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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exopolitics Pathetic Nov. 24th UFO Disclosure

It's true - UDCC is not one of Exopolitics favorite websites - oh well. It is also true that one would think that a website with the name of UDCC would INDEED be a favorite of such a `movement' (and I can think of more than one type of `movement' - that IMO Exopolitics represents). Some of their folks have even commented within these pages and I like to give a smidgen of respect for some of the so-called leaders book smarts and degrees from such and such university or institute.

However, (you knew that was coming, right?) - something happened two calendar months ago that I've simply let sit in my `post' box for UDCC. You see, the Exopolitics folks - in this case lead by Mr. Alfred Lambremont Webre - who is worth a Wiki also - have claimed that events in NYC on Nov. 24th prove Disclosure is near. Oh, you missed that?

Anyway, Mr. Webre, in what I have noted before about the `Exopolitics' folks -- seems to have `latched onto' the NYC Oct. 13th UFO Event and its Predictor Mr. Fulham (whom shared the same interests in `channeling galactic information').

Anyway, in the series of convoluted links I am going to provide, I will attempt to trace the logic of the PREDICTED NOVEMBER 24TH UFO EVENT OVER NYC --- yes, the one you never heard ONE word about prior to supposedly `occuring' -- (UDCC readers will love the `proof'). So, if you are still with me, let me try to give my backhanded review of the important event (NOT) that you missed.

As near as I can tell - Mr. Webre's `proof' first appeared in this `Examiner' article (yes the Examiner was the publication that printed the internet hoax a week or two ago by one of these Exopolitics folks of 3 Objects Heading For Earth In Dec. 2012 and sighting a SETI employee as a source) of his own origin - ON DEC. FOURTH - here is that link - (yes, I apologize for linking to an article on a site with THREE F-ing pop-ups and pop-unders - quality thru and thru). Part of the above article was given a larger audience here -

In this link, which I will cover much more, Webre cites this link as his sourcing for the November 24th prediction - - this link has 3 (three) supposed NYC UFO videos of Nov. 24th - some silly radar screen shots - and 2 other videos  with the date of Nov. 24th. ------------------ ONE problem, IMO, the three NYC screen captures of someones security cam or such - hardly proves ANYTHING. Indeed, why would `lights' appear over and over from the distance and then ALWAYS go in one direction? - Answer, distant planes coming into sight in a landing pattern! HARDLY PROOF OF A `PREDICTION'!

Indeed, you will need to go to the links to see the video as NONE are worthy of a NOV 24th prediction.

And, about the prediction - NO proof at least IMO is offered of something stating it on NOV. 9th. NONE. But, who cares about facts. Oh, and back to the other Nov. 24th videos offered as proof. ONE PROBLEM - I have a link to the OHIO one that was POSTED ON NOVEMBER 23RD -- I even had a link to the video on UDCC. (this was the Horseshoe phenomena).

And, the other video is little more than an unimpressive ORB video -- IF it is even that.

However, with such PROOF in hand - why not listen to the channelers of the Galactic info they possess, right? After all, Webre FIRST wrote of the NOV. 9th `prediction' for the above NON-EVENTs on November 24th on DECEMBER 4th. But, I guess there is no concern for cause and effect in some circles.

Anyway - shouldn't such solid sourcing and proof DESERVE a look into what the "intelligent civilizations of the regional galactic governance authority known as the 'Council of 8'." -which BTW doesn't seem identical IMO to Fulham's Transcenders (hmm) Or whatever he called his cosmic connection - who relate this info:

The interdimensional source also indicated that the intelligent civilizations were already taking action against chemtrails, which they described as weapons intended to prevent humanity’s DNA structure from evolving with galactic consciousness energy waves. The source stated they would never allow a planetary nuclear war to take place on Earth.

I'm sorry, my eyes glaze over when I hear the words Galactic Consciousness. Even if I think it might exist. Anyway, does the above seem like PROOF of Galactic Consciousness to YOU? If so, go for it. But, UDCC will wait for something a bit better than the Exopolitics Folks and their imaginations.

So, where does that leave UDCC on Fulham with about 5 days left for his Moscow prediction? --------- In the same analysis as I have provided before - that said, what a shame that the Exopolitics `movement' latched onto his final days. As indeed, Fulham's prediction of what his Galactic connections said to him (via the channeled) is in THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.

The final countdown - the song that you are singing in your head - the one connected to Galactic Consciousness.

Lastly, to summarize - non-event YouTubes PROVE post-predicted non-event YouTubes, in connection with grand intergalactic consciousness in war with our Chemtrail sprayers of our one world government who want to prevent our Ascension into the galactic plane of thought.

And you thought the 9-11 conspiracy was convoluted.
Challenges of Change, Book 1 Fulham's Book.



  1. Hi again, Rick. Anybody and his sister can make online predictions these days -- it took Alfred Lambremont Weber to perfect the art of the postdiction.

    Really, I haven't been able to take that particular clique seriously since Dr. Greer's flamboyant little ET in the sparkly red and green getup, complete with glitter-a-go-go boots. I wouldn't mind so much being abducted by a little clan of those leprechauns... it's the cold, agenda-driven Grays who leave much to be desired, as far as I'm concerned.

    PS: I exaggerated. I've never been able to take that bunch seriously.

  2. Enigmatica - LOL. Hey man thanks.
    Yep, I'm sure Alfred will show up here - I will print it if he does. I'm ready to be slammed.

    That said, I eagerly wait for his supporters (of which none ever seem to appear)to grace these pages with their defense.

    Yep, that Greer photo and declaration was beyond priceless and certainly ushered him from the scene in nearly all regards of anyone who was serious.




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