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Monday, April 12, 2010

UFO Disclosure Clock Retreats To 6:00 AM - Amid UFO Blogger Burnout - As MUFON/BAASS Manipulations Turn `Euclid Lights' On Again

Boy oh boy - where do I begin? First, the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clocks official April time is now 6:00 AM - a retreat of 6 hours from the March (UDCC) setting - and back to the general area it has resided since the inseption of this blog - near Dawn. Indeed, I now see NOTHING AT ALL that suggests that UFO disclosure is even remotely imminent. That is, other than the `soft disclosure' that any number of nations seem to be taking to `get the whole thing behind us'. (Which is VERY suspicious to me.)

And, as you can see from the complex title - the whole `UFO thing' seems to be taking a toll of its own - bloggerwise. Indeed, just this week Bruce `Tin Foil' Duensing wrote - Does Ufology Have A Future When It's Non-Exsistant? - Saying that it was  "Time to get as far as I can from the maddening crowd. I need to dunk my head under a bucket of cold water."

Need more? How about the MUFON former director writing this week - Goodbye Ufology, Hello Truth - where he clearly blasts all the UFO'ogists currently pontificating - and MUFON.

And, now to the MUFON mess - or what appears to be a mess. To that end - let me begin by saying I got an E from Lon at Phantom and Monsters the other day alerting me to his post (which includes a link to this website too) - titled - 'Lake Erie Lights' Videographer Claims Coercion By Bigelow Operative - and in the post - Lon goes on to list 5 links to complete the story about BAASS's seeming intervention directly with the Euclid Lights filmer. (BTW, Lon's link includes NEW Euclid Lights UFO's/ORBS.

One of those links is to a post by Alfred Lambremont Webre (who commented on this blog in my last post March 17th and who will be featured in two of my upcoming internet posts) - who details the new `suspension/review' of the BAASS/MUFON/(FAA?) connections - here - - it seems that BAASS is less than pleased with the manner of the spending of their money at MUFON.

Yes, the FAA reports to BAASS/Bigelow - and BAASS/Bigelow/MUFON are also in ca-hoots. Or, were in cahoots. In fact, according to Webre "“Due to the evidence of financial mismanagement quoted above, BAASS has lost confidence in the ability of MUFON to continue into the future as well as providing the future deliverables for which BAASS has contracted.” - I assume those `deliverables' would be the highly contentious cases that get reported to MUFON (find out those types of high profile cases with the above link) - that would then - be funded by a BAASS/MUFON investigation.

Are you saying HMMMMMM? Yet?

Well, I was even before all the recent developments outlined above. Indeed, to me, at times - it seems ONLY Lon and I give a crappola about all of this stuff. As if others who talk UFO's don't want to touch it. So be it.

But, that, finally, brings me back to the Euclid Lights - which - was my post on March 17th. You see, I grew up in Euclid Ohio - for 18 years. Lived all over Euclid. Know what the Euclid shoreline is like (the UFO's were observed over the lake) - indeed, my mother lives on the Lake (not in Euclid however) - literally right on the north coast.

So, let me explain why, to me, the whole Euclid Lights affair - and MUFON's involvement (BAASS's too evidently) smells like Perch (everyone in Euclid in the 50's and 60's grew up on Friday Perch) - in other words - fishy.

First, shortly before the Euclid Lights, lots of weird stuff was in NE Ohio skies - -- and by March 12th - the lights had been showing up for 9 (nine) consecutive days Indeed, by the time I covered it on March 17th (MUFON gets involved about 3/12) it was almost two weeks of witnesses - multiple witnesses - multiple videos - etc.

Now, while Lon's link above indicates that MUFON said `Venus' first - I remember them saying it was a mystery. However, whatever the first blush - they came back that same week and said that the Euclid Lights `were aiplanes going to and from the airport' - and that MUFON had `radar' confirmation. (So just forgettaboutit.) Of course, all of this was taking MUFON at it's word.

Immediately, my Gaydar went up - I mean my UFOar BS meter.

So, MUFON was telling us to `go away - nothing here to look at' - much like a cop at a traffic accident or crime scene. "The media can take their attention away now. Get on with your life losers. We are the official word you need ask no questions."

So, let me tell you what smelled like skunk spray.

First, I have been watching planes come into and out of the airport all my F-ing life from out over the lake -- and guess what? THEY MOVE TO OR FROM THE AIRPORT - they do not remain stationary in any manner that would fool observers for more than a few seconds or at most a minute. AND THAT DOES NOT DESCRIBE WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN EUCLID OHIO. Those Orbs - were stationary often - split into two or more often - faded in an out, often. Ect - not at all acting like a plane. TO SUGGEST THAT OBSERVERS WOULD NOT SEE THAT IT WAS GOING FROM THE AIRPORT OR GOING TO THE AIRPORT IS STUPID. As is Venus as an answer.

And, finally, to the supposed call from a BAASS operative to the Euclid video man.

"According to Erlikh, at approximately 6:45pm EST, on Thursday night (April 8, 2010) a private telephone call came into his residence. Eugene answered and the man on the other end assumed to know it was Eugene and called him by name. The man identified himself as a member of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. He did give his name and email that is, in fact, linked to the BAASS.ORG domain name. He asked Eugene a number of questions pertaining to the sightings over Lake Erie. The man then demanded Eugene give up the exact coordinates of the location the lights are appearing. When Eugene questioned the man, he stated he knew the lights were not terrestrial or from this planet and there's big money involved in obtaining that technology. He instructed Eugene to email him the coordinates. Eugene immediately hung up the telephone"

Ok, we only have a man SAYING he was from BAASS with a working E-mail - but - as far as I know - that E could have been public info and someone was playing a prank. It is one possibility. But, lets consider the alternatives.

Let's say it WAS a BAASS man. Why would he think that Erlikh had "the exact coordinates of the location the lights are appearing"? Can you answer me that? I can't. And, WHY, would a BAASS guy say to Erlikh that "there's big money involved in obtaining that technology." - Can you think of ANY reason? I can't. OR, why would BAASS tell Erlikh that "the lights were not terrestrial or from this planet" - And, again, the same question - why would they tell him and HOW WOULD THEY KNOW?

It's almost that they wished he would come forward with this `new'`news' - so that as one who KNOWS that the Orbs are not from Earth - that Erlikh would look like THE FOOL. Or, perhaps, Erlikh would JUMP at the words BIG MONEY and want to get rich (and avoid telling the truth to the media) and give these supposed co-ordinates of value. (Why the MUFON person couldn't have provided this is another mystery?)

So, the question now remains - IS THERE BIG MONEY IN PORTALS TO ANOTHER UNIVERSE? And, why and when will BAASS release the many UFO reports it's gotten from pilots over the last decade - and when and why - is MUFON playing games?

I'll stay tuned - unless I too just get tired of all the BS. Or B(AAS)S. I welcome your comments.

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  1. Put it this way. I surf myself to death each day for UFO/alien and paranormal. I have no problem with good paranormal articles because I end up with too many. But, the last two months I have been having a hell of a time finding anything on UFOs. There's the ones you mentioned of course, which I picked up but not a whole lot more then that each day.

    I used to have 20-25 pictures a day in the UFO section all attached to someone's blog or website regarding their UFOs or alien article. Today I had 7 and had to fill in with a couple Anomalist books. It's been 6, 7, 8 every day for many weeks.

    In the paranormal section, I'm steadily running 20-32 picture links a day.

    So yes, UFOs are dieing on the vine. There haven't been any UFO sightings that I would call 'of the alien kind' either. There's a lot of garbage out there, especially on MUFON's site but none of it is worthy. The Examiner always makes that stuff look bigger than a bread box and it's usually bunk. Either that or you have The SCUM, I mean The Sun selling hoaxes off of M5. lol

    It is really bad right now.

    We need a Stephenville to pick it up again. Either that or a story as good as Isaac's CARET.

  2. Eileen,

    First, thanks for your comment and efforts for nearly all of us interested in UFO's - your site is great to use and visually appealling too. It is interesting what you say as far as the quantitative side of blogging UFO's.

    Frankly, as you certainly know, after a year or two involved with the internet verbage on UFO's will provide anyone with a good mind - nearly all the ideas that can be said about it.

    Indeed, as the numbers may be in retreat - it brings to the surface the more outlandish near fiction claims of the Exopolitics folks -- supposedly - at least to themselves - the ONES - representing the human race on this issue. It's almost laughable.

    I have mixed feelings on the Examiner -- except for the NEGATIVE feelings about the pop-up to see the sight (or is it called a pop-under). That delay freezes my machine sometimes and I now avoid those links unless it really seems exceptionsl in nature. All that said, I do bring UFO Examiner links to my readers on Squidoo and at Barf Stew - my near daily sites of links.

    Finally, I have a feeling that what we saw at Stephenville will NOT happen again on MSM. I think they got taken onto the carpet by the powers that be. It's one reason the Euclid Lights may have been nipped in the bud.

    Lastly, I think the Orb story is replacing the UFO story in general. But, I don't get my hopes up as it seems that very few folks can even discern the contrails as something new in the sky in the last 15 years or so. I mean, if folks can't see the obvious - it's hard to hope they will see the esoteric.

    thanks for your comment.

  3. Ya know what, if we stopped to think like an alien, would we travel near earth's orbit for even a moment while already knowing that we've got too much space junk out there and known for a satellite collision. No alien in their right mind, which I'm sure they have, would ever travel such without asking for it. I doubt they would travel such great distances only to be destroyed by the likes of our nonsense hanging around in space.

    UFO Sightings that were less explainable pretty much ceased about the same time that the satellites collided.

    Exopolitics - can't stand the topic and pay no attention anymore.

    As far as disclosure goes. I really don't see it happening. If this country has anything to share, it would have been deep holed or maybe even thrown away years ago. The old military would be the only ones really privy to such and I imagine that they did with it what they wanted to do with it and they're mostly all dead now.

    I honestly don't see our government coming up with jack diddly since I doubt there is jack diddly to come up with anymore.

  4. Eileen,

    First, you should know that I'm an old codger that states my real opinions - so with that warning, I will take on some of your points.

    Frankly, I don't think that space junk would deter or damage such superiour crafts IF they were indeed `traveling' here. I think also that it is more likely they are here and have been here (for eons) OR that they indeed `arrived' in the 30's or 40's. That said, a few could indeed be traveling here and find the junk to be offensive in nature. (pun intended)

    Obviously, we are very close on the Exopolitics folks - thankfully. And, it makes sense as we are two individuals who are attempting to put together lots of data about the subject. (Didn't you say you have the wo-wo factor when it comes to being abducted or am I confusing you with someone else?) IF you do have that wo-wo factor I'd be interested in why you are NOT interested in the Exo-folks.

    Lastly, you could be right about the government with your opinions - but, I tend to go the route that it is all not a doable thing DUE (or is it DO, getting late) to the black hole of money into secret deeds. As opposed to the gov having no info to share. That said, it may be their lack of knowledge about this portal phenomena that they don't want to really talk about. Can't blame them really.


  5. I'm not interested in the exo-politic individuals because they're into themselves and full of bs. Like Greer, they're a remnant that's still tooting a horn and nobody is listening.

    I have my personal experiences but there is nothing exopolitics or a anyone else can do about it. I'm on my own here. They exist and that's that, it has nothing to do with exopolitics anyway. I feel that they're just full of hot air. They as in Webre, Salla and their followers.

    I only stay in the realm of UFOs because of my experiences but that doesn't mean I believe most of what I see or read because I don't. The field of ufology is so riddled with narcissistics, how can I?

    Space junk would deter them because there's too much of it. They don't think like us. They're attitude would be safety first. We take chances, they smart enough not to.

  6. Again, thanks for your comments.

    I thought I remembered you had personal experiences - thanks for confirming that. Seems nearly all webmasters within this subject - including myself - have a range of these types of experiences. I've written about my ONE close sighting of a UFO already in this blog.

    Certainly your thoughts about the Exopolitics folks seems to reflect my positioning that I've taken in this blog - perhaps that is why you feel comfortable - I hope so.

    BTW, I've already finished part two and want to finish part three first - but - my next opinions on the Exopolitics folks and the UFO Hall of Shame list isn't too long off. It will be a long read if part two is any indication. I do take a varied view of what the whole Exopolitics folks seem to be saying. But, you are correct - in a nutshell.

    Finally, indeed, as a link webmaster like yourself - I full DONT believe a significant portion of what I link to = it is one reason I started my Barf Stew blog - a title I think that is very well positioned for this material we deal with.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lets just say that I can't use the word 'believe'. In order to believe, it must be a fact. That's where I'll use maybe the word theory, law, possibility or faith, but rarely will I use the word believe.

    Science dictates that. One cannot believe something to be fact until it is tested and proven to be fact or observed. An observer to something knows that they saw it but the next guy can not believe him, he can only wonder. :)

  8. Rick
    My clock is irreparably broken, so thanks for the update, inasmuch as there seems to be a growing consensus than the field has become a dumping ground for the human comedy, and I appreciate your honesty, as one who follows your other blog. Another good example of rotten fruit is the latest travails of Jacobs and Co, which is so repulsive, that, of course, I was compelled to comment on my own "space"..needless to say, this was a great necessary post.

  9. Eileen,

    Yeah, your are right - believe is a strong word in most contexts and I agree with your statement that all we really have is the observation of experience from one singular point of space-time unique to ourselves. Which bring into it many many possibilities.


    LOL. My `clock' is not only broken it runs in reverse. Thanks for the kind words. As I hope you know, I also follow your words on subjects tangental to all this.


  10. Stew, come on! The kid's videos and wild statements were embarassing. Obviously, lights that appear in the sky every night, at the same place and the same time, should be checked against flight schedules. Instead, the kid and local TV were hyping it up. MUFON checked the most obvious solution and immediately found corroberation. MUFON did a good job! Ufology partisans who claim science and reason is their friend should have been happy. But for the ufology partisans, airplanes were the wrong answer and -- as usual -- they are left to cry "conspiracy!"
    Shame on you.


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