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Sunday, September 30, 2012

UPDATE on the Jacksonville Texas `Google UFO'

I could have brought this info to you in some sort of breathless fashion just a day or two ago - but, something wasn't `right' - so I waited. Glad I did, as apparently the `Pink Google UFO' turns out to be supposedly a lens reflection. Details on the Facebook page that busted the idea is Here with the `2nd' UFO picture which makes the first `silly' to consider. Hmm. Oh, here's more proof that these lens flares are everywhere on Google this one from a MUFON example.

It was a `fun' story (after all, UFO's can't be real, Phil Larson told us that last year) - and the media treated it as such - as you can see below:, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News
Another one bites the dust....... Ludicrous Foes.
So, I've updated my blog The Heavy Stuff with another good one called Anomalous `Perceptions' Of Humans In Rural Settings - need I say that it's a good read?
Speaking of good reads Aura's Paranormal Experiences is a fine way to enjoy your Sunday free time. More anomalous perceptions?
And speaking of updating - I updated my group blogging effort at The C Influence - highlighting the various efforts already on the Amazon platform for the contributors of the esoteric blog:
Did you know that the Global Consciousness Project is now found on a new server and that supposedly Princeton U. told them to find a new host?
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Latest MUFON Finds - September 29th, 2012

The Latest MUFON Reports is MUFON's service to the public which allows the reporting of UFO's; it also allows the public to read the reports of the anomalous events. The below are what are the best IMO:
Here's another movie to go along with the one yesterday that is still on the MUFON listing. In this movie a woman in Hawaii is losing it with the `movement' of a V shaped `cloud' with a `tail' (read probable Chemtrail). I have to say - it is a Weird Cloud Video. Happened about a year ago.
Here's a report of Multiple Orbs Doing Tricks In Reed City Michigan last night.
This is another movie and is EXCELLENT even if short. Appears to be a sizable Orb of some power - doesn't appear to be a lantern - worth your time for sure. Orb Caught On Video September 28th In California.
Today's BEST `I waited 30 years to tell this story' - close encounter with a HUGE UFO Craft, multiple kid/teen witnesses. You'll be reading this account for sure I hope.
And certainly the best Hovering Jetliner report from Tennessee about two weeks ago - with a bonus of `Orbs' seen in the same area just a few minutes later.
Most of the other stuff isn't worth your time IMO.
And, following in my footsteps and I believe what will be a trend among bloggers, - Lon Strickler, editor of the website Phantoms And Monsters - has used some of his better material to produce a new Kindle offering - Cryptid Encounters: A collection of first person stories sent to his excellent website.

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Oh, I updated The Heavy Stuff - Anomalous Perceptions of Humans In Rural Settings and I also updated my news blog too yesterday - New Headlines Your Hometown Paper Somehow Missed (includes a second link to the Vegas `UFO Secrets' meeting of last weekend).

Friday, September 28, 2012

Very Interesting September 22nd Cell Phone Video of UFO In Arizona

Normally I would provide the video with just a click, - but - instead of embedding the QuickTime movie, (which I am figuring out) I will simply provide the MUFON direct link to the video posted in the last 24 hours. Arizona Cellphone UFO Video (give it a bit of time to load from MUFON). 

The video is of interest but has the typical drawbacks too. Because most of it is taken from a moving car - it is hard to get a grip on whether the object/objects are moving or stationary. When they are filming when not moving the object (one at this point) seems stationary - leading the way to the possibility that the  event being some light show supported by balloons or such.

UFO Disclosure = Ludicrous Foes (Anagram)
Okay, here's the article about the `UFO Secrets' panel in Las Vegas last weekend - Former Air Force Commander Says UFO Secrets Are Hidden Within Secret Agency . I will await you to get off the floor from that revelation. .................. Yes, that was the highlight that 200 who paid to attend the meeting according to the Huffington Post piece. When will the UFO Disclosure folks ever learn?
Again, for first time visitors to UDCC today - the official `Obama'  UFO position by the United States was given by a low level bureaucrat, Phil Larson,  in the Fall of 2011. You can find that info in my sidebar. Yes, I know that it is amazing that nearly every UFO site ignores this fact.
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sky Orb Picture - Easton Pa - MUFON Report

Orbs continue as Earth's number one anomaly creature - this time, Pennsylvania - a couple weeks ago in a report to MUFON:
 Went outside at wife request to view what she thought she was seeing. I saw same thing and she went and got the field glasses. Was able to see it better with glasses but I was not sure if it was me ,not holding glasses still enough or was it moving around. Had no idea what it was but a good amount of time had passed by. So I got my camera and tripod and set it up, by this point it seemed to be fading away but then started to get bright again so I started taking pictures. Keep in mind I`m not a pro so I set camera for night and let it go. the longest the lens was open was for about 2 seconds, and you will see the streak it left in the one photo. The other photos you have to go to the bright spot and enlarge it. Never really lost site just after a bunch of pics figured not much else was going on so went back to garage to finish what I was working on. Following night we saw them again in the same area. On 9/24/12 @ 2:00 am found the same. Not sure what we are seeing, I strongly believe it is not commercial aircraft, I have always been open minded and not ruling anything out.
Please see the close up of these photos via the links.
I want to thank the person, I believe the 20th person, to join `Second Life' via this blog in the last few days - appreciated. And, I want to thank the heavyweight who bought the below book via this blog yesterday too:

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The August 14th Photo Of `The Woodlands' Texas `Mothership'

Tons of claims in this `documented' UFO sighting in The Woodlands Texas area last month; including but not limited to Multiple Colored Orbs, A Mothership, A Drone and a Craft with a Red Eye and the observer and uploader PLEADS with viewers to Wake Up. Here's the best picture in my opinion (IMO): (worthy of your click)
The above is definitely an experience of High Strangeness. The CONE shape of the `mothership' is certainly of interest as far as being a phenomenology experience too.
Just to let Clockers know, my next Kindle book on UFO's will wipe out over 10 large posts from 2008-09 from UDCC. Dig into the archive to see these for free before they are a pay post via my books.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Microscope On UFO Reports For September 24th, 2012

It's the morning of Tuesday September 25th, 2012 - let's look at the MUFON database of the latest UFO reports of anomalous phenomena that HAPPENED yesterday (and was reported either yesterday or today).
This one was in Three Rivers Texas At 4:30 AM - Guy saw a strangely behaving light about a mile away that vanished in an instant.

This one was in Conway, South Carolina - Guy saw a silvery cigar object during daytime that vanished in an instant.

This one was in Lincoln, Nebraska - Mother and son saw a triangular cloud that looked like a three point star vaporize.
ONLY THREE reports of the 20 were for yesterday (in a country with over 300 million and a fairly good awareness of MUFON) - just keeping things in perspective. All of the above sound more like temporary perceptions than any phenomenological object. MUFON did have one good Orb capture in the daytime for Canton Ohio.
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So, the Huffington Post in the UK printed this probable garbage from a noted UFO Book Author and Lecturer - Tim Good - who says that Former President Eisenhower met with the aliens, not once, not twice, but - three times. (With the meetings arranged by mental processes.) Perhaps he was hoping for a bounce from the Las Vegas `UFO Secrets' Lecture?
Are you in the mood for a video? About 3000 YouTube views on this 1999 UFO Documentary: 19/1 positive to negative ratio of opinion
link -
Some of Tim Good's Books (running up the charts again?)


Monday, September 24, 2012

DARK Line In The SKY

Does that sound ominous enough? Much like drawing a line in the sand? Because, certainly, before the days of Chemtrails - one NEVER used to see such sky markings. Indeed, only `jet trails laced with something' would have the density to produce such effects. (I have seen this once or twice before in the post Chemtrail era we live in). Anyway, yet another piece of the Unidentified stuff in our collective skies and collected again locally in the northern Atlanta suburban area:

Chemtrail Shade Pictures From 9-13-2012 - Georgia USA
So, I hope you noticed the top of the sidebar today as it shows that UDCC has a NEW PAGE ON UDCC - a place for Clockers and Newbies to judge a book by its cover - so to speak. Much more to be added but lots there already for you to check out too. PLEASE check it out.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

NADA, Zilch, About The UFO Secrets Revealed Makes Morning News Cycle

Folks, I've spent many minutes running down one possible source after another, and can't find ONE reference in a news manner to what happened at the `talk'. Not one. That must have been a real bomb - when will the UFO Disclosure `panel' folks ever learn? And, like the Federal Reserve, is their anything to pull out of their magic hat left; because if there isn't - I would hope that this would be the last `panel' with announcements.

Obviously, a new strategy is needed beyond 5 old guys sitting around jawing at a `speak to the choir audience' - that has paid up to 35 bucks to hear the `UFO secrets'. Seriously, it's laughable and evidently - other than UDCC - no one wants to tell them.
SOL has provided his usual useful comment that you can find in the sidebar. Thanks SOL for digging a bit deeper into the joint military exercises. ---------- To me, the `funny' part of the UFO Wars story is why an under ocean water `alien' species - would need travel via time distortions? That said, I DO think it is possible that `non time cone events' may cause indeed just that - and for all I know, that could indeed be a worrisome thing.
The best conspiracies always have fungible fun bits of `so called truth' mixed together.
How about we dig into the Pfeifer Files that I've been screening and saving up for Clockers? 


Kennington, London, England - 07-31-12

The sighting occurred on Tuesday, July 31 at about 10.23 pm by my daughter Chenade Hosein. I know this because she rang me as it was occurring, I told her to take pictures and they are the ones I forwarded to you. This took place in Kennington which is in London, England. My daughter was waiting for her boyfriend to visit. She looked outof her balcony to the street to see if he had arrived but he was not there. As she was looking this object caught her eyes. She immediately rang me as she knew I am interested in UFOs. She was scared. She never believed me when I talk of such things. Unfortunately she was on her own except for her baby boy Amari. There was a man in the street below who was also observing this craft, but she was up the flats and couldn't talk with him.  I can vouch for my daughter; these pictures are real. What I don't know is, whose was it? ours or theirs? Or, could it be something else? Maybe you could shed some light on this'


Pretty close to the UFO photos of the year - don't you think?
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

`UFO Secrets' Day Has Arrived

?From what I can gather - the event that I said was supposed to be yesterday (The UFO Secrets event) - evidently is today at 6 PM Las Vegas time. To the best of my ability to read the situation - the MSM (Mainstream Media) has no intention of making any kind of big deal about it. I will search for coverage and report on that tomorrow if possible here at UDCC.

(Do you really think that UFO Disclosure is going to come from the media covering ANYTHING in VEGAS?)

It will be of interest to see if ANY of the media who present any coverage tomorrow refer to Phil Larson's statement of the official government position on UFO's. Don't you think?
It's been interesting to see who has visited here the last few days (via my stats) based on searching for `UFO Wars off San Francisco'. The wilder the better, right?
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going to the light at death
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco - Truth, or, Disinfo?

As you know, UDCC's position on nearly everything is - make up your own mind! Such is the case with today's `story' that is found with the `source' being questionable at best and who sites no names or specifics - but has lots of what UDCC considers BS'y opinions. I will gives some quotes and other points about the `story' - but, here is the link - 'UFO War' - it's a short article, go read it and return please.

`Story' Claims:
US and China in `Full Combat Operation'
Threat... beyond any imaginable classification level.

Sources being silenced
One real sighting over South Korea
YouTube overrun with `manufactered' phony UFO videos......especially from UFO `networks' ....`self discrediting'
A NATO study group is investigating the groups
Implied threat to the website editor for releasing this info.
(Clears throat)...... Ummm. Well, as folks know, I don't go all the way with the conspiracy folks but do give them ear and reason - and do find, at times, what appears to be elements of truth (as I see it). That said, let me present a somewhat different take on the above website breaking with this story on Monday (three days ago and 4 days before the `secrets of UFO's' are to be revealed) (Clears throat)....

How about the `70% info' (read link to understand reference) is nothing but the typical scuttlebutt that happens during these weeks with the UFO Disclosure crowds various attempts to use former bars and stripes on Uniforms as the tell all be all about UFO's and `secret energy systems'. ............. (Did I just catch you yawning?) Blah blah blah - blah blah. (Raspberry sound)

Now, that said, almost all elements of conspiracy sites and points of view have some elements of `truth' which I have highlighted in RED for you above. As Clockers know, it's something that I have been mentioning lately - what I call `gathering sites' and they call networks. They are indeed ruining the search engine abilities and clog their own channels up with beyond questionable material IMO. That - Then - is used by the `big UFO' sites that I won't name that seem to have NO ability to screen with common sense. Especially when using the crappola found on the `network' gathering sites. (You should see this video of obvious sky lanterns over Phoenix being touted as UFO's on today - as another example - pollution even at reddit (which I love).)

So, whether the editor of the is being played or doing the playing - the timing of this type of over the top stuff is beyond co-incidence. IMO. Perhaps this will get picked up (the VT story) tomorrow by the cable networks as the `news conference revealing UFO Secrets' is going on. You know, two unbelievable UFO `stories' in one day. Fancy that.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Remember, the anagram for UFO Disclosure IS Ludicrous Foes. Never Forget.
Oh, did I forget to mention unfriendly extraterrestrials that threaten only one region - that we detect with nano technology (of course) that senses dimensional rifts and time distortions? 


Read the link - perhaps I forgot some other stuff too.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

48,000 MPH And Other MUFON Oddities For September 19th

At the page for the latest 20 MUFON reports they have a small area with a snippet of information, and upon seeing 48,000 MPH - I knew I had to look. The event is listed as 8/18 of this year and in Ohio:
I observed a plane flying so high that it was just a point of bright light and its vapor trail. I would guess its altitude was 50,000 feet. It traveled 45 degrees in my field of vision, limited by trees in approximately 1 minute. That works out to about 700-800 mph if you do the math.Immediately as it disappeared beyond the tree line, another bright white dot riding very near, almost in, the first planes vapor trail made that same trip in 5 seconds. That works out to 48,000 mph. Both objects were so high as to be indistinguishable as airplanes. just appearing star-like as bright white dots. Several nights later I was observing the moon with a 10X binocular when I saw a similar bright white type dot race across the sky in about 3 seconds. This time the unobstructed angle of view was about 120 degrees. I have never seen anything travel so fast in all my years observing things in the sky.

What's of interest about this account to me, is that in many manners the first object could be the prototypical `Chemtrail Plane', and the second object some sort of Orb (which, as we know, seem to have a strong interest in the Chemtrail phenomena).
And, about once a month by my guesstimation, you get to read an account on MUFON about a UFO with `occupants'.
I was awakened by a food service oil truck (recovering used fryer oil from nearby Jack In Box) and got up to have a smoke. As the truck was leaving I was looking to make sure of what kind of truck it was. I was a little upset because it was 3:45 AM and I had been sleeping well and wanted to know for sure what had caused the sound. As I was watching the truck move from West to East, lights from what I assumed to be an airplane caught my attention. The craft was moving North/Northwest and was within a quarter mile of me. It was almost directly overhead; perhaps 5 - 10 degrees to the East and almost 90 degrees above at first sight. I estimate the height of the craft to be below 1000 ft. There was absolutely no sound and it moved as if gliding. Steady lights (rosy/red) at the tips of the craft and random red lights blinking across the body of the craft between the two constant lights. It seemed that the center part of the craft may have been a window; possible occupants visible. Speed was reasonably slow, perhaps 50 - 100 MPH? I watched it for about a minute and a half until it was obscured by nearby trees/buildings. 

As stated above, my first reaction was airplane. But, then I noticed that there was no tail section, that it was just a cylinder with lights on both ends and =perhaps= a window through the center with lights blinking (not flashing if the distinction makes sense?) and I may have seen the movement of an occupant. It just made me shake my head in a sort of disbelief as I realized I was seeing something that I absolutely can not identify as a normaly viewed aircraft. 
The above report supposedly happened yesterday in Tigard, Oregon.
So, what ARE we to make of such reports as above? Did no one else of Tigard's 48K people see this? NOT ONE? Or, from where it was before OR going to after this location - none of those people either?

Is it poor fiction? 

Start with a plausible scenario (why was he up at such a time and why no one else sees it) and throw in specifics like direction, size, speed and throw in an unusual shape and include `aliens' and `no sound' and SHABAM - a UFO story is built.                         Or, is it the `truth' which is why it sounds so familiar with other `stories' that nearly always lack confirmation or other video/picture proof.
To me, it almost sounds `like a perception bar' - where in some unreal beyond imagination land - folks have the option of climbing into a `cylinder machine with a window' at an amusement park similar to our Disney World - that goes to ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE for a view of that reality. 

Upon arrival at that reality, the `machine' is visible to the population of that world during the short `ride time' of the Fortean Toy - that those more advanced than mankind would produce for their entertainment value for the masses of their society. Then, of course, the `ride' ends - and the occupants of the `cylinder machine with a window' are returned to their reality with smirks on their faces as they flimflammed yet another of those lowly `humans'.
OR, is it something else.

Is it indeed `perception structures'? (Akin to what Lujan Matus is saying?) Perhaps perception structures from the human end of things? A perception structure that perhaps is slightly more available or triggered at odd middle of the night times when `normal consensus' is less than established?

A perception structure of a different kind of space that EVEN when `photos' are available - don't seem to show what was perceived?

UDCC, real UFO blogging. Spread the word.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The ZANY Days Of UFOlogy

It can ONLY be called that, right? After all, this website among others this week brought you `THE WALL' (S) on the MOON and it didn't even lift an eyebrow of the MSM - despite the built in reputation of Chief Investigators for MUFON. And, despite legitimate webpages, even including this one, that strives to attempt to bring one the whole gambit of UFOlogy, including the crappola of fakes and thrill seekers. All this, while the MSM is content to let the matter stand that `something may have crashed decades ago in New Mexico' as their consensus of the intelligence level applied to the subject matter.

(Mainsteam media median level of intelligence concerning anomalous phenomena) Orbs you say? Aren't those those funny balls of transparency on camera film?

Anyway, one would think that some element of what used to be called journalism would spark the curious MSM person to check out Ken's claims - even if to totally dispel them. Indeed, one would think that these so-called ancient structures (if that is what they are) are visible to many sophisticated telescopes here on Earth - if so - why doesn't the MSM take it upon themselves to find the best telescope in their state and take a look?

Or, God Forbid - ask NASA to comment (perhaps the .mil types that come to UDCC might have an interest too? Or the fine Boeing folks that visit for their daily read? Heck, NASA from the Huntsville area has been here, why not check this out? Or is it all inside info?).

Oh, and then we have so-called UFO secrets about to be revealed -                                         - that reaction was the yawn and `say what' the MSM has intentions to provide to the event in mere days. This is hardly December 1999 and `Ginger' is about to change the world - (remember how the Segway was going to do that?) - I will make a prediction that the `UFO secrets' will NOT be on CNN for more than ONE DAY max, and will be a part of a story NOT to exceed 18 seconds. And, the story will be `followed or preceded' by the biggest fluff story of the day - probably about someones `amazing' dog.

All this while the theoretical in the house insist that the entire phenomena is simply perceptions of humans and NOT real in the material sense. And, let's NOT forget - they hold the `show me the proof' trump card. At least at the level of official confirmation. Confirmation of alien disclosure.

Which the UNinformed still clamor for - IGNORING the fact that `their man' Obama - would provide the `truth' in some sort of grand disclosure gesture; cleansing the white man of yet one more evil pushed upon mankind by them. But, alas, they got the opposite of their DISCLOSURE big time in 2011 - the UFO Disclosure that they will BEG for later this week to a MSM that has obviously been `called off' from the `suppression through disclosure' provided by Phil Larson's official statement. (see sidebar for more info on Phil Larson's statement). 

After all - we are going to have UFO secrets revealed.

Think anyone will ask those doing the revealing of the UFO secrets what they think of the MOON WALL? Or, is that just too ZANY? And, too off the wall? (And, how long has this group of UFO secret revelers been hiding the `truth'?) 

Where's Blossom Goodchild when you need her?
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