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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Impressive Daytime `V' ORB UFO - From Yesterday In California

Orbs, the `new' mystery of the 2000's. More and more of these types of sightings are happenning all the time. Are they `creatures' of the sky? Are they `the dead' returning? Are they cloaked alien ships or government data gathering devices?

Only 105 views on YouTube when I post this:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Often Aliens Travel To Earth In Crafts - The Poll Results - OH, and the UDCC Clock For July Remains at 6:00 AM

First things first - I want to thank the 315 folks who took the time to participate in the UDCC UFO Craft Poll over the last month. As you can see, the results are in and are easily seen in the sidebar; interestingly, I can tell you that from about the 60th respondent that the percentages never varied much from the results you see.

As promised, I wanted to provide my personal analysis for the results. To that end, I will look at each answer (category) and provide some commentary. So, here we go.

And, before we begin, I need to state the obvious - that being most readers of UDCC are only here at this site and able to participate - because they are interested in UFO's - and that fact makes this poll unique to that segment of the population (that said, interest in UFO's does have some following of course). And, obviously, those with an interest in UFO's, specifically an interest that drives them to a `Disclosure' webpage - can be assumed to be `more believers' than the casual Joe on the street.

So, with that behind us - lets look at the data/results.

6% of the UDCC readers, a distinct minority, said the statement most true to them was that `aliens in crafts' had NEVER visited Earth. And, I can respect that opinion and surely believe it to be a significant % of the `non-interested' in UFO's populations viewpoint. A viewpoint, I might add, that has NEVER been disputed by any official government; YET; with firm untainted evidence to the contrary. These voters are the `big claims' need `big proof' people.

However, all that said, 4.5 billion years is a long time and a long time for `aliens' to have checked out our planet (at least in the  last billion years or so that Earth offered the possibility of life to examine). And, obviously, no one can know if aliens in crafts visited this planet over the last billion years or so; -- but - don't you at least secretly hope that some intelligence, somewhere, has over the last 9 billion or so years (earliest 2nd generation stars) has developed to the level to allow for `other worlds investigations'? I do.

Finally, what is MY gut feel for this? What percentage out of 100 would I give to the possibility that Aliens In Crafts have NEVER been to Earth? My Gut feel is that EVEN though this is the only `answer' that is `most true' (to the common consensus of humanity) - that it only has about a 30% chance of being right IMO. ------------ Now, the next poll answer.

10% say that `aliens in crafts' have visited `sometime' in Earth's past - as the most true statement. (Which, I assume means that these folks do NOT think they monitor Earth.) -- And, once again, we have very reasonable point of view being taken by these ten percent -- as 4.5 billion years of Earth's life certainly brings into the realm of possibility that some intelligence, somewhere, has indeed developed the ability to cruise the heavens in an exploratory manner. (These are the -I'm open minded to minimal contact without proof, just on the basis of the timeframe, folks.)

Indeed, what is of interest to me with this answer - is that those who hold the view most probably don't think they visit regularly at all - as ANY visits by them in the last 10,000 years would certainly find humanities rise of some interest to keep `tabs' on - from an alien point of view (one would think). And, certainly within the past eight or so decades of regular radio waves.

Now, is it reasonable to assume that `aliens in crafts' might only come by for a visit every 10,000 years or so on a planet that was in Earth's stage of `intellegence' development? Could the number of civilizations in any quadrant of `space' (IE: our milky way) be so limited that such a rate of `exploration' might be `normal'.

My gut feel for this one is that it is indeed reasonable to assume that `aliens in crafts' might be so RARE that the frequency of visits given to a life bearing planet with `humans' at some stage of development every 10,000 years or more. That said, to me, IMO, it's more likely that IF the purpose is to monitor the `intellegence' on a planet - and that `intellegence' of `humans' can escalate VERY quickly - a more frequent schedule (assuming any schedule at all) is MORE likely IMO.

With the way technology has `hit' our species (humans) - and we can assume `hits' ANY species on any planet - with great and growing velocity of advancements and information control - then waiting about 100 years or so between visits certainly seems within reason and closer to the possible truth IMO - than waiting 10,000 years. That is if aliens find a rising civilization with an opposing thumb. (Or, when the `radio' technology `hits' data collectors left within solar systems for relay?)

So, what are the odds, the gut odds, that there ARE aliens in crafts that have a schedule or a frequency to planets with `intelligent' life? BUT, are so rare at this stage of our universe`s development (can we assume that in a trillion years that more intelligent life species would have had a chance to be immortal(ish) and cruising the heavens) - that they only RARELY visit? I'd say 30%.

Now, on to the `strong stuff'.

25% of the UDCC voters said that aliens in crafts come to Earth many times a year (but NOT daily) as the statement most true to them. And, once again, this is a reasonable point of view for those willing to entertain the idea that `distance' is not insurmountable in our universe. Additionally, it is hardly unreasonable for folks to believe that IF aliens in crafts have gotten here (for whatever reason) in the recent past (or even if they have been monitoring for eons) that they may indeed `keep tabs' on us humans - at least occasionally each year.

Also, in some ways, the mainstream media has `admitted' to the `FastWalker' phenomena (or at least let it be told on the MSM) - which is said to be a few to a dozen times a year. And, in a sense, isn't this the `perfect' desire? That mankind is important enough to know about, and watch, - but that - it is up to humanity to do whatever it does without real outside intervention? (might these also be the folks who have some fear about outside intervention; or belief that the aliens have morals?)

To me, it's a little - `too perfect'. But, that is just my opinion. So, my gut feeling on this one is that this is has about a 5% chance of being `most true'.

And, finally, we have 59% of UDCC readers indicating by their vote that `aliens in crafts visit Earth daily'. And again, considering that anyone visiting this website has also visited TONS of links of UFO sightings - this is a reasonable position too. To me, this is because - IF aliens in crafts have an interest in HUMANs - and IF they have been `here' since the 1930's or so (Foo Fighters preceding the crafts perhaps) - perhaps `picking up' our radio transmissions, etc (atomic bomb moving the planet, etc) - THEN most likely IMO  they have constant surveillance and may indeed `live' here too (under the sea, behind the moon, etc).

It certainly makes sense. Perhaps `too much' sense.

But, just enough sense - IMO - to `win' the plurality of possible opinion at being the `truest' - with a chance around 35%. My reasoning is that IF the aliens in crafts are here at any level - it's just as likely to be more than one set of aliens than JUST one set of aliens. AND, if that is true, I doubt that they just visit occasionally or have just ONE craft.

That said, please note, that if I were to state the above percentages another way - while I'd `expect' that daily visitation is most probable of the choices, I also think that ANY visitation via craft is actually less than 50% - compared - to NO or Ancient visitation via craft being the more likely case.

What's your opinion?

Oh, BTW, if this question was ever asked in a `scientific manner' I expect that the national outcome may be very close to 25% for each of the four viewpoints.

 Again, what do you think?

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Calm Collected UFO Recounting By Astronaut Gordon Cooper

Concerning UFO's it's all in who you believe and what you believe - take a few minutes and hear these calm articulate words of someone who might just know:

Only a few days left to vote in the sidebar poll - please give me your opinions.

One More Link:


The `UFO Motif' is a vigorous plasma Orb that catches ones attention - morphs, often into a structured shape as it comes very close to the observer location - then it often morphs one more time into a structured `Neighborhood UFO' (aka an Impossible Craft perception) - this is where folks then `see' low flying, slow moving `Triangles' or other UFO shapes - often followed (after departure) by `helicopters' or `military jets' - both of which are simply part of the total perception. The `Neighborhood UFO' then often passes out of perception range to NOT be reported `downstream' or `upstream' usually - proving that it is a localized experience (often tied to intentionalities on the ground and with humans). EXTREME close encounters can easily produce the perceptions of missing time.
Note The Dictionary Words Associated With The Very Concept Of A Motif
a short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.

design, pattern, decoration, figure, shape, device, emblem, ornament

a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition




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