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Sunday, December 19, 2010

New `Sky-Symbols' UFO Writing Video Surfaces - Similar To Stephenville UFO `Sky-Symbols' Event

Just a minute or two ago a reader at my other blog called Barf Stew submitted a comment with this link in it (I sometimes do UFO stuff at Barf Stew too)
to the video you are about to see below: BE PATIENT as the video goes into High Strangeness at about the 45 second mark:

Here's the `story' posted with the above video (posted for the first time on Dec. 15th and with 1,246 views at posting):
A friend of mine at work watched this spectacular phenomenon through his video camera mounted on a tripod. I don't know what this is, or what/who is causing this phenomenon.

The similarity of this incident to the ones in the skies over other countries gave it the validity I needed to post this. Even if it's not contact from 'Dada-ists' from outer space, it's thrilling to watch. To the best of my knowledge, this is either a genuine UFO or some really gorgeous natural mix accidentally merging technology with nature (It's possible we're looking at a planet???).

Share this. Forward this. Link this BUT:

Please credit the source of this video!

My Youtube user name is 'ShieldPacal'. I am the original poster of this video, but not the source of it! That credit goes to a colleague of mine who prefers to remain unidentified. I have a third colleague, a UFO researcher for forty years, who has written the following legitimate UFO report:

Dancing multi-colored UFO videotaped for 5 minutes by married couple in Salaya , Thailand .

This UFO was videoed by my colleague at work, and witnessed by his wife and him. The witnesses are both in their 30s and college educated professionals. The sighting occurred on Monday night, December 13, 2010 at around 10 p.m. Bangkok time. Location: Salaya, Nakhon Pathom , Thailand from their 6th floor apartment.

He was smoking a cigarette on their 6th floor balcony when he first noticed a bright light in the sky, which turned into a bright line. He first thought it was a star, then a satellite, and then an airplane, because it was multicolored and was more than just a point source. However, it hung in one place in the sky, so he called to his wife to come out and bring his video camera, because he wanted to use the telephoto zoom on the camera to enhance the image and try to explain the mystery of what they were witnessing. He mounted the camera on a tripod and used the camera's telephoto lens to zoom in on it to get a higher magnification. That was when they both noticed it was dancing very rapidly in snake-like or worm-like movements, but in the same place in the sky. They were looking toward the southern sky. They actually saw 3 of these dancing lights but filmed only one of them. The light you first see in the video is a light on the side of their apartment building, which provides some reference to the angle of elevation. He estimated it was perhaps 10,000 feet above the aircraft passing underneath on approach to Bangkok (BKK) Suvarnabhumi Airport , so the altitude might have been around 15,000 feet. The choppiness you see in the video is definitely part of the phenomenon, because the speed of the video is normal, not sped up or slowed down. This can be verified by the audio comments they both made, which are quite interesting to listen to. To the naked eye the UFO appeared like a bright light or line in the sky; only under telephoto magnification, with the camera mounted firmly on a tripod, were the strange worm-like maneuverings observable on the camcorder's digital display.

When we watched it for the first time in the office, Wednesday December 15th, one of our colleagues commented that it looked like the UFO was spelling out writing in the sky. It is strange and inexplicable that there appears to be a quarter-second pause between each "dance", which does make it look like a form of signaling.

Camera information: HDD JVC model GZ-MG750 800k pixel with 1.8x magnification high definition 43mm telephoto lens. Camera was on a tripod, so the motion is NOT due to hand movement of the camera (except at one short point when he moves the camera). It was videoed at normal camera speed. I can vouch that this is an authentic, untouched video with absolutely NO added special effects. What you are seeing in the video is not a star, planet, satellite, airplane, balloon, or any other prosaic explanation. It's a definite unknown! Report submitted by Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D., UFO investigator and author with more than 40 years field investigating experience.

Please also credit Youtube for providing this initial forum.

My thanks, once again, to my readers of UDCC and BS for their contributions to the information stream.
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  1. Quite amazing, but I have a feeling I know what a sceptic would say looking at video. At the end when he lowers the camera to the lights below, when he moves camera the lights leave trails. So I am assuming that is what a sceptic would latch onto.
    I dont wanna put you to any effort but could you either present a list of videos with this same phenomenon--you know links OR give me a search name for this type of phenomenon so I can try to collect some.

  2. Hi Muz,

    Just this without too hard a search - will find the video too if I can



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