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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Heaven And Hell Of Ufo Disclosure

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  1. You said, "Personally, while not likely, I do not find it impossible that man's evolution has been guided by other world beings"

    I say quite the contrary. And in regard to the aliens going on LKL, I would think that the aliens would have their own technology that could literally reach our own televisions. It's not like they wouldn't know how to align to our satellites.

    I don't believe the Satan/alien thing either. I don't believe in a Satan for that matter. According to The Book of Enoch, which certainly proceeds any Biblical statements, Satan was an 'order' of individuals, not a single person.

  2. Alien contactee - I did not know that legend indicated satan as an order of individuals -- interesting.

    I agree, they would probably have the ability to communicate directly into TV sets - or our collective brains and would not need LKL. As you saw in my writing, I laughingly agreed with the logic the other blogger posted - but, here, will say you are probably more correct.

    Here's what I personally meant when I said `not impossible' --- first, to me, almost NOTHING is impossible to a single selfaware observer. That said, I do believe the chance that some entities we would consider alien to this world - may have `stopped by' and fiddled with some DNA in ages past. Again, while I feel it is unlikely with odds perhaps less than 50% -- I frankly wouldn't drop my jaw if it were revealed.

  3. You said, "I do believe the chance that some entities we would consider alien to this world - may have `stopped by' and fiddled with some DNA in ages past."

    I agree. They're scientists first and like any scientist, they tinker. That doesn't mean we didn't evolve from something other than science believes but a change in DNA could have (for instance) made the difference between the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon. We don't know and we'll probably never know.

    I would think that they've been messing with us for a very, very long time. Longer than history has ever been recorded (Before Sumarians anyway).

    I see them all over history in many ways. Nothing blatant certainly, just things that catch my eye. I sense them on Mt. Sinai with Moses, I see them telepathically testing Eve, which made for a great story. I see them putting a message in a man's ear telling him to make a boat because only they would know that the Bosphorus was about to break, which ended up forming the Black Sea and obviously drowned many in the process, I see them with all of their fancy holographic technology manifesting the likes of Elijah with Moses in Mark 9:4 in order to instill stronger beliefs with a confirmation for Peter, James and John. Of course this is only what I see. I don't expect others to see this. I see tons of these things. They appear as 'no brainers' but have been believed by many to be taken at face value. Such people that believe impossible things, believe in magic wands that don't exist - lol - I believe in a trickster who was designing a story, which includes a belief system that has many fear factors about the unknown (that aren't so), however has managed to keep man in check for thousands of years and out of a chaotic state.

  4. For what it's worth, as someone who has regular contact with aliens (and been told of an end-time scenario-- I commented on this earlier) I don't think a person's religion will have anything to do with a possible 'pick-up' by UFOs in the future.

    I'm not Christian, and supposedly I get to go. I know abductees who are told about a possible pick-up in the future who are Christian, atheist, agnostic, Muslim and even Buddhist-- there is no screening process that I am aware of that links one's religious beliefs (or lack thereof) to being SAVED by UFOs. (Much to the disappointment of every religion on Earth, I'm sure! Everyone wants to think their way is the one and only right way and have some higher authority-- aliens will do in a pinch, you can call them angels-- vindicate their attachment to those beliefs.)

    I think it's more likely, if indeed there was past contact, that these contacts were then written into religions as an afterthought to "fit" it all together in some coherent viewpoint that bolsters the argument for "MY religion is better than YOUR religion because WE are special to God/prophet/angels!" Hearing of any such contacts within other religions could easily be labeled after the fact as proof of their being deceived by bad guys like Satan. Whatever is the most self-serving viewpoint!


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