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Saturday, July 25, 2009

C-SPAN Becomes New UFO Disclosure Forum

This post is now part of a fantastic E-book called `The UFO Disclosure Destruction Papers' - The book details, via my blog posts, the lead up to and the aftermath of, the official `UFO' answer given by the USA in late 2011. You can click the book cover below to read a sample of this book released on Kindle in 2013:

You can also find it at my Kindle Author page right here - - along with other of my UFO books.

Thanks for reading a sample!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AnomalyMan's Best Ufo Videos Of The Past Three Years - Part Two

Thanks for the great response to Part One - Part Two begins on Jan. 1st, 2008 above the skies of San Diego California - here's a TV report of a formation of lights in the sky just after midnight to welcome the New Year:

Video #1

As you can hear from the newscast - this was seen by many folks in southern California. The fact that these are in formation and happened JUST after midnight seems mighty odd. (Part of the AnomalyMan Listing in Jan. 2008)

Video #2

This video is the `over the top' type - literally, daytime, solid, and flies Right Overhead of the video recording. FAKE is the yell - if not - see what a real UFO looks like -- if FAKE, see just how good they can make this look.

Real Texas UFO - or Not? (AnomalyMan Listing May 2009)

Video #3

`The Istanbul UFO with visible humanoid occupants' has caused a minor sensation with the claim that you can see the aliens inside the craft thru a window in the craft. (Ran Feb. 2008 on AnomalyMan Listing.)

The above videos found on this list - thanks for visiting today.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

AnomalyMan's Best UFO Videos Of The Past Three Years - Part One

VIDEO #1 - Flying Egg Video

Hello, and welcome back to the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC). As you can see from the title of today's posting -- it's time for some of the `best' AnomalyMan UFO Videos. AnomalyMan is the name that I used when I first signed up with in 2006 -- and I chose that name because I liked to read `fortean' type links and often used and for my pleasure reading. And, because I was bookmarking so many links from both sites - I started a page on Squidoo called -- a page I still run and hope you will visit sometime. It is on the `AnomalyMan Listing' that all of these videos were posted first.

Now, on AnomalyMan - I only post a few diverse links each day; and, of which in a month with 150 links - perhaps 5-20 will be `UFO' links. As you know, you can read 25 fresh UFO links a day on sites dedicated to UFO's - as they go with the good the bad and the ugly brought to the UFO community each day. I do surf those sites and enjoy them.

But, it's overwhelming really. So, I look and pick only select ones. Only the best ideas, videos, ect. that has UFO as a focus. Finally, the select few of those - make it to my AnomalyMan Archive page on Squidoo - this is the source of the videos I will be posting -- the best of the best (I will have that direct link later).

Anyway; on that page I `save' (post) only the best of what I encounter on the web in certain areas of my Fortean interests - one being UFO's - (a strong interest since my personal `seeing' a UFO in 1991 - I posted about it here a year ago Now, I review all of this just to give a sense of the various UFO video's that I'm going to link to over the next several posts to this blog. I will add some comments about each video also.

#1 Flying Egg Video -- First, this one has under 6,000 YouTube views - IMO, it certainly deserves more. With the caveat that ANYTHING can be faked on video - my comments will be based on `saying' the video is real. I vouch for none of the videos - just an honest judgement - which includes all my best guesses at the overall UFO phenomena. (This video was on the AnomalyMan Listing in July 2008.)

So, again, with all that out of the way -- I find this 30 second video interesting because of the shape of the UFO and the `actions' observed on video. We all have seen these `close up' type UFO videos that `end' with the craft `zipping off-scree' - as if we are being `teased' with the image of `the unknown' - which could be manifesting for many `unknown' reasons. I say all this because -- `did the UFO go `zipping' over the next county, or state or region, or continent -- NO. These events seem literally to `vanish' after the initial `sightings - video-ings' -- in over 99.9% of cases. To me, it points to some sort of temporal phenomena (obviously, the idea that the UFO becomes `invisible' is also a strong possibility) in all likelihood.

Another idea that comes to me is that these `orbs' up to and including much more solid phenomena as shown in the Egg UFO - may be `data collectors' in some sense -- for some unknown entities (`entities' that could include anything from nefarious human groups, to `real alien species', to `spiritual entities' (for lack of a better term) to finally - dimension entities. In other words, what humans `see' as a `temporary' UFO - may be the `physical side' of what is projected into our common space reality. These UFO's `show up' and `take our picture' (in a sense).

All that said, I give you a link to an almost exact Egg UFO Video from the 1950's

Video #2 -- Cow Abduction Caught On Video (use this if video doesn't work)

My comments on the cow abduction video - would be that it `fits' almost exactly how one could envision this event happening. That said, and perhaps for that very reason, I'd have to see more than one of these types of videos to `believe' it. If indeed however, as more and more phone cameras come into being with rural areas - this was a phenomena `videoed' on multiple occasions - it would be worthy of strong contemplation.

Do I personally believe in that Cattle Mutilation happens - yes - of course.

I believe, like I do about UFO's in general, that some are probably `human based' such as secret government or non-government groups - but also - including consciousness, and `spiritual' `spaces' - as possible explanations. And, of course, throw in a mix of possible real alien species in `crafts' too.

Video #3 - UFO `RING'

I had this `UFO Ring' on my AnomalyMan listing in July of 2008 - and - unlike the other two - this is of the `light in the sky' type of UFO. An unknown that could be something from an energy plasma - to a discharge from a UFO craft - to an advanced lasar system in the distance. Considering that at least one of the Stephenville Texas UFO's of 2008 was vaguely similar - that even remains a possibility too. Certainly, this video deserves more than 6,127 views.

All of the above videos are from this link - where much more can be found in the UFO Archive -- --- thanks for checking it out --- don't forget to look around this page more too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock - The Official July Time Is 6:00 A.M.

Hello, and welcome back to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock - the current time for July 2009 remains at 6:00 A.M. - as it was in June. Indeed, other than multitudes of reports of Ufo's in June and early July - nothing noteworthy happened on the official Ufo Disclosure front.

In fact, if anything - the opposite has happened - for, if you remember - one person in the Disclosure movement predicted that if the U.S. government didn't release disclosure information by May 31st that France would be doing so. As you know, France did nothing of the sort -- the predicting person didn't understand why it didn't occur. However, IF France had `disclosed info' - you can bet it wouldn't go beyond what other countries have done -- released data on Ufo's without ever saying `yes' Earth is visited by Aliens.

Additionally, since late June a particular `crop circle' has been `evolving' (something I haven't heard of before) and was interpreted as `predicting' a solar flare for July 7th - yesterday. Again, it didn't happen and believers in the intelligence above Earth were once again - disappointed. Seems the UFO field is lacking in psychics.

Should I even mention that Prophet Yahweh once again predicted and waited for his black giants in the spaceships to pose over him in Las Vegas? Nah.

Finally, here's an excellent Ufo video that seems to show an object - the ufo - releasing `orbs' -- well worth the look:


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The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
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