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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Could Some `Rods' Grow Into `Orbs' - Could Some `Orbs' Grow Into Some `Ufo's'?

Hello, welcome back to Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for returning. Today's topic is about the possibility that a certain percentage of `unknown sky phenomena' (USP) actually are variations of `similar things' that have evolved within the confines of our biosphere - specifically the atmosphere above our human heads.

That's right - today's post is going to speculate that our atmosphere - just like the `land' of Earth and just like the `water' of Earth - has `creatures' - perhaps of multiple sorts - species even. `Creatures' of different sizes with a degree of intelligence and awareness; just like on land and within the ocean. Creatures, that could be increasing to the point that more and more of them are being `seen' by the more and more humans on the planet Earth.

Here's a sample `rod' video -- there are many many others -- many of which show a more crystalline type `creature of even more elementary form than in this 3 second video example.


To UDCC, the reluctance of Ufo buffs to accept that USP may have more than one explanation, shouldn't be - and, doesn't mean that SOME phenomena may indeed be `alien craft' in the traditional use of the term. But, for sure, something, that is not seemingly `solid' in the sense most of us accept - is within our atmosphere.

Is it really so hard to accept that our oxygen and water vapor rich atmosphere could harbor life? Life that could evolve - just as life has evolved on land and in the sea? Some sort of life that could evolve with just the trace chemicals and life sources found in our air itself? Something that could move fast to swoop up the `mix of atmosphere' it needed to survive - to grow - and perhaps to grow large enough to be seen `not by eye' but with camera's slow motion. Something living just beyond our normal human perception. Something that is becoming known as rods - or skyfish. Is some life swimming in the air - too small to see - even a big speculation? Shouldn't man be looking for, even expecting, such life to exist?
And, if such life forms could exist - some of them would evolve differences - perhaps it would be size - perhaps it would be intelligence. Whatever attribute(s) that would permit the lifeform to be more successful on the surface of our planet. Perhaps even growing and glowing - and forming - `relationships' with the human form in some manner. Perhaps humans give off some `chemical reaction' that helps these large glowing rods we now call `orbs'. Orbs that are seen on the ground and in the sky - with normal vision of humans. (And sometimes associated with `ghosts' even - the very human post form.)
Such as is shown in the short video below:
And, if orbs can grow out of - or - evolve from `rods' (or should we call them robs - for anagram purposes) - is it impossible to grow the orbs into some bigger form? A bigger form that may at times `resemble' what humans have come to call UFO's? Indeed, is it really such a stretch to imagine that SOME of the USP `could be' - lifeforms developed from orb energy. Orb forms that grow into something even more sustainable FOR THEM (which happen to be able to `look like' a ufo). Literally, growing into a `solid object' at times. Or, have these type skyfish learned cloaking?
Check this short video out:
The point that UDCC really wants to make is that - each of the phenomena's of rods, orbs, and ufo's -- may be partly caused by life that has evolved within our planets atmosphere. Life that has different ways of displaying itself. Life that may even be interested in mankind.

Thanks for reading - any off the wall comments come into your mind to share? Finally, for more heavy reading like this - And, check out our sidebar today - lots of gifts - lots of information. Or, just hit this link for the biggest variety of Ufo stuff on the web - thanks.


  1. This is the worst kind of inane speculation.
    Only the last video shows something unusual.

  2. There was an excellent episode of Monster Quest that showed what rods really were. I highly recomend it.

  3. As you can see - I try to allow all views.

    Tyler - what did the MonsterQuest show say?

    Rick Phillips

  4. I'm surprised you didn't mention some of the work of Trevor James Constable! He was able to photograph these gigantic amoeba-like beings in the atmosphere using a type of infrared film. . .Search for that guy, it's pretty trippy!!! I think they would congregate near power lines which, maybe they are psychically influencing us to spread this vast network of powerlines just for them to feed off of!!!

    Oh, the speculation grows. . .;-D

  5. Blacklight - hey thanks for the heads up. Liked your blog too - will put it on my daily anomaly site as a link.

    Rick Phillips

  6. take a picture o bugs flying around a light and you will discover what i did. and that's that rods are probably just images bugs flying around capture at a slow shutter speed. could be wrong but don't think i am.

  7. Rick from Ontario is right about the Rods being bugs looking weird due to exposure times. Likewise the number of UFOs that "appear" in photos - birds or bugs usually. Just occasionally the Weird Lights in the Sky aren't any of the mundane things and They might well be lifeforms. But not flesh-and-blood... think PLASMA.

  8. interesting, if somewhat convuluted. As a 'thought experiment', it's not bad, but there is no more data or proof to support it than to deny it. Still, I find it somehow more compelling than thinking that these phenomena are caused by aliens, who, despite having the technology to cross light years, have nothing better to do than mess with our primitive heads.

  9. I believe that orbs can shape change and form or imitate solid forms. I have vids of daytime orbs that look kinda like birds but with balls of light on them but they do not always hold their shape change so turn back into light..Just my opinion...
    Just like what I call StarCraft that initate our stars!!!!


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