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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Looking Back At The MSM's Coverage Of The 2006 O'Hare UFO Incident

I've put together an E-Book of my blogging coverage of the UFO Incident that occurred above the O'Hare Airport In late 2006. See, you had already forgotten it. (LOL) 

Regardless of your unaided recall of the belated coverage by the so called mainstream media (MSM) at the time - the MSM did briefly stand up to TPTB (the powers that be) AFTER the `official position' of the Government was that the event didn't occur at all - or was a weather event. Interestingly, the official position of denial didn't even occur until early 2007 - which was when the MSM picked up the story.

Anyway, my `book' - is a look back at all the relevant details as they were revealed to someone who dug deeply (such as myself as a UFO blogger) into the available info at the time, and as a result of what the MSM did briefly as it sought answers. After all, a craft of unknown origin, sitting in restricted airspace, in the daytime, and visible to anyone looking, - is hardly your routine `light in the nighttime sky' UFO.

So, the `book' (On Kindle Exclusively for 99cents) is written from the perspective of when the issues were HOT - security issues so touchy as to only interview the airport worker witnesses in silhouette. Seems like ancient history almost - literally the working out of the protocol for how a contact event might occur? Was the craft over O'Hare a UFO Disclosure?

It's really a serious yet fun, quick, 31 page read - written in the tongue in cheek mocking style Clockers have come to expect/enjoy/despise. It has a cool picture on the cover. I'd love for you to check out the sample -> The 2006 O'Hare UFO Incident - By H.R. Phillips (my pen name and real initials). If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a version for FREE. Really.
IF you are new to this page - there is lots of content here to dig into - over 500 posts worth. Oh, Happy Mothers Day - and thanks for being a reader.


  1. Hey Rick, I know in the past you have shown interest in my ideas about things, including the UFO phenomenon. I just tried to find a personal email address I was going to send this but couldn't so I mights as well post it here. It is my response to an article I came across yesterday titled,
    <a href=">The Greatest Lie Ever Told</a> where I say in response:

    "OK, this this guy's theory is the #'It's all a BIG LIE' fabricated by the elite and their military. This falls in line with the William Lyne position, doesn't it. I remember reading some of his stuff, and also reading that people who HAD reported seeing UFOs and even having had encounters with them and their occupants, were, according to Lyme, 'mentally ill'. Ohj right, that dispenses with all that then---huh?? But no it doesn't. It is a typical reductive position to take. I MONO-view. I dont like things that usually are prefaced with 'mono' because they nearly always are limited in-the-box views.
    IF this article is correct, what about other peoples witness of UFOs, and occupants? What about Robert Hastings research? Is all this to be explained away as government conspiracy, and/or as pathological? That is too easy and not fruitful. it just despenses with the effort of taking serious anomlaies which don't fit into your presuppositions.
    Now, I am not saying that the elite and their lackies havn't been deceitful. That seems to be their middle name. For example, I agree with Hasting's about the Roswell UFo crash myth--that that is most likely disinformation to give out the myth the government has secret technology they could unleash (and do covertly) at any time. But taking that as a possibility does NOT mean the WHOLE of the UFO phenomenon is government conspiracy, because how do you know that THAT idea is not a government conspiracy...? If it was how would it suit them? Well if they could sindely convince people thru a double bluff, or terble bluff whatever, this would mean that reports as documented by Hasting's---about UFOs seeming concerned about their insane warmongering and use of nukes, which are utterly detrimental to all life, would be resolved because people hearing it would think 'ahhh its all baloney, and made up by the military'. IE., there would not be a sense of a nother intelligence not only against the rulers of planet Earth, but also using actual intervention to show their their disapproval.
    These people in so-called control are literally insane. I do not mean as is defined by their own myth of mental illness, designed a a social controlling force to suppress ANY dissent against their toxic enslaving matrix. I do not mean their insanity is a biological disease, but that it is a mindset which is totally cut off from their understanding of the intelligence of nature and their interelationship with and as nature, and they therefore seek more and more control and want to destroy nature and replace it with their own grid of insanity which is not sustainable on any level. I know this, others know this, and I am sure other intelligences know this also! But because the control-freaks want to suppress consciousness, this means knowledge also of the UFo phenomenon."

  2. MUZ,

    First, thanks for checking in and sharing your ideas on this wide ranging articulation. What I like best perhaps is your final line about the control freaks wanting to suppress consciousness - it certainly seems that way indeed; with the useless multi decade `drug' war as its front line. The suppression of the benefits of meditation and other takes of consciousness raising is obvious too. After all, that may represent an alternative to the big Pharma.

    The BIG LIE is quite a slippery slope from both directions. For those of the `Disclosure' movement believing all the crappola that they do to the absolute deniers that ANYTHING is `non-earth based'. And, as I hope I've made clear in my writings, BOTH views ignore the whole phenomenology aspect of our reality (meaning, are we talking about ALIENS in ships, or, ENTITIES from outside the time-cone? Ones that may be involved with the consciousness side of the matter.).

    You and I line up with our distrust of the MSM and the government that leads them - and I think with good justice to our views. I won't get into Roswell here, but, I believe the idea that it was disinfo is just that - disinfo. I do believe the story of a crashed ship or two in a brief time period in the same area of the country. I also do not rule out the idea of back engineered crafts of human/military origin. That said, I do not rule out that humans figured it out by themselves and the help of our new minds - the computer.



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