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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama's "it depends" Answer To The Alien Disclosure Question - Part Two

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  1. What? This is the only post I have read of yours, but I don't seem to understand what you are trying to say. It is obvious that you want disclosure, but some of your information is wrong. Canada, Mexico, and Europe have all come out and said that aliens are real. They have unclassified their documents relating to UFOs and sightings of UFOs. So you cannot say that no person in power has ever come out and admitted it. I know you were only talking about the US, but America should not really set the standards. I think it's because the American Shadow Government is so F*ked up that they don't want us to know how much they have done and what they have found out.
    If Aliens exist and our government has known about and have been studying alien technology for a loong time (before 1947) then just imagine all the AMAZING things humans could have. Free energy (aka zero point energy), teleportation, time travel. Shit thats all we would need. Then we wouldn't have to have jobs to pay our bills. We could just sit around and grow gardens and be with our families, not be in debt, and have no wars.
    OF COURSE the people with $$money$$ don't want us to have these things!
    And really.
    Aliens have not blown us up yet, why would they really want to harm us now? They are more afraid that we are going to either kill our own planet or try and kill them!
    go check out
    you might get some real information and why we want disclosure.

  2. i think that theres a heavy pressure around the world in this matter. The catholic church i trying to adecuate this realm in to the religion dogma, its unthinkable to me with what solution they would came foward, more so i beleave a separation of the actual church to a new credo. Some countries have unclassified they documents, but do you hear someone close to you telling that he se them and he get shoched or he see them on the tv news? me no. Not only goverment don`t want to talk about it, media and classic institutions too. Because the avarenge people cant handle true by them self they are waiting to a social strucure (to the top of the piramidal) to suport this, to educate them. But the reason i think this have to be disclousure is because by 2012 is going to be a dimesional shift and aliens are going to show up in towns, healping to grow our society, so goverment have to do something to this, knowing that they are in the wrong track and try to fix the future.

  3. Last time I saw a UFO or two was in my younger years over Montreal it was a triangle UFO and another was a red skipping disc the disappeared out of thin air-I know here in Canada our ex ministry of defense is avid about the existence of Aliens.

    If I were to agree with them that they do exist I speculate that they're so complex from our logic that it would be very difficult for them to present themselves to the public within our own limited understanding of things.

    The impression I get from all the hoopla is that they are divine and scientifically driven beyond what we are able of comprehending.

    There's no doubt in my mind that if they do exist, they are probable trying to find away to break down themselves in a way that's humanly comprehensive with out killing off people from pure shock. If the government is aware of them they are probable still doing the same thing.

    Were talking about a possible being that can master space travel which is vastly huge beyond scientific comprehension, a being with possible inter-dimensional capabilities. They have probable a good understanding of concepts we have been struggling with over thousands of years, such as race religion god progression survival you name it its taught in their kindergarten where were still trying to grasp it.

    The way an alien would see things would be much more complex diverse and astronomically much harder then a single human could digest, never mind mass groups of people who are stuck inside comfortable ideals.

    There principles and life views would be on a much more grander scale, It wouldn't be enough for us to just know they're here we would half to have a change in the dynamics of thought, concepts, intelligence and how we handle and perceive reality.

    You think getting accustom to our own different races on our planet is difficult as it stands, try integrating a different life form way far advance from our own, into the human conception-we would be like little children to them. It would take a great deal of thought before springing that out on society in a blunt fashion.

    I'm not sure but I imagine if this were the case there's probable a massive debate on all the doors that have been opened by there presence. I figure if they are there, they will eventual make themselves knowen regardless of government or not...

  4. Well what I think is we've been scared of them for so long so they dont want to even try to come out after how we've made so many movies about killing them and running from them so what we really need to do is stop and think are they real or not and someone out there needs to tell the truth about area 51 cause its sum bs that we cant know but some random military people can so just think about that...Peace.

  5. As far as i see it, there are three options:

    1. They are smarter then us
    2. They are just as smart as us
    3. They are dumber then us

    Then we you made a selection of one of those, there are two options left.

    1. They are nice
    2. They are mean

    And no matter what selection you made. In none of the cases, will it be profitable to tell the public.

    Meaning, that disclosure will NEVER happen, unless some movement of people forces it out.

    Government is not all about drama and fun. They dont want to entertain the population, because thats not their role. Their role is to make money and create a safe environment.

    If your two goals are "money" and "safe environment". And you come to learn about E.T. life...
    None of those goals is achieved when you tell the public.

    That leads to believe that they will never ever tell us about the ET's.

    What Obama meant with "it depends" was to make a nice joke, without insulting the numerous Americans who believe in UFO's. Also he didnt want to say it was true, because the other half of the Americans would've thought he's looney.

    Bottomline, Obama knows of nothing... and if he did, he wouldnt tell us in a million years.

  6. Obama already knows that aliens exist... I mean come on... But all the abductions of the sort are due to the certain group that has made a contract with the aliens that have already inhabited this earth before us. They give us the technology to be able to travel to Mars and in turn we allow them to abduct and perform experiments on something like 1% of the world population. The triangle aircrafts that are seen are of the bad alien technology so to speak. But if anyone has heard of the Galactic Federation it consists of beings representative of every kind in our galaxy. They are technically here for our own good and do much in helping us be safe and get rid of the bad influences on our planet...aka illuminate cabal and such. They push for disclosure because in that way they can come and share their technology with us and help us heal our planet. That's why there have been many sightings in recent years because they are showing themselves to the public. They know that their disclosure will frighten some that are of real religious holdings, but that is the only way for our planet to continue on towards the light... they say. I remember reading somewhere that there are some 20,000 ships surrounding our earth to protect us from other beings that want us harm. I believe that the only way for disclosure to happen is for us to want it to happen. For information regarding the things I have written look at under the disclosure tab on the top.

  7. PaoPao - I do thank you for your comment. That said, I personally believe very little to nothing of what you report above as you probably know by reading into this blog at any level. Stick around, perhaps I'll have more persuasiveness than the reads that brought you to your above understanding.



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