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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock March Current Time Setting Slips 6 Hours to High Noon

Hello, and welcome back to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting. As you can see by today's post title - I've reset the hands on the clock to 12:00:01 PM - indicative of a full retracement from the full front assault on the government by the exo-politics movement at the end of 2009 (the decade ending push) to have official disclosure to the people. As you know if you are a regular reader of UDCC - the exo-politics movement - IMO - made themselves nearly irrelevant at that time by predicting various exact dates of alien/ufo disclosure by the government such as Nov. 27th's date.

As you probably also know - the clock hands have had a lot of movement lately - for reasons even beyond the exo-politics movement. The latest one was the `false' movement to 10PM at the beginning of this year based on the assumption that the FAA designating a recipent of UFO reports and radar UFO reports to one location - BAASS was good for disclosure - only to find out - after the fact - that this was only business as usual.

Indeed, my ultimate take - and others who follow this closely - is that this funneling of information all seems suspicious and NOT forthcoming at all. More secretive business as usual from the government on this issue. (indeed my move last month from 10pm to 6pm was due to that finding of Robert Bigelow being the sole user of this data.)

Additionally, the media has NOT moved in any manner with regard to following up on some of the Roswell information dug out by investigators in 2009 - such as by Mr. Bragalia. That non-interest; the Bigelow connection; and the exo-politics discrediting of itself in Nov. and again in February (IMO) with the release of the `first photo of an alien' - (see my take here - ) - wearing boots and goggles. No, I'm not making this up.

So, today - at the cusp of spring - the UFO Disclosure movement - and clock -  stands at a tipping point - but is rapidly moving into the far background and most likely slipping into the wee hours of the morning. Even Larry King seems bored with it all and has stopped his near monthly specials. And, forget first person accounts of UFO's anywhere except your local news - it seems the media has been warned off since its coverage of the Stephenville UFO incidents.

And, certainly, the media is TOTALLY not interested in the latest twist by `alien believers' - as to whether the aliens are `good aliens' or `bad aliens' (or a mix of both).

Now, all that said, check out this link that shows how the interest peaked in Nov. -- and this interesting link it points to as the zenith of interest/non-interest - - and again, IMO - using terms like "Age of Transformation" - is probably not going to help their cause.

Thanks for visiting today - I have more for you concerning UFO's and such on my daily link page on squidoo at - .

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  1. Hi! There is no uniform "Exopolitics movement" as you ascribe it. Exopolitics, which my 1999 book founded is the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the Universe. As you can see from my Jan 2010 article,

    I was not one of the exopolitical researchers promoting "imminent disclosure."

    Please start distinguishing my research from that of people like Michael Salla, Paola Harris, Stephen Bassett and others whose research and views in the exopolitical field I believe are derivative and flawed.

    Thank you,

    Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
    Vancouver, BC

  2. ICIS,

    First, I find it a little surprising that ICIS is a private non-traceable blogger profile - so - in essence - I really have no confirmation that `you' are who `you' state - that said - lets give it the benefit of the doubt.

    Your first point is well taken in one sense - there is no UNIFORM movement of ANY kind, of course. ALL democraps and all republinuts are not the same - your point? -- Ok, your point is valid and I'm sure `you' have differences from your fellow Exopolitics `speakers'.

    Next, in all honesty - that article (if one can stand to wait thru the pop-up for netflix) is one I'm aware of and felt didn't even rise to comment about before due to the inclusion of fantasy and fact mixed willy nilly IMO. That said, it has lots of valid points too and I suggest my readers read for themselves and come back and comment.

    And, as I've already said in this blog before and The Heavy Stuff - the mix of craziness IMO between the various factions - one KNOWING THIS and the other KNOWING THAT with NOT a bit of overlap and usually at opposite ends - gives folks with a real open mind the idea that NONE of it is real and ALL of it is crap. Sorry.

    If somehow `you' have morsels of truth - enlighten us - and please - point out those huge differences between the factions of the exopolitics movement as I and billions of others are too serious to read fiction all day long.

    Glad you have found my blog - this is post 81 - you have a lot of reading to catch up on don't you.



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