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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The One Month Marketing Of A 5 Million Hit UFO Video

IF you are a regular reader of UDCC or nearly any ParaNormal website - since the end of the first week of April you have probably seen the Large Ad (and small sizes too) for the `South Korea UFO'. It literally was a BLITZ of ads for ONE particular UFO video; - who in the world was sponsoring such a blitz ran through my mind. This certainly seems suspicious I thought; and I held off at even viewing the video until recently.

Lo and behold, it turned out to be one of the nearly for certain fraudulent UFO websites that pops up from time to time and increasingly with more frequency (as pointed out by SOL in the comments a couple weeks ago - these fraudsters seem hellbent on dominating the YouTube searches for anything UFO related). Indeed, the marketer of the Korean UFO video had already been featured on UDCC (yes, these very pages) as a probable hoaxer already. 

Indeed, a hoaxer with an interesting Niche he is trying to exploit - UFO Videos shot from Airplane seats - by commercial jet travelers. A niche he has been able to exploit mainly via international RAGS that print anything and play any video for viral sake - literally a chain of mainstream viral media with no scruples other than exposure. A niche that has been directly marketed for an amazing 7 million UFO hits for this channel in very short order. (All with embedded ads.)

All with videos with no attribution and most having been proved as bogus INCLUDING THE SOUTH KOREA ONE that was marketed for 5 million hits so far. Talk about smoke and mirrors. Talk about Ludicrous Foes. Talk about UFO Disclosure 2012 style............................. YUCK.       And you wonder why the MSM won't touch this stuff?

Here's more amusement from CrazyBreakingNews - the YouTube account that is marketing this slop --- today I caught his most recent upload minutes after it occurred..... and supposedly he was using another exclusive UFO video shot earlier in the day - daytime of course, and only a few moments, of course. Sad folks. Or perhaps Crazy. At least UDCC was all over this guys case before the latest 5 million hit marketing promotion. Nonetheless, ready to look at what 5 million other marketed to eyes have seen? South Korea Daytime UFO From Airplane Seat. ------------ Might this guy need to be banned from the Google adsense of paranormal sites by the webmasters?
UFOlogy 2012 - enough to make you want to puke in the corner.
Meanwhile..... Alabama witnesses report UFO orbs, human-like entity manifests - Strange MUFON report with `local' coverage and interesting speculations - this is a weird one Clockers. Multi Orbs that formed almost a field like opening for an entity to be seen within. April MUFON report. This article has a very specific idea what Orbs are as explained in a video by a man named John Todd. Hmmm? Is this Amazon book about John Todd?

I updated MRH today - for the headlines your hometown paper Somehow Missed Again. Thanks for your readership of my blogs.
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