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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If `Solar Warden' Is True - What ELSE Is `Out There'?

Hello, welcome to the Ufo Disclosure Countdown Clock (UDCC) - thanks for visiting and being an open-minded person. Indeed, you will have to be a very very very open-minded individual for the following link -

As you can see by the link title itself - the link concerns NASA's supposed decline in the current era of our anti-gravity space fleet - code named Solar Warden - which - supposedly - is already a minimum of 45 years old . Perhaps older. You see, supposedly, (if you read the link- and links from that link) the USA has had a colony on MARS since the 1960's - yes, you read that right -- oh, I forgot to say - the colony on Mars is in cahoots with the Russians.

You can't make this stuff up. (?)

You see, supposedly, we've had these anti-gravity crafts from reverse engineering of `alien' crafts that crashed. That reverse engineering, of course, is funded off the official government budget - and lets NASA be a cover for the common folk like you and me. And, not only that, but if all was to be believed - we not only have interplanetary capabilities - we have interstellar capabilities. Oh, I forgot to tell you - we have about 8 motherships and about a few dozen smaller anti-gravity crafts. Are you still with me?

Oh, and YES, there are alien races within the Earth's zone of influence.

And, NO, this fantastic story is yet to be sullied by any mention of Lizard Type aliens. Yet.

Now, as fantastic as this story is -- and it is fantastic - could it be credible? Indeed, what IF our government found an alien craft? If so, certainly, you can't tell me that they wouldn't try to back-engineer it - right? I mean - as a citizen - I'd be MAD if they DIDN'T try to do that. So, the first 3 IF's - a crashed craft, held by the government, and back engineered - is within the realm of possibility - for sure. AND, nearly likely IMO.

Next, the idea that NASA's decline is also tied to all of this by the linked story. Is that plausible or credible? IMO, it is certainly plausible. But, the best hoaxes and storytellers are plausible too. The `Truth' has strange company. But, just imagine if this is the truth!

Then, the moon missions were a sham (even if they occurred as promoted). Every planetary mission and launch - a sham. Skylab - a sham. The Space Telescope Hubble - a probable sham. The entire NASA budget - a sham. The entire government budget - a sham. Every government official who knew of all this - a sham. Truthfulness from the government - a sham. The deaths in the `official' space program - needless.

I mean, if true, how much has all this cost? What benefits has it brought? What else is off-budget? Are we `safe' from the Aliens because of it?

And, if the link provided above is TRUE - the government - one day - will have the mother of all mothers of a scandal on their hands. And, it will take more than a package of Sham-Wow's to clean this mess up.

What do you think?
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