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Monday, April 26, 2010

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Does Little Known Study Of `UFO's' Suggest The Amazing?

Hello, and welcome to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting today. And, yes, the opening words of the title of today's post was indeed part of a song by Klaatu in 1977. (For the full and interesting story about the REAL origin of the words -  see wiki's link at the bottom.) Interestingly, during that exact timeframe - a UFO study called Project Identification was being conducted over a 7 year period (1973-1979) that identified and quantified `lights in the sky'.

Ultimately, the mainly Missouri  observation project would have over 600 observers in 158 viewing locations who observed 157 `light/orb/ufo' type of events (mostly in 1973). These 157 events actually had 178 UFO's with one observation of 10 lights. Many of these observations were made by physical scientists who had university equipment such as telescopes, a magnetometer- Geiger counters, a spectrum analyzer and so on.

I came across this info while surfing just the other day where this link contained the UFO study information you see above and more at,missour.html . Indeed, this also was in the article:

In 1967 scattered reports of strange lights and disc-shaped objects hovering and moving over the Mississippi River along southeast Missouri were made to local and other authorities. .....By early 1973 UFO activity to the west of this area had increased to such an extent that virtually all the state's newspapers and tv stations were routinely issuing stories....hundreds of people were seeing odd, multi-colored lights darting around in the sky, popping on and off, changing colors and shape, and instantly changing directions. Ufologists with the ET belief system tend to ignore most anomalous "night-light" reports, but none of the mainstream ufologists dug deep enough to understand the more intriguing aspects of the reports from this area. But many people also reported these lights came close to their homes and when closely viewed, they looked like "craft," sometimes saucer-shaped......Perhaps the oddest finding of all was that everyone on the team was convinced that the objects responded to being observed. The project cites 32 cases where the UFOs directly responded to the ground station observers. Rutledge and his team concluded that the objects were aware of their presence and would interact with them, sometimes seemingly toying with them. As the project began to wind down, Rutledge noted in later interviews that some balls of plasma, 2-6 inches in diameter, would actually follow him around and even appear inside buildings. He found, as do many people who become intrigued by the UFO phenomenon, that the deeper you go into it, starange things begin happening. An observation once made by John Keel seems appropriate. Keel mentioned that if you notice and become interested in the phenomenon, it can notice you and become interested in you. That is essentially what Rutledge concluded

And, frankly, just like that, Greer's `vectoring' becomes a possibility; as does Dean Clark's callings (which when observed by a MUFON investigator was categorized as `spiritual') ; and, yes, even Prophet Yahweh.

But, it doesn't take too hard of an internet search to produce almost any number of individuals who are going out and videotaping `Orbs' - balls of light - Tulpas -- and perhaps yes - UFO's or ET crafts of some sort, almost on a daily basis. (It is also possible that the phenomena may simply `look like' a saucer for human perception consumption.)

As you may know, I've covered this very `issue' before but, that was BEFORE my awareness of this study that concluded over 30 years ago. Importantly, the observers back in the 70's DID NOT have prior reports or memes of the internet to taint their observations.

Indeed, those events and the ones of our current era (there are reports of `balls of light' all the time in the MUFON reports and others that talk about the lights `following' people or cars) deserve MUCH more than a passing interest or glance as far as trying to figure out at least PART of the UFO phenomena.

It also points out the need to have a hugely open mind when it comes to the full range of this anomalous phenomena. And, it is certainly possible that MORE than one type of phenomena is operating with similar structures of perception to humans.
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  1. Thanks, it looks like an interesting read.

    Lol @ Klaatu - I've actually got that on vinyl, boxed up in the garage.

    I thought you might be interested in this... They're at it again!


  2. Hello!

    I am quite grateful for your balanced and perceptive writing on the subject of UFOs and disclosure, so I am pleased to be able to reference your blog entries on my own website.

    I note your surprise to find out about Project Identification, but on doing a google search, I can't find any reference to the later research at Hessdalen that has been going on for about 25 years.

    Here is a YouTube link to the documentary ‘The Portal: The Hessdalen Light Phenomenon’ [2009] which explains the latest scientific research and conclusions about the light phenomena seen in the remote Norwegian valley of Hessdalen.

    Part 1 -

    Research papers are readily available on the internet.

    It seems that scientists have identified 35 places on the planet where anomalous lights are known to exist and they plan to investigate!

    The excuse by SETV scientists is that the orbs could be probes hidden by a plasma cloak. Yet, research so far suggests that some of these entities look nothing like what we would imagine a probe to look like! In fact, researchers say some of these entities travel around without a cloak and they when needed they can create their plasma cloaks by picking up plasma from the environment. Of course, this does not seem to fit the SETV hypothesis.

    Well, my analysis of the situation is that this is a plasma based lifeform that is native to our planet but since plasma represents 99.999% of the visible universe, we are seeing a universal lifeform that exists throughout our universe, hence some travel in and out of planet at will.

    Due to evolutionary change, spacetime is now morphing and creating a dimensional shift. This is being caused by our planet being blasted with increasing huge volumes of energies from solar, cosmic and galactic sources and the aetheric levels are rising such that this light phenomena is no longer appears to be located at certain energy portals around the planet.

    Hence the rising number of UFO reports. Of course this was predicted by Mayan and various indgenous Elders who have retained ancient wisdom, but it does not seem that the implications of the 'overturning' of spacetime was widely understood in those groups who claim an interest.

    Well, here we are. The mainstream media are now increasing reporting the strange lights but many ufologists are still in denial about the origin of these lights. Hence, despite some ufologists coming to the conclusion in the late 40s and 50s that the UFO problem was mainly another lifeform that occasionally manifests in our skies i.e. Constable et al. the latest scientific research tells us that the vast majority of real ufos are plasma entities.

    This is the opinion of the UK Ministry of Defence in their 460 page report 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Defence Region' [2000], which was actually made available to the general public using the UK Freedom of Information Act [2005] and can be downloaded from the UK government archives website at

    I am currently writing for the UK Paradigm Shift magazine because I became concerned that balls of light and balls of fire were appearing all over the UK and the metaphysical community did not seem to appreciate what exactly was happening. I have made it very clear that the "radar angels" are now appearing, since it is well known that the military just considered anomalous radar returns a nuisance and decided to tune out and signatures that did not represent conventional aircraft. Now the problem is that tuning them out no longer works, the general public are seeing them with the naked eye, some of the up close sightings are very interesting.

    Anyway, thank you again for your writing, it is appreciated.

    Susan Joy Rennison, B. Sc Hons (Physics with Geophysics)


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