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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amazing MUFON Reports of April 28th

Morning Clockers - and welcome to newcomers too. Today I have LOTS of `stories' that come from the public and are the latest listings at MUFON. UDCC will also have other significant links and opinions on the UFO phenomena.

First up - A FOOTBALL (field I assume) sized UFO with markings: SEEN YESTERDAY!
The Description:
It was 227pm apr 27 I went outside to smoke cig with my dad and he looked up and pointed and said what is that is that a ufo? I looked and said ya weird what is that. It was going left and was like a frisby and the few was like the side of a friby in flight few. It had some black window looking things it appeared to be rotating like a fan. It went left real fast. Then weirdly it dead stopped for 20-30 seconds. It was silver. It was at least size of football field. Just by the size I saw there it was bigger than any other airplane the US has made. Then after stoped went back left and tree blocked it off and should have came back in view but it was like gone.I was calm at first then i thought about it for seconde got scared,like something odd happened, anxiety. It was gone at 229 I looked at the clock then when it went behind tree i went grab camera it reaed 229. Crazy stuff. I will take polograph swear on a bible. It was not a plane. The only time i saw something like this was on UFO shows. Thanks it was UFO and I am not crazy. i live in engelwood. Rotanda west, FL.
And, the drawing:
(click to enlarge)
Also seen yesterday - A California Orb

(click to enlarge)
Two others of the Sequence
The Description with Photos
Picture of Vegas UFO of 4-16
Michigan UFO of 4-6

Two Orbs - 2010 Wyoming (picture)
Finally, a MUFON flipout report.

Case One

My first memory was of waking up in my grandparents house being abandoned. I walked into my grandparents living room, and I saw that only I was in the room. I walked into the dining room, and saw in the driveway a ten foot flying saucer landed. and then I saw a battalion of brown suite soldiers marching to my door with black rifles. I tried to hide, but then the door opened. Then a black out.
Case Two
I woke up to see that my houses hall was warping, my family computer and mouse was floating. I looked out the window, and a siren went off. I looked out the window, and I saw a flying saucer chased by a fighter jet. And then the flying saucer split into two flying saucers. I woke up with a scratch on my arm.
Case Three
This was when I was thirteen, I was at the beach swimming, and felt a jelly fish in my swimming suit, and pulled it out. It felt like 30 minutes passed, but in fact only 3 minutes passed. I discovered i had a rash between my legs. I then went to bed that night, and found myself pulled out of the window I couldnt normally reach. and then I saw a triangular craft pull me into the air. I woke up the next morning, with my underwear turned inside out, and a black mark that lasts to this day.
Case Four
In this case, I saw 6 grey like being standing in front of my bed. They were about 6 ft tall, and that had no apparent face. The incident lasted 3 minutes.
Case Five
This one was this year, I had a dream were an insectlike creature was crawling all over my walls, and then it turned its head 900 degress, and then starred at me with daggers.
Case Six
In this case, I had a dream were instead of seeing a jet fighter chasing the ufo, it was the ufo chasing the jet fighter. All in all, I'm not so much scared, as I am crepped out, and totally confused.
And, this drawing was submitted -
This last case today reminds me of the great esoteric writings of Erich Kuersten - on The C Influence Blog. This guy extends the threshold of what perception for humans might be with great insights IMO.
And, here, is a better discussion about the NSA `Extraterrestrial Message' than I provided yesterday - excellent read. The worrisome takeaway - we may have been duped to hit the link at NSA. (That said, anyone blogging about UFOs knows that visits from the .mil is just part of the game. I am sure a list exists of such people. Oh my.) - and the original link - - Oh, yesterday I said that the link from UFO Digest had been removed - it's back. -- OH, and BTW, here's a link to the same Kevin Smith (who caused the stir at UFO Digest and more with his ET Messages boost Monday talking about the Jerusalem UFO -
For that matter, here's a real good discussion about UFO Disclosure on another blog -
Meanwhile..... are you still thinking about the Jerusalem Orb? Well, here's a new video analysis (under 500 views) that seems to confirm the teen video was legit. - UFO JERUSALEM DEEP ANALYSIS VIDEO 4 -PART 1 -
And, finally, in the land of Ludicrous Foes - (again from MUFON a couple days ago) - The FULL Moon and UFO - beautiful in some ways - don't you think?
(click to enlarge - real nice enlargement)
UDCC, The Cutting Edge - Thanks for your visit - Look Around for much more.
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