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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sourcing The - november 27 alien invasion day - Rumor

So, in the last few days, UDCC has been getting Google traffic based on folks wondering about the latest `Disclosure Date' Rumor - excuse me while I yawn. (Notwithstanding Fulham's partial hit.) Seems that November 27th is the day this time around.

First mention I found was `Frank Lake' posting on this website on August 29th. The bio on MW Fleming:
About Mark Fleming

Mark Fleming worked as a big city newspaper Area News Editor and News Photographer and TV reporter. He interviewed every major news and sports figure of the day. He was a popular Television reporter at WESH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Daytona Beach-Orlando covering major news and sports events in 1970's and early 1980's. He was the original voice of the Daytona 500 and The Firecracker 400 at WNDB Radio before the Motor Racing Network. He worked as a TV anchor in Miami, a top ten market, for the local NBC station WCKT-TV. He hosted "Out and About", an action series in syndication to 126 television markets in the United States and 32 countries for seventeen years. Fleming produces several short films weekly which are distributed world wide.
Oh, btw, these words are part of that first link in August:
 In the case of the Kansas City sighting, the UFOs turned out to be alien spaceships from Planet Reeta – located 2 light years beyond Pluto, the dwarf. “Planet Reeta is one of the top five planets that have been sending aliens to Earth,” said Schumacher. “Reetans have low-toned voices, sounding almost like the sound made by a baritone sax.”
So, this Mark Fleming is a Internet `Show' Producer I think who touches on UFO stuff too. Fantasy stuff IMO.Best I can trace via the internet - On September 25th - the World Weekly News (Yes, OMG this is the source) ran with FRANK LAKE once again as the source - Original Link of Sept 25th - this beyond laughable story must be read for its unabashed humor and knack for combining bits of unrelated info such as siting this man as a source Strange Story In 2007 - a near perfect smoke and mirrors without any substance at all except for perhaps a book sale.

Then on Oct. 2nd - the WWN - ran an `update' about one of the Three Alien Invading Spaceships had shot a Lazar at our moon. (I know the tears are running down your face from laughter.) Now the UN is involved supposedly. (Drumbeat.) -- Anyway, that whole malarkey is Right Here.

So far, notice that ONLY WWN is involved in this ENTIRE revelation. Oh, here's what Frank Lake has been up to lately on WWN - Including Just Days Ago That Governments Have Installed Alien Cameras In The Cities To Detect The Aliens.  (It's not all fun however, he had to write the story about how Casey Anthony is the top Halloween Costume this year.)

Until the CAFE MOM website ran it on Oct. 3rd Cafe Mom (for moms in their 20's) - I think as a joke; but, as you can see, it was creeping into the internet universe.

BUT, on about Oct. 5th - Whitley Strieber - repeated the `rumor' Here without saying its source - saying he was getting inquiries about the date (to his credit he dissed it) . And then, on Oct. 15th a website called Extraterrestrials-Aliens copied the WWN article word for word by pot their own copyright mark onto it. And is it possible that ATS (above top secret) was hashing all this around their forum in MARCHATS Forum

Amazingly, the NOVEMBER 27th date is the EXACT SAME DATE as TWO years ago that alien disclosure was expected by the Exopolitics folks (nearly always the source of this crappola) as you can see right here on UDCC - my god, they didn't even change the date (probably hoping to get some traction from the previous seeding of the date).
Tired Yet?
Ludicrous Foes = UFO Disclosure
Oh, if you, like UDCC is just catching up on this crappola - how about this prediction early in the year by other folks saying that it all was going to happen in SEPTEMBER 2011 -- schucks, missed this one which had lots of fun and flavor - Make sure to watch the 17 minute video about September 2011's alien invasion and includes such deep concerns as:
America is targeted first - most likely it will start in Los Angeles California

They released a deep psychic firewall on 5/1 by announcing the death of Bin Laden, it is a higher dimensional plan using magic/cosmic spells from other dimensions. Bin Ladens firewall ( mind control ) lost effectiveness, so they shall create a new one.
Alien event more striking and worse, comparing it to 911
They want us to think all aliens are evil, dates predicted 1st attacks 9/9 or 9/11/2011 or both, these are the 1st attacks.
Nations are being used to orchestrate this for non human entitys, we are being played and our leaders are likely the violins to these magicians.
They are not human and follow ....
The crappola out there is plentiful - watch your step - for that matter, check your shoes.
Finally, on BS today I ran a BS UFO video - so over the top as to almost be silly IMO - See It Here - Dare Ya.
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  1. Rick I'm not an expert but wouldn't stunt planes at night have to have their navigational lights on? And would these navagational light be flashing? It would be pretty easy to find out the requirements for night time formation flying from the FAA.

    Don't step in the crapolla :)

  2. Rick, wouldn't planes night flying be required to use their navigational lights. And would these lights be reqired to flash? Easy to find out from the FAA.

    Don't step in the crapolla :)


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