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Monday, January 31, 2011



I believe we may have the confirmation the UDCC has been looking for on a `major' event -- a second video HAS surfaced (less than 1,500 views so far) of the SAME EVENT video that I ran with yesterday. OMG. Check this out - now, UNLESS they are a hoax team, THIS IS the type of NEAR PROOF that UDCC has been waiting for. Enjoy.

IF this isn't some movie promo OR sophisticated hoax - we HAVE moved to a new level. IMO.

I've written more of my opinions on this event here today -


  1. THIS video is clearly a hoax, but I'm still on the fence about the earlier 2.

  2. the first video has a flash before the light takes off and that was what the guy was yelling about. Then they yelled a second time when it took off. The second video doesn't show the flash. Also, the orb strangely doesn't illuminate the top of the dome thing.

  3. First, I want to thank all of you for your first comments and reactions to this event.

    Muz, (if I may be so informal) - honest confession here, when I used the word flash in my post I was `thinking' quick - as in quick as a flash. Only with your comment did I realize the confusion. Now another confession - I didn't realize the first video was reacting to the flash of light immediately prior (hows that for misplaced perception.

    Now, finally to your point. It is a good one BUT - that area on the ground was awfully bright in a sense too and perhaps the flash wasn't down directed but out directed. (towards the other video guy).

    David - hey man, you might be right; if so however, the lengths that folks will go to fabricate a hoax is really getting sophisticated and indeed we will all be much more careful if that is the case. That said, the UTAH event -- and BTW it is in no way one of the only times ORBS have dropped out of UFOs - FYI - seems to add significance IMO.

    C.J. -- I'm pretty much in the same F-ing camp. IF it turns out to be the leading edge of the gradual increase in `exposure' - that would be about 100 days (a little over) since the NYC and El Paso stuff (which also involved dropping orbs to those that don't buy the Flying Army Skydivers Team theory).

    So, IF true - I'd say expect the same drama within or around 100 days. And of an even MORE certain nature.

    Edward, you are right man - observant indeed. Don't know if it matters all that much as far as a debunking idea but I'm open for discussion.


    Oh, another reader has sent me more to check out - IF it is important an update will be in Barf Stew most likely.

  4. I sent a message to the person who uploaded the video at youtube. I noticed he is from Israel, and asked him if he knew these people. But no reply....yet anyway.
    I would want to know WHY they were filming the city at night. Ie., it starts with someone filming someone filming the event ASS it is happening. So what's the story--? Did someone see it and then go running out with the camera? Was the other person filming the first camerman doing it so as to add authenticity to the event? I love asking questions----is the only way we find out.

    And dont feel bad about missin that flash. I still aint got over the shame of watching this video where I missed seeing this person in a gorilla suit walk through this scene of dancers!! Now THAT beats your miss LOL

  5. Sorry, this has been proven to be a simple pan of the still image found here:

    Note in the video there is absolutely no movement or flickering. The first two videos, though - well, that's a different story....

  6. Jeff,

    I have looked at this video and compared now and am not convinced either way but lean to it NOT being a video of a webpage. I do remember when someone did that of a magazine article to create a O'Hare UFO video.

    Nonetheless, thanks. Oh, proven where?

    Also, lets just surmise that it is FAKE (the close up one) and assume that someone is putting it out there to diminish the respect for the far view videos? Or, as goofy as this world is - trying to boost interest with this close Up view.


  7. Hi Rick,

    I think if you look at it closely you will see that the video shows without a doubt the picture at the url I provided.

    Regarding your theory on why - yes, I suspect it's intent was to lessen credence on the first 2 videos. I saw another video floating around that was obviously faked that showed the foreground out of sync with the background, as if to show that the background was somehow "green-screened" in. It was pretty pathetic. I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to these youtube UFO videos, but the original 2 Jerusalem videos are pretty convincing.


    BTW - to David Biedny up there - I believe I used to work with you (indirectly) back in the day when I worked at Radius. No?

  8. My husband and I saw this exact phenomenon a few years ago in Scottsdale, AZ. It hovered above us and we noticed it through the sunroof of our car. We had to pull over and get out and stare. There were 2 of these glowing orbs. We never talked to anyone about it because we had no evidence. And then several months ago, we saw video of the same thing on a TV show (Fact or Faked?) The video was taken by a couple in Northern California. Seeing their video and now yours was unexpected to match what we witnessed, and it made the hair on my neck stand on end. With your video a third match, I now believe these are authentic intelligently-guided entities not from this planet. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Also, the videos showing the orb "flicker" or have some sort of undulations was not apparent to our naked eye. This may be from the camera capturing the object or is just not detectable by the human eye. Therefore, the video that fails to have the same flickering may be because of the camera or distance and perspective of the videographer.

    The orbs that we saw have this eerie "floaty" and hover movement and that is what caught our attention. They clearly don't comply with our standard visual expectations of city lights or natural light activity from known celestial bodies. Each of these videos share that same movement properties but depending on the angle, it appears differently. By that I mean the curve of the earth and the distance this body might be seems to make one viewer see the light shoot across the sky, but from another angle, it was vertical.

    Finally, about the glow not having a reflection off other surfaces. It is also this unexpected visual cue that makes you quickly realize that you are seeing something not from Earth. It is such an "absorbing" light that it is hard to determine its distance from the ground. It glows, sure, but it doesn't seem to be emitting light waves. I know it's an impossible description, but it just doesn't reflect and you can stare at it and not have your eyes bothered like even staring at a bright street lamp might cause a squint. We just couldn't gauge if the thing was 100 feet away or 100,000 because the glow is so peculiar.

  10. Kate - thanks for sharing.

    Jeff - thanks again, I will still stick with my words.



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