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Thursday, February 16, 2012

UFO Photo Expert - MUFON Investigator - The Ken Pfeifer UDCC Interview

Today's post is with Ken Pfeifer, MUFON Investigator in NJ, and a man with perhaps one of the largest collections of `UFO' photos available in any blog on the web (now featured on the sidebar of UDCC). As Clockers know, I am now sharing selected offerings sent to UDCC by Ken too - something that may become a regularish feature around here on occasion.

But, a few days ago I asked Ken to consider some questions of interest to me and I hope UDCC readers. Both of those are below in this interview. My follow up questions are in RED - Look for Ken's follow up answers in the comments section.
First Ken, thanks for agreeing to give me your responses to the questions I have for a chief MUFON investigator of a state chapter. And, indeed, my first question has to do with that role - could you explain it for my UDCC readers?

question 1.....Chief Investigator duties include overseeing and assigning cases to investigators.  MUFON N.J. has aprox 12 investigators today.  When I started investigating for George Filer in 2006 , I was the only investigator.  People come and go because they think they want to investigate but find out its not for them.  After completing aprox 100 cases, George Filer wanted me to be the Chief Investigator and help him organize and streamline the investigating process. I also submitted articles to the Filer Files for Major Filer.

2) When Robert Bigelow was funding the what I call the `close encounters' reports - did anything change from your end? Are you more free or less free now that his money is not calling the shots?
question two ....when Bigelow was funding the deployments a few years ago, I was dispatched to New London Connecticut for three days. MUFON paid for my expenses and time. Now we do not have that luxury and I do not see many investigators volunteering for a deployment if it has to come out of theiir pockets. Gas alone is a big expense these days. We are all volunteers for MUFON.
I was referring more to the `type' of assignments? Oh, why would an investigation take three days?
question 2 .....Mr Bigelow was interested in high profile cases. MUFON would assign a "Star team" investigator to this kind of case. A ''star team'' investigator had to be approved my the State Director and also MUFON HQ. The Star team requirements was that an investigator had to have atleast 50 completed cases. Each case is approved by the State Director or the Chief Investigator. High profile cases included landings, abductions and cases that had many witnesses or high profile witnesses. An example would be the "Phoenix lights" type of case. MUFON HQ would determine which cases were worthy for this type of investigation.

3) What have been some of the most interesting findings you have had concerning NJ UFO reports - and, what patterns if any have you discovered potentially? What are people who see a UFO most interested in relating to you about their experience? Is there really a reason to `investigate' days later a temporal phenomena?

question three.....we have found out that a large majority of our ufo sightings are in the Hoboken area of New Jersey, including all of the towns in a radius of approximately 25 miles from Hoboken. The hudson river area between Manhattan and New Jersey is a hot spot.

Windy conditions are not very common in reference to UFO sightings. They are usually on calm days.
People are usually very serious about what they may of seen and they want answers. Most witnesses still feel funny about reporting a sighting and some are still afraid of being ridiculed. I usually tell them that its cool to see a UFO in todays world.
I feel its good to investigate days later and older sightings by witnesses. More people are coming out of the closet and reporting sightings from 40 years ago. We need to get this important information on paper and a case file created for the sighting. The more information we can gather, the better chance we have of figuring this mystery out.

4) Ken as you may know from reading UDCC I have deep views on the Orb phenomena - I like to hear your views on such matters as `are they crafts that are cloaked'? `are they `spirits'? `are they based on human intentionalities'? `have you seen someone `call an orb'? `what do you think of recurring Orbs in one location'?

question four............Personally , I feel that these orbs are unmanned drones for recon by alien spacecraft. I also feel some types of drones are paranormal. I do believe in the after life and have experienced a few strange incidents in my own home. Recurring orbs in one location is probably some kind of paranormal activity.
Ken, I also think that at least some sky Orbs are indeed some sort of recon by either alien spacecraft/entities or OUR own recon. Why do you lean `alien' on the drone/recon aspect?
question 4....I feel Orbs could also be our goverment spying on us or possibly be experimenting with this kind of surveillance for law enforcement purposes. Of course I do feel that most of these orbs are alien and used for recon and spying. Unmanned drones.

5) Most folks that get into all this have had a `sighting' of their own - if so - can you describe yours?

question first sighting was in friend and i was coming home from a club in south jersey around 2 a.m. I was in the passenger seat and we were heading south on interstate 295 in the runnemede area. We just drove under an over pass and was heading home when all of a sudden i looked up and saw a very large glowing disc just above the thin cloud cover. The color was turquoise and it glowed. The sighting only last a couple seconds and we drove around for a few hours to see if we could find it again. My friend did not see it but he did believe me. The next day in the papers , Woodbury Daily Times, there was an article about a UFO sighting in the Deptford area and the policemen who saw the UFO. Our sighting was next to Deptford N.J. I lost the news paper over the years and the Woodbury Daily Times went out of business years ago. I have been a star gazer all of my life and have always wondered about life on other planets since i was a child.

6) Your opinion on `aliens'?

question opinion on aliens.... I feel aliens have been around for millions of years. They have visited our planet countless times and I feel they have influenced our society in many ways. We are probably part of their d.n.a and I feel they could destroy our earth in a second if they wanted to. Alien abductions could be just their way of studying us and how we react to different things. I feel it is possibe that there is a evil race of alien visitors too. The Greys could be part of this evil alien race. This may explain the negative alien adbuction experiences many people have had over the years.
Here's my take Ken, I don't know if it will end up in a question or not, but feel free to respond. ---- Earth certainly has been an interesting place to visit for a few hundred million years and I would not be surprised if `aliens' have visited since then. On occasion. At least `representatives' of aliens such as recon craft. While I would NOT rule out the DNA connection - I think influence has been minimal at best, that most abduction experiences are perception structures, and that they COULDN'T defeat us in a day and that `evil' is a `type of space' and is unlikely to be ascribed to any `race of beings'. Just IMO stuff.
question 6.....I really feel we have been influenced by the alien presence for thousands of years. Reverse engineering from crashed alien craft has opened many doors and answered many questions about their technology. Personally I feel this earth has been here for a billion years and thousands of civilizations have come and gone from this earth. We are still digging up strange things that have been buried for thousands of years and findings things that are unexplainable. Crystal skulls, ancient batteries, large skeletons and enormous footprints that are millions of years old. The question is, when will it be our time to disappear.

7) Your opinion on if you think the UFO phenomena is `increasing'?

question seven....I do feel the UFO sightings have increased over the last year. I do realize that more people are coming out of the closet and admitting they have seen a UFO but I thing there is more activity throughout the world. I have seen an alarming increase of actual alien sightings.  (udcc emphasis) We may be very close to disclosure because our goverment is finding it hard to keeping the lid on the alien presence. Our news media seems to be coming around in reporting UFO sightings too. Personally I feel the News Media have been sequestered by the goverment in reporting UFO news. Maybe now, we are being prepaired, by our goverment, to hear the truth about alien existance.
Again, Ken, these are just my opinions - IMO we are not closer to disclosure and the `Phil Larson' disclosure was an attempt to SHUT down coverage of UFOs in being `alien' in nature. I have reviewed many times why it is not in the interest of the government to admit anything concerning UFOs and black budgets.
  question 7....deny, deny, deny. This is what our goverment has been doing for 60 years. There will come a time when they will have no other choice but to tell the truth. I feel disclosure will occur in the United States within 10 years and our world will change forever. We are being prepaired by our goverment for disclosure. I have read that some our our current alien movies has been backed by our goverment. In other words they helped pay for the production. 8) How are your opinions different from other NJ MUFON members?

question eight....My opinions are different from most MUFON members. Most investigators would rather call a questionable UFO sighting a "IFO" Identified Flying Object. This means they will classify the UFO as a plane, bird, bug, satellite, planets, swamp gas and superman most of the time. Instead of identifing an object as a ''UFO" Unidentified Flying Object , they would rather give the sighting an explainable ending. If I am only 90% sure it could be an airplane or satellite, I would be guessing. If you have to guess what an object could of been, it should be classified as a UFO Unidentified Flying Object. I feel there are too many debunkes in MUFON. I found one a few years ago and had that person fired. I cannot control the debunkers in other states but I can control them in New Jersey. I am the Chief Investigator for MUFON in New Jersey and I work for Major George Filer. George is an icon in the UFO community and he has given me the job of assigning cases and overseeing investigations. I work three to four hours every day on UFO cases and updating my three UFO web sites. Of course we do not get paid for doing this. I do it because I love this subject and I am still looking for answers.
I too have been a big fan of George Flier and was floored when he opened up about his childhood experiences - any comments?

9) What do you think was happening in Lee's Summit MO. last summer?

question 9...lee's summit sighting......There have been some very credible sightings in this area of Missouri. I know that Whiteman Airforce Base is aprox 44 miles east of Lee's Summit. Many different objects have been witnessed and I really do no know why the increased activity in Missouri. I do know that some sightings have been written off because of Whiteman AFB. Investigators guessing again. A few dozen sightings have been reported but most have been written off as IFO. The B-2 bomber is station at Whiteman AFB. This could account for some sightings but not all. I doubt that the training area for the B-2 bomber is over populated areas.
Just to ask, are you aware of the UDCC coverage of the `hanging jetliner' phenomena?
question 9 ....hanging jetliner article....I first saw this article on UFO Casebook. I did not know how to react to this event but I feel anything is possible in todays world. Cloaking device, military experiment or someone telling a tall tale. I wish I had more time to research all that is going on in the UFO community.

I love your web site and its an honor to be associated with someone who wants to find the truth. Thanks Rick for the opportunity to comment on a few questions we all have.

Again, my thanks to Ken for taking the time to answer my questions - I do hope he will follow up in the comments with further input.
IF you live in Atlanta and didn't come to Poem88 yesterday evening; you missed a good time. Book signings are trippy. You can still buy the Robert Cheatham book via the sidebar with my included chapter with the title `The Slippery Slope of Now and Real'. I want to thank those at the book signing and for their attention while I was speaking - appreciated.
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  1. I would like someone to please contact me regarding pictures and videos I have on two separate occasions of UFOs in South Jersey

  2. Hi 856-982-4526, I'd be happy to look at any pictures or videos but it would just be for opinion purposes as I am not a MUFON investigator like Ken Pfeifer - he can be reached at



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