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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are Humans `Entertainment' For BILLION Year Old Entiites?


In the last few days, Greg Bishop at UFO Mystic has had a couple posts about just how different, weird, or, non-human, the aliens that visit our planet might be - stressing how we certainly may not be able to figure out their motivations or interests in our planet or human beings. Indeed, in his first post on the subject - it had a large outpouring of individuals reacting to his article. And, in one of those posts - the comment is made - as it often is on UFO sites - that any aliens visiting Earth may be a `million' years `ahead' of us in `development' (sciencewise as well as ethically).

Well, at least the comment person said a `million' - I can barely stand it when someone says 1,000 years ahead of us - with a gasp in their voice. But, since this is where our `air' transportation was 100 years ago (see picture on top of post) - I guess to that person 1,000 years in terms of the `civilizations out there' might indeed seem impressive. But,.................. it's not.

Indeed, the points that Greg brings up in his article about the `alienness' of the aliens is dead on. To fully comprehend what may be going on in our skies and perhaps even in peoples minds (abductions come to mind) - I'd say that to get a grasp on even a tiny portion of that - one needs to take a view of `time' that is truly enormous - almost really, beyond human comprehension. Because, such a view on `aliens and intelligence' would lead the thinking person on into realms involving billions of years - yes - billions.

I would hope that readers of this blog are knowledgeable enough to know that the material that our Sun is made of - and us too - are the remains of a `star' that `blew up' supposedly about 7 billion years ago. I would also hope my readers are aware that science speculates that our Universe is less than 14 billion years removed from the Big Bang event. And, finally, I would hope that my readers are aware that `stars come and go' and that stars (and most likely planets) have been present in the universe nearly all except for the first several hundred million years. But, what readers may not be aware of, is that as soon as the `heavier' elements began to be abundant - it was possible for `life' to be in the universe - a situation that could ONLY happen after the first generation of stars.

The long story short is that for BILLIONS of years - life, and indeed intelligent life - may have been present in the universe. Even intelligent live that could have been human like or beyond. So, what ultimately must be considered by folks with an interest in UFO's is that it's possible that entities or intelligences grown from our universe elements may exist in a form appropriate for life forms billions of years old. Indeed, the real question is - how would such life forms present themselves here, on Earth, about 14 billion years after the BB? AND, what could they possibly WANT from a species like human beings?

Greg Bishop in his post points out, and I agree, that they likely don't NEED us for anything, and, would probably have `solved' virtually any `problem' they had with their level of science intelligence. Indeed, if thought about - it makes the one UFO meme that the `aliens' need us for our genetics - seem silly.

Now, this isn't to say that `aliens' wouldn't exist at ALL levels of `timeframes'. Some civilizations could be billions of years old (obviously, they would be wanderers of the universe as their `parent' planet in all likelihood has been gone for eons) - although I expect that number to be quite limited. However, more and more civilizations may indeed be hundreds of millions of years old - and indeed, more would be only several million years old. And, yes, some would indeed, be only a million or even only a thousand years `ahead' of us.

Frankly, I think the odds that an alien race that is presenting itself to humans - is NOT just a thousand years ahead of us. Hundreds of thousands to many millions of years is much more likely. So, let's put ourselves into the position of a `species' that may have more than a million years advancement from humans. (And, obviously, advanced enough to NOT blow up their home planet - at least before leaving it.) What indeed could we expect from a civilization of such age - what would they want their legacy to be? What would they find of interest on planets?

Could it be that `drama' and `humor' - might fit the bill?

Did you know that in 2007 that over 200 star systems had been identified as being within 33 light years of Earth? And, that new ones are being discovered all the time (many of these are brown dwarfs - but - they too could possibly have a habitual zone too) - indeed one system recently discovered was only 12 light years away.

Now, why do I digress into these statistics?

Well, because we have been `broadcasting' to that universe for nearly 100 years. `I Love Lucy' has easily made it to over 500 if not 5000 star systems by now. And, what could be more humorous or have more drama than Human Beings? Could it be that the `things' that are seen in the sky are data collectors for that humor and drama? Would WE not watch such a `program stream' about another planet?

Are Humans Entertainment For Billion Year Old Entities?

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Awareness Of The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Flap

Hello, welcome back to The UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for hitting the link. And, I assume that because you hit the link - you might indeed have some awareness of the `UFO Flap' that happened in Washington D.C. in 1952. Indeed, of all the `oldtime' tales that younger `UFO enthusiasts' may be aware of - the Washington `events' stand with the Roswell incident and perhaps the 1942 Battle Of Los Angeles as the `epic' tales of yesterday UFO (not including Betty and Barney Hill or Travis Walton's) that have awareness.

Now, since neither the Hills or Mr. Walton have video's of their events (Travis does have witnesses to his abduction however) - and - no video's exist of the Roswell event (I think someone has brought forward an enhanced photo of the Battle of Los Angeles `craft' - that I saw somewhere a time or two) - would make one think that IF a real `video' (in this case a `film') existed of the Washington D.C. incident that the video would be literally ETCHED in our mind -- as it would have been featured on every UFO special since TV UFO specials began.

So, when I became aware - just the other day - of this supposed footage of the July 12th, 1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident - I was surprised - to say the least - to say that I have never seen it or if I have - I have forgotten it (which is even stranger considering how ominous looking the event on this tape shows).

Indeed, if this YouTube video is real - it begs the question as to why the public is not more aware of it - as it indeed shows a VERY SCARY phenomena - regardless of what it is. In fact: if the video is not `proof' of a `blackmailing type event' I'd be surprised As you will see when you watch the video -- the lights in the sky phenomena that is shown totally dominates the evening sky -- many many lights, all moving in formation.

Even with all the `light in the sky' videos you see in today's era - this is a video that will stand out - not only for it's D.C. background - but for the unique event in the sky. Believe it or not, this video has under 23,200 views - spread the word.

This last video is supposedly also of `lights in the sky over D.C.' - in this case on Live TV in 2008.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock Current September Time is 9:00 P.M - Due To `The Roswell Proof' Release

Hello, welcome back to The UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - the current September time is 9:00 P.M. - a move of the clock of 12 hours from last month, and the first time since the governments official statement about the Stephenville Texas UFO incidents in early 2008 that the `clock time' has been in the P.M category (except for the readers time setting earlier this year at 2:15 P.M.). It's no small move and not one that I make lightly; but, it seems as if the very criteria this website has been set up on has been met; and, that is - the government `has now been forthcoming' on the events surrounding the Roswell Incident in 1947.

Now, as you would expect with `the government' - they do this in only the most roundabout and obscure manner - that leaves it up to real investigative work to `solve'. And, in this case - this is that very investigative work - and, when I posted this link at - this was my short blurb "As you would expect - the story - just this month - has ONLY been an internet story. That said, how long will the MSM (mainstream media) let this sit - my bet is - NOT long.This is very very very close to proof the Roswell incident WAS aliens."

Officially, what I'd say is that what it `proves' is that Anthony Bragalia has `proven' is that a non-Earthly `craft' has crashed on Earth - `aliens' have not been proven - yet - IMO. Now, the reason for the disclosure clock moving is that Mr. Bragalia only proves this via the `government's own FOIA release'. Now, I'll let you read his proof and details yourself - but - suffice it to say - IMO - it has been proven that an alien craft did crash in New Mexico in 1947 and that material from that craft was very important to our government.

Interestingly, Mr. Bragalia's claims about his investigation have been met by some skepticism from within the respected UFO blogger community - for example - Mac Tonnies reaction is here - and, perhaps I am splitting hairs to say that Mr. Tonnies feels different than me - because he is saying in the above post that `perhaps' alien spacecraft has been proven - but not aliens visitation. I guess it's that I'd go beyond his `perhaps' statement.

Regardless, what Mr. Bragalia has uncovered - via the government - is `virtual proof' for anyone who can draw a straight line and understand the ontology that Bragalia presents. (With very slight reliance IMO on `collaboration' via `stories' of others.) I'd say the proof is indeed there - and - now - begs for an honest examination by the MSM (mainstream media). I find it hard to believe that Larry King can be far off on interviewing Mr. Bragalia.

But, at that point, after the story gains public awareness - I still highly doubt that the `government' is going to trot out ANYONE at all - to offer confirmation `proof'. After all, if the craft was unmanned (and we could assume that alien crafts certainly could be run via command systems) - `the government' really doesn't KNOW the origin perhaps (which could even be Earthly and time/dimensional in nature). And, as I have discussed in my blog The Heavy Stuff here - "Gallons Of Disclosure Everywhere and Not A Sip Of Confirmation To Drink" - -- even `sightings of aliens' is NOT PROOF (you can read my blog to find out why).

I have also moved the `clock' to reflect better on the - evidently enormous - amount of UFO information that has `already' been released by the U.S. Government as shown by some great detective work by Micah Hanks here It seems that lots has been dribbled out by even our government that simply hasn't been put into one place before. Leave it to the MSM to make bloggers put the whole story together.

Finally, I expect that if/when Bragalia's information finally makes the MSM (November sweeps perhaps?) that it will NOT hit the media like a rock - but - like a pillow. By that I mean, I think that Bragalia's information will go onto the talk circuit first via nighttime exposure (Larry King, Fox News) - before it will actually be `news' in the daytime rotation. I expect Bragalia will have fewer than a dozen MSM interviews a year from now. The media is simply going to allow the citizens to `make up their own minds' - and - will also NOT offer it as `proof' of `aliens visiting Earth'.

Lastly, a post I ran here just 11 days ago - about a plane abduction of UFO's - had been confessed to on a UFO Forum 16 days ago (Aug. 15th) which had less than a 1,000 page views. I have just become aware the video was an admitted fake one - I'm kinda proud to have inferred that it was beyond the pail before finding out for sure. The security camera man-abduction remains unknown.

More Background on aspects of this post:

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