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Monday, February 22, 2010

Disingenuous UFO `Soft Disclosure' Continues

Hello, and welcome to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting today. And, as you can see from today's title - I'm expressing a point of view about the latest `UFO Disclosure' from the United Kingdom. It is literally 6,000 pages, and is the FIFTH release of UFO files to the public for a one month inspection period.

Excuse me while I yawn.

First, exactly as I wrote in this column last week - this is a `soft disclosure' - here is how I wrote it:

"And, I call all these `soft disclosures' - because while governments have released files that would suggest something solid is within the Earth's atmosphere that perplexed and interested the military from a security standpoint - no country has then admitted an on-going concern or even a strong interest in the whole phenomena after releasing the data and files."

And, the word I should have added then, which I will add now is that EVERY soft disclosure is wrapped in a scary disingenuousness. How? Well, first, let's look at the very definition of the word disingenuous: (1655) lacking in candor; also: giving a false appearance of simple frankness: CALCULATING.

Now, lets look at the forward to the 6,000 page tome that no one will be able to digest in 30 days - it is written by Dr. David Clarke who said "said many of the sightings may have been influenced by what people had read and watched..."In the period the latest file release covers (1994-2000), triangular-shaped US stealth bombers and Aurora spy planes featured heavily on TV (The X Files 1993-2002) and films (Independence Day, 1996) and the shape of reported UFOs corresponds" interpretation could be that the latest advances in technology may be influencing what people see in the sky."

So, let's follow this logic closely: indeed, V shaped government craft suddenly were in the skies during this timeframe and were seen - causing an increase in V shaped `UFO's being seen. Yep, makes sense. But, what does that have to do with hovering crafts? What does it have to do with the still seen saucers? What does it have to do with the strange shapes seen all the time of UFO's?

Anwser - Nothing at all. Indeed, to have a glib professor, (who has a reason to know his book sales will increase) routinely diss - the 80% or more UFO's that do not correspond to `current media influences' - is - disingenuous. To not talk about why nations may have concerns about air space violations - is - disingenuous. To not discuss abductions with a serious nature - is - disingenuous. And, finally, to not discuss - WHY governments may not want to come clean about what they know about aliens - is - disingenuous.

Indeed, about as disingenuous as shutting down a UFO reporting office so that the money can be spent on body armor for the British troops around the world. Yes, that is how stupid the government  and main stream media thinks the sheeple are.

You can read more here and it has a link to the 6,000 page report - is your printer ready? . Thanks for visiting today - bookmark and return. Please visit our sidebar for other great websites too. And, daily, I do this kinda stuff at .


  1. Hi, Rick... I agree with you completely, with the emphasis on "dosingenuous." And I've noticed that many (if not most or all) of the countries releasing files are either announcing that they'll no longer accept and investigate reports or are designating private corporations (Bigelow Aerospace, for example) as the officially sanctioned reporting agencies. For as nice as it is to have thousands more reports from the past to pore over, it's worrisome to say the least that from now on many of the best reports may well never be accessible to the public. And it's interesting how this (release and privatization) correlates in time to the common-use advent of the FOIA... because, of course, where private entities, be they groups, individuals or corporations, are concerned, the FOIA doesn't apply.

  2. Enigmatica,

    First, thanks for taking the time to express an articulate comment - appreciated at this end.

    Next, you make some very interesting points that few talk about and you are correct - as the `disclosure ends' and as the `offices and collection of data closes off' - ------ Great point.


  3. Hi again, Rick... regarding my last comment, I think "dosingenuous" must have something to do with lying old computers, heh.

    I've tried to comment several times over at Barf Stew, but that site simply won't let me, so I'm going to respond here to your current posting regarding the perceived differences in abduction experience aftermaths between Doc Edwards and Chris Holly, as I simply have to get this out of my system.

    My take on it is that those more susceptible to the aliens' mind-altering techniques/technologies will come out of an abduction believing whatever "loving galactic brotherhood" BS the aliens choose to foist off on the abductee, while those less susceptible know all too well the "Fear" of which Chris Holly writes.

    Rick, thank you for all the work you do... I visit your sites frequently, and appreciate your thoughts, your research and your links.


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