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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Exopolitics Movement Discredited By Stupid Prediction Of Obama Alien Disclosure

As you know, this website attempts to give a realistic overview of the role our government is taking concerning `UFO' Disclosure. And, as you also most likely know, the `Ufo Disclosure' movement has been around since the early 1990's and most certainly peaked earlier in the decade with Dr. Steven Greer's National Press Club showing in 2001. Unfortunately, it has been nearly ALL been downhill ever since; regardless of folks - in general - being more open to intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and even more open to intelligent life visiting Earth.

Indeed, the `lack' of progress is quite startling ----------- UNTIL ---------- one considers those trying to peddle the idea and the ideas they expound upon. Indeed, between Project Camelot and Dr. Salla and the Mars Anomaly Photo man Andrew Basiago - you cover all angles of delusion out there. And, when most if not all of the `movement' is totally full of themselves - what you get is one of the most dysfunctional `movements' ever - capable at any moment to shoot themselves in the foot.

Their latest prediction - that President Obama had already purchased TV time on Nov. 27th to announce the alien presence to the world (this was to be after the UFO crafts landed in a Florida stadium last weekend) - would qualify in most thinking peoples eyes - as one of the most stupid predictions ever made. And, of course, President Obama didn't venture near the subject yesterday or EVER, yet. Indeed, for these Disclosure loudmouths to believe they are making any `progress' at all - just shows how unconnected they are to the real reality -- something they don't seem to have much of a connection to.

So, today - Nov. 28th -- let my copy and paste my words from this blog on Nov. 1st --- "Sorry; I just don't buy it - to me - expecting politicians to come clean with the truth is like expecting to find a clean pigpen on a farm. A zero % chance in the near term - while they look like fools predicting and begging for alien disclosure NOW - marginalizing themselves, their words, and their actions for probably years and years to come."

Frankly, I can't think of ANY reason to print ANYthing they have to say about specific `Disclosure Dates' in the future -can you?

I welcome your comments.
Want to know my thoughts on UFO Disclosure? Then you need to see my politics blog

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

`Web' Predicts Obama Alien Disclosure On Nov. 27th?

"And The Hits, Just Keep On Coming" CKLW Slogan late 1960's

Without question - the gig of predicting `the day' that aliens either show up or will be acknowledged - has to be coming to an end. Right? Or, is that just another silly prediction like the new one that has been put into the world of search terms?

The most recent bout of predicting seemed to begin anew last Oct. - as some of you remember - Ms. Blossom Goodchild received insight from her contacts with the beyond to tell us that aliens would hover for days straight in Alabama skies to announce their arrival and presence on Earth. That was supposed to happen last Oct. 14th. Guess what happened? Nothing.

Earlier this year the date was touted as May 31st --`or else' -- or else the Exopolitics movement was going to do it. The `or else' was directed at the government. Guess what happened? Nothing. Indeed, most recently, those in the movement seem to have shown their frustration at the lack of progress by virtually BEGGING the government and President Obama to come clean about alien technology. I blogged about it in my last post.

So, if enlightenment, if that is what it is to be called - isn't coming from `above' as in Ms. Goodchild's case ----- and --- isn't coming from the `inside' -- as in the Exopolitics movement case -- perhaps a prediction from `the outside' will work. In this case, the outside is Web Bot, a search engine tool/software, that is used to make predictions. (Don't worry, I'll be providing links.) In this case, predictions about alien disclosure and even some personalities that will be involved.

But, let me back up. My first exposure to a Web Bot prediction concerning the Nov. 27th Obama Disclosure was with this link on Nov. 6th to the online version of The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal and an article by Micheal Duff The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal In this article, he says that is used in an article analysing it's finding by a blog called (are you still with me).

Now, without a question - has lots of Web Bot material and predictions -- but, for the life of me - I could NOT come up with anything that predicted this Nov. 27th date and am not sure where Mr. Duff at the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal did either. Perhaps it is embedded in one of the many videos on the site with the predictions of Web Bot. Indeed, the website even has a tab for Web Bot. BTW, the software reports of the creators of the Web Bot Project, Clif High and George Ure, sell the predictions/download for 10.00 on Oh, by the way, expect the `predictions' to be full of doom and gloom that you will be reading.

Anyway, the Web Bot predictions didn't end there - as then I came across this today - - (yes, this is the same Andrew Basiago that I covered Sept. 10th in my blog The Heavy Stuff -- and, what a story it is. Seems that the Web Bot has predicted that Mr. Basiago will rise to planetary status in the next few months due to his findings about Mars --- here's the `wo-wo' stuff about the Web Bot predictions (Seems I beat the Exopolitics blog to Basiago by a week or so.)

So, after all this - what is my take?

My take is that Black Friday (Nov. 27th) the media will be in the shopping malls NOT in the White House briefing room for Alien Disclosure. You can take that as a prediction. That said, is the Web Bot wrong to predict that Basiago will be taking a more visible role soon about the wo-wo ideas of life elsewhere - perhaps not. Media coverage could soon extend into the new documents that seems to show an alien crash at Roswell via FOIA releases. And, that could propel the MSM to look for more `edgy' guests like Basiago - and, as I said when I covered his stuff in THS blog -- this guy does have some very interesting photographs of the surface of Mars.

Finally, one interesting thing about all this chatter is what it does to this blogs `hits' - which have escalated with virtually no posting since most of this chatter began: see the chart on top of the page or here -- is my website a predictor too?

Is a Midnight clock setting imminent? Or, will the Bot be wrong again (it predicted a 10,000 fold increase in UFO reports this last summer)?

Hey, don't laugh too hard.

If you want to see my daily high strangeness webpage - go to --- I bet you will enjoy it.

Here's the video that mentions Nov. 27th.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Primal Screams Of Exo-politics Proponents Move UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock To 9:30 P.M. For Novembers Current Time

Hello, welcome back to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock - the current clock setting has been moved to 9:30 P.M. from 9:00 P.M. last month. The reason? As I noted in my last post - Dr. Greer and now others within the Exo-politics movement (as if following his lead) have asked/called for/demanded that President Obama change the current understanding of the populous about UFO's and alien technology (that they think will be a godsend for humanity).

Excuse me while I yawn.

It started about two weeks ago with Dr. Salla's ongoing prediction of immanent disclosure at continued with Dr. Greer's post a week ago today at - where he asked for a number of things I outlined from his letter in my last post and finally on Wednesday the 28th - we had Whitney Strieber's request for current disclosure at

Frankly, Dr. Salla's continuous predictions about disclosure - nearly all wrong in timing - are getting a little - no - hugely boring. As Clara said in the Wendy's hamburger commercial years ago - where's the beef? If I remember correctly, he predicted the same thing earlier in the year. Meanwhile, Dr. Greer seems to be becoming exasperated at the slowness of the Obama administration and has huge expectations in Obama that are truly undeserved (IMO); - while Strieber calls for `think tanks' to provide us with studies of the information that the aliens have revealed.

Time for another yawn? I'd say so.

Regardless of that - their unique and timed appeals (corresponding I assume to one year after the election of Obama) are acting like the squeakiest wheels demanding to be oiled. NOW. IMMEDIATELY. As if the information can't wait another second to head off mankind's slip into unconsciousness. Into not caring about the issue they are passionate about. Expecting this group of world leaders now to change course from what all world leaders told us before.

Sorry; I just don't buy it - to me - expecting politicians to come clean with the truth is like expecting to find a clean pigpen on a farm. A zero % chance in the near term - while they look like fools predicting and begging for alien disclosure NOW - marginalizing themselves, their words, and their actions for probably years and years to come.

But, combined, for one month - they did move the Disclosure Clock - a half hour.


Here's my candid accessment I made about he politics of UFO Disclosure on my political blog recently


The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition




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