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Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Videos, Stories, Events and Trends Of The UFO Phenomena In 2010

Hello, welcome to the first annual UDCC review of the Best Videos, Stories, Events and Trends associated with the UFO Phenomena in 2010 - it has been quite a year. And, unlike last year in 2009, when the Exopolitics folks put on their ultimate attempt at `forcing disclosure' - even predicting exact dates over and over ---- 2010 was strikingly different --- the Exo-politic voices have largely receded in importance and relevance; despite them thinking elsewise. That said, whether intentional or not - the phenomena seems to be moving towards disclosure.

As, indeed, in 2010 there was a seeming increase in BIG UFO stories - what UDCC is calling `Flash Stories' about UFOs - is rapidly increasing on the TV media; and with slightly less snickering. That said, either thru cohering or their own bumbling 8 year old mentality - the MSM remains seemingly clueless to the involvement of a fairly significant internet and alternative community that is following what seem to be evolutions in the whole UFO phenomena and implications.

Are the operators of these sky phenomena making themselves known in a more seeable fashion? Are different phenomena being lumped in with `Craft UFOs'? Is society any closer to getting a `beyond refute video' of anomalous phenomena?

Who knows, but here is UDCC'S top 10 of 2010

Number Ten - The UFO/ORB Callers-Videographers Trend

Really, it's been a mounting story for a few years and includes those who `call' the orbs thru prayer (ritual) - or simply do it with the ritual intention of videoing these objects. Different strokes for different folks.

That said, it is WAY too hot for the MSM to cover - this is Prophet Yahweh type stuff and the media has been burned before. Also, it is seemingly WAY TO CLOSE to being seen as a `miracle' in many ways. BUT - the idea of calling these orb phenomena has been around since at least 5 decades ago (I featured that that here Indeed, as these words say from the 1969 Rand Report - communication with UFO's/ORB's is not so outlandish:

"Sometimes the lights flash on and off or change color rhythmically. Several cases have been reported of the UFO flashing its lights in response to the witness flashing hand or vehicular lights. In other cases the lights winked off with the approach of another car or an aircraft, only to turn on again when the vehicle had passed…."

Anyway, for more speculation, UDCC covered this Orb Calling/Filming Phenomena here -


Number Nine - Strange Compelling Evidence of the UFO phenomena!

Now, please note UDCC readers that the word Phenomena is used. UFOs can be and most probably ARE `different things'. It is the range of those things that is what is most exciting. However, that said, some compelling evidence has been on UDCC's mind such as the Russian Fighter Jet video UDCC recently featured
Declassified Russian UFO Video - The best video clips are here

or, this `Triangle UFO' Picture snapped in Greenville, South Carolina - last spring - or this trailcam UFO photo - or this amazing story and photo or this Giant Metallic Tube seen over Vegas - --- and I know you can find links on the internet just out this week just as compelling to someone else who isn't me.

Now, the question - is all of this NEW -- or is simply the proliferation of recording devices the cause of the seeming increase?

The Number Eight UFO story trend is what UDCC calls the FLASH UFO `focus' event for MSM. BIG UFO events that capture the `aw-shucks' attitude of the MSM. 2010 had a number of them such as the China UFO `Airport' Event (the anomalous phenomena that shut down an airport) - the recent UFO Missile Event off of the California coast; the `Euclid Lights UFO Events';  The `Kremlin Triangle UFO'; NYC's Oct. 13th Events; The El Paso Lights - Blue Circle UFO's -- the list would go on forever if UDCC set the bar a little lower.

Many local events of lights in the sky or strange `trail-cam' photos of UFO's also rise to state, national or even international news. Indeed, as UDCC has found in its state by state search thru YouTube so far -- there is lots to find at the localish level.

It is all the classic `journalism' (small J on purpose) we see in this country - all surface and NO depth. Nothing about implications. Nothing about it being permanent....... UFOs are a subject to pull out when `news' is slow - OR - are to be used as entertainment value (often before the entertainment segment, something you will notice from now onward).

Indeed, the MSM has now been jaded beyond almost any hope of real journalism being applied to unusual phenomena now being `reported' by real citizens multiple times a day to organizations such as MUFON, YouTube, etc. No, the MSM needs BIG Events.

And, what are the reasons?

For one, the `implications' of UFO's simply do not fit the motif of the MSM's interest in selling deodorant to 9-16 year olds. (Yes, even implications such as alien abductions meaning that some reports of missing people could be alien related. Even if NOT true.) As the implications are much too staggering before giving the 1-10 Wizometer for tomorrow's weather score. Too much of a segway for the `science' portion of the news - the weather. (Which ignore the Chemtrails to boot.)

And while you can find most of the UFO Events above with a simple Google search, or searching this sites labels in the sidebar - here is an example of localized phenomena that gets local TV attention - the Horseshoe UFO Phenomena most recently

So, because the UFO phenomena can only be considered by the MSM in a `surface manner' - do expect this `Flash UFO Focus Event' coverage to continue - even if it has little to NOTHING to do with real UFO Disclosure. And, since the MSM wants the BIG show - perhaps humanity will get just that.


Number Seven continues to be the on-going existing trend of the EXTREME MainStream Media reluctance to take the UFOs seriously - displayed in many ways but best exemplified by their reluctance to Interview Robert Bigelow about the UFO reports and investigations of such reports given to him by the FAA (let alone his involvement in MUFON). ------ OR --- to have what is seemingly real UFO research done by Anthony Bragalia come to light OR be investigated by the MSM themselves. (Or other real researchers.) (Or, their now collective boredom with the soft UFO Disclosure being done by countries.)

By not speaking with Bigelow or Bragalia - by not pre-covering the UFO/Nukes press conference (and then running with the FAkE U.N. Ambassador story) - by not digging deeper and finding the Bigelow name even associated with the Euclid Lights - by letting the China UFO at Airport story fade - and on and on ----------- the MSM only proves itself to be IN THE POCKET of information control forces the general public only understands a smidgen about.

And, seemingly, could care less about - after all, `they' are TOLD all the time about our supposedly `free-press'. Sheeple.

Laughable if not for being so sad.


Number Six is the expansion of the Chemtrails/Contrails/Orb/Fake Planes(ufos) `story'. NO UFO story (after all chemtrail clouds are indeed in the sky or `flying' and they are certainly `unidentified') has been more shall we say -- IN OUR COLLECTIVE FACES -- than what has been happening in broad daylight for perhaps 15 years now.

(I took this photo in Atlanta on Dec. 19th)

But, the phenomena is simply getting more nefarious in UDCC's opinion - as more and more people are seemingly becoming aware of -- shall we say -- something being UP. MORE and more people are finding `orbs of light' near Chemtrails or going thru them. (I have seen one myself a couple years ago.) I mean, like, WTF?

And, even the `planes' that disperse the `trails' are now coming under more scrutiny as more and more people begin to film the whole contrail phenomena. Some are being likened to `missiles' - and we had our recent `Missile Launch off LA Coast' story just last month - while other folks are making bold outrageous claims --- THAT THE PLANES ARE NOT PLANES AT ALL.

Some call them fake planes or fake UFOs: Other videos show JUST THE ORB and no plane or object at all. The video below is worthy of a freeze frame at about the 28 second mark:

COULD all of this fit into UDCC's number one story of the year?


The Number Five `story' for the UFO phenomena for 2010 in UDCC's opinion was Nick Redfern's - Final Events Book.

Will it be 2010 that the whole UFO `category' slipped over the `acceptable edge' of what to believe about the phenomena? Do those within the culture of `UFO believers' begin to verbalize a support for a `demon UFO' belief system? (That, of course, a secret government group is quite concerned about.) Does UDCC risk backlash for questioning one of UFOs mainstays?

Or, have bits of truth found a new level of shock value in spinning a new yarn about the phenomena? -- Even one with religious overtones?

Indeed, if one thought the MSM was reluctant to do its job in the investigating of UFOs - wait to see how far they can run from ideas such as Redfern's - nonetheless, Redfern's non-fiction ideas (supposedly) about the phenomena - or, a part of the phenomena --- adds one more layer why the government would be beyond reluctant to ever come clean about UFOs.

At its worst - if NONE of Redfern's ideas are true - I can only be reminded of Carlos Castaneda's adventures seeping into a new version of the UFO phenomena -- and that will be one heckofa slippery slope. Will a Redfern and Icke book be next?
FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife
FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife

Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More
Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy


The Number Four `story' of the UFO phenomena for 2010 is the examples of what UDCC calls `over the top - too good to believe - UFO videos' - could these examples have really been REAL?

That said, they look similar and both do `exit' the scene (as opposed to all fake videos that simply stop). But, what is it with rotating UFOs - could ANY being be INSIDE - if these crafts are real - can one assume they are not occupied?

Over course, the REAL UFO `proof' will seemingly come when some over the top video is provided by a minimum of two different people who have no relationship or hoax potential (or dozens) - and it will ONLY be at that point - that it will be hard to refute that something anomalous is actualizing.


The Number Three story is the seeming increase in the UFO `Ring' Phenomena - specifically the BLUE ring phenomena now seen on multiple occasions and featured in this TV report:

UDCC covered it here - - so what is the Blue Ring Phenomena? Sophisticated Lazar's? Some Alien or Government Experiment? Something paranormal?

And, what about the increasing reports of `Hanging Jet' UFOs?


The Number Two story-event in the opinion of UDCC was the long awaited official press conference in late September - where Military Officers talked of UFO interference with our NUKES. One side of the security issue of UFOs.

However, the possibly important press conference, was nearly totally sidetracked by a seemingly planted FAKE `Alien' Story of a UN Ambassador being named to be the Representative for humans if aliens made contact. Yes, a FAKE story on the very morning of the press conference. Co-incidence? UDCC thinks not - and covered it right here -
Digging Deeper:
UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites

UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record


Which leaves the Number One `Story' about the UFO Phenomena in 2010 - and - it was a dozy. Because on Oct. 13th what appeared to be an anomalous event unfolded over the skies of NYC - and thereby instantly made Stanley A. Fulham and his words - a famous man. As Mr. Fulham was the first of the so-called `UFO predicters', to get it right! At least partially.

What he got partially right was his BOOK prediction of a major UFO event over a major city on Oct. 13th. Well, er, actually the original prediction was for the event to be over major CITIES - and - in the opinion of UDCC - the `event' was close to, but, fell short of, a `major event'. Let's call it a moderate event (lol).

What was seemingly new was the events duration and `generated ground interest'. The on-going event described by TV crews as a Mystery and literally playing up the man on the street reaction to the idea that humans may not be alone.

Then, layer that with the `event(s)' happening simultaneously with the rescue of the Chilean Miners - a worldwide live TV emotion generating event. Layered finally with the book prediction (which was NOT mentioned by anyone on the street or TV casts on DAY ONE).

So, what ultimately happened?

Did a blind squirrel (the prediction) find a nut (event that occurred)? Or, blind chance that an `event' DID happen worthy of coverage on that day? Could some human emotion from the rescue set off some sort of anomalous phenomena?

OR, was it indeed AN ALIEN signal - if not to mankind, to people familiar with Fulham's Prediction? An alien signal of their stepped up timetable to address humankind and to clean up the Earth's atmosphere - before it is too late. (One of Fulham's main ideas about the aliens.)

In UDCC's opinion, the outcome of his bold prediction deserves to remain undiscarded - and his next predictions are on a rapid timetable - and indeed, runaway carbon dioxide is unlikely to relent.

Indeed, might Stanley be the one ultimately `right'?

That the aliens held off until they had to intervene for the PLANETS SAKE? (Humans always think of themselves as most important, so `we' would see this alien interaction in that manner - when it is possible that the `aliens' don't give a crappola about `us' - other than being polluters of a living system.)

The bits of seeming truth are quite tempting to put into some scenario that includes overt `contact' with the `public' - thru increasing `disclosure' of `their' presence.

All to a world public that has yet to have even one country VERIFY the existence of UFOs as an on-going phenomena - and yes, that includes the soft ufo disclosure of 2010 by a number of countries pulling out the dusty folders.

To a world public that has NEVER had the leading scientists be allowed to say that they have found life elsewhere - be it in small meteors from Mars that came to Earth, Experiments on Mars or even any SETI contact.

Indeed, the world seemingly remains in the final moments of thinking that only Earth contains LIFE.

And, the signs are, that, that thinking may only have only a few years, if not a few months or days remaining; - and that the balance will shift in ways that Mankind may not be seemingly ready for.

A cool time to run a UFO Disclosure blog..........Perhaps.

This was one of the better links UDCC did on the Fulham Predicted - NYC Oct. 13th UFO event(s) -

Mr. Fulham's Book.
(Stanley Fulham Died Dec. 2010)

UDCC wants your opinions of 2010 - please comment.


  1. Hey Rick

    Thanks for the mention of my Final Events books, much appreciated!

    There are a couple of areas I would personally clarify, however. Namely, that the info in the book is referred to as "Redfern's non-ficton ideas." Also, there's the words "...if none of Nick Redfern's ideas are true..." which are made in a Castaneda comment.

    There are a couple of things I should stress - the info in my Final Eventsd does NOT reflect my own "ideas" or beliefs.

    Indeed, on page 11 of the book, I specifically state that: " is important to note that the accounts, beliefs, theories and conclusions that i uncovered are strictly those of the people who have been willing to have them publicized. As the author of the book, I am only the messenger for those who adhere to the message."

    In other words, I am very careful to stress that these are NOT my ideas, as the blog-post implies. Rather, I'm just reporting on the data related to me.

    And, so there can be no doubt, as I have stressed in every interview I have done for the book, I do NOT believe that the UFO phenomenon has demonic origins.

    However, that there is a group within the government that DOES believe this, is what (for me, at least) made the writing of the book worthwhile.

    It should be remembered too that (re the Castaneda comment) this is not some story reliant solely on me. I was only able to chase down this group in the government because an Anglican priest named Ray Boeche (who is also a former state-director for MUFON) met people form the group nearly 20 years ago, and it was after I interviewed Ray in 2007, that I was able to chase things down further.

    Other data, from other authors, will be surfacing next year that sounds like interaction with the same government group - or an off-shoot of it.

    So, there is validation, and additional sources, for the data, but I would stress that these ideas (the wording used in the post I'm commenting on) are most definitely not mine.

    Maybe there really is a demonic world, or maybe there isn't. But, personally, I hold no hard views on this theory at all. I just find it very interesting as a theory, and fascinating that the government would fund research into this area.


  2. Nick,

    First thank you for your articulate clarification of some of my implied points linked to YOUR opinions -- indeed, you are the messenger. My mistake in implying otherwise via my wording.

    I would be interested if you believe ANY part of the `ufo phenomena' has demonic influences? As I make clear in my postings over time and in this post -- it is very likely IMO that `entities' come in multiple actualization structures. Which makes a government investigation of such perhaps not unexpected indeed.

    I'm 100% for examining what the government claims it doesn't know and appreciate the messenger of such info. That said, it acts as a distraction to the real issue of the evidence of craft UFOs.

    Again, thanks for your comments.


  3. Rick

    Where I do agree with those in Government (and, indeed, within the UFO community too) who believe that UFOs have demonic origins is with respect to the following:

    1. I do believe that the agenda of the UFO phenomenon is malevolent at the worst, or self-serving at best. I hold no hope or belief in the theory that "the aliens are here to help us."

    2. The other issue I think is valid (and that corresponds with those who adhere to the demonic angle) is that the phenomenon is a deceptive one that probably masquerades as ET to mask its real origins, which may be far more explainable by the theories of extra-dimensions as detailed in quantum-physics research.

    However...the important point - as I see it - is that concluding the phenomenon may not be ET-originated, and may be essentially negative towards us, is a big stretch from saying these things are literal demons from a literal Hell.

    I don't personally believe in a literal Hell or a literal Heaven, because I think most teachings on such "places" are woefully lacking in detail as to the precise nature of such "places", how they can exist, where the exist, etc etc.

    In other words, the simple idea that Heaven is "up there" and Hell is "down there", and that if you're good you go here, and if you're bad you go there, is clearly way too simple, and exists as a control-factor designed to mold belief-systems and create order.

    I do, however, wonder if - a few thousand years ago, when such beliefs came more to fruition - ancient man knew something about extra-dimensions that we have lost or forgotten, and that such Heaven and Hell scenarios may have been early attempts to intrepret extra-dimensions and realms that generally are closed to us.

    Yep, it's definitely hypothetical on my part! But, I do think it's worth considering.

    We know there are/were people in Government who believed the ET angle. Others thought it was all nonsense. The Final Events people thought it was demonic. And I think what this collectively tells us is that the government absolutely knows there is a real UFO phenomenon, but that the government is very much in the dark about its real origins - hence the various theories.

    Even in government, people are people. And, people (consciously or subconsciously) inevitably construct belief systems about things they know are real or suspect are real, and the reason they construct such beliefs is because of the lack of hard evidence of its point of origin.

    I would not be at all surprised (although I stress I have NO data on this! LOL) if some government think-tank had not at some point been funded to see if the "aliens" were really time-travellers!

    Again, it's evidence of funding being thrown at various groups and factions that want answers, but that aren't currently comprehending what's going on.

    And that's basically my view on the Final Events people and their conclusions: I can't support it, because to do so I need to see evidence. All we have now are belief systems relative to an undeniably real phenomenon. But, unfortunately, that's all we have.

  4. Nick,

    Again, thanks man for your articulation of these finer points and in directly responding to my question(s). And, since we all offer little more than opinion or even informed opinion - I'd love to give my views too.

    "1. I do believe that the agenda of the UFO phenomenon is malevolent at the worst, or self-serving at best. I hold no hope or belief in the theory that "the aliens are here to help us.""

    I hold a belief similar to this in an overall sense - with this exception about `helping us' -- as I posted in this 2010 review, if somehow Fulham's words are to be ascribed ANY value --- an alien agenda of SAVE THE F-ING PLANET to me, is NOT out of the question.

    Also, again, IMO, `entities' come in varieties far beyond `things' associated with the sky - and I'd be also of the opinion that some `entities' are malevolent or self-serving.

    I am still also of the mindset that the phenomena DOES include non-quantum real `aliens' that reside and travel via `crafts' -- something that some folks of the UFO community seem more and more reluctant to admit. That said, it is far more likely that most craft have non-biological `intelligence' running them. IMO.

    "I do, however, wonder if - a few thousand years ago, when such beliefs came more to fruition - ancient man knew something about extra-dimensions that we have lost or forgotten, and that such Heaven and Hell scenarios may have been early attempts to intrepret extra-dimensions and realms that generally are closed to us.

    Yep, it's definitely hypothetical on my part! But, I do think it's worth considering."

    Yep worth considering for sure. That said, I am of the opinion that the consciousness of men several thousand years ago was NOT in connection with the sub-world to any greater degree than modern man. Not romantic but is my opinion. That said, chemical access to higher states via plants has been here thousands of years and the experience of those `experienced trippers' told to `non-plant trippers' may indeed have sounded mystical.

    "All we have now are belief systems relative to an undeniably real phenomenon. But, unfortunately, that's all we have."

    Indeed Nick - those are 19 near perfect words.

    best to you,

  5. Hello Rick,

    I would just like to say that I am most impressed that you recognise that the UFO phenomena is morphing and that you already suspect "different phenomena being lumped in with `Craft UFOs'?"

    Well, I believe that the vast majority of the UFO phenomena is associated with a Shadow Biosphere that is now becoming very visible, due to a dimensional shift being caused by the rapid onset of Space Weather. Basically, Earth is becoming a high energy plasma environment and more plasma entities are being attracted, hence the awesome new arrivals that we have seen in recent years.

    I do believe the UFO phenonmena is complex, but a huge part of the mystery would be solved if people just accepted the fact that there is an interdimensional lifeform that exists around us that has evolved along a completely different evolutionary path.

    It is most likely that it can be linked to what our scientists have identified as the ancient 'Universal Ancestor' and therefore is billions of years old, but a natural part of a universe that is 99.999% plasma.

    This explains why we can find historic reports of Light Phenomena around the world that have coexisted with humans (the Australian/aborigine Min Min Lights is a good example).

    Fortunately, it seems there are increasing numbers of ufologists, who realise this truth. I was impressed to find out that the the 'officially' recognised French Commission Sigma/Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France reported in 2010, that they have taken on the services of an exobiologist.

    New French aerospace report endorses reality of UFOs
    Open Minds, 16th August 2010

    It is also clear that due to the massive increase in sightings, NASA and friends (UK Royal Society) are now making some efforts to introduce the concept of a Shadow Biosphere into the mainstream, but they might have been mistaken by using the flawed research of arsenic bacteria to prove that other forms of life could exist.

    I was also impressed with the opinion of Professor Erling Strand who has been investigating and researching Light Phenomena in the tiny Norwegian valley of Hessdalen for 28 years. He is responsible for the Hessdalen Project that has attracted support from the Norwegian government and military, as well other scientists from around the world, who have provided some seriously high tech equipment. Now, he is openly prepared to admit that we could be looking at another lifeform.

    Erling Strand - The Hessdalen Light Phenomena [67:47]
    Red Ice Radio, 12th December 2010

    Susan Joy Rennison

  6. Thanks Susan for your comments and opinions - I remember that you have commented before and remember your website.

    Since you seem to tune into my opinions too - it makes me wonder if you have found the Esoteric blog (trying to be) that I co-founded with Bruce Duensing called - an interesting set of writers and thinkers are participating.

    Finally, I've written a number of times about Orbs (lights) and about the spectrum of phenomena they may represent. One must hope that the seemingly conscious balls light are not in disguise and are appearing just as they manifest - as balls of temporary light that seemingly can at times demostrate attributes associated with communication and all that entails.


  7. Hello Rick,

    I will check out your esoteric blog as I would be interested in the opinion of people who can actually think deeply, but I am skeptic too. So far, I have been very disappointed that very few have actually pointed out and outlined, how our world is currently undergoing a massive transformation.

    I note the comment, "...conscious balls light are not in disguise and are appearing just as they manifest - as balls of temporary light...". You are refering to the ability of these entities to shapeshift as is evident from all the (ghost) stories old and new. Well, I have just discovered that we have a sea creature, the Indonesian Mimic Octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus, that can shapeshift into at least 15 different types of other sea creatures as a self-defence mechanism. Is that evil?

    My interest is integrating science and metaphysics to understand our reality. At this moment in time, there are parts of the world where balls of light and other UAP manifestations are dramatically increasing, but I want to help deal with the fear factor. In January 2009, I saw a little ball of light floating down the road near Olten, Switzerland where I live. It had no interest in me, it was going about it's own business. That is why I talk about a Shadow Biosphere, the characteristics of subsets of this biosphere is another matter, but I also note that the little balls of light called "foo-fighters" in WWII, were considered as a means of psychological warfare, when in fact all they did was play tag with the fighter jets.

    Ufologists need to compare this lifeform to the vast selection of animal and vegetable life on this planet and realise that not everything has hostile intent.

    Yes, I do appreciate your blog, it is obvious that you can think outside the box.

    Susan Joy Rennison

  8. This seems an interesting development

    It's Official - AAF Will Research UFOs

    I will also comment on the question here 'are these UFOs demonic and malevolent?'
    I find this a very interesting and revealing inquiry, because unknowingly it exposes our propaganda via mythology, philosophy, 'education', religion, of a premise of there being a dualism between good and bad, angelic and demonic. I personally think that this schism is at the root of all our human problems in the world which are affecting all species and planet earth.
    In other words this question goes way into the depths of our being.
    And wonder on--can we have good without bad? And is the idea we CAN part OF the problem. because surely that is what war is supposedly all about. That there has to be a bad 'other' which needs to be eradicated---as scapegoat. We are trained to look outside for this, not realizing that the roots are in the mindset being inculcated in us via propaganda----divide and rule being one of the tricks of control of consciousness. The patriarchal myths divide and control on a very personal level. they told us we were originally sinful! And that we therefore needed their good saviour. This divides us from ourself does it not? Makes us distrust our very body, mind, and soul, and its relationship with nature--which was also made to believed to be 'fallen..
    When 'science' emerges it eventually pretends to dissociate itself from this superstition, however unconsciously it carries it on via its own scientism. NOW we are supposedly machines (first Rene Descartes claims animals are machines, and later Wilhelm Wundt calims humans are), and the natural world is dead---no connection. No living relationship.

    Now into this fuked-upedness on grand scale is the UFO phenomena, and somesay 'are they demonic?' I sense deep irony here. I am not saying i KNOW.....I am exploring this myself :)
    it surely is a mindblower lol

  9. Susan,

    Thanks for your follow up comment and I am getting a more full sense of your interests. That said, while I ascribe semi-great importance in the Orb Phenomena - like UFOs I feel it may be a range of manifistations from the collective dead to plasma beings such as you suggest. I have also suggested that rods, and some orbs may indeed by atmosphere life forms that are evolving in some manner - perhaps something that `lives' on mankinds pollutions. And, I also believe that `orbs' may be representing `Tulpas' or thought forms.

    The mystery abounds. LOL.



  10. MUZ,

    I was wondering when you would chip in. - Thanks.

    And, thanks for the link - interesting, that said, the Proof of the paranormal has been going on in places such as the Rhine Institute for ages and pretty much `proves' non random results via intentionalities. Researching UFO's is, to me, like `researching shadows'. To me, what `countries' can do would not be to `research' the phenomena - but to admit and classify and quantify such phenomena. Let folks make their own decisions about the range of the phenomena. I also admit that my interest, at least in this blog - is about aliens in crafts - being `biological entities like humans' and not projections of the craft or from elsewhere projected. Or are these beings, if they exist and are interacting with Earth - are they from elsewhere or are they indeed `earthlings' in the sense that they have populations in our biosphere of influence - could the aliens be under the oceans for instance and perhaps have been monitoring the planet for eons. Those, to me, are the outer real edges that I'd like to know the answers about.

    Now, I'd like to at least comment about my opinions about the `good and evil' perceptions/actualizations you note. It is NOT an area I explore consciously too often as again to me - things of actualization are very bound by Phenomenology and that is simply the way I look at it.

    So, for me, IMO, Evil and for that matter Love - may `have their own space' -- FULL of intentionalities, etc. As such, in areas of the universe with `material' (atoms) (any density sticks out like a sore thumb in our near vacuum universe) -- spaces may be brought together.

    So, I view, Evil as more related to an individual space being infused with this external `defined space' -- as opposed to being able to manifest as some `object related phenomena for observation'. That said, I could be 100% mistaken. LOL.

    Again, thanks for your time and thoughts.



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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
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