then ALWAYS go in one direction? - Answer, distant planes coming into sight in a landing pattern! HARDLY PROOF OF A `PREDICTION'!

Indeed, you will need to go to the links to see the video as NONE are worthy of a NOV 24th prediction.

And, about the prediction - NO proof at least IMO is offered of something stating it on NOV. 9th. NONE. But, who cares about facts. Oh, and back to the other Nov. 24th videos offered as proof. ONE PROBLEM - I have a link to the OHIO one that was POSTED ON NOVEMBER 23RD -- I even had a link to the video on UDCC. (this was the Horseshoe phenomena).

And, the other video is little more than an unimpressive ORB video -- IF it is even that.

However, with such PROOF in hand - why not listen to the channelers of the Galactic info they possess, right? After all, Webre FIRST wrote of the NOV. 9th `prediction' for the above NON-EVENTs on November 24th on DECEMBER 4th. But, I guess there is no concern for cause and effect in some circles.

Anyway - shouldn't such solid sourcing and proof DESERVE a look into what the "intelligent civilizations of the regional galactic governance authority known as the 'Council of 8'." -which BTW doesn't seem identical IMO to Fulham's Transcenders (hmm) Or whatever he called his cosmic connection - who relate this info:

The interdimensional source also indicated that the intelligent civilizations were already taking action against chemtrails, which they described as weapons intended to prevent humanity’s DNA structure from evolving with galactic consciousness energy waves. The source stated they would never allow a planetary nuclear war to take place on Earth.

I'm sorry, my eyes glaze over when I hear the words Galactic Consciousness. Even if I think it might exist. Anyway, does the above seem like PROOF of Galactic Consciousness to YOU? If so, go for it. But, UDCC will wait for something a bit better than the Exopolitics Folks and their imaginations.

So, where does that leave UDCC on Fulham with about 5 days left for his Moscow prediction? --------- In the same analysis as I have provided before - that said, what a shame that the Exopolitics `movement' latched onto his final days. As indeed, Fulham's prediction of what his Galactic connections said to him (via the channeled) is in THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.

The final countdown - the song that you are singing in your head - the one connected to Galactic Consciousness.

Lastly, to summarize - non-event YouTubes PROVE post-predicted non-event YouTubes, in connection with grand intergalactic consciousness in war with our Chemtrail sprayers of our one world government who want to prevent our Ascension into the galactic plane of thought.

And you thought the 9-11 conspiracy was convoluted.
Challenges of Change, Book 1 Fulham's Book.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Couple UFO Links

Just some links today - first one provided by a UDCC reader to an event in Peru - it is a TV report and the video is compelling in many ways: -
The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru - 2 DVD Set
Date with the Gods

Ancient Aliens

Life on Mars? New Scientific Evidence
Meanwhile, -- Florida Fire Chief Reports Amazing UFOs Agitated Dolphins--Incredible Videos - - with videos.

And, in case you hear that objects are inbound for Earth in Dec. 2012 again -
The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence
The Eerie Silence: Renewing Our Search for Alien Intelligence
The SETI Game - Reciprocal Altruism Game Theory Applied to The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligences (SETI)

Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
See you tomorrow?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Extreme Considerations - Could USA Really Be `At War' With UFOs?

Yeah, I've sat on this link for two weeks already - and it isn't as if you haven't caught a sniff or two of it online somewhere - so - UDCC will repeat it again here - Bombshell Report: WikiLeaks to Release US at War with UFOs -

As you may know, I also do Barf Stew  and perhaps the above link would have been more appropriate there. That said, I wanted to wait and see if anything was-is ultimately released and what it will say. THAT said, such a Wikileaks would be ONE HELLUVA WAY TO INFORM the world of `alien' visitors (actually, it sounds more or less like THEY LIVE HERE).

As regular `UFO Clockers' know, UDCC does not rule out in any way the possibility that some aliens and for that matter `entities too' live ON Earth in some fashion. That said, let us see the proof too.
A.D. After Disclosure: The People's Guide to Life After Contact
Ufo & ET: How Government Disclosure of the Truth Will Impact Humanity

Links To Absorb:

Doin the Disclosure Gig Today:


I've heard that Clockers are Pocket Watch People:
Full Metal Alchemist Pocket Watch GE-7705
Full Metal Alchemist Pocket Watch GE-7705

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yet ANOTHER - Missile Seen Off Texas Coast

Are things getting more nefarious by the F-ing Day? Or not.

Here we go again with a TV report of another citizen filming `a missile' launch, this one just off the coast of Texas. Perhaps most surprising to me is the military reluctance to completely dismiss the IDEA that it could be a Missile. After all, don't we have satellites AND ground based stuff that could 100% rule it out?

Has it really taken citizens THIS LONG to see that MANY of the chemtrail/contrails do seemingly impossible things?
The other day I featured UFO Videos from North Carolina - wanna see another?
I put this link into the sidebar today: -- hours if not days worth of photos and more about UFOs. You Are Welcome.
Thanks for your visit and attention today - and thanks for visiting the sidebar.
How to Build a $125 Million UFO Detector
EVP Listener "Ghost Telephone" UFO Angels
UFO-01 Detector
UFO-01 Detector

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nearing Countdown On Fulham's Moscow Prediction

If you remember Stanley Fulham's prediction about the gradual increase in UFO Displays by the aliens - the next one was/is due in Moscow by the end of Friday (but, with strange language could extend over the next 9 days too). Supposedly of a longer or more in your face nature than NYC's on Oct. 13th. And, because the late Mr. Fulham got his last prediction PERFECT - anything less in this case would not be acceptable if one is to be glued to what his supposed information is from the entities channelled via his questions. This was his statement:

Meanwhile, here's some Moscow 2011 UFO videos already on YouTube: Jan.3rd.

Here's a link to the SAME UFO posted by a different person and claiming to be a half hour later than the first above -

Here's something in the sky 1-1-11:

Caution is urged on this Holographic Fake Plane from 1-4-11:

UDCC will be tracking this - certainly, nothing above would qualify, yet. Indeed, while UDCC is NOT certain that the Moscow Pyramid was REAL last year - IF it was (and there are photos and video) it was spectacular -- IF this is to TOP that - we indeed may have real alien disclosure on our hands.

Ten days ain't long to wait.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

North Carolina UFO Videos

Hello and welcome to UDCC's continuing search of YouTube - state by state - for UFO videos posted that originated in that state. Today, for the second day in a row,  UDCC travels to a new state in the country - North Carolina - in search of UFO videos; below are some findings:

Video One - As regular Clockers know - UDCC has been all over this `Blue UFO' stuff - and here's yet another example (not a circle however) from Feb. 2010 in N.C.: (nsfw language)

Here's a link to the report of the above video -

Video Two - Sept. 2008 Mineral Springs NC - Long, enhanced UFO lights in the sky type video. Set to GREAT Pink Floyd music.

Video Three - Another Sky Writing UFO? From 2007 (1,313 views at posting):

Thanks for being a UDCC visitor today. Have you seen the sidebar?
Looking for another cool blog? - my new anomalyman listing

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kansas UFO Videos

Hello and welcome to UDCC's continuing search of YouTube - state by state - for UFO videos posted that originated in that state. Today UDCC travels to the heart of the country - Kansas - in search of UFO videos; below are some findings:

First Video, 2006, over downtown Kansas City, two UFOs (in opinion of video poster) found in pictures of a thunderstorm. One is a domed shaped saucer craft the other, even more nebulous : Interesting, nonetheless: (2,002 views when posted)

Video Two is a TV report about MUFON and a recent UFO sighting in 2010. Indeed, this MUFON lady claims a HUGE increase in reported incidents. (59 Views when posted)

Video Three - Another TV report, from 2009, of a strange object photographed in Kansas. A daytime photo that IMO looks like the sideview of a bird - that said, it certainly is worthy of view: (5,388 views when posted)

Video Four - Yes, I saved the topper for last. The 1971 Delphos UFO Landing Incident - Multiple Witnesses - Ground Evidence - And, all set to a HEAVY Jefferson Airplane tune (I think) :

Pretty impressive. I appreciate UDCC readers giving me the latitude to use the whole Kansas City area to contribute to Kansas Videos. LOL.
The Myth and Mystery of UFOs
UFOs & Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge
Kansas UFO's & Extraterrestrials!: A Look at the Sightings & Science in Our State! (Carole Marsh Kansas Books)
The War in Kansas. A rough trip to the Border, among new homes and a strange people.

Ghost Towns of Kansas: A Traveler's Guide


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How's this for a space age looking machine?

Silver AOS 7144 Ultrasonic Humidifier Find out more with one click.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chemtrails = Aerosol Spraying of Barium, "fibers", Pathogens

UDCC is hardly a screaming voice about Chemtrails as I think that they have been used to stop Global Warming since the peak in 1998. That said, as I covered yesterday at my new blog TAL - and my blog Barf Stew - Chemtrails may indeed NOT be what I think OR may have additional purposes too. And, with that in mind I wanted to bring to UDCC the same link I used at Barf Stew (with different commentary) yesterday as I think it is very credible. Very.  One of the links on the page is called 73 planes before breakfast - Classic.
But, before you think the above tells the whole story, think again. As THIS link - is about to make your head JERK backwards ---- as could the Chemtrail Phenomena be FORTEAN? --- Literally an event(s) without possible cause? An event to cause wonder? ---- - this is part of this link:

Over the past year, the Combat Diaries team have

conducted a special investigation of chemtrails over
Britain. With the help of specialists (some ex Royal
Air Force), we conducted a 16 hour period of
observation by web, telephone, and amateur radio of
the skies over America and Central Europe, from first
light to last light, taking into account time
differences. The results were quite disturbing. It was
obvious that simultaneous operation by large numbers
of quite visible aircraft were being mounted over
continental areas on both sides of the Atlantic.
Through contacts, we managed also to get reports on
this selected same day from the civilian staff of
merchant and cruise ships crossing the Atlantic. They
reported that sky trails were visible in whilst
sailing in mid Atlantic.
Thus we concluded that chemtrails represent a
continuous operation of incredible magnitude. The
aircraft involved show remarkably similar
characteristic and performance, though their profile
we have yet to find in any book of aircraft
recognition. Roughly, they resemble in shape and size
the Boeing 757 (the type that crashed into the
Pentagon on 9/11), but carried no markings. This is
remarkable in itself, because technically it is
illegal. Measured by range theodolite and ex-service
hand-held rangefinders, they were doing approximately
the same speed at the same height. The speed was
steady, quite precisely maintained, being 1200 –1400
mph. This is somewhat high for an outmoded passenger
aircraft type, meant for inland short/medium range
commuter flights at a top speed of 450 mph!
These things are wonders in themselves, but it is the
sheer number of these pseudo 757-type aircraft that is
beyond belief. On this chosen sample day, our
reporters in France, Germany and Holland, Spain, Italy
and Israel alone reported at noon the sky trails of no
less that 234 almost identical aircraft at between
40-50,00 feet Since this hourly rate continued during
the day it represented some 2340 sorties over ten
hours. Worldwide, multiplying the quite reasonable
factor of 10, we have 23,400 sorties per day by planes
of a non-military non-supersonic configuration,
travelling at speeds equivalent to the combat speed of
F16 or Typhoon Euro-fighter.

By comparison, NATO figures for annual full-scale
exercises amount to something like 300 (jet
supersonic) combat sorties at full stretch for the
same time period, involving some no more than 150
aircraft. Again, the absence of reported noise is
strange. Even a single Tornado on afterburner over
central London would shake the population up
Since our observers at military and civilian airfields
reported no such activity by any such aircraft, we
have here a modern mystery in our skies visible to all
on a clear day. National airspace regulations don’t
appear to be a problem at all with any country as far
as these infringements are concerned.
This vast number of aircraft appear to have no
detectable bases, they have no apparent air-refuelling
needs, they do not carry drop tanks, and the routes
appear to stretch across the sky from all compass
points, often crossing one another on a pretty random
basis. They appear also to have no detectible
manufacturers, support base, or refuelling facilities.

And they don’t appear to land or take off! Again,
since no air force in the world (not even the United
States Air Force) has any supersonic transport
aircraft, the presence of many hundreds of supersonic
transport aircraft is rather strange!
The cost such of such visible operations on a
worldwide basis by the approximately the same type of
powerful aircraft must be stupendous. The maintenance,
fuelling, and repair facilities of such a great number
of high-performance aircraft can only be imagined. The
training schemes and accommodation of the personnel
appear not to exist! Since no such numbers of this
aircraft type are on manufacturer’s lists, and the
number that have been manufactured are all busy on
conventional routes flying conventional passengers and
cargo, we have here a true mystery of our time.

Where are they from, and what are they doing on their
seemingly purposeless routes across the sky?
Investigations are continuing. We are trying, by
various means to monitor their VHF, but they do not
appear to have any measurable frequency signature and
neither do they appear to make any physical noise.

This again is amazing because the represent a very
great number of aircraft that are entering and leaving
(an indeed manoeuvring) inside national airspace at
will, with no recognition signals, and no visible
identification. Since they are supersonic, they are
over the visible horizon in seconds (the comparatively
lazy motion of a 400-mph 747 Jumbo may be compared to
them). Where these many aircraft all break into Mach 1
is another mystery.

We have discovered something else that multiplies
these astonishments. Using (passive) night scope
infrared amplifiers, we found that the operations did
not cease after nightfall!
This means that roughly speaking we can possibly
multiply the scale of operations by a factor of two,
bringing us into absurd realms as regards cost,
maintenance, and purpose.

There is even more at the link so please read it.

But, what do you make of the above - because to UDCC the only `answer' is something of a Fortean Nature --- OR -- one of the most nefarious things you have to consider about what the very concept of what `secrecy' means. For the above `research' by Colin Bennett and his Combat Diaries team almost must make an individual make a choice between Fortean or Nefarious.

My ears are open to hear another possibility from UDCC readers. Please share your thoughts.
Meanwhile - while one is in the state of mind that includes all possibilities - here's one right on the edge:
Former CIA NSA Expert Discusses Upcoming Alien UFO Disclosure by US Government

Something Ironic In Chemtrails NOT Being In SpellCheck
Over at TAL (my new blog) - Jesus Sightings -

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Will The Proliferation Of UFO Shapes In 2011 Continue?

Happy New Year!

First, thank you for visiting UDCC as one of the first websites you came to in 2011 - and this year UDCC will strive to bring you a UFO blog without prejudiced opinions as to where the UFO phenomena is `going'. IF anywhere. LOL. That said, the phenomena does, for sure, continue to evolve - at least what is supposedly being seen, photographed, and videotaped in the world's skies.

What I mean by that is that in 2010 we had what I'd call `virtually' (no pun intended) new forms of UFOs - literally new SHAPES. Such as the Moscow PYRAMID -- Such as HORSESHOE shaped UFOs - Such as BLUE CIRCLE shaped UFOs - and yes, TWO reports of AIRLINE JET shaped UFOs (reports from our readers in Alabama) -- To even a TUBE shaped UFO seen over Las Vegas.

I won't mention the `SKY-WRITING' UFOs `shapes' I guess.

Granted, the above are `exceptions', but represent a possible evolution also, of the now standardish Triangle or V-Shaped Craft that seems to be most projecting to human perception nowadays. That is not to suggest that the Model T shaped Saucer still doesn't show up too. Or, the occasional `Mile-Wide' UFO shape of the last couple of years.

And, I won't mention the seeming development of the ORB phenomena (multiple orbs at a time, orbs near chemtrails,) either.

So, are we about to see TRAPEZOIDS? Will the Sky-Writing turn into PICTURES? ----------- I mean, just how bizarre could it all get? Seems pretty weirded out right now to UDCC. But, it isn't hard to `predict' that this is not the end of `change'.
You may have noticed the January Setting for the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock has moved a half-hour towards Midnight (mainly due to the 3 Horseshoe UFOs in the daytime) and is now at 10:45 PM to start 2011.
Don't be utterly surprised if the USA does a `Soft UFO Disclosure' in 2011 that the Exopolitics people will herald as the next change in Humanity. I ask you - have the numerous Soft UFO Disclosures of the past few years by one country after another changed YOU?

Indeed, in this post - I outlined just how casually our slicker than slick President Obama could let this all `slip':

".... imagine President Obama taking the time for some softball questions by our ever so investigative media -- `what do you think sir' - to which our President will say something like this "well, I've read the report and it does have some interesting testimony and many strange, almost surreal, occurrences - of which I don't know what to make of" ... "parts of it - do have a security aspect and our military has had an interest in such reports -- but -- I have 100% knowledge that we can defend our airspace - there is NO reason for concern and never, evidently, has been"..... "And, while a very very limited number of reports over the decades - seem to suggest entities not of human origin - I will leave it to others and the American people what to ultimately believe - because as you know, the mind can play strange tricks"...... "And, after reviewing this data and talking with our military - I can assure you we are not under any threat. That said, I have instructed MR. _________ to form a taskforce - to review any threats of unknown origin and to yearly provide a look from a security angle about phenomena"

And, with that - would be the END OF THE STORY -- and would YOUR life be changed?
Finally a couple links of interest:

Lesley Gunter of TDF had this most interesting link this past week about a Chemtrail Plane being forced to land by another country --- Gunter warns us all of the `source' - US Reported In “Panic” After Chemtrail Planes Forced Down In India, Nigeria - I'd also like to point out the post in from June 2009 - but, it is exactly the type of story the media would bury here.

Recent UDCC backlink -

Finally, thank you to the individual who donated via the PayPal button yesterday (at the bottom of the sidebar) - your significant donation was appreciated.

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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition




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