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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Jerusalem `Craft' of Jan. 29th, 2011 - UDCC's Positioning

Yesterday, UDCC was just about the first, if not the first, website in the world to carry Eligael's new `Jerusalem UFO' video. That happened because I search nearly daily various sources for information pertaining to the `event', and my timing was impeccible as Eligael had posted less than 8 hours previously on his own site this new `long version' close up video. Here is my link from yesterday to the video itself - - it's well worth your minute or so.

As you can see, yesterday I let it speak for itself. And tried to let you Clockers form your own opinions; as I'm sure that you did. And, I'm not here to try to pull you too far off of whatever opinion you have formed - and the one I'm about to offer is simply that - an opinion.

I stress that because NONE of the scuttlebutt you will read over the coming days is going to mean anything unless you are capable of NOT litening to YOUR ideas of things being challenged by the naysayers (of whatever your belief is). It is now important to remember that the Jerusalem UFO is BIG TIME potentially power structure threatening IF TRUE. AND, if you think our power structure wants to give up anything - let alone POWER you are sadly mistaken IMO. So, the stakes are unbelievably high and you should expect HUGE pushback -- especially immediately to this new info. And, as such I DO NOT EXPECT THE MSM TO COVER THIS IN ANY FASHION - that is my prediction -- this video will NOT grace the MSM unless it is shown with an `already debunked' attitude.

So, from that, let me begin my opinion as of this morning.
First, my regular Clockers are way ahead of the game - as you have the 54 link resource I put together in a largely chronilogical manner last week - - and, if you remember - in that analysis - I indicated my uneasyness with the TWO close-up videos (most of the MSM only thinks of the tourist video) the tourist video and the `underneath' video. That said, I found NOTHING to discredit the LONG views of the experience/event which has at least 3 videos angles - including the teens, Eligael's and the `hotel' view. I also noted the `photos' video too (close up and showing an Orb.)

Now, perhaps tomorrow I will look into each vid and compare each for realness in the possible `total whole' --- but --- today's analysis will be based on the bigger picture overall - and for certain purposes - will make certain assumptions at times (give me a moment to unfold this). As you know, I am an analyst who will look at data and possible outcomes based on data assumptions.

First assumption --- THIS VIDEO IS REAL.

I guess the first thing for me to say is that since my beliefs of it all being a Real Event is NOT based on the previous TWO close up shots -- that I am INDIFFERENT overall IF this is REAL or NOT as to my ultimate determination. But, IF I'd assume this to be REAL - certain things flow from that. First, it almost - but not totally - makes the first two `close-up' videos FAKES. (Now, I hedge only to leave that to my deep close look at the vids tomorrow.) And, if they were FAKES I am not totally surprised - and - since the long view is `settled' the only thing to `play with' is the close up idea - the `perfect' video.

Continuing the assumption of `REAL'  (ctaor) - it is the near PERFECT video - caught from the moment it came down, started to move, moves nearly directly overhead for extreme closeup, and then captures the departure even with the final motif of red dots and white `flash out'.

(CTAOR), the expected pushback on such as Perfect REAL video would be -- TOTAL AND OVERWHELMING to the source. I quote from Eligael's YT channel:


this latest video is obviously a fraud. why are you discrediting yourself? many are angry with this obvious hoax and you have lost a lot of respect because of it. if you are honest about what you saw then you do not need this rubbish. stick to what you know and what you saw. honesty always wins. peace

You are Charlatan. Disgraceful,fucking disgraceful. Fuck you and everyone who lives in your house.

shame on you eli! i supported you even though many didnt, but the clear fake plane and ridiculous acting with the monk outside the yeshiva absolutly is the icing on the cake! HOAX

Come on fraud be a man and face those you've deceived!!! Stop hiding like a child you fraud.

Check it out people: The Knights Templer - The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici) was where the name Templer came from during the crusades. The Dome of the Rock = The Temple of Solomon. The Well of Souls etc. It's the place where the Arc of the Covenant was once said to reside and if you keep watching this Channel the only thing your going to end up seeing that Key going into is a Korean Hyundai Genesis Sedan. 02-112012-T = 02/11/2012 - The chess board under the Date shows you this is nothing more than a Game of Strategy in which this car manufacturer believes it can fool the world with a Viral Hoax! Thus keeping you all glued whilst the Advert plays itself out, very sorry for you Eligael but Rook to D-7 my Crusader has cornered your King - Check Mate!

The Hyundai Genesis is due to role from the production Line on the 02-11-2012 Hence the Key in your updated full video is the Key presumably to the newer Hyundai Genesis Sedan, the other side of the Key-Fob depicts the St Georges Cross or Maltese Cross which was the logo of the Knight Templer, the Crop Circle formation shown on the underside of the UFO in the full-video is the Banbury Castle crop circle in which astrophysicist Mike Reed noticed was a depiction of Pi. Hope that answer's your three Questions

the monk is Eligael ..i think monk and ufo video is different footages.lately arranged somehow..tryied to adding moore mystery to video..i think you did biggest mistake in all off your ufo story mybe the event was real but from this time everybody have a dubt about you...anyway some how you get google adsense account for your videos..congratulations...;)))

 think the ufo is much to big , compared to the original footage, and c'mon the scenery with the monk is very bad acting. Think about it !!!

DID Anyone noticed that the "monk" had a really really flat nose at least 10 cm ???

Why do you remove your video and put an edited version up? Why do you not answer any of the many questions presented to you? We are all interested in the authenticity of this video..but you answer nothing..and they remove the original and cut out the obvious monk scene with the key with the masons symbols on it..what are you doing? you had video that was very convincing and then this video is no doubt professionally done the craft is not something someone could do with a cheap some questions please.­I  check it out you can see connection between cropcircles and ufos

See this "Ship Blueprints in the Crop Circles" about the symbol under the UFO:­I&feature=related

I believed from the beginning this event. This latest video is perhaps true. The symbol drawn on the body by 3 lamps from below represents a "crop circle" very experienced and interpreted the plan as an antigravity machine by a physicist. A movie could very well use it .... BUT!

A QUESTION IS: WHO, WHAT HUMAN SHOT THIS UFO? We see nothing about it and yet it is the most important question! Humanity is stupid to have welcomed this way, you can not find? As a human, the thought of this move gives me more harm than wrong about the veracity of this film!
So, in the opening moments - the video brought out the typical CGI comments, viral marketing comments, and `the paranormal connection' (crop circles). It is all of these comments that I would like to think that Clockers are able to assimilate as just part of the game.
Because IF this is real - I'd like to have TWO things considered if not more: 1) I `worry' that it might indeed have been an incredible `hologram'. Yes. After all, it had that HUGE `light' beneath it that `could' have been `projecting' upwards that `bottom of craft image' onto a hologram `surface'. Billions or perhaps Trillions of black budget money, over decades,  should be able to produce incredible effects IMO. I mean it. Perhaps I say this first because of my lack of ANY trust in the power structure - take that as you do. AND 2) My beliefs, internally, are that the world we see MAY have to do with a `common consensus' of perception - and IF that is the case - and the CRAFT was or had characteristics of  `Real' - could it be that - in this day and age `humans saw' - and `actualized' - a `craft'? (Instead of a messiah?)

(CTAOR), but, perhaps most distrubing to me - is that THAT CRAFT in NO way was `thick enough' -- to be piloted by ANY Beings -- and was most certainly (using human assumptions) NOT OCCUPIED. Which brings up the question as to WHY the NWO (new world order) OR `Aliens' - would want to show us a Craft that `can't be occupied'?

Finally, (CTAOR), let us go all the way baby. The craft was a real occupied Alien Craft ----- that appeared and vanished - and contained TEMPORAL BEINGS. (At least to our perceptions.) Yeah, I can see the MSM lining up to bring THAT NEWS to the public!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER.
My analysis IF this is FAKE -----> The obvious thing to say is that Eligael is being manipulated by someone for whatever purposes; by bringing the `lacking truth' `smoking gun' to the table --- either to F&ck him over credibility wise and the other `far views' of the event (and the near views too) - OR, to bring about `THEIR' (the mysterious they) agenda in some manner.

Remember, Eligael after weeks and weeks, (not instantly I point out) started his own investigation for `on ground sources' (confirmation exists independently of other mentions in the Israeli media) trying to come up with the proof. He has assumed the investigative role normally not done by the lamestream media. (For which he is critized.)

OR, IF FAKE, Eligael himself, continues to provide the most thought out, complex, organized UFO hoax of alltime - providing a cast of characters, a timeframe for increased release of confirmation videos and photos, and, while providing symbolic references to Cropcircles, and The Knights Templer AND the Marketing of Hyundai Genesis. NOW THAT IS A HOAXER extrodinare.
Or, you can believe what the total circumstances suggest.
Something happened in Jerusalem in the early morning hours of January 29th - something that causes excitement, fear, and hope perhaps. Something that is NOT going to go away quietly. Something for YOU to form your own opinion about.
Tomorrow, UDCC will look even closer as to how all the video's MESH together - or don't. Thanks for your visit today.
(sorry for typo's today - spellcheck isn't working for some reason)
NIGHT EDIT - - THIS IS THE VIDEO THAT WAS `REMOVED' WHILE THE 1:16 VERSION WAS OUT YESTERDAY AND TODAY. This version shows that certainly someone/something - is behind at least associating themselves with this video. One would like to think that Eligael only was trying to get the `Craft Video' out and wasn't aware or care about what was before or after the `video'. Nonetheless -- make sure to see this link -- as it does add to the discussion in many ways.
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  1. IMO, something did happen that night in Jerusalem: There was a craft that was indeed taped by more than one witness, and provided some of the most clear and dramatic UFO footage ever seen. However, the potential consequences for widespread publicity and revelation could not be risked, and so various authorities intervened to muddy the waters and confuse the issue. Something that would have been very revealing to many people, has been turned into an all round controversy where every conceivable aspect of the issue has been bought into question. The determined enthusiast will of course know how this equation works, but all the newcomer sees is a lot of drama and debunking,- and will therefore dismiss the issue and move on. Something as revealing as the Jerusalem UFO could never be allowed to go untarnished. This is how they do it.

  2. MrAdamo, - again, thanks for your articulate comment - points well taken - you are preaching to the choir at UDCC IMO and certainly to me. Well written.


  3. At work so can't read full post right now, but well said so far.

    MrAdamo - I agree, SOMETHING happened. There are far too many coincidences, far too many holes in even the "hoax" theory...and the timing of it, with all the other incredible sightings of late!!! I'm still not even convinced that Utah sighting was fake.

    It really does bring you to bigger questions though...if disclosure IS a real goal, why not let this event do it for us? It must have had some pretty dangerous or unwanted implications.

  4. Hi I know this is a few days after or so the article was written but I came across it while googleing and researching things that have been going on lately. Now i believe this has to be something not only from so many eyewitnesses but because I have seen the same thing before. Now i do not have any kind of video evidence I wish I did, but just my word so can take it how you want. I was probably about 17 years old and I was living in southern illinois at the time. I was duck hunting with my step father and i would say it was probably about 430 or 5 am in the morning. We had just finished setting up everything and I noticed this really bright orange looking orb straight ahead of us in the skyline just above the trees. Now I have know idea what it was and like I said I did not have a phone or anything to record it or I would have. I just know it has dumb founded me for a long time, and now that I keep seeing these events and things that look exactly what I saw I am starting to understand more that there is something going on. Now it just sat there for idk 20 min or so just staring at it wondering what it can be and all of a sudden it took off in the sky like the one in the video. So the more and more I see of this I just hope something comes out soon and we get the truth. Sorry for going on and on about this but i figured I would share my story with you. I havent seen anything since then and I am now 25 but I can still see it in my mind like a clear image so I do believe there is something out there and we will be find out soon.

    thanks again


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