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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stanley Fulham Transcenders - Another Failed Prediction

Hello Clockers. UDCC is slightly disappointed to inform you that the short awaited prediction of a UFO event in Moscow, to continue the escalation of human contact via the aliens - according to the Interstellar Transcenders - to prepare us all for an intervention in our skies to remove pollutants - has seemingly FAILED to materialize.

Yes, I know, the sad but true Exopolitics folks - led by Mr. Webre - have said the opposite. (not even worthy of a link) Indeed, they base it on videos by the same Russian that UDCC featured on Jan. 5th - a guy that is obsessed with submitting similar nondescript UFO videos to YouTube. Oh, and for the Exopolitics folks, this is the THIRD LEG of correct predictions ---- (clears throat) - yeah right.

Remember that big UFO event on NOV. 24th? (Yeah, completely dissed here at UDCC.) That was the second part of the proof of aliens. Now we are awaiting whatever minor event in London that is played up by the near pathetic Exopolitics believers.

However, if you remember the `correct' Transcender prediction of Oct. 13th over a major city - even that was a redaction (postdiction) by Mr. Fulham as it was supposedly going to be over many major cities. And, not just NYC. So, with Stanley Fulham now dead, perhaps we humans simply didn't get the revised `schedule of appearances'. (?)

About the only way to `save' the whole `Transcenders' motif at this point would be for the next major UFO event in the world, regardless of exact timing, indeed occur in Moscow. UDCC will hardly quibble if the next big UFO thing is TV reports from Moscow next month or whenever the next BIG event occurs.

But, the FAILURE of the event to occur as predicted, should make one look at the other more prosaic explanations and anomalous explanations of the Oct. 13th UFO event in NYC. Could balloons hover in the sky from the early morning into the mid-afternoon (from the known two release points)? - Could the `evening' TV UFO have been Jupiter?

AND, on the anomalous side - the paranormal side - was the human  emotion that was being released that day, from the rescue of the Chilean Miners, 33 Men: Inside the Miraculous Survival and Dramatic Rescue of the Chilean Miners ssooooooo stupendous as to LITERALLY cause `signs in the sky'? Could human emotion express in such a manner?

Or, are we humans indeed being toyed with? Or, perhaps we are `not ready' for a `second event'?

I look forward to your comments.
Other UFO Disclosure links: - that New Zealand UFO soft disclosure has brought forth these interesting words of analysis:
Look at the evidence. Other countries get alien abductions by the truckload. But in the more than half a century of contact recorded in the Defence Force X-files, not a single alien has bothered to have any meaningful interaction with us.

Aliens do not want to introduce us to their leader, take us to new civilisations, grill us on the details of our daily lives, or entrust us with grave warnings about the future. They have never given us a ride in their spaceship. They can't even be arsed to mutilate our cattle.
Most gallingly of all, aliens don't want to have sex with us. They show no interest in ravishing us with their giant tentacles, and keep their probes firmly in the pockets of their metallic space suits when we're around. Face the facts, New Zealanders: aliens are just not that into us.
Unexplained New Zealand: Ghosts, UFOs & Mysterious Creatures

WOW. Report Concerning an Unidentified Flying Object Communicated by Thomas Jefferson - you will love this short read -
1999 French UFO Study -
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  1. Certainly a disappointment. I agree with you on the Exo people trying to make something out of nothing. As a whole, I don't think most humans are ready for the big disclosure, but then again, when will they be?

  2. LOL I am relieved his prediction didn't come true because what he was pushin is SO new age. He also was supportive of the offical account of 9/11......
    However, I still feel that something happened over NYC--dont know what but it wasn't just balloons ;)

  3. No offense...but why don't you LIGHTEN UP! I'm sick of all the online afficianados. As a matter of fact, if there was EVER a topic demanding complete objectivity...this is it. Remember; empirical knowledge-it's not for everyone-only the elite.

  4. There WAS a Moscow sighting. In fact a couple of Moscow sightings and a London sighting the week after as Fulham predicted but the reports werre very low-key. Get your facts straight and do your research before you 'try' to prove someone wrong.

  5. Edino -- Thanks for checking in with Mr. Webre's latest - give you a hint - he has no credibility.


  6. jan 28th 2011 sighting: Rock temple, Jerusalem 1am and Utah, U.S. 3hrs later - Red lights hovering dropping as if a white (recon) orb of some sort that emits a surge of energy (possible catch framing its enviroment)


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