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Thursday, May 20, 2010

UFO `Knowledge' - Take Your Pick

One thing I don't talk about much is my background as a market research analyst - but, at times - it is very helpful in gaining some understandings about the whole UFO saga. Let me try to provide a basis for that.

Often when I conduct `focus groups' or one-on-one qualitative research - `human' things can occur; such as one person becoming `dominant' in the group setting, or, a `product attribute' being loved AND hated for the exact same reasons by different people. 

Now, the `dominant' person had many ways to achieve this - from always trying to be the first opinion on any subject - to talking louder - to putting down others ideas - (you get the drift). And, as far as `attributes' - one person might love for example a salty taste and another hate it - to use the simplest example.

So, let me take that as a backdrop and examine the `attribute' of `UFO Knowledge' - as certainly that is a `positioning' that nearly all UFO websites take in one fashion or another in an attempt to appeal to the `universe' of UFO internet surfers/seekers - most of whom are trying to find `something' that fits (confirms) their view about UFO's.

UFO `Knowledge'
(please note how I put knowledge in quotes as no one really has the inside track on this one)

UFO Website 1
The Historian Positioning

These UFO websites endlessly debate the so-called `great' UFO cases - the Roswell's and such. THEY are the experts in the lore of UFOology in the beginning era of UFO's (40's-50's). THEY maintain that without a complete knowledge of what happened and who hoaxed 50+ years ago that YOU are ignorant of the `real deal' about UFO's. Normally, these sites are arrogant and uncompromising - and generally position all that happens in UFO's these days is influenced by popular culture and not worth studying or even the time of day. However, even in the `historian' sites the debate is endless and non-conclusive. 

UFO Website 2
The Experiencer Positioning

There is a huge range of `experiencer' websites that involve UFO's and/or Aliens. BUT, for ALL of these sites - the existence of UFO's is NOT in question. Most of these experiencers have seen a UFO craft close up (oldsters) or even been aboard one (newsters-hipsters). These sites give strong credence to those who report experiences similar to their own - but, - with the `crafters' (those who have seen a craft) generally somewhat dismissive of (or at least less accepting) `abductees' on-craft experiences. `Experiencer' websites do not focus on `the history of UFO's' and consider that focus somewhat silly and frivolous.

UFO Website 3
The Inside Knowledge Positioning

This could be considered to be the core attribute of the  Exo-politics belief system. THEY have (almost always government)`insiders' who KNOW. But, like the other two UFO website types, they too have `factions' - that view others INSIDE knowledge as BS. (Not realizing that it makes ANY `inside info' suspect?) For these IK websites, often considered total BS by the other two types - the sky is the limit for their stories. Humans have star fleets and have been in other star systems -- multitudes of types of aliens are already here on Earth; etc.

UFO Website 4
The Caller Positioning

Perhaps the rarest of pure UFO sites are those run by `UFO callers'. Actually, much more accurately, `ORB' callers. These websites are generally run by people offering `proof' to the world by regularly `videoing' `balls of light' in the sky. Most of these folks have some sort of `protocol' that they follow to assure success at seeing or filming orbs. Many of these folks like to say they are calling UFO's or alien intelligences. Again, for many of type 4, this is a sacred experience.

UFO Website 5
The Disclosure Positioning

Finally, we come to perhaps the least important of the types of UFO websites - Disclosure websites. However, in the purest sense, this is the ONE that the government `responds' to - as we have seen one nation after another release their so-called UFO files - almost always redacted. These websites act like EVERYONE wants disclosure and that it supposedly would be WORLD CHANGING info to the populous.

What about THIS websites positions?

Personally, I'm most identified with type 2 as in 1991 I had an experience of seeing at close range a `saucer craft'. That said, I do not make any leaps into aliens as the operator of the craft IMO could have been human, alien, or self-run -- I have NO way of knowing such info and do not infer. Now, within type two, I generally am in the camp that nearly all `abductions' - BUT, not necessarily ALL - are `subjective' experiences of one sort or another (and could even be mystical in some manner involving entities).
Now, my personal opinions on the other `types' of positionings. Generally, I'm `over' the Historians; only `slightly believe' the Inside Knowledge crowd; find the `callers' of great interest concerning issues of consciousness; and I try to wrap that all up in this Disclosure Blog.

What's your opinion?
Leave a comment.

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1 comment:

  1. Could there be a group #0, a null group, that allows for the existence of ufos, whatever they are, but claims no particular knowledge?

    Just thinkin' out loud.


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