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Monday, February 1, 2010

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock Setting Slips 4 Hours to 6 P.M.

Hello, welcome to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) thanks for visiting today to read about the clock setting now re-set to 6:00 P.M. (after being at 10 PM last month - it's `latest' setting ever) - a retracing of four hours. As you might remember, last months latest setting (except in this websites first posts) ever was caused by the internet finding of an FAA request that indicated for pilots and radar control people to report UFO's or anomalous radar data to BAASS and ultimately to Robert Bigelow.

It was my feeling at the time, one month ago, that the FAA action was something new - and perhaps helpful (I had a lot of caveats) as far as the USA coming clean about alien or UFO Disclosure. Only to find out, via the internet, - that the FAA had already been giving Robert Bigelow's companies these types of reports for nearly a decade already - beginning with his backing of NIDS. Indeed, upon that realization - one can very easily conclude that the important pilot sightings and any confirmation of strange sky phenomena by airport radar - is now whisked off to who knows where. Obviously, out of the reach of the common man and the main stream media. One can only surmise if the purpose of such control is nefarious or not.

Indeed, I even found this old link last month from a 2005 study about peoples reactions if aliens were confirmed to America --- and - of course - it also was funded by Robert Bigelow. -- And, wonder no more as to why disclosure will come ever so slowly as those 2005 REAL RESEARCH (huge national sample) findings by Roper showed outcomes like -

"when asked how they think OTHERS would react to the same news:25% most people would totally freak out and panic10% act irrationally and become dangerous to others14% begin to act very strangely36% most people would be very concerned13% most people would handle the information in a calm and rational way"

If I add that correctly, the sample thought 85% would be affected and not in a positive manner.

Now, while I seldom talk about it here - I've been a market researcher for decades - and this real study is probably how the government feels it should dictate its actions. And, as the study says elsewhere in the report (read the link) - over 80% of the American folks don't even feel the aliens should disclose to the government first - and - as we all well know -- the peoples trust in the government, right now, is nearing historic lows. How credible or desirable is government disclosure anyway?

And, if the aliens DID contact the governments of the world first (as the internet fodder indicates) - and it's all been a big cover up game - peoples trust would indeed go to ZERO. Something no government will cultivate happening.

Perhaps, the 6PM setting - is way too late.

Thanks for reading today - feel free to comment.

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  1. I think you Disclosure clock should reflect the possibility/likelihood that ET beings may take disclosure into their own hands by either preempting or working around any government. I believe that they have been encouraging various government representatives (from many countries) to move forward with disclosure in a way the benefits everyone for many years. Within months or a couple of years, the obfuscation and hand wringing (or outright lying) by various factions may have delayed things enough that "they" may take things into their own hands, so to speak.

    Certainly a possibility . . .

  2. I am not sure that you have taken into account the reasons that they won't disclose the truth.
    1. They cabal have their on UFOs
    2. That they have had them since World War 2.
    3. That the Government signed agreements with the Aliens.
    4. This agreement allowed aliens to abduct and conduct experiments on citizens.
    5. They have been travelling in space for years and NASA is just a smokescreen.
    6. They have already got bases on Mars.
    7. There already exists large space stations.
    8. The US shares underground bases with aliens.
    9. Time travel has existed at least since the 1960s
    10. Our very existence is due to intelligent design by Aliens.
    11. This leads to deceit by the Churches through manipulating the books of the Bible by removing anything referring to UFOs / Aliens or Angels that visited that way. eg Book of Enoch.
    12. Nibiru would have to be openly revealed.
    13. Suppressed technology. Free energy. This is a story in itself when the governments know it exists, but are using global warming as an excuse to tax and suppress us even more.
    14. Not just global warming, it is planetary warming as has been well proven. How can we mere earthlings affect the planets in the solar system by carbon emmissions?
    I could go on, but the governments of this world are in so deep with their lies that there would be riots worldwide due to angry citizens demanding answers.

    Yes, I would love to see disclosure, but it won't come from the Governments of this planet anytime soon.

  3. Rossome - First thanks for commenting. --- It is indeed possible if not probable that `craft' aliens could do so whenever they choose. That said, I doubt very much that it is the aliens who are getting various governments to do what i call a `soft disclosure'. Again, thanks for sharing your views.

    Wildcat - Again, thanks for sharing your views with my readers. Obviously, you believe these things you have listed and indeed it is possible that some (or none) is true. I like to think `odds' in cases like this. That said, I liked your comment enough that I am going to blog about it on my blog called Barf Stew @ blogspot in the near future if not today. You may want to catch my response there.



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