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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sept. 29th - UK Daytime `Tipped Box' UFO/Orb (Video)

Wow. Here's a nefarious looking object readily seen above the UK London area yesterday. @300 views when posted. Of interest is the lack of sound and black tipped ends. Looks like some sort of sophisticated Orb or PoliceState Drone. Filmer claims the Orb moved back to the right and then took off quickly too.

Today's search of YT also produced this of interest from Sept. 26th - (was this on MSNBC?) - - guy says only two of the UFO's showed up on video. Lots of claims and lots of claims of BS.
Meanwhile..... Plans For a Civil War-Era Flying “War Machine” Discovered in Bookstore - Micah Hanks Explains.

Speaking of good ORB videos - here's a video with some good close-ups of an Orb in North Carolina Recently.
Oh, thanks to the recent `I Am Unicorn' purchasers via Amazon off of one of my blogs - THANKS.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VERY Strange Orbs Actions Videoed By UK `Caller/Videoer/Observer'

Today's offering has 28 views as of posting - I believe it was filmed yesterday. As Clockers know, a search of YT has been revealing more and more `recorders' of Orb events. Whether the `recorders' are the cause of the the anomalous events (or in this case - can see the sky above a hoaxer generator) or the events are happening at such a frequency to attract `recorders' as a matter of `the way things are' - this video is of interest.

As I implied - who knows if this is extreme Orb `behaviour' or nothing but a hoax being filmed - but I do find several of the `actions' of interest. First, the obvious, one would think that something of this level of movement (by the orbs) and within a densely populated area - would have OTHER videoers who are nothing more than`city' of (it looks dense from where the video is taken) folks who are also outside, and  who also have a camera phone.

But, UDCC hates using the `no confirming videos excuse'.

Next, the literal `pattern' of the Orbs vanishing and then seemingly Reappearing very close to the previous Orbs `starting place' again and again - seems a bit humanly mechanical or something. Rings very strange for `typical' Orb `behaviour' (which could be expanding?). That said, I haven't dug thru this guys dozens of UFO/Orb videos - but - the 37 year old seems more normal than many.

In the video you will see Orb splitting and recombining, vanishing and reappearing, and `New' Orbs origination from seemingly one area in the sky.

link -
SuperBigtoe22's Channel on YT -
UDCC - Original Stuff you have seen nowhere before! (often, lol)
I updated my Reddit Newsblog today too - Covering Politics and Conspiracy Today as Highlights - when you simply need more mystery.
Finally for today - here's another UFO speaker (with a book) who will rock you if you want to read of Government Projects and Anti-Gravity - Here.
 - His Book.
More tomorrow.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Media Re-Cycles OLD Jerusalem UFO/Orb `Truth'

A real quickie again today as I am out of town briefly and will resume UDCC posting on Wednesday. It seems everyone from GhostTheory to Huffpost to Anomalist is recycling OLD news about the Jerusalem Orb as we call it at UDCC. The so-called `investigation' was done MONTHS ago and had NO news then that wasn't `out-there' (a false statement to knowing EG by a friend when asked early in the aftermath). WOW, earth shattering for sure and definitely `proof' for all `non-believers'.

The logic for the proof is beyond worthless and proves NOTHING at all - like saying that two folks that live in a small community MUST be this or that because they have eaten at the same restaurant or walked on the same street. I hope that Clockers have a bit more common sense than to accept such drivel being given in the media as PROOF.

Pure Crapola.
See ya Wednesday.

Click the book images for more info. Oh, thanks to the readers that bought 3 DVDs from my blogs recently via Amazon - including Harry Potter. Thanks.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Prepping A UFO `State Of The Union' Address

Welcome to UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) and welcome to the first full day of Fall 2011 - a great day for a UFO State of the Union speech. And, like anyone making an address, I've got realms of stuff to potentially say - but - also want to adapt the information to the `audience' too. So, today's post will give you a bit of insight as to my probable approach to my first public appearance as a UFO `speaker' - a `popular' blogger (as described by The Anomalist yesterday, one of my all time favorite websites.  LOL.)

As I said, yesterday in my post here at UDCC - My State of the Union offers to be one of the most independent viewpoints one can hear about the UFO phenomena - as my analysis will not be tainted to support a theory I have in a book I'm selling or UFO Group that I represent - as I have neither, ... currently. LOL.

Anyway, I ask Clockers - those 100 plus of you that a familiar with the UDCC `dialogue' the few years - how would you present this UFOlogy mish-mash? What would you focus upon if you had only an hour or so to put it into an understandable whole? Is it even possible to condense the whole spectra or describe it in TWO hours? I will find out tonight.

So, this is what I am thinking.

That despite one of the topics of most `Widespread Recognition' in America, 95% - (Gallup poll 1973) - that the term `UFO Disclosure' is only searched on the big G - 18K times a month on the big G. by Americans? Alien Disclosure over 50% less! (Google Adwords figures as of yesterday).

That the above suggests a takeover by the cultural image/entertainment industry of the `alien motif'? And that it also suggests a true LACK OF INTEREST in UFO-Alien Disclosure by the public? --- I will explain my best guesses why all this is so - including the term Ludicrous Foes - the anagram for UFO Disclosure.

Which will lead to an overview of the `information control' about the UFO subject - and how info is reaching the public generally. The current role that the Government is playing, the MSM is playing and, perhaps importantly,  the Internet is playing. Blogging sites in particular.

In describing how you access UFOlogy - one would have to discuss the serious Jadedness that descents upon anyone having any ONE interest in UFOs - be it the exciting new UFOs of the 1940's and 1950's era - when UFOs were `crashing' and Washington D.C. appeared to have been buzzed? Or, be it the `current era' of what appears to be an escalation of `anomalous events'? Jadedness also cause by the constant predictions of UFO Contact from above!

AND, such a presentation must include that an escalation possible `nefarious' phenomena is just occurring the last year - including seemingly more brazen UFO events of show by the `aliens' (for lack of a better word) - `house hoverings by small translucent objects' - or the recently eerie Sky Noise Phenomena - RIGHT?

And, how nefarious should be considered as being very serious (or even real) - such as alien abduction phenomena, cattle mutilation, - or even further out stuff of folks like David Icke or the Exo-Politics clan?

I mean, with stuff like the above, possibly important trends, - does one ignore part of that to `re-hash' OLD disputed (as every UFO event is) UFO Legends? How important, in this day and age, is it to convince people of the longterm nature of `UFOs' or `Objects' in the skies of Earth? How does one approach and analyse the seeming INCREASE since the 40's to NOW of UFO events?

All that said, it will be impossible to IGNORE one persons connection to nearly the whole UFOlogy/ParaNormal Saga - Robert Bigelow. Indeed, I know have an even broader understanding of how his money has been involved almost as a liason to bring forth information and HIDE information. So, I WILL be going in-depth into all that for sure.

Yeah, it's almost like - IF I have time - I'll get into a bit of history about the UFO Disclosure Movement and what kind of `players' are involved. (Does anyone have the time for any details of the disinformation or hoaxes?)

Indeed, all the above - it seems will easily fill the hour address this evening - with only bare minimums of times to isolated UFO events of noteworthiness - PERHAPS. LOL.

Such As:
NASA Astronaut Claims
Anthony Bragalia's Research
Barney and Betty Hill, Travis Walton
Robert Lazar
Hanging Jetliners
Bigfoots/UFOs connections
Blossom Goodchild, David Icke, Web-bot Clif High
Galactic Federation Of Light, Project Camelot
Dr. Steven Greer
All News Web, Michael Cohen, Dr. Salla
1897 Airships
4th Horseman During Egypt Riots on TV

Of course, I'll include tidbits of knowledge I found out while preparing the SOTU address - such as the FIRST usage of the term UFO -- it was pronounced U-foe. Or that in 1878 was the first usage of the term `saucer' to describe an Unknown Flying Object. Stuff like that for sure. Crowd pleasers. The first pilot reports from before the 1930's. etc.

And, I haven't even covered directly - the THINGS that `UFOs' in most probability ARE - (multiple things of course.). There will be time for THIS RIGHT? LOL. (Yes, there will.)

Finally, of course, I will cover the most important UFO MSM events such as the Phoenix Lights, O'Hare UFO, Stephenville UFOs, NYC's Oct. 13th Event, and the Jerusalem Orb. So, if you have the time tonight and if you are in Atlanta - please consider coming to Poem88 at 8PM, near the corner of 14th street and Howell Mill.

Details in the sidebar. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

UFOs - The State Of The Union - Rick Phillips Speaks At Poem88

Good Morning my fellow Clockers. Today's post will be promoting my live speaking engagement, as the first speaker in the Robert Cheatham hosted, `Threshold Series' of events in Atlanta Georgia. The event will be my first in-person public speaking on UFOs (the link to my two hour internet interview with L.A. Marzulli is in the sidebar) and in front of a live audience that I can see and react with. It should be a trippy event - and I hope that if you are a reader of my blogs, or have a strong interest in UFOs; and, if you live in the Atlanta area, that you will attend tomorrow evening. (Sept. 23rd.)

As I think I am discovering - almost no one stands up in a public forum to talk and give opinions about UFOs - unless you are part of the camaraderie of UFO book sellers, MUFON, or New Age zealots. And, one thing I can guarantee all those that attend, will be an INDEPENDENT set of viewpoints on the complex thing this blog covers - called UFOs and UFO Disclosure. I have no book or book viewpoint to push. I `belong' to NO UFO organization. Hear unvarnished opinion and analysis.

That said, and as I hope Clockers know, - I have been following what I feel are the important points about UFOlogy - that seldom to NEVER get mentioned in the MSM. The kind of opinions that ONLY someone following the UFO mess on a daily basis can even get a grasp upon. Those are the kinds of things I will be bringing to the table in the Threshold discussion.

And, yes, it will be a discussion. Not only will Robert be asking questions, the audience will be encouraged to also. IF you have a UFO experience that you'd like to share - you will be encouraged. As Clockers know, the whole UFO arena was thrust into my thinking when I had `my UFO experience' (link to which you can find in the sidebar to the left).

So, if you want to know more about the Threshold Series and my speaking engagement specifically - - you'll have to dig all the way down to the bottom for the full Threshold Series Description.
Thanks For Being A Clocker!
The Threshold Series with Moderator Robert Cheatham

Sept. 23rd in Atlanta at Poem 88 (Art Gallery).

Address: 1100 Howell Mill Road Suite A-3 in the White Provisions building (map at     (Extremely close to where 14th street dead ends into Howell Mill - The White Provisions Building has FREE Parking.)
Time: 8:00 PM-->
Donation - 5 Dollars

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Detailed UFO Dream

Morning Clockers AND Newbies too. Today I bring to you one of my few bookmarks in the sidebar - and its webmaster Lesley Gunter. On her site, Lesley relates an amazingly detailed dream she had that included elements you must dig into. I will provide this tease:
"I had a weird UFO dream last night. This is kind of a reoccurring dream because I remember having a similar one at least once before, only in it I was at home and I didn't remember as much about it. This one I had right before I got up so I remember it all:

I don't know where I was, but I think I was on vacation and staying in some hotel or condo. I am on the second floor and in the room is a huge window. Like at least 6 feet long by 4 feet. Britton has gone somewhere and I am bored so I get up and look out this window. It is not daytime, starting to get dark, but the sky is still somewhat bright. I notice 3 contrails forming, but I can't see anything that is forming them. Suddenly something zips across the sky so fast that I can't see what it is, but it leaves a huge contrail. Then I look back to the 3 that were forming and what is forming them appears. Three square shaped craft, they kind of look like pie boxes and they are white in color. I go and grab my camera which is on a table in the room, but when I get back to the window ......."
Read the conclusion at Lesley's site today dated 9-20-11 Right Here.
Sometimes, things get hung up in the bin so to speak - or - like this - deserve a viewing here and NOT just on my BS site. So, Clockers, enjoy NASA'S `Mars Ape Picture' - worth your click. Great website too.
And, I want to thank that blog reader who purchased this book from my blogs yesterday:
Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy: Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
Another reminder,.... that if you live in the Atlanta area - you are invited to come to Poem88 on Friday evening Sept. 23rd at 8PM to hear me talk about the UFO phenomena and disclosure.
Today's UFO video is a great one you must see. Done with I assume night vision camera in Colorado. What this dude has captured is an object with 6 parts following each other. The guy has lots of weird videos just like this September 5th video - 28K views. Could six ORBs be traveling this fast thru the sky in this line formation? Or, is this more likely 6 truly `alien craft'?

IF you have time for more SNP (Sky Noise Phenomena) - I have another version of the `louder, sharper' versions of the phenomena over at BS today Right Here that occured on Aug. 23. Like Marvin Gaye asked, "what's goin on"?
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweeden, Middle Of The Night - Strange Noise FromThe Sky

Just a quicky today Clockers: Video is from the spring and just uploaded a few days ago: Under 300 views.

See You Tomorrow.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Strange Sky Sounds Beaverlodge,Alberta,Canada Sept15/2011

Man says that this sound lasted four hours. Additionally, he said on 9-15 that it has been getting louder and longer each day. And, yes, he has even MORE recent videos - including as recently as Saturday. This one is VERY VERY similar to the sound I have heard in Atlanta and is becoming the standard `SNP' Sky Noise Phenomena sound that the MSM is ignoring. VERY compelling. Under 115 views.

I split my SNP posting today - here's the one I put up at BS - again, super strange `trumpheting' more similar to Kiev - Sky Sound In Brazil - Sept 1st --- I have more in the UDCC bin and the BS bin.
OH, I want to thank the folks that bought these DVD's from my blogs yesterday:

Your purchase and support of UDCC is appreciated.
Thanks for being a Clocker Today!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hoaxing The `Too Good To Be True' Videos

Good morning Clockers and Newbies, I appreciate you once again looking into UFO Disclosure. As you know, increasingly in the last few years, several folks (MEN) have taken upon themselves to see what kind of `light display' they can produce into an open sky for society to view - often with the ultimate `hope' of inducing the cry of `Is That A UFO'?

Now, to these hoaxers, the `I want to believe' crowd @ UFOs is very gullible - and somehow - `deserving' to be hoaxed. Never mind that these hoaxers have looked at generally just a few UFO videos compared to the `believers' (who by the very nature of investigating the phenomena know that it is way more than any one hoaxer could produce in range or frequency worldwide on any given day).

Anyway, back to the `Is that a UFO'? cry of the public.

Recently, but with time for the flush out of details you are about to see and read about, (something that UDCC tries to do without seemingly withholding stuff) - there was an Over The Top UFO light display in Brazil - seemingly home to the UFO Bizarre. Well, first, the video:

link - 171K views
So, the above `phenomena' is seen above an area with population - and then recorded by those in the area - and suddenly one has `UFO' phenomena caught on multiple cameras simultaneously - the holy grail of minimal proof that something even occurred and was not CGI to begin. Indeed, it's like a continuation of the level of `proof' needed to get coverage by the MSM (I believe this had limited coverage for a day or so in the MSM by a limited amount of sources, but I could NOT find it independently via G) - and this was the general reaction from the alternative internet media - a heralding almost. This Google link shows Who Covered The Story in late July and has a link to the `answer' by August 7th.

UDCC simply chose not to cover this `too much' story at the time and wanted to wait it out for something more than internet chatter (which UDCC has traced in the past and shown to be often one person creating `disclosure date rumor' or `over the top video') - then, I became aware that Forgetomori had focused on the `big follow-up' - which is almost always lacking from the websites wanting to believe.

Frankly, while UDCC held back in this `case', it was simply a matter of judgement. IMO, those that covered it ALSO made the right decision - let the people decide. My only complaint is the lack of follow thru when `details' are not as forthcoming usually. But, the video was blown fully open when Forgettomori's Article Appeared which included a link to The Confession of How It Was Done (in Spanish primary source Here).

Frankly, folks - the details go to show we are beginning to deal with literal magic show productions levels - and yet being accomplished without the crews necessary for Hollywood to produce the effects.
"The “UFO” is a 50g conical set of wires, fiberglass sticks and LEDs – 31 on the rim, plus 15 in the center — powered by a cell phone battery. The whole thing is suspended a couple hundred meters in the air by a large, but quite simple kite covered with a transparent plastic sheet.

The ingenious contraption uses a clothespin and some electrical parts as a switch: Pelizari first flies the kite, then attaches and launches the “UFO” with the lights off. With a strong pull of the cord he is able to light it up. That way the “UFO” suddenly appears high in the sky, and he can switch it off at will with another pull of the cord, being able to retrieve it without being noticed.
According to him, when the wind is favourable, he is able to leave it flying the whole night, completely unattended. And that’s what happened that night."
And, as Forgettomori points out - the fact that some folks estimated the size to be of a jumbo jet - drives home once again the lack of precision of perceptions mixed with hopes and fears.
Finally, yes, UDCC is avoiding the whole topic of the mystery Comet supposedly coming to the Earth (or is it a second Sun this month) that the internet has been abuzz about - as it simply IMO hasn't reached the level of serious stuff IMO. That said, I fully believe that humankind would NOT be notified if Earth was about to be annuliated either.
And, by waiting - we didn't have to mull over the Four Versions. LOL.
I featured the below video on Barf Stew yesterday - and bring it here to Clockers for the interesting Chemtrails from :19-29 seconds - (see if you can find more). It's a timelapse drive from the west coast to the east - trippy for sure: (Getting about 70K views a day for the last two days.)

Makes ya feel like ya just watched CBS Sunday Morning - doesn't it?

Friday, September 16, 2011

IF Some Orbs Are Plasma Based Life - Could The Earth Be The Mother?

Just going to throw up a few thoughts in my head for comment or ponder - while I can't find the link at the moment (I will search more after posting this) I recently ran across a link that put forth the serious suggestion that our Sun was ALIVE; in the sense that it could have a singular entity or multiple entities that live, yes live,  within the exchange levels of plasma. Suggesting a possible SINGLE creature even.

Here's some links about plasma based life that I did find - and A google link.

So, I suggest that like the Sun the Earth too has zones of exchange of energy forces that could somehow develop in this manner perhaps. Zones in the atmosphere or beneath our feet. Or, that some of these Orbs make their way here from the Sun. Is it really out of the question? (could intrusions into the Earth for oil and gas be a cause?)
Part of the UDCC content of ideas is that the mind figures into some level of our very perceptions. I have stuff in the sidebar to tune the mind, etc. Legally. --------- So, I link here to a page which tells why Steve Jobs wishes that Bill Gates would have done acid as a young person. Find Out Why on my newsblog MRH.
One of the emerging UFO types is the `square' or `building' UFOs as with this Report.
How DARK is your sky? Use this link to find out - Sky Darkness Chart - something to consider about UFO reports too IMO. Give it a moment to load, it's worth it.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orb On Giants Baseball - Or Bird?

IF this was an Orb, it is a remarkably distinctive public display - almost unprecedented. Indeed, if it was anomalous - I would suspect that hundreds would have seen it, if not a couple with video going,  and it would have made some sort of news. Nonetheless, it is remarkable in its likeness to many many Orbs viewed on this website over the last couple of years. A good test for an open mind AND a closed one. Already 30K views or so. Just happened on Sept. 10th.

link -
As you can see in the sidebar - my UFO talk is back on and with a new `satellite' location (for the Eyedrum) - Poem88. The information about the event NEXT Friday evening, is in the sidebar. IF you are in the Atlanta area, please consider dropping by - I'd love to meet you. Robert Cheatham moderates this opening `Threshold Series' of talks.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OMG - Has ORB Disclosure (Formerly UFOs) Arrived?

I found this video yesterday - but the GEM is what is in the description. And, what's in the description is - evidently - the UK's MOD's view on what the ORB phenomena is, isn't, and what to do about it. The TV report, posted just days ago - talks about an `unknown object' floating below the Space Shuttle - however, I must assume this is an OLD video (2006 maybe?) as the SS is already over in 2011:

link- (tons of comments)
So, you can see the `Triangle Orbs' in the above video. Now, here's some info from the description area of the above video"
What is officially known regarding the "Pulsating Orbs of Light" UFO's! The UK Ministry of Defense has revealed regarding these "Pulsating Orbs of Lights" UFO's.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the UK Air Defence Region

The Ministry of Defence has released this report in response to a Freedom of Information request and we are pleased to now make it available to a wider audience via the MOD Freedom of Information Publication Scheme. Where indicated information is withheld in accordance with Section 26 (Defence), Section 27 (International Relations) and Section 40 (Personal Information) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

That Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP or UFO) Exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to astonishing velocities and vanish. They can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamics characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile - either manned or unmanned.

The Conditions for the initial formation and sustaining of what are apparently buoyant charged masses (of Plasma), which can form, separate, merge, hover, climb, dive, and accelerate are not completely understood.

Dependent on a color's temperature and aerosol density, it may be seen visually, either by it self generated plasma color, by reflected light, or silhouette by light blockage and background contrast.

Occasionally and perhaps exceptionally, it seems a field with, undetermined characteristics can exist between certain charged buoyant objects in loose formation, the intervening space between them forms an area, viewed as a shape, often Triangular, from which the reflection of light does not occur. This is a key finding in the attribution of what have frequently been called black "Craft", often triangular and up to hundreds of feet in length. - The UK Ministry of Defence

Check out this document recently declassified by the UK Ministry Of Defense on Unidentified ]Aerial Phenomenon or UAP's, or as they are called in the US....UFO's
Some qoutes from the above paper...

"The relevance of Plasma and magnetic fields to UAP(UFO) were an unexpected feature of the study"
In So Advising
- It should be stressed that, despite the recent increase in UAP/UFO events, the probobility of encountering a UAP/UFO remainns very low
- No attempt should be made to out-manoeuvre a UAP/UFO during interception
- At higher altitudes, although the UAP/UFO appear to be benign to civil air-traffic, pilots should be advised to not manoeuvre, other than put the object astern if possible
Red UDCC Emphasis
Needless to say, the above is IMO VERY important. It also lets us know that the governments are clued into the ORB phenomena and its ultimate harmlessness. That said, the `crafting' of ORBs in the `in-between space' is HEAVY duty stuff to consider intellectually. I also love the idea of NOT using human intentionalities to out-manuveur the Orbs. (Why? Because the ORBs might react?)
The 10 minutes to 12 seems more justified by the day. The above really lets folks know the truth to a large extent.
Couple more links for you today - both from other efforts I do along the UFO subject matter. Such as this one from one of my Squidoo pages that links to when in 2008 then candidate Obama was asked about Alien Disclosure - hear his video response (all 7 seconds of it) Here and finally, yesterday I posted a 2010 video from Russia that is so over the top in CLARITY as to be almost certainly CGI (right?) - anyway, I put in on my Strange UFO Videos blog right Here - if you go to this link, over 20 other Strange UFO Videos will greet you.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Idaho UFO Videos

The UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) continues today with yet another State's publicly available UFO videos (via YouTube) - the great state of Idaho. And, if you assumed that a small population state might not have current UFO videos, you'd be sadly mistaken. So, sit back and absorb yet another in the United States UFO Video Series. And, thanks for being a Clocker today, - now, go into your own Private Idaho.
First up - a TV News `screen capture' - very craftlike - Flying Over Idaho nuclear Lab - in 2011: (1,800 views)

link -
Here's another one over Boise - this 2009 one combines an An Orb and Chemtrails - as does this one by the same videoer in 2009 - but, this one has TWO Chemtrail Planes and an ORB, AND the Chemtrail planes are doing one of those fairly rare `near collisions' they like to perform for those with a smidgen of awareness - anyway, see that one Here.
Idaho also had some `long distance' videos of UFO/Orbs - such as this one in June 2011 of Two UFOs That Were By The Mountains For An Hour and this one just a couple of weeks ago that looks like the Jerusalem Orb Hotel Shot or this probable hoax one from just A couple days ago .
Finally, from two weeks ago - set to weird music beats - shot with, I think, a Night Vision filter - Something In The Skies and let's finish with a very short daytime UFO video: (under 700 views) - captured while camping in March 2011.

An Idaho Focus:
Strange Northwest: Weird Encounters in Alaska British Columbia Idaho Oregon and Washington
Strange Northwest: Weird Encounters in Alaska British Columbia Idaho Oregon and WashingtonStrange-Unexplained Tales from Idaho and Beyond
Idaho UFO's & Extraterrestrials!: A Look at the Sightings & ScienceMyths of Idaho Indians (A Gem Book)

Finally for today - a feel good clip. No, really, I mean it. The link goes to a music video on one of my Squidoo Pages (that you'd enjoy once there too). The video shows a guy at a Sasquatch Music Festival getting up to dance by himself and.... well..... what happens is Amazing. Go ahead, put a smile on your face. This is so good that I bet you forward it to someone.
UDCC appreciates your visit - in the sidebar are at least 16 other State UFO videos - check them out. Thanks.
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UFO Sighting residents of Earth excite in their vision of an alien UFO overhead - 6x6 Desk Clock
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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

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