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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Advice About UFO Disclosure If The Government Is Really Serious

Hello, welcome to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting today. As you can see by the title of this post - I'd like to offer an unsolicited opinion about UFO Disclosure by the Government. USA government, or world government - whoever decides such issues.

My first opinion is that the first `soft disclosures' about UFO files by numerous countries over the last few years has at least begun to loosen the strings about the UFO information available. And, I call all these `soft disclosures' - because while governments have released files that would suggest something solid is within the Earth's atmosphere that perplexed and interested the military from a security standpoint - no country has then admitted an on-going concern or even a strong interest in the whole phenomena after releasing the data and files.

As you probably know, such files include radar data confirming pilot sightings and such ----- but -----also include the `high strangeness' like cases that seem to suggest that the UFO phenomena is something `bigger' than just crafts in our skies. Indeed, the result is that the line is left blurred, probably on purpose by the governments, to suggest that ALL UFO phenomena may be `qualitative' in some manner. Additionally, none of the soft disclosure is followed by `real discussion' by the government and the people on the implications to them or Earth if `we are not alone'. Soft disclosure folks.

Next, we have to ask ourselves as a people if we REALLY want to know as a culture this information (that is not to suggest that some really really want this out for various reasons). And I say that because of a REAL national poll about just this information - done only 5 years ago - that would strongly suggest that Americans are not ready - as you can see from this link - I specifically want to draw your attention to the answer of the question as to what folks thought UFO were -- only 32% of the sample gave an `alien' type answer (25% alien crafts, 7% dimensional travelers) - indeed a larger % thought they were hallucinations, government projects and mis-identifications (with a huge unknown %).

So, at this point - more believe the UFO's to be not alien in nature. Perhaps that is wishful thinking considering how the poll - a reputable poll by Roper - paid for by Robert Bigelow - really had concerning findings about what might happen if the government announced an alien presence. As seen below:

"when asked how they think OTHERS would react to the same news:25% most people would totally freak out and panic10% act irrationally and become dangerous to others14% begin to act very strangely36% most people would be very concerned13% most people would handle the information in a calm and rational way"

Seriously, folks - this is real data. Folks EXPECT others to freak out. And in another question only 32% said they were ready to handle the information of an advanced extraterrestrail civilization. That number in and of itself - is worrisome. And, is a real reason for the incredible slowness of the media to force the issue onto the government in any way. Politicians see no advantage to rocking the government boat (one of them may fall out if they do).

So, what to do. The first step, other than soft disclosure (which with the numbers above - should be left to other more advanced thinking countries than the USA) would be for the world to be told that the meteorites DID indeed have indications of life (that came from Mars). LIFE, must be established in the WORLDS mind as NOT being an attribute associated ONLY with Earth. This simple declaration should first put the religions of the world on notice that God will have descriptions of life beyond our Earth centered view.

Next, IF the government has information related to SETI that has been sat upon for the above reasons - THAT would need to be released too. This would give the Earth's population the idea that `intelligent life' -- `was out there'. (And, by being `out there' as opposed to `here' - would allow further understanding of the population of the `real possibilities'.) My advice would be to allow the two above positions of information to be known for at least a couple years - before real disclosure.

In the meantime - while letting SETI and `life' information to slowly trickle into the brains of humans - it might not be a bad idea for the focus to start talking about `portals' -- if the government believes them to be the means of arrival for alien visitors. (They can do that by letting the media focus on the minor teleportation our physicists have had success with.) As I think , `come and go' aliens - are better - than - `we are watching you' and are here, aliens.

Perhaps a decade with the above understandings would soften the reaction of the population to UFO Disclosure. To do so without a softening in attitudes, would be irresponsible. Even if I'm one of the 32% that would be able to handle it.

I welcome your comments (obviously, if the government has been in cover up mode the breaking of trust and black budgets become the number one concern of politicians - safety and abductions would also be a major issue too). I also talk UFO's and similar stuff at my new blog - here's a sample -


  1. It is a pipe dream to believe that the US gummint would disclose the 'truth' about UFOs. Ain't gonna happen. Ever.

    They have absolutely no motivation or benefit to do so. Period.

    Second, the UFOs themselves are conducting the real cover-up by operating covertly.

    And they don't appear prepared to end *their* cover-up any time soon either.

    Face it, you will go to your grave knowing nothing more than you know today about the reality behind UFOs. Just as all UFO researchers who have passed before have done.

    Sorry, but this is the reality of the situation as it has been and always shall be.

    Still, UFOs are cool ain't they?


  2. John,

    First thanks for your comment.

    You mistake me for someone who thinks the government will disclose UFO information of a significant manner - like saying that aliens are here and on Earth. I definitely think that is highly unlikely as the soft disclosures have shown. Indeed, IF aliens are here and IF the gov't has been in coverup mode or is working with them in some regard -- we can expect to NEVER hear about aliens from the government. Indeed, as I have written on many occasions before (look around my blogs) -- the politicians have NO NONE NADA motivation to do so.

    And indeed, it seems that the UFO's in the sky are less than overt.

    However, John, the reason this blog even exists is that in 1991 I saw a UFO craft close up -- now, I don't know if anyone or anything was driving it or if it was human made or alien made - but - it was in the sky - I know more than I would have ever expected about UFO's via that sighting. That said, I expect to know nothing significantly more about UFO's before I die - indeed - as I also do not expect any meaningful disclosure within the next few decades. Being 57, that would probably put me 6 feet under.

    Finally, UFO's are probably a much much bigger event than crafts in the sky - again, a reading of my blogs - including The Heavy Stuff would give you a fuller view on my opinions.

    thanks again.

  3. Hello-Among the many, many reasons "government" will never disclose, I feel, is because of pretty much guaranteed anarchy. The never ending observance from citizens worldwide of this event, which holds such possible magnitude to all of humanity, will be disclosed by whoever it is, who is navigating these unidentifiable craft. Or not. Having had my first sighting as a child, I know these are not hallucinations nor delusions. I agree that theses sightings are probably the "tip of the iceberg" as to who or what they are, and particularly from whence they came. Over the decades it has become apparent to me that when it comes to ALL things anomalous, way too many of us lack any level of serious curiousity, and if we do, are essentially apathetic about it. Or worse, on some level intimidated by it. In the meantime, I suggest obtaining a photo of the Pale Blue Dot, which is great to have on hand for sceptics. It (attempts) to emphasize the insignifigance of earth in infinity, and perhaps enhance one's outlook on this topic. Infinity, go figure!

  4. Js5,

    Thanks for your views. What kind of sighting did you have?


  5. R.P.-All sightings I've had, have been of objects in the sky fairly far away from me. My initial sighting as a child is best described as the outline of a fish shape, highlighted in blue-green colors. Sometime ago I learned not to have hope of serious coverage or follow-up by the mainstream on any level, regarding anything anomalous. Regardless of how major or minor the "sightings" are, a steel curtain has been drawn tight. Consider that "spiral in the sky" seen by multitudes in Norway recently. I don't recall ever hearing about a "spiral in the sky" before, and, regardless if it actually was (which I doubt!) some kind of weapon launch, or HAARP....did "we" ever hear about it again? (NO)It was an incredibly remarkable occurrence. I mean, has anyone, anywhere, ever seen such a spiral in the sky appear??? I think the closest I've seen was in a comic book many moons ago! Apparently the majority of us are so conditioned, controlled and manipulated that the very "desire" to learn more about such things is void. For me the very act of considering all the endless possibilities is pretty enjoyable. JS

  6. Forgot to mention that some of the "best" sightings I've had, have been apparent only after I've downloaded my camera. I live in a rural part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a county with population under 50,000. I take a lot of pictures of "nature" around here, where the landscape is not cluttered by man or man made things. I think because of this "clarity", I may end up getting more of these type sightings via my camera. Have you used the night vision binoculars you advertise, and if so how are they? It sure would be nifty to access the new generation 3 night vision. JS

  7. Js-First, thanks for your descriptions of your sightings. Interestingly, the saucer shaped UFO that I saw in 1991 seemed to have a very fairt blue glow on the apex of the shape.

    Next, about that spiral in the sky. I have every reason to suspect that it indeed was a failed missle launch (I will say why in a moment) - that said, it was extremely strange that it happened almost simultaneously with President Obama being over there.

    Now, the reason I say that this ONE time the media seems to be being on the up and up about it being a failed launch is that the website Forgetamori showed almost the EXACT scene in the sky about 20 years ago on a failed launch. And,I mean exactly like it. I had the Forgetamori link (which I think I found on the Anomalist within a day or so of the Norway Spiria) on my daily link site on Squidoo/anomalyman.

    I also feel, like you, that the media is completely tight on some over the top individual and perhaps locations that are known to attract `UFO"'s - it is as if they just `can't go there'.

    Finally, I like you - enjoy a good think (I often to that on The Heavy Stuff blog). Thanks for you participation.


  8. Hi-Well I went to the Heavy Stuff and ended up perusing several of your other sites as well. What a fun find. Thank you! JS

  9. Js - And thank you for the kind words. No, I haven't used the equipment - but - Joe Capp has recently been touting that this stuff works in some regard.

    Thanks for further clarifications on the anomalous objects you have seen and photoed.



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