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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Outrageous Possibilities Raised By The Mexico Orb Releasing UFO

On July 8th on this site - I posted a video supposedly taken in Mexico on May 22nd of this year. I chose to post that UFO video because it was absolutely unique, to me, in the realm of UFO/ORB videos - in that it showed `something' (most would call it a UFO or ORB) brightly shining high in the sky, suddenly releasing multitudes of smaller `orbs' in both directions - seemingly right out of the sides of the `ufo/orb Mothercraft'.

At the time, I called it an excellent UFO video (in terms of showing the anomalous). Now, since fake UFO videos are numerous, even while I've never seen one depicting what happens in this video, one must always be skeptical. That said, there is one thing that, to me, always makes things more persuasive; - and that, to me, is a SECOND video of the same event (taken with a camera on the opposite side of the event about a couple miles away). And, indeed, that has happened, and it is that video that you will find below today.

But, the purpose of this post is to tackle the obvious and yet unexplainable - the video events themselves. Just what could possibly be going on - if the video is REAL? And for purposes of this post - I will assume no Tom Foolery or shenanigans are involved with either video. Indeed, the only possibilities can be summed up as totally outrageous - but - if this type of phenomena starts to be very commonplace (as I have seen Orb's release another orb before on video - just not in this number) - we all need to have some sort of handle on the coming possible speculation.

Indeed, I've done a lot of speculating already about Orbs - both in this blog - and in my main blog - - indeed, just this month I wrote

"Indeed, `orbs’ have moved, changed, or transformed, from being the `light’ or circle captured in photos in the 80’s and 90’s via cameras (at this time they were thought to be ghosts/spirits/entities) - into - nowadays, via video camera - full fledged `balls of conscious light’ - seemingly. Some of which seem to even be able to be `called’ or `produced’ by a few individuals.
Indeed, some Orbs have been filmed recently that `emerge’ from other `orbs’. And, sometimes it isn’t even just one ..."

Which leads to Outrageous Possibility one - Orbs are INDEED `spirits' (dead consciousness) and they are indeed - evolving --> as I speculated here in The Heavy Stuff "Can The `Collective Dead’ Of Humanity - Evolve?" - "Frankly, nearly all ghost experiences seem limited to ONE ghost - seldom is it multiple ghosts - or a whole slew of ghosts. There doesn’t seem to be a `collective dead’ that is able to materialize. The ghosts that do materialize do not seem to be hanging out with others bringing their will/consciousness/space into our living world. (That is not to say that in some seances or `communications’ that some `additional’ spirit wants to take over the communication - so, two or even a few seems to be a limit.) Maybe it’s just hard to get folks together at the same `real’ place and same `real’ time when they have been `dead’ for awhile.

Perhaps the `real’ just isn’t that interesting.

But, the question that THS is trying to get behind in this post is `could the dead evolve’? After-all, lots of gurus of thought have died - Einstein, Husserl, Gandhi, Sartre, —- does it matter what additional intelligence is added by their deaths? Could those interested in the subject matter of communicating with the dead - after they die - have access to NEW information about EVP or other methods? Could the `best heads’ be put together on the `other side’ to more effectively reach our humanity on `this side’?"

So, possibility one is `the dead are evolving' - are able to form into a `conscious ball of light' - that can -- break up into individual orbs (spirits). And, what could be the purpose of such a display? Could it be a simple as to bring wonder to the world? Or, to bring about a Fortean event to question the everyday reality - and perhaps turn mankind to a higher calling - a more spiritual one?

But, I get ahead of myself - because, to me, another possibility of what we witness in the videos is indeed -- `A Fortean Meme'. A Fortean or Impossible event that requires mankind to think of the `how's' of reality - to break with the common consensus explanation of `things'. More or less, a braking mechanism for consciousness' certainty. Indeed, could ORB's - conscious balls of light - become another new Meme?

This Fortean side of Ontology, to me, is best described by Colin Bennett about a Fortean/UFO/Missing Time/MIB - experience that he had - I will quote some of his heavy words - "It took me some time to realize just how complex my UFO experience was. It had a subtle psycho-mythological substrate. When I discovered this, I was quite shaken by the implications. I had seen a mythological animal, no less. Not a unicorn or a white rabbit with a pocket watch, but a mythological creature for a technological Age: a Lancaster bomber, of all things. Why is such a thing mythological? Because this aircraft was once was a flying lance of freedom, a piece of Britain’s sacred electro-mechanical muscle, just as symbolic as the lance of St George .....What I saw was a multi-faceted information-based phenomenon...To myself now, years later, this UFO was a liminal object that is something whose “existence” lies between fact and fiction, like an Escher drawing. I am now aware that indeed there were other structured levels involving time, destiny, and personality besides an “objective” component. ...This kind of technology, not far removed from holographic TV, could produce a “man from Venus” at the drop of a hat. It would be an equally sobering experience for scientists to find that their discoveries were part of a multi-dimensional media/gaming entertainment system of many levels of focus, development, and application. "

so, possibility two - is that the Orb event - is a developing Fortean Meme using human consciousness for its very existence. The purpose - to prevent certainty about `things'. (If you want a great read about Fortean Events - see Bennett's write-up's of 9-11 or contrails in our skies.)

Now, after those far out, subjective, qualitative, consciousness possibilities - we move into the structured ontological - well, we will get to that eventually. LOL.

No, next up for possibility number three is kind of between the `concrete' and `human consciousness related' - that being - "communication" from `outside' our `timecone' - in other words a multi-dimensional event. Let me describe my thoughts.

Lets say that entities, perhaps even humanlike entities, live on a planet many light years away - perhaps, even in a different galaxy than the Milky Way; and, that, while the science-fiction of faster than light travel may be nice, -- let's say that it is found to be impossible for anything `other than a light structure' - to transverse the Universe `instantly' (faster than light/time). But, let's say that certain `light structures' can be `sent out' , via an entity with intelligence, that can `appear' in the skies of a planet with intelligent species like mankind (much like a greeting card shout out).

And, perhaps, that `light' can be sent - even - having an intelligence imprinted onto it. A `light' that can even `do things'/events - at the eventual placement outcome in a planets skies - light years across the universe. After all, this video almost looks like sophisticated fireworks.

So, Outrageous Possibility three is - `a signal from another intelligence across the universe'. The purpose - the `universal' desire to reach out and say `I am here'!

Which brings us to possibility four - no, we are not finished even yet. And, possibility number four is that these are human based, Earth based objects/events - caused by humans (probably of an underground human elite core) - that could be some projection of plasma or projection of a hologram. (This same plasma or hologram - may be what is being `sent' by non-humans in possibility three.)

If events such as Orbs begetting Orbs - are caused by elite humans operating outside of government structures - whose purpose is totally unknown - I can only suggest reading all the conspiracy websites on the internet or google `solar warden' for explanations.

Which leaves three more possibilities - the potentially obvious one -- and two more obscure possibilities. I'll begin with the obvious, the 5th possibility -- these ORBs are, indeed, `alien craft' or `entities' of some sort with a temporary status or time in our reality. (that is unless we are to assume that every one of these `cloaks' and becomes invisible after a period of time). The `purpose' of these `alien craft'? Who knows - data collection -entertainment - historical recording devices - to even `contact with the human race'. At this point in our understanding - who knows what a race of entities more developed than humans `wants' from us - by this display.

The 6th possibility is one I've blogged about before - and qualifies as Outrageous - and that is - the event is the display of `sky creatures' of the Earth's atmosphere. I titled the post "Could Some `Rods' Grow Into `Orbs' - Could Some `Orbs' Grow Into Some `Ufo's'?" -- where I wrote - "That's right - today's post is going to speculate that our atmosphere - just like the `land' of Earth and just like the `water' of Earth - has `creatures' - perhaps of multiple sorts - species even. `Creatures' of different sizes with a degree of intelligence and awareness; just like on land and within the ocean. Creatures, that could be increasing to the point that more and more of them are being `seen' by the more and more humans on the planet Earth.

And, the seventh possibility is similar in a sense to number two - the Fortean Meme - with two possibilities for it. Anyway, the seventh choice is the age-old idea that `reality is not real' - `it is all, including humans, software' - `the matrix'.

The two variations of this would be: first - we are nothing but a software program simulating consciousness and self-awareness and are programmed from `outside entities' who can do `anything' in our `fake computer world'. The other variation - it is WE humans who are `doing the programming of our own universe' - and - events can be `produced' for and by humans - that exceed our ability to understand them or even control them in a cause-effect manner.

Finally, more than just describe the possibilities - and with the chance that similar phenomena can be produced by more than one of the above possibilities - I'd like to `give' my gut instinct on what we see in the Mexico UFO/ORB video below.

Possibility One - `Dead Human Spirits are developing' - (10%)
#2 ---> `Fortean Ontology' (<5%)
#3 ---> `Multi-dimensional communication' (10%)
#4 ---> `Elite Humans'/Secret Government (20%)
#5 ---> `Alien Crafts' (30%)
#6 ---> `Evolving Sky Creatures' (<5%)
#7 ---> (a)`Matrix Universe - Computer' (15%)
(b) `Matrix Universe - Human' (10%)

I'd love to know your thoughts and percentages too - leave a comment. Make sure to visit some of those ORB links above too.

Tip of the hat to Lon at for first running with this video.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Over The Top `UFO Abduction' Videos -- Ignore? Or, Watch?

Hello, welcome back to The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting and for your curiosity. As you can see from the title of today's post - my subject is - since fake video's can be generated about almost anything - including UFO's - can they be taken as `Proof' anymore, and are they even worth watching?

So, today, in this post I will include two such videos - one I just recently became aware of that is of a Plane Abduction -- yes - you read that right - a Plane (as in flying) abduction caught on video. The other one is even more bizarre if that is possible - it purports to be a video of a man not only being abducted but even being returned to the exact same place.

First, my comments about the Plane abduction incident and what distinguishes it from the Man abduction incident; it's `shot' by a human - and is REALLY over the top - which to me raises my suspicions. Also, this to me looks like a private prop plane and such planes often draw the look of folks on the ground (as opposed to staring high in the sky to see the occasional jet) - and - one would think that MORE than just the video'er of the event would see this occur. Evidently NOT however. (Or a re-appearance of a plane, since none were missing.)

I won't comment on the seemingly bizarre path the UFO takes to do the abduction - either. Or, how, UN-conventional it's path seems compared to `other UFO videos'. (Then again, I've never seen a plane abduction on video either before this.)

And, I'll say the same thing about the Plane video as I did the first time I saw the Man Abduction video -- show me MANY similar videos - and I may begin to be convinced. But, as of today, - daytime UFO abductions of Planes - I just don't buy it.

Now, onto the Man Abduction video. First, I admit, I have a preference that this was supposedly shot with an unmanned security camera and was submitted anonymously. Additionally, IF entity abduction can happen instantaneously, as this video depicts - it may well occur with a flash of light. I also have to say that the effects that the person shows, as well as the `expert' testimony saying how that is often the case upon `return' - as well as the subsequent story of the gentleman quitting the job and moving on - make this much more compelling to me than the first one (and I am of the belief that 99% of abductions are by entities without a real ontological structure - in other words - a subjective world with real qualities - as in what happens via mutual hypnosis - something I've posted about here

But, once again, - there are a lot of security cameras now in the world - IF this is a real video - I would suspect that this type of event would be captured more and more often -- and - until I see more - I'll withhold judgement on this one.

Security Camera Footage Of An Alien Abduction? - A funny movie is a click away

Finally, my answer to the first question is NO - even the over the top videos are NOT Proof - not yet -- but - YES - they are worth watching and MAY even be real.

Have you seen my UFO archive section on Squidoo - UFO videos and more - thanks for your visit today and thanks for the comments on the previous post too. I welcome your comments on today's post too.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dr. Steven Greer's Latest Statement That ALL E.T.'s Are Friendly - Ruffles Feathers

As you may know, recently, in Europe, they had an `Exo-Politics' seminar and invited the `biggies' of the UFO `movement' - one of them - of course - Dr. Steven Greer. And, as you may also know, I've covered the Dr. before in my article about his term CE-5 -- Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind. And, this post will NOT be a review about Dr. Greer, but, will examine various statements and ideas he presented in an interview following the most recent seminar -- that video is on the bottom of this page.

The video itself is very interesting; mainly because of the interaction between the interviewer and Dr. Greer. You see, the interviewer is part of the `movement' too - and has a different take on at least one particular aspect of the UFO saga than Greer does. The result, is an interview - that really digs into Greer's explanation for the aliens.

It turns out that the one particular part that the interviewer doesn't like at all is Greer's contention that ALL E.T.'s are friendly, or, at the very least, NOT a threat. And, for that belief, Greer gets vilified mercilessly by the interviewer .

I guess I'm here to `back' Greer in that viewpoint.

Because, unless you accept the very `out-there' conspiracy concept that `Reptilian' aliens are running the planet in one manner or another - there is NO evidence of `aliens' EVER taking over the Earth in its history since humans. Indeed, NO evidence of `aliens' even `living here' prior to mankind's accent in those hundreds of millions of years of life on Earth before mankind.

Now, what Greer is saying is obvious - but important. And, that is, ANY alien race - that is real in the sense we humans are real (having an ontological presence) with the intelligence to GET to Earth - would obviously be MUCH advanced from human intelligence. And, would therefore be MUCH advanced in terms of `armament' too.

In other words, they would have been able to have destroyed us long long ago -- if they wanted this planet. Remember, while intelligence is assumed to only have arisen in the universe after the second generation of stars -- that was BILLIONS of years ago. Some intelligences may have billions of years of science behind them.

So, therefore, as Greer suggests, if we are indeed being monitored by aliens - perhaps by more than one species of aliens - it's obvious that they will NOT be attacking. And, if you think about it -- that was basically how the `outcome' of thought about `UFO's' happened in the 50's.

That being, and apparently the governments conclusion too - was that `whatever' the UFO phenomena IS - it is not a threat to humans. Indeed, it's what has allowed the government to push the whole `UFO thing' - so far away from the common man. To relegate it to the fringe of thought. To be able to `laugh' (others say threaten) at those who suggest otherwise.

BUT, Greer suggests a HUGE caveat -- a HUGE caveat. And that is, that the human race by back engineering crashed UFO's -- IS CAPABLE of Interstellar Travel - BUT IS NOT ALLOWED -------------- BY THE ALIENS. Which is, therefore, why they are here and are impeding our move into space ---- as `THEY' don't want `warlike' humans to come to THEIR planet -- in so an uncivilized manner. Greer points out that humans have already killed 160 million humans in WARS; and, that that is NOT allowed of species that `wander the universe'.

And, I have to admit -- that is an appealing concept -- that the aliens are here to make sure we don't go anywhere else until we get our hostilities in order. And, our priorities in order. To better understand what mankind is to this planet and the universe. Yepper, it's a comforting concept. And, while I will agree that IF aliens are here that it's obvious (to me) they are not taking the planet over -- I find it a stretch to say they are here to keep us here.

But, that was not all that Greer said -- or, should I say -- claimed to KNOW. For example, he maintains that the `Greys' are really a `grown' nanotechnology - and that they are MADE in test tubes - and that they are programmed for specific duties. He also makes claims about mind control by the military.

Finally, one last time - I want to examine a subtly that Greer uses to diffuse the `bad alien' idea presented by the interviewer (who felt that we should have military defenses against the aliens) who sites numerous times of what she would consider violence by the aliens (including the abductions). And, Greer's explanation seemed to go over her head -- Greer ascribes these type of experiences to a more qualitative realm of beings-entities ------ that are NOT ontological like humans and real aliens. And, as you know, in one of my more recent post at my blog The Heavy Stuff -- I got into quite deeply that I feel their are at least 4 types of entities/aliens.

And, lastly, I will provide at the bottom a few of the links of relevance to this posting - including the views of the interviewer - which include Roswell as being some sort of craft from our future sent to straighten out our timeline.

Yeah, right.

Greer's stuff sounds simple and logical compared to that.

Please watch this video - and leave a comment.
Much more on UFO's at my blog too.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Current August Time is 9:00 A.M. - Due To More Evidence Of `UFO' `Calling'

Hello, welcome back to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) on Blogspot - thanks for hitting the link or returning today. As you can see from the title of this post - the `clock setting' has `advanced' from a July setting of 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. - one of the most noteworthy moves ever for the time setting.

No, it wasn't the Buzz Aldrin comment on C-SPAN about a Monolith on a Mars moon. No, it wasn't the lack of comment from Robert Gibbs, the President's Press Secretary, on C-SPAN, when asked directly, as the first question from the public to him, for President Obama to comment about the Roswell crash. You can see that video on another of my pages here -- make sure to hear his chuckle as he answers.

And, it wasn't the non-ending stream of videos taken by the public showing UFO's, Orbs and Rods or Nighttime `Ribbonlike UFO's' seemingly made of plasma -- although, at some point -- all of this will probably go mainstream. After all, how long can the media hold out and NOT show what is getting attention on the internet. Can the NEXT Larry King `ufo special' be far away?

Well, if it is -- it's possible that a somewhat new phenomena is `emerging' - literally - in the UFO `disclosure' ontology; and, that is - a `willing, summoning, calling, seeing' of Plasmalike, Orblike, phenomena. Indeed, below I will have examples of two gentlemen, new in the YouTube realm (as of today, these videos have under 1,800 viewings) - who are posting material eerily similar, if not identical, to the famous `calling' of an Orb for the TV cameras in Las Vegas several years ago by `Prophet Yahweh'.

No, neither of these `callers' believe the `UFOs' to be manned by Giant Black Gods as PY does.

But, at least Dean Clark (I wrote about Mr. Clark here - believes the experiences to be related to his beliefs in God - just like PY. Indeed, this common component is not easy to dismiss; as it seems possible that the mens `ideas' or `beliefs and intentionality's and expectations' - are indeed - triggering some sort of `actualization' from the environment. An actualization that `looks' like what some have described as Orbs or light -- others say that the phenomena occasionally `turns solid' and resembles a `Ufo' more so at those times.

Indeed, I'm reminded of one of the opening passages in Joseph Chilton Pearce's book `Exploring The Crack In The Cosmic Egg' - as he references his incredible book - `The Crack In The Cosmic Egg' - I quote:

"In my book The Crack In The Cosmic Egg, I examined the way our thinking enters into the structuring of our reality. I showed how transformations of our concepts about reality could change aspects of our reality. My contention, that "man's mind mirrors a universe that mirrors man's world""

If one `thinks' about it -- influencing the `real reality' we are so absorbed within - may indeed, be VERY hard to do; but, influencing `the impossible' or `near impossible' in a given ontological structure - just could have influence. Indeed, is that the very thing that is happening? And, if so, what are these short lived balls of light - and what is their relationship with mankind?

I first present a couple videos from evilwear818 on YouTube -- evidently a new `caller':

In the above videos - evidently, on demand, for a skeptic, he calls an Orb. His YouTube page has other callings such as this second video.

I also include Dean Clarks YouTube effort:

Finally -- give a visit to my daily site -


The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition




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