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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

UFOs 2013 - The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Hello Clockers and newbies to UDCC - thanks for your patience the past week during my computer crash outage - and, the best to you in the upcoming new year tomorrow. Eat some sauerkraut.

As regulars around here you know, it's been a strange UFO year overall - the media is totally intimidated by the phenomena and with the 'official' UFO disclosure announcement in 2011 doesn't know how to cover it .... since the phenomena ISN'T alien - according to the USA position. Indeed, as far as UFOs go, to the government - every man is entitled to their individual perception and none of them are 'real'..... and, since we are now to think of 'unusual' things in the skies as 'drones' -- the official desire is for the whole 'alien' thing to become nothing more than Hollywood entertainment. While The Absurd Chemtrail Phenomena Is Beyond The MSM's Attention

So, we have a MSM that is now almost totally officially off the case and all those UFO specials of Larry King are now allocated well to the end of the cable dial (to throw in an old radio image of at the end of the dial on an unrated station). The announcement has literally lead to a MSM devoid of speculation about 'alien entities' - add to that robocopters and a proliferation of Chinese Lantern sales - and you are well towards the end game of dampening any real interest in the subject. Proof Of Low Interest

All of which allows of course - the ignoring of what seems to be the cutting edge of the UFO phenomena itself and indeed - a continuation of a development that has only increased over the last few years. Yes, I'm speaking of examples of the 'Orb Interaction' Orb Caller Shares Experience Of Last Three Years phenomena, including 2013's Dean Clark, Robert Bingham and what seems to be a potential motif for the phenomena in many 'close call' experiences. THE NEW Standard UFO Experience 2013 Style was articulated on 2-4-13 first by UDCC. I also talked about the Emerging Orb Projection Experience - ideas too new for other UFO websites.  Such ideas and occurrences are well beyond a dumbed down MSM that basically have been warned off the subject matter. Indeed, how could such a media cover something as absurd as the very common House Hovering 'Neighborhood UFO Phenomena'? Or, the seemingly instantaneous reaction of the US Military to such phenomena - you really expect a wimpy media  to 'question our heroes' of the military? 

THEN we have the probable 'mis-information' (disinfo) websites on YouTube and elsewhere PUMPING OUT fake UFO videos for pageviews - and generating the built in backlash of naysayers (appropriately) who are in general simpleton geeks = and wouldn't know anything about occurrences beyond their everyday simple reality; and more than likely have never read an esoteric book in their life.

And, we can't ignore the dog and pony traveling show The Tall Whites, now ignored in our era of suppression - of the UFO Disclosure Crowd - preaching their version of the UFO truth that involves government conspiracy, UFOs and NUKEs and aliens that are fully here and present on the Earth surface - Many of the same Obama Believer Crowd - oh, they kicked out the Time Travelers And Martian Conspiracy Folks This Year.

                       Twas The Day Before Thanksgiving

And All Through The Internet
A Censor Of Truth Was Lurking
Banning Words Of Concern To The Masses
To The Pips Of A Mouse

Then again, despite all of the above - a glimmer of hope seemed to emerge in the summer when it appeared that NASA Admitted To Orbs In Space. Or, did they? And, more glimmers of hope, an actual MSM coverage of an on-going recurring Orb phenomena - on North Carolina TV.

Finally, all of the above leads to the BEST of UDCC 2013 below - enjoy yourself:

MUFON Report

Amazing Daytime Orb Similar To The Feather Orb of 2012

Continues the 2011,2012 Phenomena.

One of the years best.

When Orbs Are At Their Best

Over 1,800 read this post directly.

A 1/4/13 essay which shows why the US took a 'no aliens' position - to shut down discussion and limit any 'revelations' by other nations. It is all part of the planned 'soft disclosure' by any number of our allies and such - give the data, deny the reality.

A recurring sky phenomena brought MUFON to the scene of a location based 'intentionality' phenomena.  More pictures at the 1/9/13 link ONLY covered by UDCC.

One of the most 'disturbing' things about the UFO phenomena to UFO 'believers' is that connection of the phenomena to OTHER anomalous things:
Same Location of 'bigfoot' and 'purposeful Orbs' OR that Orbs are also involved in the Seamless Missing Time Experience.
BTW, the UFOs reported to MUFON and elsewhere in 2013 have a range of descriptions only matched seemingly by our own expectations of just how weird a 'thing' could be. HUGE, tiny, and house sized all fit the billing. As does Transparent, Translucent - And Buildings In The Sky

Oh sure, those compete with more standard imaginations as saucer shape and Triangle unknown crafts too - but the range seems endless - and  we haven't even described one 'alien' encounter yet. Have we?
But, there were oddities in 2013 too.

There were even 'exclusives' to UDCC such as when I interviewed a known person in UFOlogy about his contention that ET's communicate via Modulated Gravity Waves - expect more from this source in 2014. 

Or, the UDCC coverage of the silent Hanging Jetliner phenomena: (see sidebar or labels for more) (shared by over 5K G+ users)
Oh, over 100K G+ users shared the UFO pictures at this Post.


The UPDATE on Eligael Gedalyovich of the Jerusalem Orb - Oh, BTW, I will have more on this in 2014.

my real opinions

And, deep thinking:


And, my deepest, most speculative esoteric essay post of the year!
Don't read this one unless you want to have your mind blown.
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