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Saturday, June 25, 2011

OMG High Strangeness - Orbs Follow Car, Then, Man Sees HUGE `Rabbit' - MUFON Report

You know, I have a buddy who once told me that he himself used to make up `Penthouse Letters' in the 1970's that he sent into for publication. The story you are about to read - an account of a high strangeness ORB event - happened YESTERDAY supposedly in Arizona. Here is the description:
While driving east bound from Flagstaff, AZ to Leupp, AZ, I noticed a red light in the sky. It was approx 800 feet in the air and at first I assumed it was a helicopter because of the low flying distance. I rolled the window down to see if I could hear any type of noise; no sound was present. The time was 1:21am; and as I drove onward, the light descended and flew about 4 feet above the ground. I was able to clearly see it light the ground up red. It flew parallel to my vehicle and just about kept the same speed as my vehicle (65mph). The orb itself, was red, and emitting a red glow - darker red in the center, brighter red around the edges. It was to the left of the vehicle, approx 50 yards away. At this point I was feeling panicked, afraid and curious.

As the road turns, I broke sight of the light and while I was turning the bend, a bright light caught my attention in the corner of my eye. The orb, now bright white, and approx 8 inches in diameter, was now flying alongside my vehicle, no more than 8-12 inches above the road. It was flying on the shoulder of the on-coming lane and kept perfect speed with my vehicle (65mph). The time was now 1:24am. While viewing this object, I had no feelings of emotion and I was calm and collected. No noise, besides engine noise was noted, the only notable difference was the presence of cellphone signal (there usually is none). It followed my vehicle for a quarter mile, and it sped up 2 car lengths in front of me and abruptly made a 90 degree turn, upward into the sky, at which point, I leaned forward to see it shoot across the sky, like a shooting star toward the East. It was not as bright when I saw it disappear in the sky.

I arrived at my destination at 1:36am. As I was pulling into the driveway, my headlights shone upon a rabbit, sitting where I was about to park. I stopped within 3 feet of the rabbit, which did not move, flinch, blink, of any sort. It was very large and from the ground to the top of the head (not including the ear length) about the height of my hood (approx 37 inches tall). It's width was approx 20 inches wide and it was brown and white mixed color with no distinct pattern or spots. It's eyes were black and it was sitting upright, like that of a cat. The ears were very stiff, long and together, and they were slanted back at an angle, like that of a jackrabbit. At this point, I began to panic, and I called a 2nd party to tell them of what I was seeing. The car remained running with the headlights on and I sat staring at this huge rabbit for about 5 minutes. After talking, I turned my engine and headlights off, and with the outside light from the house, I was able to keep eye contact with the rabbit as I exited the vehicle and proceeded to walk slowly around the rear of the vehicle and into the house, not breaking sight. The area seemed to be still and calm; I did not hear any usual night noises (bugs chirping, dogs barking, etc). Once inside, I remained on the phone until 2:12am.
MUFON's Latest Reports -
Now, before you write off the above account a few things come into my mind. First, HUGE rabbits have been reported before in Fortean situations. And, of course, Orbs have also been noted to follow cars, change colors, and take off into the sky. And, finally, the `silence' associated with the entire event - is also a near standard in the world of Forteana.

Overlays of a perceptual reality? Aliens? A trip outside the time-cone? A Fortean Joke - The Trickster?
And, speaking of rabbits - how about this blog for being down the Rabbit Hole? - Feed Your Head. (Honestly, I almost barf everytime when I read the words about `star children'.)
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Strange UFO's & Aliens In My Life
Strange UFO's & Aliens In My Life


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